There’s still one character introduced this week on Supergirl, always a Martian, albeit a different color. In Far from the Tree, Supergirl and the Martian Manhunter arrive on Mars to find out that a group of White Martians founded a resistance movement against their peers, responsible of the Green Martians‘ genocide. Among them there’s the young and brash warrior Till’all, portrayed by Dewshane Williams. Most of the time Till’all appears in his human form (this doesn’t make any sense, considering the story is set on Mars), but we can see that he’s remarkably older than his comicbook counterpart, who’s however a “good White Martian” just like him. Let’s see together.

Till’all was born on planet Ma’aleca’andra, the son of Mica’kel. Till’all was a White Martian, the now dominant race of the planet following the genocide of the Green Martians… only, he didn’t know it. One of the few surviving Green Martians, in fact, was Cay’an, a vengeful woman who wanted to exact her revenge on Ma’alefa’ak, the war criminal responsible for the massacre. Unable to reach him, Cay’an targeted his brother, J’onn J’onnz, guilty to her eyes of not being hard enough in punishing his psychotic brother… an Till’all and his family were part of the plan she had devised to get her revenge on J’onn. Till’all, his father and other (at least) eight White Martians were abducted by Cay’an, and they were brainwashed into believing they were Green Martians, even assuming the Greens’ form. The ten “survivors” crash-landed on Earth at the beginning of the XX Century, and they were found and abducted by a shadowy human agency, who kept them prisoners and made experiments on them. Till’all lived most of his life in the secret labs of these people, sharing with his father some of the worst moments imaginable… until their existence was uncovered, as they managed to send a psychic message to the only other Green Martian on the planet: J’onn J’onnz. Answering the call, the Martian Manhunter came to the rescue, and he freed the prisoners he believed to belong to his same, lost race. He even took a particular liking to the young Till’all.

Believing that the “Green” Martians’ presence wouldn’t have been welcomed on Earth, J’onn decided to keep their existence secret, and he instructed the people he saved to always hide their true appearance. Growing fond of the Martian kid Till’all, J’onn personally found a house for him and his father Mica’kel, in the abandoned Mieddleton Estates, in Pennsylvania. Till’all was the youngest among the refugees, and the one who hoped the most in a new life and a better future, but he also was the least capable of controlling his shapeshifting powers, so eventually some humans saw him in his Green Martian form, jeopardizing his cover. This, however, would have been the least of the Martians’ problems: finally, Cay’an came back to exact the fruits of her plan, and she removed the mind block she had used on the Whites, reverting them to their original form and giving them back their memories. She also managed to convince them that the one responsible for their situation, for their identity crisis and for their planetary exodus was none others than the Martian Manhunter himself, desperate enough to recreate his own extinct race by brainwashing them. Obviously, the White Martians reacted badly to this, and they attacked their former savior, believing he had betrayed them. J’onn did his best to defend himself without hurting them, and he managed to induce a comatose state in two of his attackers. The third one, however, was accidentally killed… and that one was Mica’kel. Enraged and hurt, Till’all turned on his friend, until the Manhunter managed to reach him out, and to convince him of his innocence. Now, however, Till’all was more determined than ever to discover the true mastermind of his father’s demise…

Till’all is a young and enthusiast Martian boy, with a good heart and a gentle soul… at least until his race’s feral instincts don’t kick in. As a White Martian, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, senses and reflexes, he possesses psychic powers including telepathy and telekinesis, he can fly, he can survive in the void of space, he can shapeshift and modify his body’s density and size, and in his original form he also possesses sharp fangs and claws. A boy used to be exploited, manipulated and tortured since his first childhood, Till’all always managed to keep alive his hopeful attitude, but the last betrayals and grief may be too much even for him to bear…

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