The second character spotted in the Aquaman promo pics is Queen Atlanna, portrayed by a gorgeous Nicole Kidman. From the dialogues between Aquaman and Mera in Justice League we know she’s currently dead, and that she abandoned her son with his human father, Thomas Curry, to be raised by him. We also know that she has another son, Orm, who may be also her murderer, and that she used to be the Queen of Atlantis, married to Orvax. This will be Atlanna’s second live action portrayal, as Daniella Wolters portrayed her in Mercy Reef; in this continuity, she’s actually married to Thomas, and she’s attacked by a siren while flying over the Bermuda Triangle, being separated from her son Arthur as a result. In the comics, she’s been many things, and while the Prime Earth version was indeed a warrior queen later killed by her son Orm for the throne, in New Earth she’s still alive and well. Let’s see together.

Despite her youthful appearance, Atlanna was born millennia ago on the continent of Atlantis, when it still rose above water. Back then, Atlantis was ruled by King Arion, and it was a place of ancient and powerful magic. Despite the bad fame the discipline had at the time, Atlanna was instead a scientist, more interested into understanding the rules of the natural world and in using them rather than subverting them with spells. Because of her careful observation of nature, Atlanna was among the few who foresaw the sinking of the entire continent, and she developed a serum that would have allowed her to breathe underwater. In addition to this, the serum also prolonged her life indefinitely, making her immortal. Atlanna didn’t know that many other Atlanteans had survived the catastrophe through magic means, and she secluded herself in a self-imposed exile, mostly because she feared that her mysterious survival, together with her blonde hair (a genetic trait always seen with suspicion and prejudice in Atlantis), would have made her an outcast either way. She spent centuries on her own, perfecting her science with research, and even expanding her knowledge and expertise, eventually becoming a pioneer in fields that would have been discovered by the surface world only centuries later, such as robotics. She was, however, terribly lonely, and she did miss the company of other people. It was only in the XX Century, however, that she finally ventured on the surface, where she met a lighthouse keeper, Thomas Curry. The two fell in love and even married, with Atlanna planning to transfer the conscience of her mortal husband into a robot of her own creation when he would have become much older than she would have ever been. She however suffered a very difficult pregnancy, and the moment of the birth sent her into a coma so deep that, to a human like Thomas, it looked like she had died.

Thomas Curry buried his “dead” wife at sea, and Atlanna woke up only years later… with the prolonged state of coma that had taken away much of her sanity. When, wandering the oceans, she found a prophecy from the Delphius Oracle that foresaw the coming of a blonde savior of both land and sea, she realized it was speaking of her son Orin, but in her madness she found this claim of a “true savior” to be an offense to God himself. In order to remedy the blasphemy, she decided to slain her own child, and she used her science to empower a number of Aquaman’s foes, including the Ocean Master and the robot Poseidon, to destroy him. This version of Atlanna, from Earth-One, disappeared after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and a new one replaced her on New Earth. In this reality, she was the Queen of Atlantis, wife of King Trevis. Their marriage, however, was childless, as Trevis was sterile. One night, in her dreams, she was visited by the ageless sorcerer Atlan, who seduced her. The dream affair wasn’t without consequence, as thanks to Atlan’s magic the queen got pregnant. She gave birth to a son, Orin, but the baby had the sign of Atlan’s curse: blonde hair. For this betrayal, Atlanna was exiled from Atlantis, forced to be far from her kingdom for years. She did try to come back home, but she was arrested by the royal guards, and locked in prison, where she spent years in isolation. Her only friend in this dire times was her former adviser, Vulko, who stayed by her side despite the king’s order never to speak to his cheating wife. She got ill in prison, but she got at least a chance to see her son, Orin, who was imprisoned there as well as an adult, just moments before dying, a gift she didn’t hope for. Death, however, wasn’t the end for the queen: an enemy of Aquaman, Charybdis, decided to use her to hurt her son, and resurrected her in the form of a mermaid, a creature he could control with his powers. Queen Atlanna, however, wasn’t as easily controlled as any fish…

Atlanna is very different from one continuity to another: as the outcast scientist, she’s extremely intelligent and smart, but she’s also a deranged psychopath who believes her son to be a blasphemous abomination; as the disgraced queen, she’s a compassionate and caring woman, sometimes too trusty and naive for her own good. The original one is immortal and skilled in many scientific fields, while the other possesses Atlantean superhuman stength and durability; they can both breathe underwater and stand oceanic pressure. A deadly foe and a constant open wound for Aquaman the first, a distant memory and the hope to win back a lost future the second, Atlanna’s only constant is to be an outcast among her people, an exile who only seeks to find a place, or a person, she can call home.



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