Bernard Hoyster (Sluggo)

New details on the recently released Deadpool 2 are emerging, and we learnt the identity of one more character, who appeared just as a background thug in the Icebox and the convoy sequences, but who was meant to have a bigger role originally: Sluggo, portrayed by Robert Maillet. Sluggo was meant to be a lackey of Black Tom Cassidy, helping him in leading Firefist down a dark path, but just as his boss, his role was cut down almost entirely, and he was replaced with the Juggernaut. We still see him as a prisoner hanging around, but all his lines were cut. It would have been quite curious to see him as a villain, especially considering that in the comics he and Deadpool are allies and friends. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Bernard Hoyster‘s early life, apart from the fact that he was most likely born in Canada. He was a mutant, and when he came of age he developed some interesting powers: he was impervious to any kind of damage, practically invulnerable. Seeing an occasion for profit in this, he became a mercenary, selling himself and his skills to the highest bidder. He became known as Sluggo, and made quite a fame for himself for being quite formidable… exactly the kind of guy that the shady Department K was looking for to join the new incarnation of the infamous Weapon X team. He was hired along with three other mercenaries: Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, the cyborg Garrison Kane, and wealthy Gregory Terraerton, aka the monstrous Slayback. The team worked together for quite a while, and proved to be very effective, but the relationships within it weren’t exactly idyllic. Slayback, in particular, proved to be a total psycho, who enjoyed slaughtering innocents and civilians, a problem Deadpool solved by blowing him up. This action, however, resulted into the dissolution of Weapon X, and Sluggo found himself unemployed. He traveled for a while, until he was contacted by the mysterious Tyler “Tolliver” Dayspring, a millionaire who apparently came out of nowhere (and he did, in a way, as he was a time traveler born in an alternate future ruled by Apocalypse) and who was hiring a number of mercenaries. Sluggo was among the lucky ones to become his employees.

Sluggo worked with a number of mercenaries, and he became friends with one in particular, shapeshifter Copycat… without knowing that she was actually Vanessa Carlysle, Deadpool’s ex lover. Through Copycat, Sluggo met Tina Valentino, a friend of hers who became his girlfriend for a while. The two of them broke up the moment Sluggo left Tolliver’s service, and it was no coincidence that this happened when Tolliver hired Deadpool and Kane: simply, Sluggo didn’t trust his former allies, and didn’t want his Weapon X experience to repeat (especially considering that Slayback turned out to be pretty alive and well, and an employee of Tolliver in turn). Then, Tolliver was apparently killed by Cable, and a secret message to all his mercenaries was made public: in this “will”, he challenged them to find a treasure he had hidden for them, a prize that would have been claimed by the last man standing. Obviously, the perspective was alluring, and Sluggo came back in the game, first managing to track down Copycat in Norwell, near Boston, Massachusetts. The reason Sluggo found her so quickly was simple: Copycat was hiding in Tina’s house, and from the intel he had collected she was also using her powers to pose as her friend’s twin. Also Deadpool, however, had found his former lover, and as the two were arguing, the woman came out her house. Believing her to be Copycat, Sluggo shot… only, it was Tina the one he killed. This action attracted a lot of attention, and soon the two mercenaries were shot from behind by Domino, who participated to the hunt as well. Shot in the head, it took a while to Sluggo to wake up, but as soon as he resumed the hunt, he fell into Copycat’s trap, and ended up arrested. He lost the end of Tolliver’s hunt because of this, but he would have returned soon enough to settle scores…

Bernard Hoyster is the definition of a professional, a man loyal to his friends and allies, until the situation changes and his interest lays elsewhere. As Sluggo, he’s virtually invulnerable, with an impenetrable skills very little weapons can pierce and an extremely durable bone and muscle structure; he’s also a skilled and trained warrior, proficient in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of a number of weapons, especially firearms (the bigger the better). A man of purpose, Sluggo always delivers his contract, and he’s friendly and likable enough to even make friends while doing it… not that he’ll have any regards for them when the winds inevitably change, of course.



Fox has mercifully provided us with two bonus episodes from the (apparently) last season of Lucifer, and they’re both quite funny, in their own way. While in the second one we finally hear at least God‘s voice (that’s Neil Gaiman, pretty nice touch), in the first one we meet another character from the comics, albeit a very minor one in the DC Universe. In Boo Normal, we follow Ella Lopez during an investigation, and we learn that she can see ghosts… actually, ghost, who calls herself Ray-Ray. By the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Ray-Ray, portrayed by Charlyne Yi, is in reality Azrael, the Angel of Death! Lucifer did mention before that Azrael was a female angel in this continuity, unlike her comics counterpart, who’s portrayed as gender-neutral, but always referred to as “he”. Also, her cheerful and joyful personality clashes with the grim and threatening debbie-downer from the comics: let’s meet together this last (?) angel portrayed in the show.

Azrael, or Azril, or Azrail, was crated along with his countless brothers before the beginning of time by God, and served him in the Silver City. Despite not being one of the powerful Archangels, Azrael was always one of God’s favorite sons, and the reason for this became clear the moment His creation reached its completion, with the birth of the matter universe and of the creature who inhabited it. Life in that universe had to end eventually, since it was but a “trial” to reach the spiritual world and a superior state of existence, and Azrael was tasked to be the one to collect the mortal souls when their time came. For this task, he was given a special weapon, a flaming sword, that would have made his work easier and his authority unchallenged. Ironically enough, he had to test both his new weapon and his new authority against one of his own brothers, Samael, who had started a rebellion in Heaven and was trying to overthrow God. Azrael fought besides Michael Demiurgos and the other angels and archangels against his rogue brother and his army, contributing to exiling him to Hell, a kingdom created eons before for the First of the Fallen (who is not Lucifer, in the DC Universe), demons and damned souls. From that moment, Azrael started working tirelessly to his task, even contributing to populate Hell sending there many souls who had been found evil and guilty at the moment of their trespassing.

Just as it happened with most of his siblings, Azrael became a revered figure in many religions and mythologies on Earth, and he was specifically addressed by many cultures as the personification of death itself (a honor that actually belonged to someone else, Death indeed). This identification led many to see him as an evil and malicious spirit, while others saw him as the ultimate equalizer, an avenger who righted evil doers’ wrongs; among the latter, the secret Order of St. Dumas even started a cult revolving around him, and gave his name to their best agent, a warrior monk tasked to be a flaming “angel of justice”. It happened, sometimes, that Azrael actually didn’t behave quite as saintly as he should have. Once, for example, he appeared to claim the soul of Mal Duncan, the new Guardian, who had just been buried under debris by the Wreckers. As it very rarely happened, Mal defied Azrael’s will, and refused to go with him. Intrigued and amused by the mortal’s guts, Azrael accepted the boy’s challenge, a match with Mal’s life as the prize. Azrael’s brother, Gabriel, acted as a referee. Quite unexpectedly, deprived of his godly powers for the fight, Azrael lost, and Mal Duncan could come back to life as if nothing had ever happened. Enraged and humiliated, Azrael didn’t quite gracefully accepted defeat, as he cursed Mal: if he lost just one more fight in his life, he would have come back to claim his life. To even the odds, Gabriel gave Mal his own shofar, turning him into a new superhero, the Hornblower. With the powers of Gabriel’s Horn, Mal should have been able to overcome any foe, but the moment he was losing a battle with the Fiddler, Azrael reappeared, ready to take what he believed was his by right…

Azrael is a wise and ancient being, an angel who, despite having lived for eons, is still sometimes prey of his passions, especially wrath. As the Angel of Death, he’s one of the most powerful beings in existence, a natural force who calls to the afterlife all mortal souls, eventually, and whose call cannot (theoretically) be refused; as all angels, he’s immortal and possesses superhuman physical attributes, he can fly, and he can understand and speak any language; he also has the power of omnipresence, he can be invisible whenever he wants and modify his appearance, and he wields a flaming sword capable of hurting even other immortals like him. An angel on whose shoulder lies the very balance of the universe, Azrael takes his task very seriously, and constantly travels the cosmos collecting souls to be sent either to Heaven or to Hell: more than the embodiment of death, the embodiment of true work ethics.


The last character in the Preacher motion poster, the one looking like Robespierre on the left, is someone I didn’t think would have ever appeared, especially because part of his story arc had been adapted in Season 2 with Cassidy‘s son Denis in his place. He is Eccarius, and he’ll be portrayed by Adam Croasdell. The way he’s described in the show, he’s an actual ancient vampire, one who seems to be an Anne Rice rip-off. He’ll apparently be some sort of vampire elder, more experienced than even Cassidy, but his relation with our favorite Irish bloodsucker is still a mystery. In the comics, he is exactly the opposite: not experienced, not ancient, surely not smart. Let’s see together.

Despite his looks and name, Eccarius was a normal young man born in the contemporary New Orleans, before turning into a vampire. It’s more than likely that he was a huge Anne Rice fan, and maybe he had seen Interview with a Vampire one time too many, as he was quite in love with the genre. One night, as unlikely as it seems, his dream came true: completely drunk, barely standing, he met in an alley a man who was a true vampire, and who bit him. When he woke up, he had become a vampire himself. He started calling himself Eccarius, and he started dressing XVIII Century-styled frilly clothes. He even found himself a Gothic mansion worthy of that name, and slept in a coffin. He truly believed that all the stories he had read and watched about vampires were a faithful representation of the real deal, so he avoided churches, garlic, sacred symbols and, of course, sunlight. He referred to himself as a Child of the Dark, and drank blood from crystal goblets. Some rich kids from New Orleans became enamored with him, and started a real cult revolving around the promise of being made vampires in turn: they called themselves Les Enfants du Sang (the “Children of Blood“, not much fantasy there), and worshiped their lord and master in orgies where they cut themselves and drank from each other’s blood. From time to time, Eccarius would choose one of them claiming he or she had earned the “exquisite torment” of the “dark curse”, and fed on them… but instead of turning them, as he had promised, he drained them of all their blood, killing them. He also quite enjoyed it. Ten years later, it came the time in which he finally met another one who shared the “death’s embrace” with him, an Irish man called Cassidy.

Eccarius welcomed Cassidy in his mansion, and started a long and solemn monologue on their shared curse, using an erudite vocabulary and pompous gestures. Needles to say, Cassidy wasn’t the least impressed, and called him a “wanker”, even if Eccarius mistook the word for “wampire”. It didn’t take much to Cassidy to realize that Eccarius actually didn’t know anything about his condition, and had lived on romantic delusions all his new life. It was, however, when Eccarius introduced him to his Enfants du Sang, that the Irish vampire decided that something had to be done about him. He dragged Eccarius out of the cult’s basement by his ear, and started his re-education. In the following nights, Eccarius learnt that sunlight was his only real weakness, and that churches and other sacred places and stuff couldn’t arm him. He even learnt that he could actually eat and drink something other than blood, as he did with beer (plenty of it) along with Cassidy, and that he could live without killing anybody. Intrigued by Cassidy’s easy-going attitude, he arrived to the point of mooning his own followers, just to have some fun. It looked like the young vampire had finally been “cured” of his fixation, but things went differently. The moment one of his younger followers called for him to accept his “embraced”, Eccarius ran to her, brought her to a church, and bit her on the altar, once again taking too much blood and killing her instead of turning her. Cassidy arrived when he was finished already, and Eccarius blamed it all on the girl, who had wanted it, and bluntly admitted to having killed hundreds of them already. Enraged, Cassidy hit him with a crucifix, driving it into his head enough to knock him out, then took him to the roof of the church, and tied him to the cross up there. As Eccarius awoke, Cassidy made it clear that he would have let him die there, as he was a murderous egomaniac too full of himself to understand anything. Then, the sun rose, burning to ashes the would-be vampire lord of New Orleans.

Eccarius is a delusional egomaniac who lives in a Gothic novel, a man who loves the idea of being a vampire more than the reality of being it. As all vampires, he possesses enhanced strength, agility and speed, and he’s pretty much invulnerable, able to heal from any wound provided enough blood to sustain him. A tyrant who lives for his own ego, Eccarius just loves to be worshiped and adored, and he enjoys the impunity of his kills and the atmosphere he and his sect create; ironically enough, however, the only thing he got right about the strengths and weaknesses of his new condition is his lethal allergy to sunlight…


Continuing to break down the motion poster for Preacher Season 3, we see a guy on the left looking terribly happy and wearing jeans overalls: that’s T.C., portrayed by Colin Cunningham. He’ll be one of the main henchmen in Angelville, as well as a major pain the back for our heroes. In the comics, he’s a pretty messed-up pervert who’ll have sex with anything that moves (or that recently stopped moving, for what it matters), and it remains to be seen if the show will dare to go there. In the meanwhile, we can always enjoy the original version of one of the most unlikable bastards ever seen.

Little is known about T.C.’s past, but in this case it’s a good thing. A disturbing pervert with violent tendencies, T.C. was the incarnate stereotype of the Southern in the eyes of sophisticated bourgeoisie, mixed with a heavy-dinner-induced nightmare and pumped up with bad drugs. T.C. always had one thing in mind, and one thing only: sex. He wanted to make sex with anyone and anything, human or animal, male or female, alive or dead, jumping onto the object of his desire whenever he had the occasion. Plus, he was a violent brute who truly enjoyed torturing and killing. Needless to say, he was the perfect law enforcer for a place as wicked and evil as Angelville. He was hired by Madame L’Angelle in person, and found it quite amusing to have free reins on the ways to dispense “justice” within the borders of the property, located right on the border between Texas and Louisiana. In exchange for his efficient brutality, the Madame turned a blind eye on his disturbing perversion, letting him do what (and who) he wanted. While working in Angelville, T.C. met his best friend, Jody, an unbeatable brute who found his sexual hunger quite entertaining: the two were always together, and the moment they learnt to fight as one they became pretty much unstoppable. They even single-handedly disposed of a small army of mercenaries sent after the Madame, hardly breaking a sweat. Together with Jody, T.C. was sent after the ones who needed to pay for what they did against Angelville, and to deal with delicate situations. Such as when the Madame’s daughter, Christina, eloped with her beloved soldier John Custer.

T.C. and Jody followed the two lovebirds for more than a year across the country, and when they found them, they weren’t two anymore: they had had a baby boy, Jessie. John was quite a formidable fighter, and managed to overpower Jody, but T.C. intervened and saved his friend, allowing the capture of the Custers and bringing them back in Angelville. Some time later, he helped Jody in stopping John, who was trying to escape with Jessie, and held the boy as Jody killed his father in front of him. Life for Jessie with T.C. around wasn’t exactly a nice walk in the park, as the pervert managed to ruin even the small joys allowed to him, such as when he had sex with the boy’s birthday cake during the party for his tenth birthday. Of course, he did also much, much worse. Once, as he was as usual trying to rape some unwilling animal (a chicken, in this case), a boy walked in and saw him: he was Billy-Bob Bobbs, Jessie’s best (and only) friend. Enraged for the interruption, T.C. killed the boy without thinking it twice. Jessie tried to exact his vengeance, but Jody intervened, and beat the hell out of Jessie; he and T.C. later punished him the usual way, locking him in a coffin and submerging him in the swamp, with his pal’s body as a weight. Jessie tried to escape, but once again Jody and T.C. reached him and blackmailed him into coming back, making him abandon his girlfriend Tulip O’Hare. T.C. had quite an interest in Tulip (as he had with everyone else, but still), and he got the chance to fulfill his desires years later, when Jessie and his friend were brought back to Angelville. Immediately after Jessie told Tulip that years before he had been forced to leave her, and just as she forgave him, Madame L’Angelle had the girl shot in the head, killing her in front of Jessie. Not the one who let an occasion pass by, T.C. had his way with the woman’s deceased body. This, however, would have proven to be a huge mistake: not only he enraged Jessie beyond any known limit, but the girl herself didn’t stay dead for long, and she didn’t exactly appreciate his post-mortem attentions…

T.C. is a disgusting pervert who enjoys only two things in his life: hurting people and having sex, better when the two come together. Despite his looks, he’s quite a formidable fighter, not nearly as skilled as his best pal Jody, but lethal nevertheless. A sadistic nymphomaniac who normally dwells in rape, necrophilia and bestiality, T.C. is one of the most messed-up and evil men living in an already messed-up and evil place like Angelville, a pure animal who could find himself at home just in Madame’s sanctuary.

Allfather D’Aronique

A new motion poster for the upcoming third season of Preacher has been released, and it features the three remaining new character who’ll be introduced next June (plus one who will be an original one created for the series). The first we’re going to see together is the fat guy dressed like something between a cardinal and a pope on the far right of the pic: that’s Allfather D’Aronique, the obese supreme leader of The Grail, who’ll be portrayed by Jonny Coyne. Don’t be deceived by his looks: if the show’s version of the Allfather has anything to do with the original one, he’ll make even the meanest of his subordinates look like a boy scout in comparison. Let’s meet this huge bastard.

D’Aronique was born in France, the heir of an ancient and wealthy family who had always been connected to power, of the secret and truly effective kind. The D’Aronique family was related to the L’Angelle one, and despite the latter had moved to the United States of America, D’Aronique was still in contact with his aunt, Marie L’Angelle, who kept him informed of everything interesting occurring in the occult parts of the world she and her family knew so well. Of course, the D’Aroniques were also one of the most prominent families within the Grail, a secret society who ruled the world from behind the curtains, and who was hiding the offspring of Jesus Christ in preparation for the Armageddon. When the 111th Allfather died, D’Aronique was chosen as his successor, and he became the most powerful man in the world… at least in theory, as the ones who truly controlled the Grail were seven men who formed the Council, the only ones Allfather D’Aronique had to answer to. All the others were his to command, including the world’s most powerful leaders, who called at the end of every day to thank him for the fact that he allowed them to maintain their power. The only thing bigger than D’Aronique’s power was his bulk: seriously suffering from bulimia, the Allfather ate constantly, reaching an impressive weight and figure, and regularly vomited on himself, even using a two-fingers-shaped stick to help himself sometimes; since everyone around him were too afraid of him to say anything, he found it perfectly normal to soil himself with food and/or vomit. Plus, his alimentary habits costed much to the Grail, as he only flew on private planes, since he couldn’t stand helicopters and the large planes weren’t able to land in the Grail’s headquarters, in Masada; his weight, however, was excessive for the wheels, that always broke during landings. The repairs of the planes only costed to the Grail sixty million dollars per year. Who, however, would have ever said anything to the most powerful man in the world about his phat?

Allfather D’Aronique truly believed in his and the Grail’s sacred mission, and he visited the Messiah regularly, even growing attached to him despite his obvious idiocy. It was his pious faith that led him to see with obvious suspicion the heretic maneuvers of his Sacred Executioner, Her Starr, who wanted to replace the rightful Messiah with Jesse Custer, an American preacher who had come in possession of a divine power. If proposing a Messiah who wasn’t the blood descendant of the original one wasn’t enough of a blasphemy, the Allfather had other, more personal reasons to dislike Custer: he had been knowing of Custer’s powers for quite a while, mainly thanks to the letters from his aunt Marie, who was also Custer’s grandmother and who kept him constantly informed on the young man’s progresses. The moment he had stopped receiving the usual letters from Marie, D’Aronique had sent some of the Grail agents to investigate the reason in Angellville, but they found it burnt to the ground, with all the residents dead. It didn’t take much of an investigation to realize that the ones responsible for the massacre were the Preacher and his crew, all the more reason for the Allfather not to trust Custer with such a divine role. With a heretic among his ranks and a powerful enemy at his doorstep, the Allfather decided to kill two birds with a stone, and tricked Starr and Custer in facing each other in a knife duel, actually planning to kill the victor. Custer was far superior to Herr Starr in terms of physical prowess, and he easily gained the upper hand, but as soon as they realized what was planned for them the two men used the duel to make their escape… not that they could go far. The problem would have been solved in no time, if it wasn’t for an unexpected and uninvited guest: the Saint of Killers, an unstoppable killing machine who had been sent after Custer. The Saint started killing everyone in his way to get to his prey, and D’Aronique sent against him dozens and dozens of men to buy enough time to retrieve both his enemies. Herr Starr, however, had used that same time to rig the base to explode…

Despite his look can be deceiving, D’Aronique is a man with a superior intellect and with a heart cold as ice, an infallible planner who holds the entire world in his fat hands. As the Allfather, he secretly controls every government in the world with the threat of Armageddon, and he commands an army of perfectly trained agents who’d do anything he orders them to; he also has at disposal a nearly infinite fortune he uses to pursue the Grail’s goals, and he has an extensive knowledge on everything occurring in this world and the other. One of the most influential and powerful people in the world, Allfather D’Aronique lets others underestimate him because of his appearance; everyone who made that mistake, however, is long time dead.

Irene Merryweather

Whoa, you’ve been quick this time. Credits to Maya and Czez for the heads-up. There’s still one character from the comics appearing in Deadpool 2: covering Firefist‘s outburst at the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation, and the following intervention of the X-Men, there’s a news anchorwoman named Irene Merryweather, portrayed by Andréa Vawda. Although she only appears in this sequence in the movie, she has quite a long run with the movie’s protagonists in the comics; plus, she’s not originally a tv reporter, but rather she works for a newspaper fundamental in the mythology of yet another character, Spider-Man. Let’s see together.

Born and raised in New York City, Irene Merryweather studied journalism following the dream of becoming a great reporter for the Daily Bugle, just like Ben Urich. Dreams clashed with reality, though, and she found herself working for a definitely inferior paper, the tabloid Inquiring Eye. The kind of articles she could write for the Eye were exactly what she expected, and mostly involved conspiracy theories of various kinds, but one happened to be an actual story: her boss asked her to investigate an alleged secret society called the Hellfire Club, and so she did, not knowing that this time the lead was as real as it could get. The White Bishop of this Hellfire Club was so worried that Irene could actually uncover something serious that he sent some of his mercenaries to silence her. As she came back to her office, Irene found all her coworkers dead, killed by the Hellfire soldiers, and she was their next target. She was however saved at the last moment by Cable, a mutant who claimed to come from the future. Wanting someone to tell the story of his life in the eventuality that he got killed, Cable chose Irene as his chronicler, a task she gladly accepted, especially considering that she was now unemployed. Following Cable she had the chance to discover a lot of things about the Hellfire Club, and to witness incredible adventures, that she promptly wrote down. Not everything was sunshine and roses, as once, as Cable deemed the mission up ahead too dangerous, she was left in Switzerland all alone, forced to find a way back to the United States on her own. She met some of Cable’s associates, like G. W. Bridge, Domino, Madeline Pryor and Blaquesmith, and she discovered some hot stories, such as the one revolving around a black ops led by S.H.I.E.L.D. in Hell’s Kitchen. The latter in particular was the one article that won her the prize she always wanted: a place among the investigative reporters of the Daily Bugle.

She knew she was on the right path about the Hellfire Club when the Black King himself, Sebastian Shaw, offered her a position within the Club in exchange of her silence, something that she refused, knowing that she could count on her friend’s protection. Then, Cable started to call himself Soldier X, and disappeared for a while. Not hearing from her friend for a while, Irene got worried, but she eventually received a letter from him, including his diaries, so that she can write them down and continue the chronicles of his life and adventures. Cable eventually returned, but Irene realized that something was amiss with him: he secretly used a virus to turn everybody on Earth pink, only to restore them back to normal and be acclaimed as a hero. Irene interviewed him, and she realized that his powers were probably making him go nuts. She became so worried that she even brought a gun to work in order to protect herself from him, in the chance he went totally crazy, but she was caught by her boss, J. Jonah Jameson, who fired her for bringing a firearm to the office. Without a job, Irene accepted Cable’s offer, especially considering that he owed her, and she moved to Providence, the island Cable had turned into an utopia. She became Cable’s right hand woman, and she basically ruled the place whenever he was out on mission. She even befriended his newest associate, Deadpool, a crazy mercenary who even developed a crush on her (she always rejected him, as she rightfully considered him a total idiot). As Cable learnt of the birth of the true Mutant Messiah, the Marauders attacked the island, and destroyed it with the alien weapon Hecatomb, killing many citizens in the process. Cable apparently sacrificed himself self-destructing the island, and Irene was nearly killed by Sabretooth, but she was saved by Deadpool at the last moment, and brought to safety before the explosion. Without her time traveler to write about, Irene came back to New York, where she got her job at the Bugle back… unfortunately, she just couldn’t get rid of Deadpool.

Irene Merryweather is a determined and clever woman, a brave reporter who is perfectly capable of dealing even with extremely dangerous people. A skilled investigator and a gifted administrator, she doesn’t originally possessed any superhuman power, but after Alecto manipulated her mind while helping her against Blaquesmith, she became immune to any form of telepathy. Able and willing to dig into the dirt of several secret societies, terrorists and criminals, Irene Merryweather joined forces with people just as dangerous and deranged as the ones she’s hunting down, to the point that she’s now forced to be equally careful of her friends as she is of her enemies…

Hope Summers

We knew she would have been there in some capacity after the very first image of Cable, with that teddy bear hanging from his belt, and in fact the last character who appeared in Deadpool 2 is Hope Summers! The daughter of Cable is portrayed by Islie Hirvonen, and she looks like a perfectly normal girl her age. In the comics, on the opposite, she’s a pivotal character and quite a powerful one, and she’s either referred to as the Mutant Messiah or as the Harbinger of Death. Her story is quite complicated, as it involves a lot of time travel, but we’ll try to sort it out. Small tip: no, in the comics she’s not Cable’s daughter… not biological, at least.

After she went mad for grief and traumas, Scarlet Witch originated a cataclysmic event known as Decimation, spelling three words, “No more mutants“, and turning all mutants on the planet into regular humans, with the sole exception of little less than 200 individuals. No mutants were born from that point on, and the entire race seemed to be doomed to extinction… until the baby who would have been named Hope was born. She was the daughter of a fireman, Captain Louise Spalding, and the moment she was born in Cooperstown, Alaska, the mutant detector Cerebro exploded. As a toddler, she became the most hunted girl in the world: from a side, the future Sentinel Nimrod sent after her the Purifiers, who wanted to kill her; on the other, the remaining mutants wanted to protect her. There was one mutant, however, who sided with the Purifiers: Bishop, who believed that Hope would have grown into a mass-murdering abomination that would have created the dystopic reality he was from. As the Purifiers destroyed Cooperstown and killed everyone in it, the baby girl was saved by Cable, who on the opposite believed her to be the messiah who would have saved mutants and humans alike. Cable lost her to the Marauders, who brought the baby to their leader Mr. Sinister… who was actually Mystique in disguise. Her putative daughter Rogue was in a coma because of Strain 88 virus, and Mystique had her touched by the baby. Gambit, horrified since he believed she had killed her, took the infant away from Mystique, but watched in shock as not only the little one was fine, but she had also cured Rogue, who woke up. It was there that the trio was reached by X-Men and Predator X, and a huge battle between them and the Marauders over the girl started. As the battle was escalating, Cyclops called it off, and decided that the girl would have been safer with his son from the future, Cable. Everyone agreed, and Cable took her back to his time, hiding her in the haven of New Liberty… while Bishop secretly tracked and followed them, wanting to kill the girl in the future.

Cable raised the baby along with his new wife, Hope, and she grew up in a safe environment, at least until a group of humanoid insects attacked New Liberty. Cable saved his adoptive daughter, but he failed to save his wife, who died in his arms. It was in this moment that he decided to call the girl Hope Summers, in honor of her late adoptive mother. Bishop in the meanwhile was advancing, and he destroyed entire continents to limit Cable’s movements. Another war erupted when Bishop allied himself with Stryfe, and X-Force intervened to help them. Hope bonded with X-23 and Elixir, and when Cable was forced to travel in time once again, she escaped from him during the jump, becoming stranded in time, with two years separating her from her adoptive father. She survived for two years thanks to Emil Spence, a descendant of Stryfetroopers, a boy she fell in love with. When she rejoined with Cable, he took her away on one of the few remaining space ships, the Ensabahnur I, and Hope had to say goodbye to the one she loved… well, not exactly, as Emil, who believed that Cable had kidnapped Hope, joined forces with Bishop, whom he believed to be Hope’s true father. They reached the ship, but during the battle the Brood, attracted to Hope’s power, attacked both factions. Emil sacrificed his life to save Hope and Cable, and the two managed to escape in cryo-chambers, while the others seemingly died in a nuclear explosion. After this many escapes, Hope decided she was ready to come back home, in the past, and join the X-Men. The only functioning time machine was now Bishop’s one, as Cable’s had been damaged, so Cable tracked down a dying Acanti Bishop had used to survive the explosion. As he activated the time machine, Bishop awoke and shot Hope in the head… but the girl’s mutant powers manifested themselves, and she borrowed Cable’s telekinesis to stop the bullet in mid-air. The travel was pretty jumpy, with Bishop always in close trails, but eventually Cable managed to send him to 6700 AD. Finally, back to the present, Hope and Cable took a car and drove to the X-Mansion, ready to start a new life and bring hope to a dying race. There was still someone eager to hunt for her even in the present, though…

Hope Summers has been on the run since her birth, chased and hunted down for reasons she didn’t understand; molded into a true survivor, she’s however more compassionate and good-hearted than her putative father Cable, and she never lost her humanity despite the trials she had to endure. She’s an Omega Level Mutant, with the ability to mimicry the powers of any mutant close to her, and to use them at their maximum capacity, even more than one per time; she’s also the only one able to stabilize the powers and personalities of the new mutants (six, this far) born after her and Decimation. Troubled and pressured for all the expectations revolving around her, and grown without knowing anything close to peace, Hope is working hard to be the beacon of a new era, and thus to live up to her name…