Dale Yorkes

Runaways is debuting tonight, and we still have several members of The Pride to meet (as usual, we’ll alternate them with all the others). Next in line is Dale Yorkes, portrayed by Kevin Weisman. He’s described as a genius with an incredibly science-oriented mind, a caring dad who however struggles to find the right words to say to his daughter in the most delicate situations. As likable as he seems to be, Dale hides some dark secrets behind his facade of normality, just as all his friends. Let’s see together.

We don’t have many details about Dale Yorkes’ early life, albeit it must be quite an interesting one. He was born somewhere in the United States, but in the 87th Century. He fell in love with and married a woman from his time, Stacey, and somehow they managed to steal a 4-D Time Portico, a device that allowed them to travel in time. Smart and ambitious, the couple crossed all history, and they allegedly founded kingdoms in several times and eras (much like Kang the Conqueror, but on a smaller scale). In every time they went, however, they crossed paths with the current superheroes, who eventually always managed to foil their plans. Dale’s and Stacey’s life changed when they arrived in 1907, and they settled in New York City. Here, they organized the Sinners, a super-powered street gang that reunited all the existing ones, gathering all the supervillains they could find against the city’s protectors, the Upward Path. One day, one of Dale’s subordinates, the leader of the Street Arabs known as The Swell, introduced him to some youngsters he wanted to recruit in the alliance… the time-displaced Runaways. Dale and Stacey soon realized they were meeting fellow time travelers, but what shocked them the most was to learn that they were friends of their future daughter, Gertrude. Questioning their motives and presence, Dale learnt from one of them, Chase Stein, that Gert had died in the 21st Century. This was more than enough to have him lose control: using his futuristic tech, he attacked the Runaways, until he realized he could still save his daughter: he would have destroyed New York in 1907, so that he could prevent Gertrude’s death in 2006. Stacey totally agreed with the plan.

The Sinners didn’t know they were about to be sacrificed, and followed their leaders in the new plan… but one of the Runaways, a magic user named Nico Minoru, used her Staff of One to cast a complex spell: unable to erase the couple’s memory of what they learnt (she had already used that spell on a time displaced Geoffrey Wilder), she said “The Show Must Go On“, thus forcing the Yorkes’ to do everything they were destined to, albeit they remembered everything and thus knew what was going to happen. From that moment, Dale’s and Stacey’s life became a living hell. The eventually left 1907, and while trying to reach another destination they got stranded in 1985, much to Dale’s annoyance (he particularly hated that decade). While they were still in the Eighties, the two were suddenly summoned in an ancient lost city by some Elder Gods, together with other five couples. The extradimensional entities, known as the Gibborim, offered them a deal: they would have empowered them with souls to gain enough strength to break the barrier and arrive on Earth, starting a new era, and in exchange they would have been granted wealth and power, as well as six places in the new world. Dale and Stacey were pretty sure that the future the Gibborim promised would have been much better than the one they had already seen, filled with superheroes always ready to mess with their projects, so they agreed. As they knew it would have happened, the six couples, who named themselves The Pride, had one child each, and the Yorkes’ had a daughter, Gertrude. In order to keep her safe as much as they could, the Yorkes’ commissioned a genetically engineered dinosaur, a Deinonychus “bodyguard”, programmed to psychically bond with Gert. Dale and Stacey also took care of the Pride’s business in past and future, but they could do nothing to prevent major events they knew would have happened, starting from the escape of Gertrude and the other kids…

Dale Yorkes is a brilliant yet arrogant man, a time traveler who firmly believes in the superiority of his age, and treats with blatant disdain the ones from more “primitive” centuries. He is a time traveler, with access to a variety of advanced futuristic tech: what appears to be an antiquate gear is actually a collection of extremely advanced suits and weapons, with gloves able to shoot fire and create force fields, arquebus that are actually highly destructive energy guns, and so on. Quite a hateful guy, Dale hides behind his hardness an unspeakable pain, as he’s forced by destiny to do and say things he already knows will lead to a disastrous path for both him and his entire family.



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