Orm Marius (Ocean Master)

Ahead of the first official trailer that will be presented at Comicon, we have some pics from the upcoming Aquaman giving us a look at some of the characters we’ll see in the movie. The first one is the big bad of the film, Orm, portrayed by Patrick Wilson. Donning an armor and holding in hand his iconic helmet, Orm will be the king of Atlantis and Orin‘s half-brother, and some kind of ecoterrorist who’ll move war to the surface world due to the constant pollution of his oceans, forcing his brother to come back home and reclaim the throne to stop him. The origin seems to be comic accurate, although originally he’s the pretender and Orin the king, and not the other way round. Anyway, we can expect quite some blows between the two. Let’s see together.

Orm Marius, most times referred to simply as to Orm, was born in Alaska, the son of the Atlantean immortal wizard Atlan and of an unnamed Inupiat woman. Orm grew up without knowing who his father was, and was raised by his mother, but it was apparent that he was different from all the other villagers: not only he was physically different, but he was also intolerant to every tradition and use, as if he knew, deep down, that he didn’t belong there. In a family of traditionalists, he certainly made himself noticed as a white fly. His (self-procured) isolation made him bitter and aggressive, and the only person he liked to spend time with was his cousin Kako, whom he had feelings for. When he was a young man, Kako was attacked by a polar bear, but was saved by a mysterious stranger coming from the sea, one Arthur Curry. Arthur stayed with the tribe for a while, and eventually he and Kako fell in love. The moment they began a sexual relationship, however, Orm snapped, and out of jealousy he viciously attacked Kako, almost beating her to death. The girl survived, but luckily for Orm she suffered from amnesia, and didn’t remember what had happened. Either way, this was for Orm the final drop: he had nothing else to share with his people, but wanted to know why. He confronted his mother, and the woman finally revealed to him the truth about his father, that he was an Atlantean just like the stranger who had saved Kako… and not just any Atlantean, but the former king Atlan. Knowing that royal blood ran through his veins, Orm interpreted his anxiety and uneasiness as the signs that he was destined to greater things, namely the Throne of Atlantis, and embarked into a one-man crusade to claim back what was his by birthright. He named himself the Ocean Master, and traveled the world looking to amass power enough to give strength to his claims.

Ocean Master retrieved a traditional Atlantean armor, that protected him from the pressure of the deep seas, and even built a special helmet that allowed him to breathe underwater, but since he hadn’t inherited his father’s Atlantean physiology, he was too weak to move war to the submerged people. This until he realized he had inherited from his father a much more useful skill: he was, just like him, a homo magi, naturally able to manipulate and use magic forces. He studied to become an accomplished sorcerer, but still the power he had wasn’t enough. So he summoned the demon Neron and sold his own soul to him in exchange of the power he sought. Neron was a devil of his word, and he greatly augmented Ocean Master’s magic; he also gave him a trident that acted as both a focus and a power augmenter, but it had some twisted side effect, as Orm was prey of terrible pain everytime he wasn’t wielding it. Ocean Master used his newfound power to single-handedly conquer the Dreaming City, an Atlantean nation he became the king of. This was a first step to his oceanic conquest, of course, but things had to be pushed back a little as the Dreaming City was visited by Aquaman, the new king of Atlantis, who was seeking to reunite all the scattered nations into one… and Orm recognized in him Arthur, the man who had destroyed his surface life. If it wasn’t enough to see that the man he hated had seized the throne he wanted for himself, Aquaman’s claims turned out to be just as good and rightful as Orm’s ones were, as he presented himself as the son of Atlan… thus being Ocean Master’s half brother, and the rightful heir of the magician. This was too much for Ocean Master’s mind to bear, and he simply snapped at seeing his ambitions of destined glory being destroyed by the one man who, in his perception, had already taken everything from him once. As he learnt that Lex Luthor was assembling a team to counter the “big seven” of the Justice League, the Injustice Gang, Ocean Master joined Doctor Light, Circe, Jemm, Mirror Master and Joker, with the sole purpose of killing Aquaman. If there was just one obstacle to obtaining the throne, he’d better hurry to remove it.

Orm Marius is a man of great ambition and relentless determination, who believes to have found his destiny in his royal heritage and who considers the Throne of Atlantis his birthright. As the Ocean Master, he’s an accomplished sorcerer, who can command storms and sea currents with his magic trident, as well as use telepathy and shoot powerful mystic blasts; he’s also a skilled fighter, equipped with an armor and helmet that allow him to survive in the depths of the ocean. With all the resolution and the holy rage of a man who believes to be fulfilling his destiny, the Ocean Master is a fearful threat to everyone who recognizes Aquaman’s rightful rule on Atlantis, a pretender whose sole purpose in life is to sit on the throne that once belonged to his father.