Wanda Catherine Blake

And today is Levi‘s turn, with another character from Spawn. This time we’ll meet the woman who’s the (unwilling) reason for Al Simmons to sell his soul to Malebolgia: his beloved wife Wanda Simmons, portrayed by Theresa Randle. In the movie, Wanda marries Al’s best friend Terry Fitzgerald after her husband’s death, and has a daughter from him, Cyan. She’s taken hostage by the end of the movie by Jason Wynn and Clown with her entire family, but she’s eventually rescued by the mysterious Spawn… without realizing the disfigured hero is her resurrected hubbie. In the comics, the story between the two of them evolves past that point, and Wanda finds herself in the middle of many demonic business. Let’s see together.

Born in QueensNew York City, Wanda was the daughter of Jackson Everett Blake and his wife, but she became orphan when she was little, and she was raised by her grandmother Rosemary. As an adult, she married Al Simmons, an army officer who eventually became a CIA officer. Grandma insisted for Wanda to take Al’s surname, but she preferred to stick with her maiden name instead. Wanda’s and Al’s marriage lasted many years, but they never had children: they went to many doctors, but nobody could help them. They accepted this, and eventually bought a dog, Shanna, who became some sort of substitute for them. The two lived happily for years, until Al started changing: something had become weird with his job, and he got increasingly angry, even at home with her. Eventually, one night, Wanda tried to ask her husband what was happening with his job, but he suddenly became violent, and he beat her, something he had never done before in their life together. After a moment of blind fury, Al came back to his senses, and helped Wanda back to her feet. The woman didn’t even have the time to try and understand what had happened, since Simmons left the morning after for a mission abroad, a mission he was killed in. A widow, Wanda suddenly found herself on her own. CIA took care of her under a financial point of view, but Wanda was alone, grieving a husband who would have never come back to her. It was Al’s best friend, Terry Fitzgerald, who stayed with her, helping her coping with her loss, being the shoulder she cried on. Eventually, during the year following Al’s death, Wanda and Terry grew closer, until they fell in love. Terry Fitzgerald became Wanda Blake’s second husband (and, once again, she refused to change her name despite Grandma telling her to do so).

Things with Terry were definitely different than with Al, and Wanda even found out she didn’t have children in her previous marriage because of Al, who was the sterile one, as she got pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Cyan, and her life became a lot better with the baby in it. Things went on pretty well for five years, then strange things started happening. Once, while walking down a street, Wanda was assaulted by a street gang: right when she believed she wouldn’t have come out of it alive, a strange man with a black suit and a red cape intervened, saving her and annihilating single-handedly the gang. The masked man left her in the alley without letting even thank him, but not much time after that accident Wanda heard someone knocking to her door, and then she found herself staring at the mysterious stranger who had saved her. Wanda was quite scared, but then Cyan intervened, and the stranger left. Things got even weirder when her husband became a target for both CIA and the Mafia: everybody seemed to be on Terry’s trails, until the same masked man, who called himself Spawn, appeared once again. Wanda had been quite worried for the situation, enough to ask Mary to take care of Cyan for a while, but all her family’s problems seemed to fade after Spawn’s intervention. This was definitely more than fishy, and she wanted to understand what was happening. Not trusting the authorities anymore after the CIA had put in danger two husbands out of two, Wanda decided to take the matter into her own hands, and she started investigating on Spawn and on everyone revolving around him, Terry included. What Wanda couldn’t imagine, however, was the number of dangers she was stepping into, some natural ones, and some supernatural others she didn’t even suspect the existence of…

Wanda Blake is a kind and caring woman, a selfless person who spends a lot of her time, money and energies for other people. From organizing the creation of a children’s wing at the hospital to taking care of her own family, she’s always ready to give a helping hand to anyone needing it… quite a beacon of light for someone lost in the shadows like her first, undead husband.


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