Lucifer came back, and as usual with quite some kink. No new character this week, but the promo for the next one shows us one… and that’s quite unexpected. As Lucifer comes back to Hell to visit Abel, Cain‘s long dead brother, he finds out that history’s first victim already came back on Earth on his own, and is now inhabiting the body of Bree Garland, portrayed by Lauren Lapkus, a woman who died recently. We have two twists here: first, being in Hell maybe Abel wasn’t so innocent as everybody believe, and two, we have him portrayed by a woman. The dynamics look promising, but we’ll have to wait a week for that. In the meanwhile, of course, we take a look at the original, innocent and male one.

The story of Abel is one of the most well-known in the world: born the second son of Adam, first man, and Eve, first woman, Abel also became the first shepherd, learning how to tame and breed animals, while his older brother Cain became the first agriculturist. The Bible tells that one day, while the two siblings were making offers to God, Abel sacrificed one of his finest lambs, while Cain offered some of his garden’s products. Abel met God’s favor, while Cain didn’t, so the latter, out of jealousy, killed him, making him the first victim of human history. The truth, apparently, was quite different, as Abel was betrothed to Cain’s twin sister, Aclima, while Cain was meant to marry Abel’s twin sister, Jumella; Cain, however, wanted Aclima, and it looks like this was the real reason behind Cain’s first murder. Being it a way or the other, Abel was indeed killed, the first one to ever experience homicide on his own skin, and the very first human being to ever die. Taking pity over him, and knowing that the story of Cain and Abel would have been told for eons coming, Dream of the Eternals took Abel along, and brought him to the Dreaming, where he made him a storyteller. Abel was quite worried for this new role, as he always stuttered, but thanks to Dream’s magic he was able to speak normally everytime he told a story. He was entrusted with the House of Secrets, and he was now able to know and learn every secret ever concealed since the dawn of time. He enjoyed sharing his stories with whoever was curious (or foolish) enough to venture in the House of Secrets, that existed at the same time in Dreaming and in real-life Kentucky, especially scary stories, but with time he grew depressed, as he started to feel lonely. In order to quell his sadness, Dream brought Cain in as well, entrusting him with the House of Mystery on the opposite hill (both siblings tell the same story, so it’s unclear which one of them arrived first in Dreaming). At first, this seemed to be a good idea. At first.

There was a time in which it looked like the past issues between brothers could be solved, and that the two could learn to live together. Abel even spent some time under the same roof with Cain in the House of Mystery while his own was moved. Cohabitation, however, reopened all the old wounds, and Cain ended up killing Abel once again. This time, however, Abel healed and came back, as good as new… only to be killed again. And again. Cain’s one was a true compulsion to kill his brother, and the meek and nervous Abel couldn’t do anything but to try and avoid him as long as he could when he had one of his “moments”, always failing and ending up dead in the most gruesome ways (sometimes he had his limbs sewn up together again by the house’s gargoyle, Gregory). Despite these continuous tortures and deaths, however, Abel remained dedicated to his older brother, and even helped him with his “extra tasks”, such as taking care of the House of Weirdness, that sometimes housed some of Earth’s mystic heroes. During Dream’s long absence, it was up to Cain and Abel to take care of the Dreaming, and again it was their self-imposed task to nurture Dream back to health when he came back from his long imprisonment. As it became clear that Dream was dying, however, they helped him find a successor, who ended up being young Daniel Hall, son of Hector “Dr. Fate” Hall and Lyta “Fury” Trevor, grandchild of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Abel took care of Daniel, and brought him to the House of Secrets, where he told him some of his best stories to entertain him, helped by Cain and Eve. As Lyta started to lose her sanity over the loss of her boy, she sent the mythological Furies to the Dreaming to retrieve him, and Abel stood up to them to protect the child, being killed by them. This time, however, he didn’t come back, something that unexpectedly broke Cain. After the death of Morpheus, a distraught Cain remarked to Daniel, now the new Dream, that he had a contract with his predecessor that had to be respected: to this, Dream resurrected Abel, who took back his place in the House of Secrets. As weird as it was, Abel’s and Cain’s sibling love was something that now even the Eternals didn’t doubt of.

Abel is a meek and gentle man, perpetually terrified of his brother Cain (and rightly so), but somehow always dedicated to him. Abel is kind of immortal, as he can heal from any kind of wounds and resurrect also after the most gruesome of deaths, but he does so only if it’s Cain the one who kills him; he can travel between dimensions at will, and he has a natural knowing of all secrets ever existed; he’s a gifted storyteller, so evocative that he even scares himself with his own stories. With a fragile mind broken by years of abuses and tortures, Abel is gentle and caring, but also nervous and mildly insane, he speaks to himself and sometimes has imaginary friends… but after being killed in every way possible for millions of times, maybe this is the least one can expect.


Alan Armstrong (Spy Smasher)

Lucy W. leads us to yet another big classic, as this time we meet Spy Smasher, the the war-time hero created in 1940. Real name Alan Armstrong, he appears in the 1942 Spy Smasher serial, portrayed by Kane Richmond; in here, he is a US agent who goes undercover in France, but is later followed in America by some Nazi agents, most notably The Mask, whom he fights with the help of his twin brother Jack Armstrong and the latter’s fiancee Eve Corby. In the comics, Spy Smasher started as a Fawcett Comics character, just like Captain Marvel, only to be “inherited” by DC Comics in a second moment. Now, let’s take a look at this piece of comicbook history.

Alan Armstrong was born somewhere in Virginia around the 1920s. He belonged to a wealthy family, and invested his remarkable fortune in becoming an engineer, an aviator and a superb athlete. A very eligible young man, Alan had his share of adventures with women, but he finally settled down the moment he met Eve Corby, the beautiful and intelligent daughter of an Army admiral. The two fell deeply in love, and in no time they were engaged. Strongly committed to serving the United States of America, however, they decided not to get married until World War II was over, in a way “suffering” with their country. Highly intelligent and intuitive, Alan became good friends with Admiral Corby, and as soon as the latter realized he could really trust the young man, he started asking him advises regarding national security: Corby, in fact, worked in the intelligence, and a sharp intellect like Alan’s was always a blessing for someone like him. Armstrong gave his contribution to the war cause this way for a while, until Corby told him that he suspected that a number of accidents that had been occurring to the nearby bases and industries were the work of a ring of spies. Wanting to contribute in a more direct way than before, Alan used his engineer skills to design a futurist vehicle, the Gyrosub, that could serve as a car, a helicopter, a small plane, a speed boat and a submarine. He then tailored himself a costume and cape, and became the Spy Smasher, committed to expose and destroy all the Nazi spies he could find. His first mission was a success, and he dismantled the spy ring that was worrying Admiral Corby: the Nazis knew that now they had a new enemy to fear, the Spy Smasher.

After fighting and defeating a number of spies, the name of Spy Smasher became a known one, and Alan found himself targeted by international Nazi criminals like The Mask, who became his nemesis, Dark Angel, America-Smasher, Red Death or Tigress. Once, The Mask even managed to capture him, but as he was about to brainwash him to make him a Nazi spy in turn, the apex of irony, Bulletman arrived, saving the day and his “colleague”. From that moment, Spy Smasher and Bulletman became good friends, and fought together against the Nazis. Inspired by his new friend and by another new ally, Minute-Man, Spy Smasher decided he couldn’t battle Nazis only on American soil, so he embarked also on missions abroad: thanks to the Gyrosub, he reached South America, where he foiled a number of ploys that aimed to maim the United States’ resources, and even Europe, where he joined the true war effort. Along with the Allies and his fellow masked men, the Spy Smasher fought all over Europe, until he reached Berlin, in Germany, and contributed to the finishing blow to the Third Reich. Back home, it became quite impossible for him to hide his secret identity from Eve anymore, but when she found out that her fiancee was a masked superhero, she was only prouder of him. The two got married as they had promised, and started a life together… but the Spy Smasher’s work didn’t end with the war. After a brief time as a vigilante, working under the alias of Crime Smasher, Alan came back to his Spy Smasher persona as soon as the Cold War begun, and he worked alongside CIA, FBI, the DEO, the Department of Defense, the United Nations and even the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to hunt and expose Russian spies all over the country. Once again, soon the Spy Master came back to be global, and he assisted the MI6 in Great Britain and the Department of Defense in Australia with his expertise. Eventually, working with shady organizations like Checkmate, Alan realized that in this new spy world the border between heroes and villains wasn’t so clean anymore, and this left the Spy Smasher in a new, complex situation…

Alan Armstrong is the perfect man of his generation: brilliant, brave, generous and patriotic, he’s ready to give his life for his country, and fights to defend everything America stands for against tyranny and oppression. As the Spy Smasher, he’s a master detective, a superb athlete and hand-to-hand fighter, and he’s the best pilot around for his Gyrosub, a unique vehicle that can cross land, air and water all in one. The right man for the right era, Spy Smasher is the Defender of Democracy, a man who dedicated his entire life to defending ideals he firmly believes in, and who’ll fight to make them count also for a new generation that’s much more disenchanted than his own…

Siobhan McDougal (Silver Banshee)

Today Lucy W.‘s request leads us to a familiar face, although this one isn’t the same Silver Banshee we saw in Supergirl, but rather the original. Siobhan McDougal appeared in Smallville, portrayed by Odessa Rae: in here, she’s portrayed as a Gaelic heroine, cursed and killed by her own brother Bevan over the family castle. When Lois unwillingly damages the painting keeping her prisoner in the Underworld, she comes back as the Silver Banshee and starts a killing spree. In the comics, her origins quite mirror Smallville‘s ones, but her curse is more than intentional: let’s see together.

Siobhan McDougal was born in Ireland, the daughter of Garrett McDougal, patriarch of Clan McDougal and master of an unnamed island between Ireland and Scotland. The McDougals, isolated from the world, maintained their ancient traditions even in the modern world, refusing to embrace any form of modernity and living as if it still was the age of clans and wars, but the girl sought to open the clan to the new world. For this reason, Siobhan grew up far from her homeland, traveling the world to learn and make experience, and she came back to Castle Broen only when she was reached by the news of her father’s death. Being the firstborn, she was supposed to take the lead of the clan and to submit to the ritual that would have proven her worth, but her uncle Seamus believed that no woman would have ever been worthy of leading his people, and he wanted Siobhan’s little brother Bevan, unhappy with his sister’s modernism, to become the new patriarch. Siobhan was allowed to undergo the ritual, that summoned unnatural forces she had to prove her strength to, but just in the middle of it, when Hell itself had presented to meet the new matriarch, Bevan provided a lethal distraction, disrupting his sister’s focus and letting her be dragged away into the netherworld. Tortured by unspeakable spirits and demons, Siobhan was finally found by The Crone, a mysterious mystic being that offered her the power of a banshee and thus the means to obtain revenge, but for a price: she wanted a very powerful occult book, that belonged to her father. Siobhan accepted the deal and came back to the land of the living, only to find out that Garrett’s entire book collection had been sold by her brother and shipped to the United States. She tracked the book to Metropolis, where she used her newfound powers to kill anyone who stood between her and her prize. Unavoidably, this attracted the attention of the city’s protector, Superman.

Superman at first believed Silver Banshee’s touch to be lethal, and faced her head-on trusting his invulnerability, but this proved to be a nearly fatal mistake, as all his might couldn’t protect him from Siobhan’s voice. Barely alive, Superman sought the help of his friend, the Martian Manhunter, who spied on the Silver Banshee long enough to deduce that the condition for her powers to work was that she knew who her target was. Being things so, Superman feigned his death, while Martian Manhunter shape-shifted into his “ghost”, facing Silver Banshee in his place. Experiencing the ghost’s intangibility, and realizing her scream didn’t affect him, Silver Banshee fell for it, and retreated. Things went on like this for a while, until Batman found the book Siobhan was looking for in the loot of some art thieves in Gotham City: he brought it to Superman, and just in time, as Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, visiting Ireland, had found himself in company of Seamus and Bevan McDougal just as the Silver Banshee had paid them a visit. Once there with the book, Superman confronted the Banshee, who was still fighting with her brother and uncle over family traditions and their betrayal. Powered by her own anger and by the book’s proximity, the Silver Banshee seemed to be unstoppable this time, until The Crone herself appeared: she told Siobhan that she had been testing her, to look if the Clan McDougal truly had any chance of changing, but seeing how, granted some power, she had made the same mistakes of her ancestors and killed dozens of people, she had failed her test. The Crone took possession of the book, and dragged Silver Banshee, Bevan and Seamus to the Netherworld with her, putting an end to the curse of the McDougals. Or so it seemed: in Hell, in fact, Silver Banshee was approached by a demon, Blaze, who offered her power enough to take revenge on the Crone, with the price being Superman’s death. Not learning from her past mistakes, Siobhan accepted the offer…

Siobhan McDougal is a woman led by vengeance and bitterness: as a young girl she believed herself to be a reformist and a modernist, but eventually she walked down the same bloody path of all her ancestors. As the Silver Banshee, she’s a powerful ghost-like entity: she can fly, she can teleport anywhere through sound waves, she can heal from nearly any damage, she possesses vast amounts of superhuman strength and durability, and she can manipulate sound however she likes; most of all, she’s defined by two tremendous powers: the Death Stare, that allows her to instantly kill anyone she knows the true name of and is within her sights, and the Death Wail, a mystic scream that leads to madness, coma or even death whoever hears it. Always seeking a target to her burning anger, the Silver Banshee is vengeance personified, a ghost who’ll keep returning until her blood thirst is sated… something that’s not going to happen any time soon.

Alan Ladd Wellington Scott (Green Lantern)

Lucy W. brings us yet another Green Lantern, but this one is pretty unique, if not only for the fact that he’s the very first one (editorially speaking, at least), and that’s he’s not a member of the Corps. We’re clearly referring to Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern, who so far only had an appearance in Smallville, portrayed by Doug Pinton. In a brief cameo, we see him being arrested under false pretense for fraud in his communication company, and we know that, after his secret identity is revealed, he retires to private life. Stargirl, however, confirms he’s alive and with children. In the comics, Scott never retires, and despite being more than ninety years old, he’s still quite able to kick some butt: let’s see together.

Alan Scott was born in Metropolis at the beginning of the XX Century. A brilliant young man, he became a railroad engineer after graduating in Hale University, moving all over the country to supervise important projects. On the train to his last job, Alan found a weird green-colored lantern, and he decided to keep it. Unknown to him, it was actually the lantern that had found him: that was the Starheart, the sum of all the mystic and cosmic energies from Earth-1 collected by the Guardians of the Universe during their many wars to bring peace to the galaxies, that millennia before had been fused with the evil spirit of the rogue Green Lantern Yalan Gur and fallen to China. According to a prophecy, the Starheart would have brought death, life and power. The first it did to Chang, an artisan who crafted a lamp out of the meteorite, millennia before: charged with sacrilege, Chang was killed by other villagers, and the lamp emitted a deadly burst of green light that annihilated the village itself. Centuries after, the lamp found its way to the United States with other Chinese manufactures, arriving to Arkham Asylum: here one of the inmates, Billings, fond of metal working, changed its shape from Chinese lamp to railroad lantern, and when the green light burst out once again, it cured him, giving him a new life. Finally, the lantern was in the hands of Scott, with a last gift to give: power. During the travel, a business rival named Dekker had placed a bomb on a bridge, to kill all his competition at once. The train derailed, and only Alan Scott survived the fall. Trapped under the wreckage, the young man heard a voice coming from the lantern, that instructed him on how to craft a ring from the basis of it: following the instructions, Alan forged a mystic ring, that bestowed upon him all the mystic and cosmic forces of the Starheart, allowing him to escape from certain death and to go after Dekker. Subconsciously inspired by the memories of Yalan Gur, Alan Scott named himself Green Lantern, and swore to use his newfound powers to fight evil in every form. He was one of the world’s first and most powerful superheroes.

During his years as the Green Lantern, Alan faced and defeated many foes, most notably the immortal zombie Solomon Grundy, who became his nemesis. At his own expenses, he also found out that he had inherited something else from Yalan Gur, that was his weakness to wood, as he realized when, walking unfazed from bullets and blades, he was knocked out by a simple baseball bat. He was also a founding member of the Justice Society of America, and he participated to many war missions during World War II. Fighting with the JSA he also fought against Harlequin, a villainess he started a secret romantic relation with (unknown to Alan, Harlequin was actually his secretary Molly Mayne, who had discovered his secret identity and had created one of hero own to be  close to him), and most of all the time-traveler Ian Karkull who, upon dying, released a massive amount of chrono-energy that affected all the members of the JSA, granting them an extremely decelerated aging. In order to be always advantaged in hearing of crimes and such, Alan became a radio engineer at Apex Broadcasting Company, and then moved to WXYZ Radio Station. After the JSA disbanded, he used his resources and experience to found his own company, Gotham Broadcasting Company, that assured him quite a wealthy way of life. He met and fell in love with a woman named Alyx Florin, and even married her… but unfortunately for him she was actually the schizophrenic Rose Canton, aka The Torn, an enemy of his friend The Flash. “Alyx” started a fire on their wedding night, fleeing into the night and secretly giving birth to twins, Todd Rice and Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, raised by adoptive families. Alan mourned his “dead” wife, and for a time he even stopped being the Green Lantern… but it didn’t last long, as the world was clearly in need of heroes, and Alan could very well be the most experienced (and charming) one out there.

A somewhat easy-going and carefree adventurer, Alan Scott is a wise and intelligent man, forged by decades of battles and by quite a harsh life he always managed to win over. As the Green Lantern, the Starheart grants him many powers, not limited to the “sole” solid energy constructs of the Green Lantern Corps: he can also read minds, teleport, shoot energy blasts, become invisible and phase through solid objects, hypnotize people, fly and even interact with spells and magic items. Just as powerful as he is heroic, the first Green Lantern will always jump into action, even if being nearly a century old he quite deserved some rest, fueled and motivated by his own faith, his neverending love for his wife Molly, and of course the thrill of adventure and the will to show the new superheroes around how things are properly done.


Back to Lucy W., we head to space once again for the next character from Green Lantern. Among the only two speaking Guardians of the Universe, one of them is female: that’s Sayd, voiced by Salome Jens. In the movie, she’s first seen as she discusses with Sinestro on the possibility to try and stop Krona, and she remarks that, as an immortal, she can’t rush things, and has to think in terms of millennia. Not exactly the friendly type, is she? Ironically, in the comics she’s known mostly because she broke the laws of her people and dared to feel emotions. Let’s see together.

Sayd was born eons ago on planet Maltus, one of the first sentient beings in the universe. Her race was composed of wise people bent on research and knowledge, but one of them, Krona, went too far, and damaged the universe itself with a forbidden experiment. Scared by what one of their own had unleashed, the Maltusians became the Guardians of the Universe, swearing to bring order and peace to the entire creation. First, they tried to achieve this with the Manhunters, androids programmed to act as police force, but as they lacked any form of compassion and empathy, they eventually discharged them in favor of the Green Lantern Corps, and elite squad formed by extraordinary individuals recruited from all Space Sectors, men and women (and between) with an indomitable willpower that could win over the gravest threats. Not all plans were perfect, and the greatest Green Lantern of all times, Hal Jordan from Earth, was eventually corrupted by Parallax, the embodiment of fear, and attacked Oa, destroying all the Guardians in the process, including Sayd, by that time gender-neutral. Years later, former Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, now entrusted with the godly power of Eon, restored the Central Power Battery on Oa, and resurrected the Guardians. Sayd came back to the world of the living, this time a female, and a child. Rayner’s idea was to make the Guardians a little less detached and cold by having them start again as children: out of twelve, this only worked for two of them, Sayd and Ganthet, who explored a whole new aspect of their being that they had shut away for far too long. Especially, they started looking at each other with something they didn’t experienced for time immemorial: romantic interest.

After Hal Jordan attacked Biot saving a group of captive Lanterns, Sayd arrived on the place to question Hank Henshaw, the kidnapper: she learnt that the cyborg knew of the “Secret of 52“, one of the most guarded ones from the Book of Oa, and she came back to her home planet to further study this. In the forbidden pages, she found references to the coming of the Blackest Night, the moment when Nekron, the embodiment of death, would have stepped over to claim the entire multiverse. When the Sinestro Corps became a cosmic threat and started a war against the Green Lantern Corps, Sayd saw in this one of the prophesied passages that led to the Blackest Night, and tried to warn the other Guardians… who however didn’t want to believe her, nor the prophecy. They believed that those pages had been written by some Ysmault spy to bring fear to the Corps, and dismissed the whole thing as “superstition”. Only Ganthet stayed by Sayd’s side, and the two even tried to fight the other Guardians when they decided to burn the pages from the Book. With such an emotional outburst coming from them, and with their mutual romantic interest clear, both Sayd and Ganthet were exiled from Oa as soon as the war ended. Knowing they were right in they worries, the rogue Guardians reached the world of Odym, where they evolved into different beings: they embraced the feelings they felt for each other, and they dedicated themselves to hope, a new emotion they nurtured for themselves and others. With the power of hope, another powerful force in the Emotional Spectrum, they created another Central Power Battery, and started forging Blue Power Rings to be distributed among hopeful beings who would have served in the new intergalactic police force, the Blue Lantern Corps, a squad that, unlike the Green Lanterns, would have been ready for the arrival of the Blackest Night. Their first recruit was Saint Walker, a religious man from Astonia, who ignited hope in every planet he went to, recruiting a number of new Lanterns. The war would have come, and it would have been terrible: Sayd, however, would have been ready for it.

Sayd is a wise and passionate woman, a non-traditionalist Guardian of the Universe who came to embrace emotion and to use it as a force for good, instead of something that must be feared and fought. Gifted with immense cosmic power, Sayd first generated and manipulated the green energy of willpower, than the blue energy of hope, and now the orange energy of avarice: with this, she is immortal and pretty much invulnerable, she can fly, she can manipulate immense amounts of energy in every way she desires, she can heal herself or others, she can teleport, she disposes of telepathy and telekinesis, she can fly and cast illusions, she can siphon abilities or even life force from others, she can manipulate time and matter, and a lot of other things. Devoted to willpower, ignited by hope, and now dedicated to a mission to redeem avarice, Sayd is a Guardian for all those who need her, a progressive Maltusian who embraces her role even more than her traditionalist peers do.

Carlton Drake (Homo Arachnis)

After days of rumors, it looks like we can actually be sure of who Riz Ahmed will portray in the upcoming Venom. The guy we see in the trailer opening a van with the Venom Symbiote in it will be Carlton Drake, the leader of Life Foundation. So far, we only know that the Foundation will be the one who retrieves the alien Symbiote from an “unidentified object” (either a space ship or a meteor), and that will the the object of Eddie Brock‘s journalistic investigations, something that will lead to the birth of our favorite V-Man. In the comics, Drake is indeed the CEO of the Life Foundation, but by the end of his career he becomes much, much more. Let’s see together.

Carlton Drake emerged pretty much from nowhere, a self-made man who used the spreading Cold War paranoia to found and finance his own private corporation, Life Foundation, a survivalist group dedicated to building communities for wealthy people seeking to escape a nuclear holocaust. Drake acted as the CEO, and directed his company with a board of director comprised of Mr. Gabriel, Mr. MacVay, Mr. Pullman, Ms. Caputo, and most noticeably Roland Treece, the one who became his right-hand man. To be always one step ahead of competition, and of course to justify the $5,000,000 of minimum investment for its structures, Life Foundation needed to be always to the top in terms of technology, especially for protection. Following this ploy, Drake hired the armored mercenary Chance, having him steal some European armaments, but when he reported back after the heist, he set a trap for him, electrocuting him and imprisoning him to extort from him the secrets of his high-tech armor, that was the true piece of armament he was interested in. He brought Chance to Sanctum Maximum, his secret survivalist facility, to question him, but here he was reached by Spider-Man, who was on the mercenary’s trails: the hero freed Chance, and together they destroyed the entire facility. Drake, however, escaped arrest, ready to embark in a new project. This time he genetically engineered some mindless mutates he called the “Protectors“, to be used as guard dogs in his shelters. The first one who tried to make use of the Protectors was Chakane, a man who had tried to kill the king of Symkaria. Chakane was stopped by the Wild Pack, and its leader, Silver Sable, followed the trails to Life Foundation: Sable, together with Spider-Man and Paladin, attacked the new facility and battled the Protectors, and even Drake got wounded. Once again, however, he escaped.

For his following project, Drake aimed high: he retrieved the remains of the Tri-Sentinel, and rebuilt it to reprogram it as the ultimate guardian. The robot, however, resumed the original programming given to it by Loki, and went on a rampage: only the intervention of Spider-Man and Nova managed to avoid a catastrophe. Contacted by Sphinx, Carlton Drake joined other powerful businessmen such as Justin Hammer and Jonas Hale in a project to replicate the powers of superhumans, but once again Spider-Man thwarted his plans, this time in junction with the New Warriors. The continuous meddling of the hero started to become more than a nuisance, but it allowed Drake to widen his scope: for his next project, he set sight on one of Spider-Man’s most formidable foes, Venom, and successfully captured him. Studying the Symbiote, Drake realized that it was bearing five other “seeds” like the one that had given birth to the Carnage Symbiote, so he forcefully extracted them, aiming to create his own super-soldiers. He selected five among his best agents, Donna Diego, Ramon Hernandez, Carl Mach, Leslie Gesneria and Trevor Cole, and had them bond with the new Symbiotes, born from the artificial development of the seeds: the result were Scream, Lasher, Phage, Agony and Riot, five Symbiote-powered agents ready to be used. As Spider-Man once again intervened and freed Venom, Drake had the perfect chance to test them. In this case, however, experience won over raw power: the five agents were defeated, and the facility destroyed. Carlton Drake had no time to mourn the millions lost, as he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer soon after. Not one to calmly accept death, Drake kidnapped biologist and entomologist Toshiro Mikashi, forcing him to work on his new super-soldier program, using his blood as a sample to find a cure for his cancer. As the serum was ready, however, the traitorous Treece injected Drake with it, instead of having him drink it, knowing it meant certain death. Instead of dying, though, Drake transformed into the Homo Arachnis, an unstoppable monster that went on a killing spree against his former employees. So much for granting protection…

Carlton Drake is a scheming, calculating man, a brilliant strategist who has always a back-up plan for his back-up plans, and who leads with authority and skill one of the biggest shady organizations in the world. As the Homo Arachnis, however, he loses most of his intelligence, but he compensates the loss with an incredible amount of strength and agility, enhanced senses, near-invulnerability, the ability to stick to any surface and acid secretion, as well as sharp fangs and multiple limbs. Drake is and has always been a monster, a man ready to step on high piles of corpses to get what he wants, and even to start World War III just to earn a profit: simply, now he can’t hide it behind a human appearance.


We come back to the Green Lantern movie, but this time for a different kind of character: instead of a corpsman, Lucy W.‘s list brings us Scar, one of the Guardians of the Universe. In the movie, she isn’t played nor voiced by anyone, and appears as just a cameo along her fellow Guardians, as only two of them speak throughout the entire film. She’s quite recognizable for her unique trait, that is the scar that gives her her name, and disfiguring an entire half of her face. If you are thinking that after The Lion King you shouldn’t probably trust anyone named “Scar”, well, you’re right: let’s see together.

The real name of Scar was lost in infinite eons, as she was born millions of years ago on planet Maltus, as part of the first sentient species in the universe. She dedicated to science and research along with her many brothers and sisters, until one of them, Krona, irredeemably damaged the universe with an experiment gone too far. Feeling responsible for this, Scar and the others created the planet Oa, and from there, as the Guardians of the Universe, they embraced the new purpose of fighting evil and bringing order and peace to the universe. They did so by building the Manhunters, droids that patrolled each Space Sector, but that eventually proved to be untrustworthy due to their lack of emotion and empathy. Following a rebellion of the Manhunters, the Guardians founded the Green Lantern Corps, recruiting worthy people from each civilized planet, and entrusting them with a Green Power Ring fueled by their own willpower. Things went bad again when the greatest Green Lantern of all times, Hal Jordan, was corrupted by the fear entity Parallax and became his avatar: Jordan attacked Oa, and Scar faced him along with all her brothers and sisters, but they were all wiped out, with only Ganthet surviving long enough to build a new Power Ring, more powerful than ever, and to entrust it to another Lantern, Kyle Rayner, who used it to defeat Jordan. Some times after the restoration of Oa, Kyle Rayner, now the demigod Ion, used all his power to recharge the Central Power Battery, thus bringing to life again also the Guardians. Scar found herself reborn, but as a child. She aged quickly, though, and soon she regained her original appearance, as well as her cold and manipulative personality.

The Guardians returned just in time, as Thaal Sinestro and his Sinestro Corps had started a war against the newly returned Green Lantern Corps. Scar and the others changed the Book of Oa, lifting their corpsmen from the prohibition to kill, and even expelled Ganthet and Sayd, guilty of having experienced emotion, something forbidden to them. When the Sinestro Corps got backed up by the Anti-Monitor himself, the Guardians joined the battle in first person, holding off the embodiment of the Anti-Matter Universe. During the battle, however, Scar was grabbed by the enemy, and she suffered severe burning on the right half of her body and face. The war was won thanks to a plan devised by John Stewart and Guy Gardner, but Scar, who could have healed if she wanted to, decided to keep her marks, stating that she wanted them as a memento of the past arrogance and foolishness of the Guardians of the Universe. The scar on her face, however, had burnt far deeper than her skin: for the first time in her immortal life, she had seen the power behind the Anti-Monitor in that moment: the Black, death itself, an inevitable force that she decided to ally herself with. Secretly, she began pursuing a completely different agenda: in secret she sent Green Lantern Ash and Green Lantern Saarek to retrieve the corpse of the Anti-Monitor and to communicate with his spirit, and she even leaked information about Sinestro’s trial, imprisonment and future execution to the Sinestro Corps to allow them to rescue him, while publicly she adopted a much more militaristic policy, forbidding any romantic relationship within the Green Lantern Corps, something that led to the resignation of many Lanterns, and failing on purpose a diplomatic meeting with the Zemarons. As she claimed to be preparing the Green Lanterns to be stronger in the perspective of the Blackest Night, the coming of Nekron and his avatars, she was actually facilitating its arrival, hoping to win a seat besides Nekron’s throne. Death had touched her once, and she wanted more.

Scar used to be a wise yet cold woman, an immortal being who believed that order could come only from the victory of reason and will over emotions, but now she’s fascinated by a much darker master, and seeks to achieve total order and peace in cosmic death. As a Guardian of the Universe, she’s immortal and nearly invulnerable, she can fly and she possesses an unlimited intellect; she can also manipulate the Green Light from the Emotional Spectrum, that grants her the ability to create energy constructs, to fly, to phase, to manipulate time, energy and matter at will, to increase beyond any limit her natural telepathic powers and even to manipulate reality itself; she can also manipulate the Black Light, and uses it to forge Black Power Rings able to bring the dead back to life and transform them into avatars of Death, and to corrupt anything belonging to other lights in the Emotional Spectrum. Powerful beyond imagination and just as deranged, Scar turned from protector to annihilator, becoming a threat like the universe had never seen.