Ambur & Quelin Amaquelin

Thanks Markz for the heads up! Apparently I didn’t miss anybody from the last Inhumans episode (maybe…), but I did with the one before. In Those Who Would Destroy Us, in her imprisonment Crystal finds solace in watching the picture of her parents, Ambur and Quelin, respectively her mother and father. It’s unknown whether they are still alive or not, but Maximus revealed something interesting about them, telling Medusa that they had been enemies to the Royal Family she was now part of. In the comics, that’s certainly not the case, since they’re members of the Royal Family as well. Waiting to learn something more, maybe through flashbacks, let’s take a look at their original versions… albeit there’s not much to say about them.

Both Quelin and Ambur were born in the hidden city of Attilan, the safe zone of the Inhumans, a race of genetically engineered individuals created by Kree scientists in ancient times. Ambur was the daughter of Kobar and La, and she grew up with her sister Azur; Quelin, on the other hand, came from an unknown family (actually, the Inhuman family tree is a little bit confused here). They both studied as nutritionists, a well-respected job in a society obsessed with genetic perfecting. The two scientists eventually got married, it’s unknown if out of love or following a decree by the Genetic Council, that controlled eugenics in Attilan. Being it a way or the other, this proved to be quite a boost for Quelin in terms of importance within Attilan society: Ambur’s sister Azur, in fact, married Mander, whose sister Rynda married in turn Attilan’s newly elected king, Agon. Through relationships of brothers and sisters in law, also Quelin and Ambur were now considered part of the Inhuman Royal Family, and they were allowed to move in the royal palace, where they knew a luxury they had never experienced before. Around the same time, all the couples in the extended Royal Family had children, and Quelin and Ambur conceived a daughter, Medusalith.

Life in the palace was quite peaceful for the Amaquelin family, and the several couples came to be close together, mostly because their respective children, all cousins in a way or the other, became friends and companions of adventures. Some years after the birth of Medusalith Ambur got pregnant again, and she gave birth to a second daughter, Crystalia. Albeit being younger than her sister Medusa and her cousins GorgonKarnak and Maximus, also Crystal joined their group, and the children made the palace much a more lively environment. From a certain point in Attilan’s history, however, we lose tracks of both Quelin and Ambur: they were most surely alive when their elder daughter Medusa got married with Agon’s heir, Black Bolt, so they lived long enough to see their beloved firstborn become the new Inhuman queen (curiously enough, Ambur herself started to be referred to as “queen”, but it’s unknown if this meant she had actually been queen some time before Rynda or Medusa, or if it was short for “queen mother”). Since when Maximus overthrew his brother he had his right-hand man, the Seeker, execute many members of the Royal Family still loyal to Black Bolt, including Gorgon’s parents, it’s likely both Quelin and Ambut got killed under his regime, but there’s no record about it. The only thing that’s sure is that by the time their grandchildren Ahura, from Medusa, and Luna, from Crystal, were born, they were not part of their daughters’ lives anymore.

Ambur and Quelin are two serious and brilliant scientists, devoted to their research, but also loving and caring towards their daughters (something that’s not to take for granted in a society like Attilan’s). As Inhumans, they’re slightly stronger, faster and more durable than normal humans, but it’s unknown what specific power Terrigenesis gave them. Coming “from outside” in the Royal Family, Quelin and Ambur are the living testimony of the fact that nothing, even in a rigid society like the Inhuman one, is set in stone, and that all traditions can change and evolve.



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  2. […] Ambur & Quelin Amaquelin […]

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