Linda Page

A man’s word is his bond, so with today we’ll search for all the remaining characters from any Batman-related film or tv series released so far (they’re not as many as one would think), as Maz requested. We start from the very beginning, that is the Batman serial from 1943. The female protagonist of the serial is Linda Page, portrayed by Shirley Patterson. Female characters weren’t exactly deepened at that time, so Linda mostly acts as the romantic interest of the hero, and of course as the damsel in distress, being kidnapped and even brainwashed into a mind-controlled zombie by the villainous Prince Daka. In the comics, she’s indeed one of the first women in Batman’s life, and her story takes place in Earth-One and Earth-Two. Let’s take a look.

Linda Page was born in Gotham City, the daughter of wealthy businessman Thomas Page, an oil baron from Texas. Despite growing up in wealth and luxury, Linda was sensitive to the suffering of the lower social classes, and came to the realization that her position meant she had responsibilities, not privileges. From the usual, spoiled socialite, she decided to change life and to become a voluntary nurse, offering her services to the elders of the city. Of course, Gotham wasn’t a place that treated well the do-gooders, and Linda learnt it the hard way, as she was attacked and kidnapped in her clinic. The culprit was Mike Grogan, one of the leaders of the Grogan Gang, whose brother, Tommy, had just been shot. Mike wanted to force Linda to save him, obviously not granting her safety after the deal was done. Luckily enough, Batman, who was on the hunt for the Grogan Gang, arrived to save the day. As he took care of Mike Grogan, one of the lackeys was about to shoot the hero in the back, and Linda intervened, knocking him out hitting him on the back of the head with one of her shoes. This act of courage led the Dark Knight to take interest in her, and Linda crossed roads with him once again, when he brought to her a wounded man to treat. The man was also amnesiac, and just as Batman and Robin were investigating on him, a group of gangsters attacked them: Linda was once again saved by the heroes, and she discovered at her own expenses that her patient was a criminal as well. Batman, however, protected her, and the entire gang was delivered to the GCPD. Impressed by Batman’s courage and by his will to help others, Linda became quite smitten by him, albeit she always considered her crush on him for what it was: an impossible dream. Shortly after her second adventure with Batman, however, she received the attentions of yet another dream man: playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne, who quite unexpectedly (and inexplicably) had fallen in love with her.

Linda started dating Bruce Wayne, and she found him quite different from how she believed him to be… but he always seemed a man of great, unused potential, something that she always remarked upon. She deeply admired Batman for the great effort he was putting in making Gotham a better city, and she believed that Bruce wasn’t doing even half of what he could to do the same. In the meantime, her encounters with Batman only grew in number: she teamed up with him to save her father Thomas from some criminals hired by his rival Graham Masters, and she was rescued by the Dark Knight over and over again, as her dwelling in dangerous streets always put her at risk with goons and robbers. This was quite a loop, as because she was often seen in company of Batman, she became the target of several criminals who had a settle to score with the Dark Knight, most notably Granda. Linda didn’t help things, as she even spent Christmas night with Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon at the latter’s house. Once, she even believed she had guessed Batman’s secret identity, and she started following a photographer, Charles Courtly… unfortunately, she was quite mistaken, as she had just unmasked the gentleman thief Mr. Baffle, and ended up being his prisoner. Obviously, Batman quickly came to the rescue. Oddly enough, Bruce never showed to be jealous of this unusual fixation of Batman for Linda, and she believed she understood why as he started to be seen often with another wealthy socialite, mystery woman Elva Barr. Linda couldn’t possibly know that Bruce Wayne was actually Batman, and that Elva was secretly Selina “Catwoman” Kyle, a criminal he was trying to reform and he was keeping an eye on. All the gossips born around the relationship between Bruce and Elva brought Linda to become jealous, and only when Bruce told her he was doing a favor to Batman and wanted to lure Catwoman into a trap she forgave him… but it was too late to mend a relationship that was damaged beyond repair. Realizing she couldn’t change a man who, despite his intellect, just wanted to be a playboy and play polo all his life, Linda broke up with Bruce, and went on with her life, eventually marrying another man… and setting in motion a chain of events that would have changed Bruce Wayne’s life forever.

Linda Page is a brave woman with a strong sense of responsibility, who believes her family fortune and her many talents to be gifts to be used for helping other people. An expert and proficient nurse, she consecrates her life to helping the poor and elders, and she demands her boyfriend Bruce to do the same, usually becoming frustrated with his total lack of interest towards anything close to a responsibility. If she only knew…