Allan Quatermain (Macumazahn)

This week we’ll certainly have a boost of new characters, as nearly every tv show is returning from the winter hiatus, but for today we can start with Levi‘s new request, involving the characters appearing in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. We’ll start from the protagonist, Allan Quatermain, the old hunter portrayed by Sean Connery, recruited to serve under His Majesty for one last time. Quatermain appears to be an old man in excellent shape, with an infallible aim, and with a near-immortality granted by the promise of a shaman, that Africa “will not let him die” (as we see by the end of the movie). The film itself is very distant from the source material, and Quatermain, who actually was born from the pen of H. Rider Haggard, is very far from the broken man we meet in the comics. Just to say one thing, he’s not the leader of the League originally. Let’s see together.

The adventures of Allan Quatermain are the stuff of legends: born from a British Christian missionary in Africa, he never knew his mother, and he grew up with his father in a wild continent he came to love. He fully embraced Britain‘s mission to “bring civilization” to the Dark Continent, and since his youth he became a professional hunter, developing an infallible aim that made him an unmatched marksman (this is maybe the origin of his African name, Macumahzan, that can either mean “Watcher-By-Night“, referring to his habit to hunt by night, or “The One Who Stands Out“). He married Stella Carson, a childhood friend, and he had a son from her, Harry, but Stella died on childbirth. Even his second wife died soon after the marriage, and Allan and Harry were left alone to explore Africa. He had many companions in his adventures, starting from the Hottentot guide Hans, the British Sir Henry Curtis and RN Captain John Good, and the Zulu chief Umslopogaas, the latter of which greatly helped him in his decennial war against the dwarf sorcerer Zikali. He discovered the lost mines of King Solomon and a number of other treasures, being pivotal in the expansion of the British Empire in Africa, but he also suffered much, such as when his son Harry, who had become a medicine student, died of smallpox while working in a hospital. Eventually, Quatermain became tired of a life that, more or less unwillingly, had contributed to the corruption of the continent he so much loved, so, an old man already, he organized with his life-long companions one last adventure, that brought them to the East coast of the continent, in the Masai territory. Here, the party was involved in a civil war, by the end of which Curtis became the new king of the area. Allan Quatermain, in the final battle against the usurper Nasta, suffered a lethal wound, and he died heroically in the land he had consecrated his life to.

The official version, however, differed from reality: Quatermain had actually feigned his death, in order to live a tranquil life far from the ghosts of his past. In the years following his “death”, the explorer tried to silence those ghosts with any means, including drugs. He became addicted to opium, and he even traveled back to England to seek an old friend of his, Lady Ragnall, to use her special drug, the taduki, in 1889. He took too much of the powerful drug, however, and he ended up in another state of existence, entering a limbo in which he met the astral forms of John Carter, a man who was stranded on Mars, and Randolph Carter, who investigated the “world beyond the veil”. The three of them were soon reached by a scientist, known only as the Time Traveler, who guided them in a battle against the Great Old Ones, primeval deities who were preparing an invasion of our reality. Quatermain nearly had his body stolen from them, but eventually managed to escape to physical reality again… but he had seen more horrors that he dared to remember, as well as cryptic parts of his own future, and he fell back to his addiction even worse than before. He traveled all Africa in search of his precious opium, and in 1898, in Cairo, he was found in an opium den by a British woman, Mina Murray, who had come to recruit him to the service of England. Quatermain wasn’t interested the least, but when the woman was attacked by some rapist-wannabes, he had no hesitation, and he attacked them in turn, saving her. The two escaped in the streets of Cairo, until they reached the bay where Mina’s first recruit, Captain Nemo, was waiting for them aboard the Nautilus. The three had been recruited by Campion Bond, an agent of MI5, who wanted to deploy people of extraordinary talent to take down the criminal empire of Fu Manchu, a powerful drug dealer who had been conquering London‘s underground. Under Mina Murray’s leadership, Allan Quatermain embarked on yet another adventure, with the first task of recruiting the remaining two members of the team…

Allan Quaterman used to be a brave adventurer and a charismatic leader, but is now reduced to the husk of himself, a broken old man trying to cloud his mind from the voices of the ones he lost and the horrors he has seen in his future. He is an excellent hunter and skilled tracker, with an infallible aim not affected even by his old age; after bathing in the Pool of Fire, he’s also become eternally young and immortal, winning back his old, athletic body, and even his old brave and adventurous spirit. A man who’s seen everything and survived as much, Allan Quatermain is a relic from a past of conquer and glory, but somewhere under the ashes there’s still the fire of the brave hunter who conquered Africa, ready to embark for adventures and wonders he would have never imagined even in his wildest dreams…



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