Lady Eve

Black Lightning keeps being quite a good show as for now, and it’s also introducing a number of new characters. First in line in Lawanda: The Book of Burial is a new villain, seen only from behind in The Resurrection: Lady Eve, portrayed by Jill Scott. In the show, Eve works for Blackberry Funeral Parlor, an organization that will prove to be more than it meets the eye, and she seems to be quite interested in Garfield High School. We’ll have time to know more about her and her organization, as she’s one of the recurring antagonists in the series. She definitely differs a lot from her comicbook counterpart, and not only because she underwent the umpteenth race-swapping. Let’s see together.

Lady Eve’s origins remain mostly a mystery, as well as her true name. Possibly born in Egypt, she was part of an ancient tribe of snake-worshipers, and she grew up in their traditions. One day, in the desert, she found an american man, Jeffrey Franklin Burr, better known as the international terrorist Kobra. Wounded from a previous battle, Kobra needed attention, and that Eve provided. As she nurtured the man back to health, the woman learnt much about him: he allegedly was the Naga-Naga, the prophesied leader who would have led all the snake-people to greatness, starting the coming of the Kali Yuga, the mythological Age of Chaos, that would have destroyed everything that was imperfect within the world, divinely transforming it into a perfect version of itself, just like a snake changing its skin. The woman grew fascinated by her patient, and she eventually fell in love with him. Under the promise of being the Lady Naga, Naga-Naga’s companion, she joined Kobra and followed him to the United States, where the two of them would have led together the Kobra Cult and brought the Kali Yuga upon the world. Of course, the Cult would have met opposition from several parties, including big players like the Justice League of America, but Kobra had a vision, and Lady Eve was totally enamored with it: she helped him in recruiting an army for his cult, including a number of dormant “snake men” who would have acted as sleeping agents, and she also found people of remarkable talent to become lieutenants. As both Kobra’s lover and right-hand-man, Lady Eve managed the recruiting campaign, and helped him in transforming the Kobra Cult into a peaceful religious group for the public opinion, gaining more followers that would have been transformed into loyal snake-men via mind-control. As Sister Eve, she personally led the facade cult.

One day, Eve caught two cultists who were trying to escape the community to get married. She brought them both in front of the cult leader, Brother Abraham, who was obviously Kobra: the man recognized in the girl Halo, one of the Outsiders, and he had Eve torture her until she revealed the secret identities of Batman, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Katana and Geo-Force. The girl broke under Lady Eve’s expert touch, and as soon as she learnt the true identities of her enemies, she sent death squad to kill them in Gotham City. The plan failed, as the Outsiders defeated the attackers, but in the meanwhile Kobra and Lady Eve had moved to the next stage of their plan: among the brainwashed cultists there were also high officials of the US Army, and they used them to gain access to the Star Wars Program, controlling the satellite defense system and using it to blackmail the Pentagon. If the government didn’t surrender Fort Knox to Kobra, he would have sold all the American secrets to the Soviet Union. Lady Eve’s attacks on the Outsiders, however, had alerted the heroes of Kobra’s activities, so they traced them to their lair, freed both Halo and her boyfriend David Harrison, and used him, who was the son of a high-ranking general, to have access to the Pentagon. Working on two fronts, the Outsiders managed to destroy the satellite Kobra was controlling, forcing the villain and his lover to retreat. After that failure, Lady Eve kept accompanying Kobra in his operations, both against the Outsiders and other heroes and against the rival organization SKULL, bent on world domination as well, but time after time everything turned into a total fiasco. Lady Eve lost faith in her lover, and started believing he may have not been the prophesied leader after all. After yet another failure, Lady Eve took control of the Strike Force Kobra, turning a splinter cell into a rival group to the main Kobra Cult. Kobra would have surely come to reclaim what was his, of course, but he would have found his “loyal” follower more than ready to face him…

Lady Eve is a brilliant and deceiving woman, dangerous and stealthy as the snake she wears the garments of. As the leader of Strike Force Kobra, she’s an expert martial artist and a superb tactician, a weapon master and a charismatic leader, who has access to the impressive high-tech gadgets of her terrorist organization. A woman who started out as a religious fanatic and ended up as a power-hungry conqueror, Lady Eve is even more dangerous than Kobra, a terrorist with no cause to fight for but her own personal interest.