Jan O’Reilly

After this, we’ll be on break for a week or so! Some new promotional pics from the upcoming The Punisher surfaced in the last days, and we get a look to another member of the recurring cast: Sarah Lieberman, portrayed by Jaime Ray Newman. In the series, Sarah will be Microchip‘s wife, and the mother of his two children. Just from this, we can see that things got a lot better to Micro than they did in the comics, as he and his girlfriend (named Jan, not Sarah) never got married, albeit they did have a son. Let’s see together.

Jan O’Reilly was born in New York City from an unknown family. We don’t know much of her early life, apart from the fact that, as a young woman, she attended State University (albeit we don’t know what she studied there). It was during her studies that she met another student, David Lieberman, a shy but brilliant computer expert who was a genius born. Intrigued by the man’s intellect and smitten by his good heart, Jan fell in love with him, and the two started dating. It didn’t take long to Jan, however, to learn that David had been using his remarkable talents also for not exactly legal purposes. When they decided to live together, Jan insisted that he found a honest job, at least if he truly wanted to stay with her. David did it, and found a job as the assistant of a University professor. As soon as the professor found out he had a hacker in his employment, he used him to rob a bank. Unfortunately, the bank was owned by the Mafia, and they didn’t take the robbery lightly: they killed the professor and his entire family, and Lieberman found himself in their target as well.

This couldn’t come in a worst moment: Jan had just found out she was pregnant with David’s son, and the two were about to begin a brand new life together. When, in the dead of night, David woke her up to tell her what had happened with the professor and his family, for Jan this was the last drop, and she broke up with her boyfriend. She wouldn’t have raised her son with a man who would have constantly put him and herself in danger with his activities, so she stormed out of the house, strongly rejecting David’s suggestion that they both went to her mother’s place until everything calmed down a bit (to Jan’s eyes, this only meant to put in danger her parent as well… and she was probably right). Not much time passed before Jan found a good man willing to take care of her and of the baby she was carrying, some Mr. Frohike who eventually became her husband. She gave birth to David’s son, Louise, but she insisted he had the surname of his adoptive father rather than of his biological one. She wanted David Lieberman as far from her life as he could, pretending to ignore that he was keeping tabs on both her and her son. David’s legacy, however, soon reached Louise as well, and Jan knew she would have had to save her son from a path that could prove lethal to him.

Jan O’Reilly, now Jan Frohike, is basically a good woman, who has the understandable demand of having a honest and responsible companion to raise her son with. Albeit she loves her (ex) boyfriend David, she can’t allow him to put their son in danger, and she resolves to turn to hatred all the love she ever felt for him, to protect both herself and her child. Blood is thicker than water, however, and even with all her mother courage, Jan may be unable to protect her beloved son from his father’s legacy.


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