Jillian Mary Alcott (Death Angel)

The second character appearing in the first episode of Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe is also Roku‘s second hostage, as well as another character popping up from the old (now rebooted) continuity: Jillian Alcott, portrayed by Carlie Larson. The beloved daughter of Neville Alcott, Jillian appears in the show to be a perfectly normal girl, while in the comics she definitely isn’t: apart from being much older than her live action counterpart, she’s not even that innocent as she may look here, and she even takes a (temporary) super-identity at a certain point in her life. Let’s see together.

Jillian Alcott was born in England, most likely in London, the daughter of Neville and Jessica Alcott. Before she was even born, her mother underwent an experimental process and injected herself with a serum to grant her unborn daughter superhuman abilities; she was, in fact, the last test subject of Project Hope and Glory, aimed to create super-agents for the Crown, but the serum apparently didn’t affect Jillian at all, and she was born a perfectly normal kid. When she was still very young, her mother, who was a spy for the MI6, died during a mission, and Jillian grew up with her father only, who in turn was a high officer from the British Intelligence. With such parents, it was almost inevitable that she joined the Intelligence as well, and she had all the skills to do so. She joined MI5, and there she met Charles Mirren, a skilled agent she fell in love with. The two got married, but it turned out Mirren was a violent and abusive husband, and Jillian was still far too young and naive to take a stand against him. She eventually managed to leave him, but that took quite an emotional strand on her. She moved from MI5 to MI6, and she started working directly for her father, who was now the head of the agency, still working on the superhumans project. Jillian became his liaison officer with agents with super abilities, like Colin King, Angelo Mortalli and Gilad Anni-Padda, managing to create a curious bond with the lot of them… especially with one.

With time, Jillian became particularly close to Angelo, codename Bloodshot, and the two even became lovers. Theoretically this wasn’t allowed between agents, but they just kept it secret, until the cat came out of the bag on its own during a dangerous mission in Colombia. Jillian was accompanying Bloodshot in his hunt for a dangerous terrorist organization connected to drug dealers, but during a massive shootout she was mortally wounded. With no other option at hand, Bloodshot injected some of the nanites that empowered him in his lover, with not much hope in her recovery: the nanites, in fact, usually killed anyone but him. It turned out that Project Hope and Glory had not been a waste of time and resources on Jillian, as she was able to survive the nanites and to actually use them. As she healed completely from her wound, she was however sick, with her body striving to adapt to the nanites, and Bloodshot had to synthesize a cure for her condition. It worked, but it had some curious side effects: Jillian’s muscles and bone structure grew, her skin turned white and her hair turned auburn. She had become a female version of Bloodshot, inheriting all his powers, including the ability to control electronics. After years of supervising super-agents, Jillian finally became one herself, and she christened herself Death Angel, working as one of MI6’s most efficient resources. In this time, her father lost his position as head of MI6, and Charles Mirren took his place; as Bloodshot resigned as a result, Mirren tried to rekindle his relationship with Jillian, but she was stronger this time, and she slapped him back, threatening him if she dared come close to her again. In a matter of months, she also found out another important change in herself: she didn’t actually have the power to control electronics, that was granted to her by her peculiar condition… as she was expecting Bloodshot’s twins.

Born in a world of spies, Jillian Alcott has been trained since her childhood to use her remarkable intelligence and cleverness to read other people, to understand them and to use that knowledge for her own purposes, either good or bad. Strong and resourceful, she always wants to prove herself with challenges many would deem out of her reach. As the Death Angel, she’s incredibly strong, fast and agile, she can heal almost instantly from virtually any wound or damage, and she’s an expert in a variety of combat styles; during her pregnancy, she also possessed the power to remotely control electronic devices. A former desk officer turned field agent, Jillian knows and masters every field and aspect of espionage, becoming the perfect tool to be used against all enemies of the Crown… a true Death Angel.

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