Julie Madison

Let’s jump to the 1990s, in the so-called Burtonverse, to find the next character in Mav‘s request, almost at its end. In the fourth, terrible film of the tetralogy, Batman & Robin, we find Bruce Wayne accompanied to a beautiful socialite going by the name Julie Madison, portrayed by Elle Macpherson. In the movie, Gossip Gertie implies that there are rumors about a future marriage between Julie and Bruce, but it’s more than likely that she’ll be just one of many girlfriends of the millionaire playboy… especially after, under the effect of pheromones, Bruce gets confused and calls her “Ivy“. In the comics, Julie is the historical girlfriend of Bruce Wayne, a recurring character since the Earth-One era of publication, the eternal fiancée who never got to tie the knot. Let’s see together.

Julie Madison has lived many lives so far, depending on the reality of appearance, but some traits stay constant, such as being born in Gotham City, and being part of the wealthy and cultured upper class. In Earth-One, she was a young socialite who became the girlfriend of young Bruce Wayne, but she eventually broke up with him, tired of waiting to be married, and married instead the King of Moldacia. As the queen of Moldacia she became a widow soon after, and fell into a trap of the Dalcidi Tribe, that nearly brought her to declare war to the neighbor country of Tybern, but she eventually got free of their control and instead married the King of Tybern. In Earth-Two, instead, she was a famous actress, again the fiancée of Bruce Wayne. When the two were together, she was hypnotized and kidnapped by the Mad Monk, a vampire who wanted to feed off her, but she was promptly rescued by Batman, who had followed her to Hungary, to the Monk’s castle. After the incident, her fame rose, and she became one of the most requested actresses of the country. Her agent gave her the stage name of Portia Storme, taking inspiration from William Shakespeare‘s The Merchant of Venice, and she had the starring role in the remake of classic horror movie Dread Castle. As her career was rising, her private life wasn’t as much, as she started to loath the irresponsible and easy-going lifestyle of her boyfriend, becoming frustrated with Bruce’s way of taking nothing seriously. She realized who her perfect ideal of man was when Batman saved her once again, this time from Basil Karlo, the star of the original Dread Castle who was killing all cast and troupe of the remake, enraged for not having been contacted. Batman was everything she wanted her man to be: strong, reliable, responsible, not lost in stupid games and vices like her Bruce. Karlo tried to kill her another couple of times, but Batman and Robin were always there to save her. Finally, choosing her priorities, Julie decided to leave Bruce and to pursue her acting career, knowing that her man had never had the intention of marrying her to begin with.

After Crisis on Infinite Earth, Julie Madison resurfaced once again on New Earth. This time she was the daughter of a rich industrialist named Norman Madison, who had built part of his fortune with money borrowed from mob boss Sal Maroni. Julie was a law student, and she met Bruce Wayne in college. The two fell in love, but Julie could always say that Bruce was hiding something from her, and she noticed far too well that he constantly disappeared without explanation. Even in this reality, she was targeted by the vampire Mad Monk, and by his sister and lover Dala, who wanted to become a vampire as well by draining her blood. Julie got hypnotized night after night, with the Monk drinking her blood and then sending her back home. This was noticed by Batman, who followed her home trying to determine her condition, but the vigilante was spotted by Norman, who became paranoid, believing his illicit activities to have been discovered. The Monk forced her to steal and give to him her father’s company passwords, and so she did, allowing the villain to steal all her father’s money. Now useless, Julie was given to Dala as a gift, but Batman intervened right before she was killed by the vampire cult. In the following battle, Batman defeated the Monk and Dala, but in the meanwhile the paranoid Norman had forced Maroni’s hand and got killed. At the Monk’s castle, Batman had revealed himself to be Bruce Wayne to Julie, wanting to share his future with her… but, distraught by her father’s death and shocked by reading in his journal that it had been the sight of Batman to lead him to confront Maroni, Julie decided to leave Gotham, and she joined the Peace Corps to Africa. There, she dedicated herself to helping others, as her father would have wanted to. She came back to the United States years after, she moved to Hollywood and became an actress. As one of Batman’s loved ones, she was targeted by Ra’s al Ghul and his men, but she was saved at the last minute by Man-Bat. Terrified by both the ninjas of the League of Assassins and by her monstrous savior, Julie left once more, after having been reminded why she had moved from Gotham in the first place.

Energetic and assertive, Julie Madison is a brilliant young woman with dreams and ambitions, a lot of guts to pursue them and a good heart that moves her in the right direction while doing it. Being her a princess, an actress, a lawyer or a doctor, she’s always sure of what she wants and of how she wants to reach her goals, and while she feels a strong responsibility to help the needy, she’s just as well frustrated by the lack of care and conscience of other people who, just like her, have the chance to do something but choose not to. Privileged by chance, but missionary by choice, Julie Madison is always ready to lend a helping hand, in whatever way she can.