M’yrnn J’onzz

Back to Supergirl, we meet another couple of character who come directly from the comics. In Far from the Tree, Supergirl accompanies J’onn J’onzz back to Mars after M’gan‘s call, and the two find out that there’s still one Green Martian alive, who’s been kept in a prison camp for two centuries: M’yrnn J’onzz, J’onn’s father. Some sort of Martian Pope, M’yrnn has been kept alive because he’s the only one who knows where the Staff of Kolar, an incredibly powerful weapon, is buried… unfortunately he doesn’t believe his son is alive, and doesn’t want to tell! M’yrnn is portrayed by Carl Lumbly, famous for being the historical voice actor of the Martian Manhunter in many other media… quite a tasty Ester egg. Now, let’s take a look at the original M’yrnn.

M’yrnn J’onzz was born centuries ago on planet Ma’aleca’andra, the one we call Mars. He was a Green Martian, one of the two races inhabiting the planet (the other one, the warmongering White Martians, had not been seen for centuries). M’yrnn was a renowned artist, a singer, and a man known for his wisdom and his culture, a true keeper of Martian traditions. He fell in love with another Green Martian, Sha’sheen, and the two eventually got married. Sha’sheen got pregnant, and she gave birth to a couple of twins. M’yrnn named his children using his telepathic abilities to explore their soul, giving them a name that could represent their nature: he named one J’onn, meaning “Light to the Light“, foreseeing the future of a hero; the other, sensing a darker inclination in him, he named Ma’alefa’ak, that is “Darkness in the Heart“. Despite M’yrnn’s and Sha’sheen’s efforts to encourage the nature of the one and to contain the inclination of the other, both the prophecies were fulfilled, but in ways that nobody could have ever imagined.

M’yrnn taught his sons everything they needed to know about Martians’ telepathy, with all the responsibilities and the limits it required. Surely J’onn learnt his lessons, and he became the Martian equivalent of a police officer, a Manhunter, married a good woman and had a daughter. Ma’alefa’ak, on the opposite, didn’t accept any limit to his powers, and he despised Martian traditions. He was eventually arrested for the mind-rape of another Green Martian. His father could do nothing but to witness in pain and shame as his son was trialed and found guilty, and stripped of his telepathic abilities as punishment. M’yrnn and his family believed that the story would have ended with Ma’alefa’ak made unable to hurt anybody else, but they tragically underestimated the young man’s grudge against anything that was Martian. Years after, Ma’alefa’ak came back from his self-imposed exile, and he released in Mars’ atmosphere the fruit of his vengeful intellect, a highly contagious virus that would have been known as H’ronmeer’s Curse (named after the Martian God of Death). The virus infected Green Martians when they used their telepathy, making them experience a psychic fire that burnt them alive. Also M’yrnn was consumed by that fire, victim of his son’s hatred, and of his inability to change a future he had perceived since the boy’s birth.

M’yrnn J’onnz is a wise and sensitive man, an artist who deeply loves his family and his people. As all Green Martians, he has natural psychic abilities, ranging from telepathy to telekinesis; he can fly, he can modify his body density and his appearance, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and senses, and he can survive in the void of space. A civilized man from a civilized time, M’yrnn is not prepared at all to the horror his very son is bringing to the entire planet, and he unwittingly is the last testimony of a world that’s about to fall.


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