Hunter (White Wolf)

Black Panther is out in theaters, and there’s one new character… sort of. In the post-credit scene, Bucky Barnes finally wakes up, having been freed by Shuri of Hydra‘s conditioning, and apparently free from his Winter Soldier persona. The kids in the hut call him a name comics reader are quite familiar with: White Wolf, the name of another adopted child of Wakanda, the first and only white man who ever received that privilege. It remains to be seen if in Avengers: Infinity War Bucky will stick to the White Wolf persona or come back to the old one, but in the meanwhile we can take a look at the original guy donning the title, a man known as Hunter¬†(as usual, if I didn’t see someone tell me in the comments!).

The true birthplace and the name of the man called Hunter are lost beyond any possibility of discovery: as a child, he was traveling by plane over Africa, until a sudden storm damaged the aircraft, that crashed. Both the kid’s parents died in the accident, but he miraculously survived. The plane had crash-landed in Wakanda, the most hidden and reclusive country in the world besides Atlantis, and the baby was pretty much the only white human being present on the territory. Moved by pity, King T’Chaka and Queen N’Yami chose to adopt him, being unable to send him back to his world but also needing to protect him from the Wakandan population, strongly xenophobic. Raised in the royal palace as T’Chaka’s son, Hunter grew to love Wakanda, committing himself to its service in any way he possibly could, hoping deep down within himself to inherit the throne despite being an outsider… but then T’Chaka had a natural son, T’Challa, who was clearly the destined heir. Feeling he had been wronged in his succession rights, Hunter developed a deep grudge against his adoptive brother, and the jealousy for him spurred him to prove to the king and to the entire country that he was the most fervent patriot ever, as well as the best Wakandan possible. He harshly trained and studied, becoming expert in all fields of knowledge accessible in the country and also forging himself to be an accomplished warrior and athlete. Doing so, Hunter surely managed to impress King T’Chaka… but the result wasn’t exactly the one he had expected: instead of recognizing his succession rights, T’Chaka appointed his adopted son leader of the Hatut Zeraze.

The Hatut Zeraze, aka the Dogs of War, were the Wakandan secret police, actually a group of spies and assassins that carried out the most delicate and unorthodox missions for Wakanda. Their leader was traditionally known as the White Wolf, and needed to be a patriot whose loyalty was unshakable, and whose determination allowed him to accomplish monstrosities most people would shiver away from… a portrait that pretty much fitted Hunter to perfection. As White Wolf, Hunter led the Hatut Zeraze in killing off the enemies of his country, in quelling rebellions and spying on other states, accomplishing anything his king ordered him to, with all the swiftness, the efficiency and the brutality he was capable of. Things went on pretty much the same way as they had always had, with the White Wolf being the light shadow of the Black Panther, working away from the eyes of a population who would have not understood the necessity of certain questionable actions… until T’Chaka died, and his son T’Challa raised to the throne. Upon learning of all the secrets the Wakandan throne had kept from the public view, T’Challa was made aware of all the atrocities that the White Wolf and his men had committed in the name of Wakanda, and he was ashamed of them. He disbanded the Hatut Zeraze, relieving Hunter from his duties… but his step-brother simply wouldn’t accept it, so he defied his king, along with some fateful subordinates. Forced to take measures, T’Challa exiled the White Wolf and the Hatut Zeraze, and they became mercenaries to make a living, putting their incredible skills to the service of this or that country. Hunter, however, was still loyal to his country, and used the missions he was assigned with to keep protecting it from threats the king would have never even known of. He was the White Wolf, and he would have always been.

Hunter is an intelligent and determined man, a devoted patriot who’d do anything for his country, even serving a king he personally despises like his step-brother. As the White Wolf, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, reflexes and senses, enhanced longevity and accelerated healing factor, due to a process similar to the one that creates the Black Panther; his uniform is virtually indestructible, protecting him from bullets and blades, and it also possesses a cloaking device that makes him invisible if he wants to; his boots are equipped with an energy-dampening field that allows him to land on his feet like a cat even after a normally lethal fall, or even to run on water or vertical surfaces given enough momentum. A formidable force for Wakanda, White Wolf believes that ends justify the means, and is ready to commit true atrocities to ensure that no harm comes to his country, annihilating any possible threats before even the royal intelligence knows anything about it.



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