Wilhelimina “Mina” Murray

The second character from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is the one who suffered the major changes (not that the others had a much different fate). In the movie, Peta Wilson is Mina Harker, a lethal and immortal vampire, who drinks the blood of her enemies and shares a cursed romance with her teammate Dorian Gray, being the object of the attentions also of Tom Sawyer and Henry Jekyll. In the comics, Mina readopted her maiden name, Murray, as a sign of independence, she was haunted by a vampire but she’s not a vampire herself, and she’s actually the leader of the League, not just some hired muscle (albeit she does become immortal, eventually). Let’s meet together this smart and brave woman born from the pen of Bram Stoker.

Wilhelmina “Mina” Murray was born in London, around the 1870s. She grew up to be a music teacher, and she spent most of her time with her best friend, the rich heiress Lucy Westenra, and with her betrothed, Jonathan Harker. Her life changed when the latter traveled to Transylvania for business, and ended up being kept there as a prisoner for months. Mina was more nostalgic than worried, as Jonathan kept writing letters to her telling he needed some more time to work, but as soon as he managed to escape from his captors, he wrote her a letter from a hospital telling her the truth behind his long stay abroad. With no further ado, Mina reached Jonathan in Budapest, where he told her everything about the monstrous Count Dracula, the creature who had abducted and nearly killed him. The two got married, and came back to England… just to learn that Lucy had been killed by a mysterious blood disease. It didn’t take much to Jonathan to recognize the mark of the Count in Lucy, and the two spouses joined a team of hunters led by Abraham Van Helsing, an expert of vampires, and by Lucy’s suitors Arthur Holmwood, John Seward and Quincey Morris. While the hunters killed vampire-Lucy and tracked Dracula, the Count himself visited Mina in her house, drank her blood and let her drink his own: the two became lovers, connected beyond human understanding. As soon as Van Helsing realized what had happened to Mina, he used the connection between her and the Count to track him back to Transylvania, and Mina, just before becoming a vampire herself, helped the men to kill Dracula. She came back to London with Jonathan, but nothing was like before: she had seen much, and she wasn’t satisfied with her life as a housewife. Plus, she had helped Jonathan and the others kill a creature she had come to love just as desperately as she feared him. Not much time after their “happily ever after”, Mina divorced Jonathan, abandoning also her firstborn Quincey, and for a time she joined the Suffragettes movement.

After some time Mina, always wearing a red scarf to hide the horrible scars left by Dracula, was reached by an insufferable man, Campion Bond, who however was a secret agent for MI5, and was interested in her experience. After hearing her story, Bond deemed her “worthy” to be the leader of a peculiar team, a group of extraordinary individuals who would have served MI5 in particularly delicate matters. Finally happy to be able to prove that a woman could be just a capable leader as any man, if not better, Mina accepted the offer, and followed Campion Bond to the location of her first mission: Antarctica, where she had to recruit her first teammate. Left on a row boat on her own, Mina reached a secret island among mist and ice… and she finally learnt the identity of her mysterious recruit: Captain Nemo, the world’s most feared terrorist. Cursing Bond for exposing her to such a risk, Mina however managed to deal with the Captain, and convinced him to follow her in another adventure. Along with him, aboard the Nautilus, they went to Cairo for the next recruitment: Allan Quatermain, the seasoned adventurer who had been an idol of Mina’s youth. The man who laid at Mina’s feet, however, was but a shadow of the one she had come to admire through the books, an opium-addict who wasn’t even present enough to realize she was there. As some men tried to rape her, however, Allan suddenly woke up and came to the rescue, and Mina successfully recruited yet another member for her team. Next stop was Paris, where Inspector Auguste Dupin had information regarding the English Doctor Jekyll, the one they were seeking. Dupin led Mina and Quatermain to the Rue Morgue, where gruesome murders had started again, and the woman dressed like a prostitute to act as bait, while the hunter was supposed to protect her from afar. Doctor Jekyll actually came… just when Quatermain had left his position to buy laudanum. Mina, seeing the meek doctor, thought she could handle him herself, but the man transformed into something much more menacing and dangerous right before her eyes…

Mina Murray is a smart and resourceful woman, a strong leader far ahead of her time who struggles to be respected and accepted in a world dominated by chauvinist men. Independent and open-minded, she has seen pretty much everything in life, but with every new adventure she discovers the world is a much bigger place than even a person like her would imagine. Trained by the likes of Allan Quatermain and Orlando, Mina is a capable fighter and marksman, but she prefers to act as a tactician and strategist rather than muscle; after bathing in the secret pool in Uganda, she stopped aging and is now immortal. Crossing centuries along with her life-mate Allan and her friend/lover Orlando, Mina Murray is always a step ahead of the time she’s living in, able to see things always through the filter of a keen and rational intellect… shadowed by the curse of a damned love that will never let her go.



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