Irene Merryweather

Whoa, you’ve been quick this time. Credits to Maya and Czez for the heads-up. There’s still one character from the comics appearing in Deadpool 2: covering Firefist‘s outburst at the Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation, and the following intervention of the X-Men, there’s a news anchorwoman named Irene Merryweather, portrayed by Andréa Vawda. Although she only appears in this sequence in the movie, she has quite a long run with the movie’s protagonists in the comics; plus, she’s not originally a tv reporter, but rather she works for a newspaper fundamental in the mythology of yet another character, Spider-Man. Let’s see together.

Born and raised in New York City, Irene Merryweather studied journalism following the dream of becoming a great reporter for the Daily Bugle, just like Ben Urich. Dreams clashed with reality, though, and she found herself working for a definitely inferior paper, the tabloid Inquiring Eye. The kind of articles she could write for the Eye were exactly what she expected, and mostly involved conspiracy theories of various kinds, but one happened to be an actual story: her boss asked her to investigate an alleged secret society called the Hellfire Club, and so she did, not knowing that this time the lead was as real as it could get. The White Bishop of this Hellfire Club was so worried that Irene could actually uncover something serious that he sent some of his mercenaries to silence her. As she came back to her office, Irene found all her coworkers dead, killed by the Hellfire soldiers, and she was their next target. She was however saved at the last moment by Cable, a mutant who claimed to come from the future. Wanting someone to tell the story of his life in the eventuality that he got killed, Cable chose Irene as his chronicler, a task she gladly accepted, especially considering that she was now unemployed. Following Cable she had the chance to discover a lot of things about the Hellfire Club, and to witness incredible adventures, that she promptly wrote down. Not everything was sunshine and roses, as once, as Cable deemed the mission up ahead too dangerous, she was left in Switzerland all alone, forced to find a way back to the United States on her own. She met some of Cable’s associates, like G. W. Bridge, Domino, Madeline Pryor and Blaquesmith, and she discovered some hot stories, such as the one revolving around a black ops led by S.H.I.E.L.D. in Hell’s Kitchen. The latter in particular was the one article that won her the prize she always wanted: a place among the investigative reporters of the Daily Bugle.

She knew she was on the right path about the Hellfire Club when the Black King himself, Sebastian Shaw, offered her a position within the Club in exchange of her silence, something that she refused, knowing that she could count on her friend’s protection. Then, Cable started to call himself Soldier X, and disappeared for a while. Not hearing from her friend for a while, Irene got worried, but she eventually received a letter from him, including his diaries, so that she can write them down and continue the chronicles of his life and adventures. Cable eventually returned, but Irene realized that something was amiss with him: he secretly used a virus to turn everybody on Earth pink, only to restore them back to normal and be acclaimed as a hero. Irene interviewed him, and she realized that his powers were probably making him go nuts. She became so worried that she even brought a gun to work in order to protect herself from him, in the chance he went totally crazy, but she was caught by her boss, J. Jonah Jameson, who fired her for bringing a firearm to the office. Without a job, Irene accepted Cable’s offer, especially considering that he owed her, and she moved to Providence, the island Cable had turned into an utopia. She became Cable’s right hand woman, and she basically ruled the place whenever he was out on mission. She even befriended his newest associate, Deadpool, a crazy mercenary who even developed a crush on her (she always rejected him, as she rightfully considered him a total idiot). As Cable learnt of the birth of the true Mutant Messiah, the Marauders attacked the island, and destroyed it with the alien weapon Hecatomb, killing many citizens in the process. Cable apparently sacrificed himself self-destructing the island, and Irene was nearly killed by Sabretooth, but she was saved by Deadpool at the last moment, and brought to safety before the explosion. Without her time traveler to write about, Irene came back to New York, where she got her job at the Bugle back… unfortunately, she just couldn’t get rid of Deadpool.

Irene Merryweather is a determined and clever woman, a brave reporter who is perfectly capable of dealing even with extremely dangerous people. A skilled investigator and a gifted administrator, she doesn’t originally possessed any superhuman power, but after Alecto manipulated her mind while helping her against Blaquesmith, she became immune to any form of telepathy. Able and willing to dig into the dirt of several secret societies, terrorists and criminals, Irene Merryweather joined forces with people just as dangerous and deranged as the ones she’s hunting down, to the point that she’s now forced to be equally careful of her friends as she is of her enemies…


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