Evangeline “Vange” Whedon

The Gifted reached its explosive conclusion, confirming itself as one of the best new superhero series of the last years, and introduced a couple of new characters in the double season finale. In the first part, eXtraction, we see a bit of Polaris‘ past, with the girl locked up in a criminal asylum and visited by a lawyer, Evangeline, portrayed by Erinn Ruth. Evangeline speaks on behalf of the X-Men and recruits Polaris to be the co-leader of Mutant Underground, and she wins the woman’s sympathy by showing to be a mutant herself, with an arm becoming red and scaly. Of course, in the comics Evangeline, surname Whedon, doesn’t change just her arm, and while fully transformed she’s pretty terrifying (and awesome). Let’s see together.

Evangeline “Vange” Whedon was the heiress of a wealthy and respected family, and when she came of age she moved to Washington D.C. to pursue her dream and become a lawyer. Smart and determined, not only she became a lawyer, but she eventually entered the deputy office and became a successful prosecutor, starting quite an incredible career. Even her private life was going great, with her family proud of her and a boyfriend who loved her and was building a future with her. Then, everything fell apart. Vange, in fact, found out she was a mutant, and not of the unnoticeable kind, as she was a shapeshifter who unwillingly turned into a giant dragon-like monster every time she entered in contact with blood. When her nature became public, her betrothed dumped her with an email, her family disowned her, her boss fired her, and even her landlord evicted her with no notification. She fell from grace at an incredible speed, and she found herself alone, unemployed and loathed. This, however, didn’t led her to cry over herself: in front of the blatant injustice she had been a victim of, she put her expertise as a lawyer in service of the Mutant Rights Coalition, so that she fought for other people like her and, when she could, prevented something similar from ever happening again. If a mutant was mistreated or had his/her rights violated, Vange stepped in, defending mutants often for free, pursuing a higher justice that she would have imagined. Then, again, everything fell apart, and once again because of her mutant powers.

Two members of the X-Men, in fact, visited Washington, and ended up being (unjustly)  held in police custody. The Mutant Rights Coalition organized a protest for their release, and Vange led it herself. As she was trying to speak with the man in charge, Detective Cardones, a guy from an anti-mutant demonstration threw a brick at them, but he only hit the cop… whose blood spilled on Vange’s skin. In a matter of seconds, the woman turned into a giant red dragon, and started creating quite a havoc in front of the police department. That at least allowed the release of the two X-Men, Bishop and Sage, who offered their help in dealing with her. While Sage momentarily restrained her, Bishop talked Evangeline down, until she was calm enough to return to her human form. This wasn’t exactly a good publicity for the Mutant Rights Coalition, but the X-Men managed to fix that, in exchange of one thing: they asked Evangeline to be their legal representative in any occasion requiring one. Vange accepted, and she found herself involved in even more troublesome situations than before. First, she assisted the X-Men in Los Angeles, as Rogue wanted her to defend Marie D’Ancanto, an anti-mutant terrorist who had tried to kill Sunspot in a suicide attack but who had sincerely repented for her actions. Not only Vange managed to obtain probation for Marie, later even hiring her as her assistant, but she also demonstrated that both the girl and the prosecution lawyer, Jarod Molloy, were just pawns of Elias Bogan. After M-Day, more than 90% of the mutant population lost their powers… but Vange was not this lucky: clearly, a normal life was something she would have not experienced again.

Vange Whedon is an extremely brave and resourceful woman, a fighter by nature who never breaks down and always comes back on her feet to fight another day. She is a mutant with quite a unique power: anytime she comes in contact with blood, she turns into a giant red dragon, thus gaining enormous strength and durability, flight and fiery breath. Suddenly thrown in a world alien to her, Vange did her best to fit in that one too, becoming a reference figure for many and a social justice warrior who never lets a client down: maybe not a superhero, but a hero nevertheless.


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