R’amey Holl (Green Lantern)

Green Lanterns! Green Lanterns everywhere! As we proceed with Lucy W.‘s request, we meet another one of the many aliens having a cameo in the Green Lantern movie, this one particularly fascinating. Among the many faces on Oa, one strikes for beauty and grace: the humanoid butterfly, R’amey Holl. In the movie, of course, she just has this single appearance and does nothing, while in the comics, albeit having being created relatively recently (2007), she earned an increasingly major role. Don’t be fooled by her fragile appearance, though: she’s as tough as they come. Let’s see together.

R’amey Holl was born on the alien planet Papilliox, a world inhabited by insectoid sentient beings who, just like Earth‘s butterfly, had the unborn ability of evolving into superior forms. R’amey Holl was a member of her planet’s law forces, and thus she had contacts from time to time with the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps, sometimes even working with them, mostly during emergencies. One of such emergencies occurred as the Hymenoptists, sentient parasites who laid eggs within the living bodies of other species, consumed all life on the nearby planet Meno, and targeted Papilliox next. Such a threat couldn’t be faced by the local police force alone, so R’amey Holl, defying her superiors’ orders, contacted the Guardians of the Universe, asking for help. Not only the Guardians sent the Lanterns to protect the planet, but they were also impressed by the woman’s willpower, strong enough to allow her to go against direct orders, despite being a recruit, in order to save lives… exactly the kind of willpower a Green Lantern was required to have. As soon as the impending threat was solved, the Guardians offered R’amey Holl a place within the Corps, and she gladly accepted it. As a Green Lantern, R’amey Holl could protect not just her home planet, but the entire Space Sector 700, and she was assigned as a partner to Von Daggle, who would have been her superior officer for the time being. Finally, she was ready to do something great with her life and her training, and when her first mission arrived, she was enthusiast to participate.

R’amey Holl followed Von Daggle in quite a peculiar mission, which involved also another young Lantern, Guy Gardner from Earth (one R’amey had an immediate crush on). The trio had to track down a Dominator, a scientist who had used a highly unstable meteorite (the same that had hyper-evolved Captain Comet) to enhance himself, against the Dominators’ orthodoxy, and also to create a hyper-evolved Khund servant. This wasn’t an official mission of the Corps, so R’amey and the others left both their uniforms and their Power Rings, ingesting in its place a special disc that granted them a Power Ring’s abilities for a limited time. R’amey and Gardner arrived on Corona 7, where they located the scientist… and his hyper-evolved servant, who proved to be too powerful for the two Lanterns. The Khund ripped off R’amey’s stomach (with the disc in it) and left her to die, nearly killing Gardner as well immediately after. The Lantern’s body, however, landed on the meteorite, and she unconsciously created a cocoon, in which she evolved into a superior form. Using her new powers, she resumed the battled and healed a dying Gardner, saving him from death. Just as Von Daggle joined them, R’amey Holl and Guy Gardner had defeated the scientist, but while the latter wanted to arrest him, Von Daggle ordered them to kill him, something definitely against the Corps’ policy. R’amey Holl obeyed the order, and she executed the scientist by slicing him to pieces with her razor-sharp wings. Then, Von Daggle informed her subordinates that the mission was actually a test to enter the Corpse, the secret black-ops division of the Green Lanterns… a test that only Holl had succeeded. Sad for losing a man she had learnt to love, R’amey Holl used her newfound telepathy to erase Gardner’s memory of everything that happened, making him believe she had died during the mission. Then, she left Corona 7 with Von Daggle, ready to be employed once again in a top secret mission.

Despite her cheerful and easy-going attitude, R’amey Holl is a very by-the-book and obedient soldier, an officer used to do whatever her superiors tell her, without hesitation of ethical nature. She naturally possesses remarkable abilities: she can fly, she possesses superhuman speed and enhanced senses, and after her evolution she also possesses telepathic powers, the ability to heal (or even resurrect) herself and others, she can survive in the void of space and she can even teleport; she traded her Power Ring for a Green Lantern Corpse Disc, that allows her to create energy constructs powered by her willpower (green energy with the Ring, purple energy with the Disc). A powerful and indomitable warrior, R’amey Holl devotes herself to the Green Lanterns, ready to do for them even things other Green Lanterns would never approve of…