Geoffrey Wilder

We have a couple of interesting trailers to examine, between all the current series, and we’ll alternate the characters appearing in them both from now on. Let’s start with the one released first, the trailer for Runaways, the upcoming tv series. We finally have a group picture of the entire Pride, the main villains in the show, and we’ll start from one of its main members, Geoffrey Wilder. Portrayed by Ryan Sands, Wilder will be quite a prominent member of the team, a hulking presence who’ll be both a ruthless tactician in the pursuit of the missing children, and a loving father figure. In the comics, he’s pretty much the same: let’s see together.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Geoffrey Wilder was a scoundrel since his youth, and became quite a skilled thief when he was still a teenager. It was on the streets that he met Catherine, the woman he fell in love with, and who soon became his partner in crime. Catherine’s mother didn’t want her daughter to follow this path, and she blamed all on Geoffrey, forbidding her to see him again, but this wasn’t a problem for the two robbers, and they ran away together. By 1984 they were quite a remarkable couple of criminals, but always on the run from police. After another successful heist, something unexpected happened: both Geoffrey and Catherine (who in the meanwhile had become his wife) were kidnapped by some multidimensional ancient gods, the Gibborim, who gathered them along with other five couples of criminals. The Gibborim offered them a deal: they would have granted them great power and wealth, in exchange for an annual sacrifice that would have given the deities power enough to arrive to Earth; their servants would have been rewarded with six seats in the new world order. The couples, naming themselves The Pride, accepted, and they decided together that they would have had a child each, to allow them to inherit the promised prize. With the Gibborim’s influence, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder became the richest and most successful robbers on the West Coast, until they became the undisputed crime lords of the entire area, controlling every single criminal activity there, from gambling to drug trade to bank robberies. When, in 1985, Catherine got pregnant, Geoffrey received a troubling visit from the future: the mysterious benefactor told him that, in the future, something would go wrong with the Pride’s plan, and both Geoffrey, Catherine and their son Alex would have lost their lives. To prevent this, the young Geoffrey traveled to the future.

With camouflage devices, Geoffrey disguised himself as the mutant Chamber, and took his place in his team Excelsior (later the Loners), a group of former teenage superheroes who provided aid to the youngest superbeings around. Through them, Geoffrey arrived to the Runaways, the team formed by the Pride’s children. His plan was simple: he would have sacrificed to the Gibborim one soul they craved, Nico Minoru‘s one, demeaning in return to save Catherine’s and Alex’s lives. Exposed by the Skrull Xavin, Geoffrey attacked the Runaways directly, nearly killing Chase Stein and successfully murdering Gertrude Yorkes. Finally, despite all the magical and high-tech gadgets at his disposal, Nico managed to incapacitate him and, not to create a time paradox, she erased his memory of recent events and sent him back to 1985. Here, Geoffrey resumed his everyday life, keeping the facade of a public philanthropist and running his criminal empire from behind the curtains, always keeping his son Alex in the dark about his parents’ true activity. Every year, under the cover of some charity meeting, the Wilders met with the other members of the Pride, sacrificing some runaway nobody would have looked for to the Gibborim. Everything went smoothly for sixteen years, until, during the annual meeting, the Pride’s children found out about the sacrifice and decided to escape from their houses. Geoffrey, of course, immediately put all his contacts and resources at work to find them, and he used his “friends” in the LAPD to track the kids and, after a first, unsuccessful attempt to bring them home, to frame them for the murder of their latest sacrifice, Destiny Gonzales, and for kidnapping their youngest member, Molly Hayes. The hunt, quite surprisingly, was made easier by a mysterious informant from within the Runaways, who kept helping the Pride while pretending to be one of them: it didn’t take much to Geoffrey to realize that the mole was most likely his son Alex, who had apparently realized that everything Geoffrey had done in his life, even the most monstrous of crimes, he had made out of love for him.

Geoffrey Wilder is a highly intelligent and rational man, a criminal mastermind who constantly keeps everything under control. The Gibborim mystically enhanced his intelligence, making him an even more dangerous man; he has at disposal a nearly unlimited amount of resources, weapons, mercenaries and scientists, and he requires absolute loyalty from his underlings. Both a loving (albeit strict) father and a ruthless planner and mastermind, Wilder is one of the most dangerous members of the Pride, the one who manipulates also the others to reach his own, personal schemes.



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