Jason Broderick Wynn (Redeemer)

Back to Levi, we see another villain from Spawn, this time the one who materially sets everything in motion: Jason Wynn, portrayed by Martin Sheen. As in the comics, Wynn is Al Simmons‘ boss, and the one who has him killed, but unlike the comics, in the movie he’s the one who pulls the trigger (or lights the fire, in this case), rather then simply giving the order. There are some other differences, such as Wynn making deals with Hell from the very beginning of the story, or him being the director of a mysterious A6 organization rather than the CIA. Most of all, in the movie he doesn’t undergo the transformation he suffers in the comics, becoming quite a match for the protagonist. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Jason Wynn’s early life, with his family and his relationships made secret, and the ways he arrived to power even more so. What we know is that, with an impressive number of connections and a remarkable career, Wynn became the founder and leader of the United States Security Group, a top secret agency that controlled, from behind the curtains, the CIA, the NSA and the National Security Council; considering that Wynn, with unspecified favors, helped Tony Twist to become the head of Mafia, pretty much every major power in the country, both legal and illegal, answered directly to him. Quite easily, with all the strings he was pulling, Jason Wynn had become the most powerful man on the planet, able to destroy a government just because it didn’t meet his personal agenda, or to force even the President to do whatever he wanted. He maneuvered rebellions and civil wars, always financing both sides in any conflict, so that whoever the winner was he was indebted to him. Everything he couldn’t control, he allied himself with, and so he did with the Chinese Triad, and with Hell itself: a powerful demon, Malebolgia, came to him, promising a power he had never even dreamt of in the form of the Psychoplasm, a substance Hell itself was made of, and that was the source of an unimaginable energy. The price Malebolgia asked for such a “gift” was the soul of Wynn’s most talented soldier, Al Simmons. This wasn’t such a sacrifice for Wynn, since Simmons had started questioning the many missions that turned into blood baths CIA had been sending him to. As a result, Wynn told Chapel, another agent, that Simmons was a traitor, and that he needed to be disposed of; without questioning his orders like a good soldier, Chapel burnt his partner alive. As promised, the devil sent to Wynn a sample of Psychoplasm, and the man immediately hired his best scientists to study it.

The Psychoplasm in Wynn’s possession somehow fused and reacted with Simmons’ memory, and it spontaneously evolved into a city, Simmonsville, actually a piece of Hell on Earth. Intrigued, Wynn sent one of his most loyal men, Major Vale, to take command of Simmonsville and to monitor it, so that he could understand if he could weaponize it somehow. In the meanwhile, Simmons was resurrected as Spawn, a vengeful vigilante who tried to kill Wynn more than once, but the man managed to survive and escape each time. There was a force, however, not even Wynn could escape from… not that he wanted, actually. Heaven was worried for the presence (and the power) of Spawn, and decided to use a counter-measure: the angel Gabrielle was put in charge of the hunt, and she was given instructions to create an Anti-Spawn. Since Wynn was technically the man who had killed Spawn in his human form, he was chosen by Gabrielle as the perfect candidate: through an ancient ritual, Jason was fused in a nuclear reactor, body and soul, with Elemental Fire, and he was turned into a Redeemer, Heaven’s version of a Hellspawn. With powers matching Spawn’s ones, the Redeemer could feel only an immense pain, pain that he knew could be quelled only by Spawn’s destruction. The Redeemer tracked down his target, and caught him by surprise, managing to overpower him pretty easily. During the two enemies’ fight, the city of Simmonsville was destroyed, along with the portal to Hell it contained. The duel continued to the City of Rats, where Redeemer was about to deliver the finishing blow… but one of the bums Spawn protected there, Marty Sladek, hit him with a pipe on the back of his head. Just as the heavenly warrior was about to punish him, Spawn reacted, and destroyed him with a sudden burst of energy. Back to the Angels‘ space station, Redeemer was to be imbued with more Elemental Fire, but Gabrielle and the others soon realized Wynn possessed a soul far too evil to tap into the Redeemer’s full powers. So, he was sent back to Earth, with no memory of his time as the Redeemer. Now, he could come back to do what he did best… nothing legal or nice, obviously.

Jason Wynn is a brilliant yet unscrupulous man, a political genius who forges alliances and bonds with the sole, declared purpose of gaining the best from every deal, usually stepping on a number of corpses; a deceiving manipulator and a charismatic leader, he’s become the most powerful man on the planet with blackmail, murder, treason and war, always finding a way to take profit from a situation. Despite he’s gained some weight, he’s a superb martial artist and a skilled marksman, able to protect himself fairly well if the situation requires it; as the Redeemer, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and agility, he can teleport wherever a Hellspawn is, and he can project divine energy in the form of powerful blasts (being evil as he is, however, Wynn lacks the purity necessary to tap into the Redeemer’s full powers). A refined tactician and a clever politician, an unscrupulous bureaucrat and a shadowy warlord, Jason Wynn is even more dangerous without divine powers than he is with them, the worthy representative of humanity’s worst: truth be told, there’s not much demons can teach him.


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