Stacey Yorkes

With the first three episodes of Runaways out, we’re going to speak about the last remaining characters alternating them with all the others. It’ll be long, but we’ll make it eventually. We’re still counting the members of The Pride, and today it’s the turn of Stacey Yorkes, portrayed by Brigid Brannagh. She’s portrayed as the archetype of the absent-minded genius, a bioengineer with messy hair and Birkenstocks always at her feet. We already met her husband, so you know what secret those eyeglasses hide. Let’s see together.

Stacey Yorkes, maiden name unknown, was born somewhere in the United States of the 87th Century. As a young woman, she met a man she fell in love with, Dale Yorkes, who soon became her husband. We don’t know exactly what they did in their time, but it’s quite sure they were criminals, as they eventually stole a highly advanced 4-D Time Portico, a time machine that allowed them to go wherever (whenever) in history. Together, the two thieves went pretty much everywhere and everywhen, witnessing some major historical events (including, apparently, a nervous breakdown of the High Evolutionary that caused cataclysmic consequences in the middle 2000s), and using their futuristic tech, disguised as 19th Century gear, to found criminal empires and kingdoms in every era. Their “work”, however, was made hard by superheroes, a constant in every time, messing with their plans. What they didn’t expect was that, in 1907 New York City, where the Yorkes were building a criminal empire maneuvering the villainous Sinners in a street war against the heroic Upward Path, the heroes facing them would have been kids from the future… kids who claimed they knew their future daughter, Gertrude. Unfortunately, the kids brought bad news: in 2006, Gertrude would have been killed. Mad with grief, Stacey and her husband decided to change the past to affect the future, and they set a bomb to destroy all New York. One of the Runaways, however, was a powerful witch named Nico Minoru: she cast a spell on them, that sounded “The Show Must Go On“. From that moment, the Yorkes started living their lives as if on rails, destined to repeat all the actions that had led to their daughter’s birth and death, despite remembering every information about the future they had.

From that moment on, everything followed a written script: the Yorkes left 1907 and tried other enterprises, until some technical difficulties forced them to stop in 1985. In here, they were teleported to a lost city, home of the primeval giant deities who called themselves the Gibborim. The Elder Gods offered the six couples they had summoned a deal: wealth and power in exchange of one soul per year sacrificed to them, so that they could become strong enough to cross the dimensional barriers; their servants would have also been rewarded with six seats in the new world. As if someone else was talking, Stacey heard herself agreeing to the pact. The couples formed The Pride, and they each had immediate benefits from their deal. They didn’t exactly get along with each other, and Stacey and Dale had particular difficulties in liking the others; they took a special grudge with Robert and Tina Minoru, remembering what their daughter did (would have done) to them. When one of them, Janet Stein, got pregnant, The Pride members decided to have children, who would have been the heirs of their promised places in the post-apocalyptic world. Stacey had a daughter, Gertrude, just as she knew she would have, and despite desiring to spend all the little time she knew she had with her at the best, she found herself being the hateful and uncaring mother she had been in a future/past she was forced to repeat. She even caused Gert’s greatest childhood pain, as she disposed of Orwell, the girl’s pet potbelly pig, that both Stacey and Dale hated. Everything proceeded according to the script until that fateful night during which the kids spied on their parents performing the Rite of Blood and killing a girl, Destiny Gonzales. Following that, Gertrude and the other ran away from home, starting what Stacey knew were the last acts of a play she had been playing in for far too long.

Stacey Yorkes is a brilliant and resourceful woman, but also an obnoxious, hateful and self-righteous person, who despises everyone since she sees them as mere primitives from a less-advanced time than hers. As a time traveler, she has access to a technology and knowledge that are hard even to conceive for most people, and she disguises an arsenal of futuristic weapons as 18th Century garments. All her meanness, however, cannot protect her from a pain that she always brings with herself, the curse of knowing future events she can’t avoid.



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