Norchavius (Green Lantern)

Guess what, with Lucy W. we come back to the Green Lantern movie (apparently, in this Scribblenatus game there are a lot of corpsmen), this time for Norchavius. Among the Green Lanterns spotted on Oa, he’s one of the most fascinating and colorful, definitely more colorful and beautiful than the original one, who’s just purple. As most of his teammates, he doesn’t do anything else than walking around on the planet, so his story is totally new for whoever is not familiar with the comics. Let’s see together.

Norchavius was born on the planet Gra’var, a world characterized by a very low gravity, composed of floating land masses and inhabited by extremely light beings, all gifted with a natural ability to fly. On his home planet, Norchavius was an artist, a world-known sculptor with an amazing sensitivity and a great attention to details; his works were so beautiful that they were admired not only on Gra’var, but in the entire galaxy, able to inspire also people from other races, species and worlds. Despite being physically weak, as all the members of his race, Norchavius had quite an incredible willpower, a trait that in its own made him interesting enough for the Guardians of the Universe, always looking for new recruits in their Green Lantern Corps. They offered him a Green Power Ring and a place in the Corps as a galactic policeman, and he accepted it. After a period of training on Oa, Norchavius became a Green Lantern, and he was partnered to Archon Z’gmora, from Cygnus, to patrol Space Sector 0026. The two became good friends, and while Archon taught Norchavius many “tricks” from the job, Norchavius in turn reciprocated by sharing his artistic sensitivity, and by making Oa more beautiful by filling it with his works. Then, as it was inevitable, Norchavius had to deal also with the ugliness of his work: his friend Archon, in fact, was killed by N’Gon, a wanted serial killer.

Just before dying, however, Archon Z’gmora sent a distress call to the nearest Green Lantern, who happened to be Hal Jordan from Earth. Jordan intervened just in time to prevent N’Gon from escaping, and after engaging him in battle he managed to apprehend him and to deliver him to the justice of Oa. From that moment, Norchavius felt to be indebted to Jordan, and the two of them became close allies. Of course, he also built a memorial monument for his lost friend, Archon, possibly his absolute masterpiece. He kept patrolling Sector 26 on his own, from time to time participating to wider missions with other Lanterns… and one of those proved to be particularly challenging for him: with all evidence, Hal Jordan had formed a secret alliance with members of the other Lantern Corps, even with Thaal Sinestro and Atrocitus, sworn enemies of the Green Lanterns. Salaak formed an elite squad to bring Jordan to Oa to stand trial with any means necessary, and Norchavius was selected to be a part of it, something that he found extremely difficult to do, due to the debt of honor he had with Jordan. At the last moment, however, Norchavius was spared the moral conflict by Krona, who chose that very time to launch a full attack on Oa. During his assault, Krona reinserted Parallax within the Central Power Battery, restoring the Green Lanterns’ weakness to color yellow, and easily enslaved most of them through mind control. Norchavius was now a servant of Krona, and quite ironically, only Hal Jordan’s intervention could save him, making him, once again, his debtor.

Norchavius is a noble spirit and a sensitive man, an artist and a warrior who fights with grace and creates with courage. As a Gra’varian, he’s naturally able to fly, and he can use his long tail both as a third prehensile limb and as a whip in battle; as a Green Lantern, he’s able to survive in any environment, to communicate in any known language, and to create energy constructs of any shape, powered by his willpower; in his case, his constructs are so elaborate and beautiful that sometimes criminals are so impressed by them that they simply freeze where they stand, unable to look away from them. A breath of beauty and art in the Corps, Norchavius is a unique Lantern who’s not satisfied in bringing “just” peace and order in the universe: he seeks to make it a beautiful place to live in.