Tora Olafsdotter (Icemaiden/Ice)

Let’s come back on Earth, as Lucy W.‘s list introduces us to the most famous Norwegian superhero ever: Ice. As for now, Ice received only one forgettable live action portrayal in the tv movie Justice League of America. In here, she’s an American meteorologist named Tori (instead of ToraOlafsdotter, who gets superpowers after messing with Dr. Eno‘s weather-manipulating machine. She learns to use her abilities just in time to stop a giant tsunami and to join the Justice League of America, and she also starts a romantic relation with The Atom. In the comics, her backstory is completely different, as well as many other things. Let’s see together.

Tora Olafsdotter was born in Norway, the princess of an ancient tribe of Romanifolket known as the Is Bygd. Her father was King Olaf, the ruler of the Is Bygd, and since her very childhood Olaf taught his daughter never to lose control, since she was the heir of the tribe’s metahuman ability to create and manipulate ice. Unfortunately, Tora’s grandfather, the former King, wanted the throne back for himself, and planned to use the girl’s powers to claim it. Tora’s parents compelled their daughter never to use her abilities at all, so that the usurper wannabe would have never found them, and as a result the child grew up repressing everything that from her innermost nature screamed to be let out. Eventually, however, Tora’s grandfather found her family due to a mistake from Ewald, her older brother. King Olaf was confronted and severely beaten by his father, right in front of Tora… who lost control and unleashed all the power she had been holding back up to that moment. The massive snowstorm and ice tornado that resulted killed many people in the immediate surroundings, including the beloved King Olaf she actually wanted to save. This resulted in quite a psychological trauma for the girl, who became obsessed with controlling herself and her abilities. She grew up in what remained of her tribe always trying not to be noticed, but noticed she was years later by a foreigner, Rod Schoendienst, an engineer who had just discovered the existence of the Is Bygd. As soon as he learnt that there was an ice-manipulator in the tribe, Schoendienst made a deal with the current King, obtaining the permission to take Tora away from Norway to serve a greater good: Sigrid Nansen, the Norwegian superheroine Icemaiden, had quit the Global Guardians, and the government was looking for a replacement. Needless to say, Tora Olafsdotter was quite the perfect choice.

Tora wasn’t exactly happy at the perspective of using her powers on a daily basis, but after she met Doctor Mist and the Global Guardians for the first time, she realized she actually had the opportunity to do  something good with her abilities, and she chose to become the second Icemaiden to seek redemption for what she had done to her father. She became close friend with Green Flame, the Brazilian heroine B. B. da Costa, and despite their abilities were the opposite one of the other, they formed a unique bond that made them closer than sisters. Icemaiden, however, didn’t stay long in the Global Guardians, as the team lost funds soon after and was replaced by the Justice League International. This would have marked the end of her brief superhero career, but Green Flame convinced her friend to apply for the JLI instead: when they arrived to the embassy, the JLI was short on members, with Black Canary quitting the team and many others abducted. They were both taken in, and they continued to fight evil on a global scale; plus, Tora also found love in the person of Guy Gardner, a brash Green Lantern she fell in love with, starting a relationship that would have lasted quite a long time, albeit with some moments of hiatus. What didn’t change in the new team was the relationship between B. B. and Tora, who were now an actual duo: to reflect this, they decided to change their name respectively into Fire and Ice. The only other person Ice was really attached to was Superman, whom she had a crush for for a while; unfortunately, she also witnessed his untimely death, as she was among the ones who tried to stop the relentless Doomsday before the Man of Steel sacrificed his life to put him down (quite remarkably, she was among the very few heroes still standing after going toe to toe with Doomsday). She didn’t have much time to mourn the fallen hero, however, as she was soon called back to Norway: the dying king wanted to make her his heir, but this had upset her older brother Ewald, who was meddling with obscure forces to make sure he got the throne…

Tora Olafsdotter is a shy and naive girl, as innocent and pure as the snow she’s the queen of, but fearsome and relentless the rare times she loses control. As Ice, previously Icemaiden, she has the innate ability to generate and manipulate ice and snow, but she constantly limits her power: when she goes all out, she becomes an extremely destructive force of nature, able to level a building with a massive snowstorm. The perfect girl next door with the power to bring a country back to the stone age, Ice is luckily the gentlest heroine around… you wouldn’t like to see her lose her temper.



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