Aunt Minerva

We get a last snippet of the 1960s with the next character in Mav‘s request, Aunt Minerva, the deadliest spinster ever. She only appeared in the Legends of the Superheroes tv special, and made quite an appearance in the second episode, escorted by four huge body-builders, seeking to find a sixth husband after the first five ones “mysteriously” died. Portrayed by Ruth Buzzi, her aim is, of course, to chose the “lucky” guy among the many male superheroes present. In the comics, Aunt Minerva is originated in Earth-S, the one that hosts the first adventures of Captain Marvel, and despite looking like a sweet old lady, she’s actually quite naughty. Let’s see together.

Nothing at all is known about the past of Minerva, and even her surname is a mystery, but it’s pretty sure it’d be a curious story to tell. This old woman found herself widowed in her sixties (or even seventies, it’s unclear), but albeit painful, the loss of her beloved husband didn’t break her, quite the opposite: she resolved to take care of herself and make her steps into the wider world. It’s also unclear who her husband actually was and what his job was as well, but considering how proficient Minerva was at fighting and shooting, it’s not unlikely that she had been married to a professional criminal, and had learnt quite a lot during their marriage. In a way or another, she committed herself to become the new mistress of Fawcett City, and she started her conquest campaign by submitting the many criminal gangs that were haunting the city. Quite understandably, any thug she met underestimated her at first sight, but was swiftly dealt with by the unbelievably strong and swift granny. Then, one day, as some thugs had joined forces to finally put an end to her spree, Minerva was rescued by Captain Marvel and Uncle Marvel, from the Marvel Family. Again, in a quite understandable mistake, the two heroes believed her to be a defenseless old lady victim of evil burglars, surely not the other way round. Minerva was smitten by Uncle Marvel in a moment, and decided she wanted him to be her next husband. Also, she wanted to continue her work in conquering the entire city’s criminality, of course. Needless to say, Uncle Marvel wasn’t so inclined, and as soon as the “sweet granny”‘s true nature was clear, even Captain Marvel had something to say about her projects.

Unable to fight at full power an old woman, Captain Marvel had quite some difficulty in dealing with Minerva (who had started to refer to herself as to “Aunt” Minerva, since she wanted to marry Uncle Marvel), but he finally managed to have her arrested, only after providing her with a good spanking. This disciplinary act had quite some counter effect, as Aunt Minerva, admired by Marvel’s strength and mastery, became enamored with him as well. She didn’t stay in prison for long, and she escaped (once again, underestimated by the guards) to head for New York City, but she was once again stopped by Captain Marvel, alerted by WHIZ Radio‘s youngest correspondent Billy Batson. During her following escape, Aunt Minerva met Doctor Sivana, and for once she knew a man she didn’t have any intention to marry. The two, however, were connected by a vengeful feeling against Captain Marvel, so they joined forces to deal with the hero, but failed miserably. She tried once again to force Uncle Marvel to marry her, and for this she was aided by a robust and young thug, Handsome Harry, but once again her attentions were rejected. She finally found an alternative outside the Marvel Family when she joined Doctor Sivana once again, and helped him (who had formed an alliance with Prince Lucifer himself) to kidnap Stanley Printwhistle. As Sivana and Lucifer forced Stanley to turn into Ibac again to fight Captain Marvel, Aunt Minerva fell in love with the champion of evil, and started courting him. This, unfortunately, had the only effect of driving Ibac away, thus destroying the alliance even before they were able to face Captain Marvel. The last time Aunt Minerva was seen, she was helping another old lady in need: Her Highness, an elderly (and inept) thief. Joining forces with her and her helper Silk, Aunt Minerva was skillful enough to land a pivotal hand in dealing with their nemesis, Kid Eternity. And this time, as it was a women only alliance, at least she wouldn’t have ruined everything with her advances.

Aunt Minerva is surprising under any point of view. She’s an evil and violent old lady, but she’s also a romantic at heart, and desperately seeks her one true love that would quell the pain of her widowed heart. She’s unbelievably strong for an old woman, able to submit even the toughest thug around, and she’s deadly quick and precise with any gun. A hurricane of a woman, Aunt Minerva is just as dangerous when she seeks love and when she seeks crime domination, a force of nature who won’t stop in front of anything to get the power she wants… or to find a new husband.


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