New movie, new villain, and in Ant-Man and the Wasp our heroes will have to deal with Ghost, the mysterious corporate saboteur portrayed by Hannah John-Kamen. So far, we only know that Ghost will be a woman named Dawn, and that she will be able to phase through solid objects, just like her comic counterpart (she also dons a costume that is some sort of mix between the classic and the modern ones). The greatest difference noticeable, so far, is her gender, as Ghost is indeed an intangible white-clad saboteur in the comics, but is a male. Let’s see together.

Everything we know about Ghost’s past comes from his mouth, as he told his story to Moonstone, but the source isn’t exactly reliable. For a time it was believed that his real name was John Morley, but this proved to be just another alias. He worked as a programmer for Omnisapient, a powerful IT company, and his remarkable intellect led him to climb the ranks and become the head of the Research and Development division. His most important project was GhostTech, that produced computer chips able to phase in an intangible state before overheating, maintaining functionality in the process. Obviously, millions depended on his work, and he slaved away for months to have everything ready for schedule… until, exhausted, he decided to leave on vacation. This clashed with the board of directors’ expectations, since they planned a launch ahead of schedule to increase profits, but the programmer simply didn’t care: it was his right to rest. Just before leaving, however, the man met a beautiful co-worker, who approached him and asked him out. Soon after the two began a relationship, and the man even cancelled his travel plans to stay with her. He was happy and satisfied, and he worked more and better than ever before… until the love of his life died in a car accident. This sent him into a deep depression, and he turned out to be unable to cope with death. Scared by the randomness and pain of real world, he escaped them by injecting himself with his own flux-state processors, and used them to connect directly in the data networks, becoming even more productive… and discovering some ugly truths. His “girlfriend” was actually a call-girl his bosses had paid to seduce and manipulate him, so that he was constantly available to them, and she didn’t die in an accident, she had been killed the moment she had tried to blackmail the board of directors with what she knew. As soon as the top executives realized he knew, they made a move to silence him too. But the programmer had GhostTech in his body now: he was untouchable.

The (failed) assassination attempt on him proved to be the directors’ worst and last mistake: the man killed them one by one, using his technology to become an uncatchable murdering ghost. Then, he erased any trace of his existence from any database, and simply disappeared from history: he had truly become a Ghost. Believing that capitalism itself was the source of all his sufferings, and that there wasn’t such thing as a “humane corporation”, Ghost became a professional saboteur, using his powers, tech and genius to destroy one company after the other… usually being paid by a rival company to do so: a man needs a living. After some time of this activity, the Ghost was hired by a leading executive of Roxxon Oil, Carrington Pax, to bring down another company, Accutech Merger, guilty of refusing to sell to Roxxon their beta particle accelerator. Just as Ghost began his work, Accutech was bought by Stark Enterprises, and as soon as Tony Stark was made aware of some “disturbances” in his new acquisition, his bodyguard Iron Man was sent to investigate. The armored goon found Ghost, and the two clashed: exposed for the first time in years, the Ghost fled, but not before swearing vengeance against Stark. He planned his next move thoroughly, but in the meanwhile Roxxon, upon learning that he had gone rogue and that he wanted to attack Stark Enterprises, feared he would have damaged their company as well, so they hired Spymaster to take care of him. Things didn’t go exactly as planned, as at the end of the day it was Ghost who killed Spymaster by making him materialize inside a wall. After that, Ghost finally attacked Accutech, where Iron Man was waiting for him: the armored bodyguard lured him in the accelerator room, with the radiation allowing him to see his invisible foe, and believing that Ghost would have stopped fighting before dying for the exposure… but the saboteur was determined, and never backed down, not even when his costume started to melt. Eventually, he felt right through the floor to meet his apparent end… but he would have surfaced yet again, proving that you can’t kill a ghost…

The Ghost is an elusive and brilliant man, determined to destroy capitalism’s masters one after the other, one company at the time, putting against money and power the one thing they can’t buy: a cause. His suit allows him to make himself and everything he touches either invisible or intangible (not both at the same time), and he can tamper any electromagnetic signal, intercept any communication, hack and reprogram any electronic system; he’s also armed with an arsenal of high-tech weaponry of his own invention, although he prefers to use his brilliant tactician mind to avoid direct confrontation. Made unstable by years of intangibility, with a mind unhinged but as brilliant as ever, the Ghost is hellbent on destroying the source of the world’s problems, fighting against Stark Enterprises, Fisk Industries, AIM, Hammer Industries, Roxxon Oil, Parker Industries, Alchemax, Oscorp, Stane International and any other, following the idea that there are no “good” or “bad” companies: just targets.