The last character in the Preacher motion poster, the one looking like Robespierre on the left, is someone I didn’t think would have ever appeared, especially because part of his story arc had been adapted in Season 2 with Cassidy‘s son Denis in his place. He is Eccarius, and he’ll be portrayed by Adam Croasdell. The way he’s described in the show, he’s an actual ancient vampire, one who seems to be an Anne Rice rip-off. He’ll apparently be some sort of vampire elder, more experienced than even Cassidy, but his relation with our favorite Irish bloodsucker is still a mystery. In the comics, he is exactly the opposite: not experienced, not ancient, surely not smart. Let’s see together.

Despite his looks and name, Eccarius was a normal young man born in the contemporary New Orleans, before turning into a vampire. It’s more than likely that he was a huge Anne Rice fan, and maybe he had seen Interview with a Vampire one time too many, as he was quite in love with the genre. One night, as unlikely as it seems, his dream came true: completely drunk, barely standing, he met in an alley a man who was a true vampire, and who bit him. When he woke up, he had become a vampire himself. He started calling himself Eccarius, and he started dressing XVIII Century-styled frilly clothes. He even found himself a Gothic mansion worthy of that name, and slept in a coffin. He truly believed that all the stories he had read and watched about vampires were a faithful representation of the real deal, so he avoided churches, garlic, sacred symbols and, of course, sunlight. He referred to himself as a Child of the Dark, and drank blood from crystal goblets. Some rich kids from New Orleans became enamored with him, and started a real cult revolving around the promise of being made vampires in turn: they called themselves Les Enfants du Sang (the “Children of Blood“, not much fantasy there), and worshiped their lord and master in orgies where they cut themselves and drank from each other’s blood. From time to time, Eccarius would choose one of them claiming he or she had earned the “exquisite torment” of the “dark curse”, and fed on them… but instead of turning them, as he had promised, he drained them of all their blood, killing them. He also quite enjoyed it. Ten years later, it came the time in which he finally met another one who shared the “death’s embrace” with him, an Irish man called Cassidy.

Eccarius welcomed Cassidy in his mansion, and started a long and solemn monologue on their shared curse, using an erudite vocabulary and pompous gestures. Needles to say, Cassidy wasn’t the least impressed, and called him a “wanker”, even if Eccarius mistook the word for “wampire”. It didn’t take much to Cassidy to realize that Eccarius actually didn’t know anything about his condition, and had lived on romantic delusions all his new life. It was, however, when Eccarius introduced him to his Enfants du Sang, that the Irish vampire decided that something had to be done about him. He dragged Eccarius out of the cult’s basement by his ear, and started his re-education. In the following nights, Eccarius learnt that sunlight was his only real weakness, and that churches and other sacred places and stuff couldn’t arm him. He even learnt that he could actually eat and drink something other than blood, as he did with beer (plenty of it) along with Cassidy, and that he could live without killing anybody. Intrigued by Cassidy’s easy-going attitude, he arrived to the point of mooning his own followers, just to have some fun. It looked like the young vampire had finally been “cured” of his fixation, but things went differently. The moment one of his younger followers called for him to accept his “embraced”, Eccarius ran to her, brought her to a church, and bit her on the altar, once again taking too much blood and killing her instead of turning her. Cassidy arrived when he was finished already, and Eccarius blamed it all on the girl, who had wanted it, and bluntly admitted to having killed hundreds of them already. Enraged, Cassidy hit him with a crucifix, driving it into his head enough to knock him out, then took him to the roof of the church, and tied him to the cross up there. As Eccarius awoke, Cassidy made it clear that he would have let him die there, as he was a murderous egomaniac too full of himself to understand anything. Then, the sun rose, burning to ashes the would-be vampire lord of New Orleans.

Eccarius is a delusional egomaniac who lives in a Gothic novel, a man who loves the idea of being a vampire more than the reality of being it. As all vampires, he possesses enhanced strength, agility and speed, and he’s pretty much invulnerable, able to heal from any wound provided enough blood to sustain him. A tyrant who lives for his own ego, Eccarius just loves to be worshiped and adored, and he enjoys the impunity of his kills and the atmosphere he and his sect create; ironically enough, however, the only thing he got right about the strengths and weaknesses of his new condition is his lethal allergy to sunlight…



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