Jessica Priest

Next in Levi‘s request comes Jessica Priest, the sadistic killer portrayed by Melinda Clarke. A totally secondary character, she received a boost of importance in the Spawn movie, where’s she replaces Chapel as Jason Wynn‘s best assassin, and is the one responsible for physically killing off Al Simmons (Chapel wasn’t usable due to rights issues). She was even supposed to come back after she died as a female Spawn, but the idea was scrapped for lack of time and funds. Also in the comics the character was retconned following the movie as Simmons’ killer, but things weren’t like that in the beginning: let’s see together.

Jessica Priest was never what you’d call a balanced person. Born in Queens, New York City, she became somewhat famous when she was still a little girl. When she was five years old, she grew fascinated by fire watching the marshmallows roast on the fire; taking inspiration from them, she took the lighter fluid and she poured it on her sleeping parents, then she set them on fire, along with the entire house. She had no problems confessing this to the cops who came, and she was entrusted to mental health services. She suffered years of shock therapy, and when she was a teenager she was deemed sane and released. Big mistake. Since everybody remembered her in the neighborhood, she was sent to a safe house in South Bend, Indiana, where she proved she was far from healed. She perfectly blended in with the high school “social class division”, and she took it as a personal mission to save the world from all the “jerks”: as a result, she killed her entire school. This time, she was arrested and locked up in some dark hole, never to see the light again. Such a great skill in killing, however, couldn’t go to waste, and some years later Jessica was contacted by Jason Wynn, a powerful man from a shadowy organization, who offered her a chance out of the remote prison that had become her house. Wynn also told her he would have encouraged, not certainly suppressed, her killing techniques, directing them where it was useful that she operated. Needless to say, Jessica Priest happily accepted the offer.

Jessica spent some time training, but there was little she actually needed to learn. To test his newest asset, Wynn sent her to the Middle East┬áto start a war. Happy and inspired, Jessica infiltrated a military base, and she sang overjoyed as she shot down every single soldier in it; then, she launched all the base’s missiles to Israel, thus provoking a heavy response and starting the war that Wynn wanted. She had done the same exact things she did when she was arrested, but this time she was welcomed home as a national heroine (albeit only by the very few people who knew of her assignment, mostly from the CIA). As a reward, she was returned to her family house in Queens, where she joined what remained of her relatives. Everybody believed she was an employee for some corporation, but nobody asked for details, considered how weird the girl was. From time to time she had to travel, and that was definitely ok with her family and neighbors. With time, Wynn entrusted her with more and more delicate missions, sure she wouldn’t have failed him. One of the most dangerous ones took place in Brazil, where Jessica had to retrieve Heat-16, a biogenetic weapon. Her guide, a man named Juuko, betrayed her, but she managed to escape the ambush and retrieve the enemy base, Medlab-05, even without a guide. She let herself be captured and brought to the leaders of the base, a group of scientists who were experimenting on the weapon. Once in front of her enemies, Jessica used her ace up the sleeve, and she vomited an explosive pill. She blew up the lab and escaped with Heat-16, no sweat. Once home, however, she complained that she wanted something harder, or she would have gotten bored. Jason Wynn, on his side, assured her that more difficult, and thus funnier missions were coming soon enough…

Jessica Priest is a deranged and sadistic woman, a schizophrenic murderer with a split personality who enjoys killing as if it was a normal kind of relation with others. She’s a superb marksman and martial artist, a highly trained spy with excellent tactical analysis skills; she also gave proof of superhuman abilities in more than one occasion, as it looks like she’s able to unconsciously foresee events just before they happen, a skill that allows her to literally dodge bullets on the battlefield. An asset as well a liability, a double-edged sword in the hands of the one man in CIA who won’t get cut by it, Jessica is an extremely dangerous woman, a killer not for necessity but for passion, who will never back down from a mission, but who will always cause much more collateral damage than strictly necessary…


M’Dahna (Green Lantern)

On with Lucy W.‘s list, we meet another Green Lantern, and another weird-looking one: M’Dahna, the one who looks like an alien manta with a single giant eye. In the Green Lantern movie, M’Dahna is implied to be pretty strong, as he’s selected by Sinestro to be a part of his task-force to face Krona… unfortunately, as powerful as he may be, M’Dahna is infected by Parallax‘s fear and consumed by it in a matter of seconds. In the comics he’s quite a secondary character, but he’s not this short-lived… and he’s quite powerful indeed. Let’s see together.

M’Dahna was born on planet Zanner over a thousand year ago, an alien member of an extremely long-lived species who was selected by the Guardians of the Universe as one of the first members ever of the Green Lantern Corps, as a recognition to his indomitable will. Equipped with a Green Power Ring, M’Danha patrolled Space Sector 2751, a task that he proved to be up to over and over again. He was one of the Green Lanterns who participated to the first war that put the Corps against Nekron, the dreaded Lord of the Dead, during which many corpsmen got killed. A survivor by nature, he lived another day to train another generation of Lanterns, and another one after that, and so on, always being ready to be employed during the many emergencies that involved the Corps, last but not least the war against Krona, a rogue Guardian of the Universe. This one was quite a testing challenge for him, as M’Dahna lost one of his oldest and dearest allies, the robot Stel, who died in his arms. M’Dahna, on the other hand, lived to fight another day, as he always did.

M’Danha went through yet another major challenge when Parallax, a deranged Green Lantern possessed by the Fear Entity, destroyed the Main Power Battery on Oa, killed hundreds of corpsmen and successfully disbanded the Green Lanterns. With no powers anymore, M’Danha fell prey to some old enemies, and he got sold as a slave in an inter-galactic slave market. As many others who had suffered the same fate, M’Danha was rescued by Guy Gardner, a fellow Lantern who was known to be one among the most untrustworthy ones, before. As the Corps were founded yet again, M’Danha got his ring back… but something else happened that forced him to postpone his return to the Corps. His homeplanet, in fact, had been involved in a planetary war against Tristram, a conflict that ended with the disappearance of the two planets’ populations. M’Danha clearly knew more about it than he let out, but he didn’t want to involve anybody else in a mission he felt personal. M’Danha left his fellow Lanterns to look for his people, eager to know what had happened to them. Eventually he would have returned, but only after he completed the very first mission he embarked on only for himself.

M’Danha is a fearless and selfless hero, a committed space cop who spent more time than anyone in serving the Corps. As a Zannerian, he possesses quite an elongated life-span, superhuman strength, and an incredible eye vision, that allows him to see better, farther and in more spectra than any other creature; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to communicate in every known language, and overall to create solid energy constructs limited only by his imagination and fueled by his willpower. One of the oldest and greatest Green Lanterns ever, M’Danha is a living legend, a survivor who lived through some of the gravest cosmic crisis Oa experienced, and learnt enough from them to teach thousands of other Green Lanterns who followed him.

Michael “Mike” Fallon (Accident Man)

We got a new trailer in these days as well, and one for a comic very few people know (and more for the American remake from Dark Horse than for the original Toxic! publication): Accident Man. Scott Adkins will portray the titular character, Accident Man, aka Mike Fallon. In the movie, he’ll be a hitman specialized in a very peculiar kind of murder, who starts a revenge campaign when his ex-girlfriend gets murdered, and by a member of his own team. The movie gets inspiration by the one story-arc in which Fallon doesn’t look like a complete monster, but not too much human either. Let’s meet him. And warnings: he’s no hero.

Most of Mike Fallon’s early life is secreted, as he himself takes good care of hiding personal information (he never was a good boy, anyway, and always aimed to making as more money as he could). In a way, there was little of Fallon that didn’t say “Ninenties!” all over: a Yuppie who loved fancy cars, beautiful women and, most of all, his job, that he dedicated all the possible time to. Fallon, however, wasn’t a banker or a broker, but the closest thing to an artisan still around: he was a hitman, and the best British assassin around, for what matters. In a world full of standardized killers for hire, Fallon specialized in a peculiar technique: he made every single hit look like an accident, sometimes even taking quite a great deal of time for it. His M.O. earned him the moniker “Accident Man”, and with an official alias came notoriety, fame… and money, not that he ever thought it was enough. He traveled the world to improve his style, becoming an unmatched martial artist and a master in every kind of weapon, learning physics, chemistry and a variety of other disciplines that could help him in his unique job. Either by shooting a target’s car tire with an ice bullet (so that, when the police checked it, the bullet had melted and it looked like a tragic but simple blow-out), or by loosening a heavy chandelier’s supporting bolts, or by manipulating a house’s heating system to cause the elder inhabitant a heart attack, the Accident Man always delivered, and nothing could ever lead to him. Strangely enough, he even managed to have a private life, and in particular he had a wife, Jill. At first, Jill was more than happy with all the expensive and stylish things that her husband brought home, but then something changed, mostly because of a friend of hers, Hilary. Mike and Jill started to drift apart, but he didn’t even realize it.

One day, when Fallon came back from one of his assignments, he found his wife ready to leave him: she and Hilary had become lovers, and they both were part of a feminist-ecologist group, Women Against the Rape of the Planet (WARP). A champion of empathy and caring, Fallon let her go away without even giving signs that he was noticing she was leaving. He simply dove back into his job, and earned another awful lot of money, this time having a little bit more PMT (Post-Murder Tension) to vent onto some unfortunate guys who were unlucky enough to cross his path after an assignment. He even traveled to the Far East to learn from a legendary sensei a forbidden technique, the Death Touch, a kung-fu punch that killed his victims with a time delay, something that would have clearly improved his professionalism. Then, something happened in the life of the shallow and uncaring Mike Fallon: Jill was killed in a robbery. He didn’t care for her anymore, he never did when they were living together, and surely didn’t do now that she had joined that eco-nuts group… but there was something that kept haunting him about her death, and he couldn’t come back to his job as happy and carefree as he had always been. He even completed another couple of assignments, but he just couldn’t enjoy them. Finally, he realized what was the “thing” that just didn’t fit: examining the details of the “burglary” Jill had been killed in, Fallon recognized the M.O. of two “colleagues”, Chris and Jim. Their involvement made him think that there was something big behind the killing of his ex-wife, and he had to know what in order to make that annoying voice inside him stop and regain his joy for life (and murder). To do this, however, the needed the most unlikely of the allies: Hilary, Jill’s new girlfriend, the idealist and selfless eco-feminist who was possibly the most different person from him on the entire planet…

Mike Fallon is a selfish and hedonist man, a professional completely in love with himself and his own talent, who enjoys over everything else murdering people, having sex with beautiful women, murdering people, driving beautiful cars, and murdering people. As the Accident Man, he’s an accomplished martial artist, a poet with any kind of weapon, and an expert in a variety of disciplines that make him an amateur scientist, a superb tactician, and a very unique assassin, whose every kill is planned to the detail to look like an accident. The Accident Man is a maniac, a man who loves killing and makes a true job out of it, with its own rules: never getting involved, never caring for anyone, never trusting anybody, always delivering. When tons and tons of money reward a man’s profession and his total commitment to it, there’s truly nothing more that can be asked from life.


The next not-so-nice guy from Levi‘s request is Malebolgia, the ruler of Hell who gives Spawn his powers. In the Spawn movie, the demon overlord is an awful CGI monster voiced by Frank Welker, and his role is pretty much the same as in the comics, as he creates an army of Hellspawn to assault Heaven, and wins Al Simmons‘ soul to lead it. The weird thing begins when Simmons eventually destroys his entire army in the blink of an eye and Malebolgia doesn’t do anything to stop him, clumsily trying to grab him as the anti-hero propels himself out of Hell. In the comics, he’s much more a threat than the movie would let anyone think… even if he’s just one among the many rulers of Hell. Let’s see together.

With his real name unpronounceable by humans, Malebolgia was one of the most powerful demons in Hell, created approximately 70,000 years ago by another powerful demon, ruler of the Eight Circle (or Eight Sphere) of Hell. The new demon, however, was far too powerful for his master to control, and Malebolgia eventually killed his creator, taking his place as the new ruler of the Eight Circle. Born from a river of Necroplasm, Malebolgia disposed of powers unknown also to the other demon overlords in Hell, and soon became more powerful than everyone else, succeeding where anybody else before him had failed: he effectively brought peace in Hell, and made so that, albeit all conflict still existed and most demons wanted to get to each other’s throat, everyone was too scared of him to do anything serious against each other, and submitted to him. With the entire forces of Hell in line for the first time in eons, Malebolgia could dedicate himself to a much more important task: to finally lead an all-out assault against Heaven, and to dethrone God Himself. In order to do this, however, he needed an army, and thus he used his unique powers to transform the damned human souls entering his realm into Hellspawn, powerful beings he enslaved by powering them with Necroplasm and tricking them into using it all, thus bonding their very existence to Hell. All mortals fell for it and, when released on Earth, used their newfound powers to kill their enemies, extinguishing their Necroplasm and becoming Malebolgia’s slaves; only one wasn’t fooled by the trick, the most important soul Malebolgia ever had at disposal: Cain, the first murderer, who saved a bit of Necroplasm and went on hiding on Earth. Cain wasn’t a problem, as he wasn’t able to use what remained of his powers, and Malebolgia concentrated on the war he had been preparing for millennia.

As he collected more and more souls in his army, leaving to pure demons like Lilith and Violator the roles of lieutenants, Malebolgia was in need of a general, and he found a promising one in Al Simmons, a CIA operative who was one of the best warriors humanity could provide. He made a deal with Simmons’ boss, Jason Wynn, giving him Psychoplasm in exchange of Simmons, and when the latter was killed by his partner Chapel on Wynn’s orders, Malebolgia greeted him in the Eight Circle. Reading Simmons’ soul, Malebolgia offered him a deal: he would have let him see his wife Wanda again, if he agreed to become his general. The demon, of course, only wanted Simmons to run out of Necroplasm, and for that he needed to fuel his anger: he turned him into a Hellspawn and sent him back to Earth… but five years in the future, in order for him to see his beloved wife married to his best friend, Terry, and with a daughter. Just to be sure, he also sent Violator after Simmons, instructing the demon to provoke and tease the undead CIA operative to direct him against Wynn, Terry, Chapel and whoever he wanted, to have him finish all his power and come back to him. There was a factor he had underestimated, though: Cain, in the guise of Cogliostro, met Spawn, and revealed Malebolgia’s plan and Necroplasm’s nature, convincing Simmons not to use it to seek revenge. As a result, Malebolgia was denied his general… at least for the moment. It was only a matter of time, and Spawn would have used his Necroplasm: Malebolgia had millions of ways to make him do it, and then his preparations for Armageddon would have been completed.

Malebolgia is simply pure evil, an ancient, wise and deceiving being born literally from Hell itself, who only seeks to rule over creation and to destroy and contaminate everything that is good. As the ruler of the Eight Circle, he’s an absurdly powerful demon, who counts among his powers immortality, a tremendous strength and near invulnerability, telepathy and mind control, shape-shifting, telekinesis, and overall the power to manipulate the Necroplasm, that grants him the ability to create Hellspawns, and even to mold reality itself, making him practically omnipotent while in his home dimension. One of the most powerful beings in existence, Malebolgia is an ancient evil who’s being influencing human history since its dawn, and who’s preparing a war against Heaven with all the brutality and patience of the universe… there are very few creatures who don’t tremble simply at the mention of his name.

Mad Harriet

On with Lucy W.‘s request, we meet Mad Harriet, the last New God who ever had a live action version. She of course appeared in Smallville, where she was portrayed by Lindsay Hartley as Granny Goodness‘ second in command. She looked like a female Freddy Krueger, wearing a bladed glove forged in Kryptonite, and she was knocked out by Tess Mercer in her effort to kill her. In the comics, she doesn’t have any glove, being actually the only one among the Female Furies not to have a trademark weapon… and she definitely isn’t this pretty. Let’s see together.

Raised on Apokolips, the girl known as Mad Harriet lived in the hellish orphanage run by Granny Goodness, and since she was a child she stood out for her unnatural taste for violence and torture… as well as for her crippling insanity. Despite this last detail, Granny Goodness selected her as one of the first Female Furies, the elite squad trained to serve Darkseid at the maximum of their capacities, and she received the name Mad Harriet. Unlike her “sisters”, Harriet didn’t want any weapon, preferring to tear the flesh of her enemies with her bare hands… but she was provided power spikes that imbued her sharp claws with energy nevertheless. During the first mission of the Female Furies on Earth, the girls were opposed by the Suicide Squad, and Mad Harriet found a natural adversary in Bronze Tiger. The martial artist, albeit mortal, proved to be more than a match for the New God, and Harriet nearly lost her life, but she loved any single moment of it. This was but the first time her path crossed with the one of people from Earth, and every time Mad Harriet managed to stand out among her sisters, always being a relentless and uncontrollable fighter. She even befriended a mortal, Harley Quinn, whose insanity perfectly matched her own, but for this she was scolded and punished by Bernadeth, the co-leader of the Furies, who couldn’t abide a New God getting close to a mortal. Not that Harriet didn’t enjoy her punishment, of course.

Her missions, of course, led her not only against humans, but also against the New Gods of New Genesis, Apokolips’ sworn enemies. During one of these, she was even captured by the enemy, but she was sent back to Apokolips, as her unpredictable insanity made her far a too dangerous prisoner to be of any use. She came back to Earth soon enough, when a rogue Parademon stole a Beta-3 Gizmoid, a world-killer device invented by DeSaad, and hid it on the planet before being killed by his companions. The planet’s destruction caused by an Apokoliptian device would have started a war with New Genesis Darkseid wasn’t yet ready for, so the Female Furies were sent to St. Roch, Louisiana, to retrieve the machine. The Female Furies arrived on Earth with a Boom Tube, but it was too late already: the Gizmoid had begun its mission and copied the template of Hawkgirl, becoming a robotic version of the heroine, apparently unstoppable. Even Bernadeth’s attacks didn’t have the slightest effect on the machine, and it looked like any attempt to stop it was destined to fail… until the real Hawkgirl, previously knocked out by the Gizmoid, came back to her senses, and allied herself with the Female Furies. The attack this time was successful, as Hawkgirl cauterized any wound left open by the Female Furies, so that the Gizmoid couldn’t regenerate itself, until it fell apart. Hawkgirl, overfatigued, collapsed, but Bernadeth forbid Mad Harriet, Bloody Mary and the others from killing her, recognizing the heroine’s worth, and sparing her for the time being as a sign of gratitude. Mad Harriet came back to Apokolips with a very much alive thirst for blood, certainly not satisfied by a mission with no casualty left behind…

Mad Harriet is a completely deranged woman, a sadistic and masochist monster who enjoys inflicting and suffering pain. As a New God, she’s an immortal with superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina and agility, while as a Female Fury she’s a superb hand-to-hand combatant, who wields power spikes that imbue her claws with energy and make them able to cut through also the flesh of the most powerful beings in the universe. Crazy, unpredictable and cruel, Mad Harriet is one of the most dangerous beings on Apokolips, a psychopathic warrior with no restraint and no sanity left.

Terence D. “Terry” Fitzgerald

Next in line from Levi‘s request is Terry Fitzgerald, the unlikely spy portrayed by D. B. Sweeney. In the Spawn movie, Terry is Al‘s best friend and colleague, but he’s also the one who marries his friend’s widow Wanda and has a daughter from her, Cyan (obviously, after he dies). This is basically the same role he has in the comics, with the major difference being his ethnics, as he’s an African-American man originally (this was changed by the production who didn’t want too many black leads in the film, apparently). Also, this unlikely hero named after one of Todd McFarlane‘s friends and colleagues is a little bit more of an action man in the comics. As we’re about to see.

Born and raised in New York City, Terence D. Fitzgerald went through a flashing military career, always following the rules and acting by the book. His many successes gained him several important appreciations, that led him directly to the Central Intelligence Agency, where he worked as a consultant, a linguist expert. While cooperating with the CIA he met Al Simmons, and operative agent who soon became his best friend, a brother for him. The two were partners, and they shared many missions together. Terry grew also close to Simmons and his family, and he even tried to help out his marriage with Wanda, that was going astray because of Al’s many secrets… secrets that eventually killed him, as Terry’s friend died in a top secret mission nobody seemed to know anything about. In the days and months following Al’s death, Terry helped Wanda recover, and he stayed by her side… until the feeling between them became something more than simple friendship, and they fell in love. Terry was much more present and careful than Al had ever been, and Wanda came to trust him enough to marry him. The two had a daughter together, Cyan, the child Al never gave Wanda. Everything was simply perfect in Terry’s life… until he suddenly started attracting a lot of attention from the wrong people. Security Director Jason Wynn, in fact, was sure Terry had stolen an impressive amount of weapons from a secured warehouse, one that only Al and Terry had access to: since Simmons was dead, the only possible culprit was Fitzgerald… but the reality wasn’t part of the “possible” realm.

Wynn couldn’t obviously prove anything against Terry, but he kept an eye on him. If Wynn needed evidence, there was somebody else who didn’t: Vito Gravano, head of the local Mafia, whose men had been slaughtered by that very weapons Fitzgerald had allegedly stolen. As soon as the CIA agents and the Mafia killers found each other out of Terry’s house in the Queens, a massive shoot-out started, with the first ones getting the short stick (with two agents dead, Wynn’s claim that Fitzgerald was a criminal got more credit with his superiors). The Mafia then blackmailed Terry, and told him to go to an abandoned warehouse, if he didn’t want Wanda to be killed. Obviously, this was a trap, as the cybernetic Mafia hitman OvertKill was waiting for him there… but Terry wasn’t alone, as the new brutal superhero in town, Spawn, appeared to protect him. Despite Spawn’s intervention, OvertKill managed to overpower both men, but he was stopped by a local police detective, Twitch Williams, who shot him in the head. Twitch called for backup, but the CIA intercepted the call, and Wynn sent his men to extract Terry. Theoretically Terry was still incriminated, but Spawn visited Wynn and the CIA, as well as NYPD, making his own existence known and taking the blame for stealing the weapons. Terry didn’t know anything about this, but he started wondering why Wynn was after him. He started investigating on him, but he soon realized that all of the information on Wynn were secreted. Committed to arrive at the bottom of this, he decided to take matters into his own hands, and stepped into the lion’s den: he joined CIA, trying to climb the ladder high enough to obtain clearance and learn what he could on his enemy… hoping to survive a confrontation with Jason Wynn longer than his friend Al Simmons did…

Terry Fitzgerald is a man honest to a fault, a model citizen who never does anything wrong: a caring husband, a loving father, a fair professional, he always does everything by the book. He’s a smart man and a skilled investigator, a man who starting from nothing managed to expose the illegal activities of an old fox like Jason Wynn, and courageous and brave enough to face the consequences. If there’s a trustworthy friend in the world, that’s Terry Fitzgerald, a good-hearted and morally flawless man in a world of deceit, betrayal and violence.

Lin Canar (Green Lantern)

Merry Christmas to everyone, in particular to Lucy W., as today it’s her turn with the requests! It’s been a while, but we meet today another obscure Green Lantern, one of the many who appeared as simple cameos in the Green Lantern movie: Lin Canar, the translucent being with three weird appendages on his head and shoulders. This time, however, Lin Canar is not only a background character in the movie, but he’s also one in the comics, mostly, appearing only in a handful of issues and in (almost) a single story arc. Let’s see together.

Lin Canar was born on Fluvian, an ocean planet inhabited by a race of sentient plants, the Fluviaat, who lived just beneath the ocean’s surface. The population was divided in tribes, and Canar belonged to the top one, the E’Fal, but he never felt this as a privilege, nor gave any particular importance to the caste system. Always been curious and smart, Lin Canar became a scientist on his planet, an oceanographer, and he joined Fluvian’s Research Circle, the greatest scientific group on the planet. He specialized in water energy emission, and he truly believed that his research would have changed his people’s life for the better. It was because of his research that the Guardians of the Universe‘s call to become a Green Lantern came to him like a nuisance, that would have distracted him from his more important and useful job as a scientist: one of the few people who ever did this, Lin Canar refused the honor of becoming the Green Lantern of Sector 1582, preferring to continue his research. The Sector, however, needed a new Lantern, so the Guardians chose another candidate, Dob Zagil, a teacher. At first, it looked like the choice was a good one, as Zagil was deeply committed in erasing crime from Fluvian… unfortunately, he cared much more for tribes and castes than Canar did, and he ended up enslaving the tribe he deemed responsible for everything wrong on the planet: the nomadic O’Lav. Needless to say, Dob Zagil became a hero to most E’Fal… but surely not for Lin Canar, who saw exactly what was happening to his planet.

Dob Zagil’s power and popularity grew, and he eventually became a full tyrant, who didn’t destroy the O’Lav only because his Power Ring didn’t allow him to do so. Lin Canar was a man of science (and of good heart), and couldn’t allow prejudice and racism to become law. He swore to stop Zagil any way he could, but of course he couldn’t do much, as his adversary was donning an all-powerful Power Ring, the same one he had rejected. Canar could fight Zagil only by the means granted to him by his science, and so he did. He prepared one of his experiments to blow, and in the meanwhile he went out to confront Dob Zagil, putting his natural, remarkable strength against his Power Ring. Obviously, Canar wasn’t a match for Zagil, but he tricked him into following him to his lab, letting him destroy the experiment with an energy blow. The explosion took away Canar’s strength, but it also successfully killed Zagil. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a controlled blast went far beyond Canar’s lab, and through the water it contaminated the whole planet, infecting every E’Fal with a new disease. Realizing that his planet needed something more than another scientist, Lin Canar finally accepted his responsibility, and took the Power Ring from his enemy’s body, becoming a Green Lantern. He put his own planet on quarantine, committing himself to find a cure to the disease he himself had created, all the while patrolling the oceans to stop racism and inner conflicts, building a fairer society brick by brick.

Lin Canar is a brilliant and curious man, a scientist with the soul of an explorer deeply committed to research. As a Fluviaat, he disposes of a remarkable strength and durability, that allow him to stand the great pressure of ocean’s deep; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in any environment, to speak and understand any language, and to create energy constructs powered by his own willpower and limited only by his imagination. A reluctant Lantern who took on the mantle only for his people’s sake, Lin Canar has all the right stuff to become a true hero, even if, or maybe because, it’s really the last thing he’d want to be.