Kara Zor-L (Overgirl)

This year’s crossover on The CW has been pretty entertaining, and it introduced quite a bunch of new characters, mostly villains. Let’s start with Overgirl, the cold-hearted doppelganger of Supergirl, always portrayed by Melissa Benoist. Appearing in all episodes of Crisis on Eart-X, Overgirl is a Nazi superhero who married the world’s Führer Dark Arrow, and who leads the invasion of Earth-1 hoping to literally steal the heart of her liberal double, as she’s dying from a massive radiation exposure and needs a transplant. The evil version of Supergirl is the only character actually originating from Earth-X (albeit spelled Earth-10) also in the comics, a very short-lived heroine who actually appears mostly as a corpse. Let’s see together.

The girl who would have been known with the (fake) Kryptonian name Kara Zor-L was born in Germany, but on the parallel world of Earth-10, a reality in which the Third Reich won World War II thanks to their ultimate super-weapon: Overman, an invincible alien landed in Germany as a child, who became the champion of Nazism. Years after the end of the war, Nazi scientists decided that they needed “another Overman”, so they started a decades-long experiment to clone the hero. One unnamed girl who physically represented the ideals of the Arian race was selected, and she was artificially implanted with genetic material coming from Overman. With the scientists’ intervention, the girl’s DNA was overwritten by the alien one, until she assumed all the characteristics of a Kryptonian. She was educated in being the champion of the superior race, and she was presented to Overman as “Kara Zor-L”. Overman, who had been feeling lonely for decades, found in Kara a kindred spirit, and he easily grew fond of her, arriving to consider her “a little cousin”. Kara started protecting Nazism and its ideals to her cousin’s side, using the name Overgirl.

Overgirl and Overman shared many adventures together, defending the Reich from its enemies (mainly Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters, but also the only other cloning experiment who survived the genetic implant apart from her, the monstrous Antihuman). Overgirl became Overman’s only family, and the only one who could truly understand him, albeit possessing not even a half of his powers. One day, however, Overgirl was involved into a unique phenomenon: the barrier between dimensions, called the Bleed, became weaker due to the infinite machinations of the New God Darkseid, and she inadvertently crossed it, arriving to Earth-0 (aka New Earth). The crossing wasn’t easy nor harmless, and Overgirl arrived on the parallel Earth severely wounded. She was found by the forces of S.H.A.D.E. (the Super Human Advance Defense Executive), and brought to Checkmate for studies, but she died immediately after for her wounds. Unfortunately for that world, however, her cousin was coming at fast pace to get her back…

Kara Zor-L is a heroine on her world, fully committed to her government’s ideals and values… unfortunately, those values are the Nazi ones, and she fights for the supreme race and for the elimination of all imperfections, being them genetic or political ones. As Overgirl, she possesses a fraction of Overman’s powers, more than enough to grant her superhuman strength, speed, durability and stamina, heightened senses, heat vision, x-ray vision, flight, freezing breath, and much more, becoming more powerful the more solar energy she can absorb. The triumph of a criminal ideology, Overgirl is the greatest Arian woman ever lived, and the only one who can make the burden of solitude lighter for the most powerful being of Earth-10.

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