Leslie Dean

We finally arrived at the last member of The Pride (since the two mutant ones have been killed off-screen, thanks Fox), a character that apparently will be pivotal in future developments of Runaways. In the very first episode we meet Leslie Dean, portrayed by Annie Wesching: Leslie is the head of the mysterious cult known as the Church of Gibborim, a curious mix of Scientology and a Satanist sect. It looks like the Church’s main goal is to keep alive Leslie’s father, the allegedly deceased David Ellerh, with human sacrifices taken from the Church’s pious and faithful believers, but this remains to be confirmed. In the comics, Leslie’s origins are much more spectacular, and her goals even shadier: let’s see together.

Not much is known about Leslie Dean, actually not even her true name, since “Leslie Dean” is just an alias she adopted on Earth. She was born on a remote planet, Majesdane, a wealthy world hidden by a white dwarf star, and there she became quite a renowned individual because of the illicit activities she ran with her husband. Both of them, in fact, were arms dealers, and worst of all they sold weapons to the Skrulls, who had been attempting to conquer Majesdane for centuries. Caught and arrested, the couple was exiled from the planet, and they ended up on Earth, where they landed near Los Angeles. They took their new names from a James Dean memorial, and decided to call themselves Leslie and Frank Dean. They used a special metal to suppress their powers, so that their translucent body looked like a human one, but they bought a house on an isolated hill, so that they could move freely without their restricting bracelets without anyone seeing them. Leslie soon found out that Earth’s people were easily fooled by appearance, and she suggested to her husband that, due to their remarkable looks on Earth, they became actors. The idea proved to be successful, as they became the stars of General Hospital, a popular tv series. In a matter of a few years, they had everything they could possibly want: rich and popular, considered eccentric vegans and solitude-lovers by their fans, they had achieved quite a good position on the new world… but they wanted more. And more they were offered when they were abruptly teleported to a lost city by some Elder Gods, the Gibborim, who wanted to come to Earth but needed help to break the dimensional barrier separating them from it. In exchange of an annual human sacrifice, the Gibborim offered to six couples, Deans included, wealth and power beyond imagination, and six places in the new world they would have created. Leslie and her husband accepted without thinking of it twice.

Leslie’s natural alien powers received quite a boost, and so did her popularity as an actress. Everything was simply perfect, until the other members of The Pride, following an unexpected pregnancy, decided they would have had a child each to leave the promised kingdom to. Leslie wasn’t happy at all, as she didn’t want any heir, but she ultimately realized that the presence of a baby would have increased even more her popularity, so she convinced Frank promising him an appearance on People‘s cover. Leslie gave birth to a daughter, Karolina, but she decided to keep her true heritage hidden from her. Since she was born, she put to her wrist a bracelet made from the same metal that negated her own powers, and when the baby was old enough, she told her it was a sign of her allergy to penicillin, and that she was forbidden to ever take it away, unless she wanted to die. This way, Karolina grew up believing she was a normal human, oblivious to her alien nature, and Leslie could manipulate her as she wanted, turning her into her and Frank’s ticket to an even greater celebrity, introducing also her daughter to the show biz since she was little. Of course, Leslie and Frank also did their best to hide their true nature, both biological and moral, from their daughter, but being professional actors it took little effort to them to pretend to be good people. Away from highlights, they participated every year to the Rite of Blood, killing along with the other members of The Pride some runaway nobody would have ever looked for. Leslie also helped Frank repel a Skrull invasion of Earth, since it would have messed with her plans, and they managed to buy Prince De’zean‘s surrender with the coordinates of Majesdane and the hand of Karolina, promised in marriage to the Prince’s son. In the meanwhile, Leslie and Frank had also made an alliance with the mutant members of The Pride, Gene and Alice Hayes, planning with them to kill all the others to win the promised utopia with them and the respective daughters. The day of the Gibborim’s arrival was approaching fast…

Leslie Dean is a cruel and brutal woman, a fierce criminal who has no consideration whatsoever for other people’s lives, barely caring for her own daughter. As a Majesdanian, she can absorb solar energy, using it to augment her own strength and durability, to fly, to shoot powerful energy blasts, to create force fields and much more. Deceiving and manipulative, Leslie is a wolf disguised as a sheep, a ruthless murderer who’s ready to sacrifice an entire universe to her own ambition.



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