Christina L’Angelle

Of course, in the meanwhile also the most politically incorrect show from DC/Vertigo has come back with a third season, and this new episode of Preacher promises to match the previous seasons in terms of gore and provocations. In Angelville we also meet a couple of new characters from the comics, starting with Christina L’Angelle, the mother of Jesse Custer. Portrayed by Liz McGeever, we see her as she’s come back to Angelville after giving birth to Jesse, but as her mother Marie finds out she’s hiding a picture, she finds quite a gruesome but effective way to discover what that picture is. Her fate is left uncertain, but she couldn’t have lasted long in those conditions. The comics version actually survived her long stay in Angelville, albeit it costed her dearly: let’s see together.

Christina L’Angelle was born in Angelville, the family plantation of her ancient clan. She was born in a very traditional (and mean) family, with her mother, Marie L’Angelle, always trying to teach her the old ways of the L’Angelles, with boys meant to be preachers or soldiers, and girls to be raised as broodmares, but Christina never accepted this fate for herself, and always stood her ground against her mother… usually ending up in the Coffin, a casket weighted to the bottom of the nearby swamp, for days, as punishment. Finally, as a teenager, she simply couldn’t stand it anymore, and she escaped from Angelville, traveling west, to Texas. Here she met a group of peace activists protesting against the Vietnam War, and she joined them, embracing the cause. When a soldier who just got back home asked her for information on the bus he was supposed to take, she spat him in the face and called him a “baby killer”. Albeit her new friends were clapping their hands for her, she just felt terrible in seeing the big young soldier walking away without a word, and she eventually followed him in a bar. She presented her silent apology to him, and he answered with a silent forgiveness. They started talking about everything, and in a matter of hours they were in love. The soldier was named John Custer. With John, Christina felt safe for the first time in her life, and she decided she would have lived her entire life with him. There was nothing about herself she wouldn’t tell him… apart from everything concerning her family: that, she simply couldn’t think of. The two were together for one year and a half, and had a baby boy together, Jesse. The three of them couldn’t be any happier… until they were found by Jody and T. C., her mother’s top goons. John tried to fight back, but it was useless. As he found out about Jesse, however, Jody decided to bring the three of them, alive, back to Angelville, without killing John. That was a small relief.

Marie had some conditions for the family’s survival: first, Christina and John needed to get married; second, Jesse would have been raised as a preacher. If these conditions weren’t met, or if they tried to run away, they would have died. Christina did marry John, and she even pretended to follow her mother’s wishes on her son’s education, but one year later she prompted John to try and escape with the boy… but he was caught by Jody and executed in front of Jesse. After that, a heartbroken Christina simply complied, and taught Jesse everything he needed to be a man of culture and a man of God, never raising her head again… until Marie decided to put Jesse in the Coffin after hearing him cussing. Christina fought her mother, and told her that Jesse would have gone in the Coffin over her dead body… and Marie took her literally, as she had already given a heir to the L’Angelles, and she was no longer needed. She had Jody shoot her in the head, back in the swamp, but at the last minute Christina tried to fight back, making Jody miss the shot. The bullet grazed her head nevertheless, and she fell into the swamp, where she was attacked by a huge alligator: for Jody and everyone else in Angelville, she was dead. She actually survived, and even if in desperate conditions and missing her left arm due to the alligator, she was found alive by a group of hunters, and brought to a hospital. The woman suffered from amnesia due to her head wound, and didn’t even remember her name; the only thing that she had said before the hunters rescued her, as she was struggling with the alligator, was a name she was shouting, “Jody”. Because of this, at the hospital she was given the name Jodie, and after years spent in rehab, she was released. Alone and without a clue of who she was, Jodie was found by Lorie Bobbs, a young girl who took pity in her and decided to help her. She helped her in the transition from the hospital to the “real world”, and together they moved to Salvation, Texas, where they opened a bar and grill together. Jodie was happy, but sometimes she had some unnerving flashes of a past life: of a coffin, of a huge man shooting her, and of a son…

Christina Custer, née Christina L’Angelle, is a strong-willed and determined woman, a fighter who was raised in a living Hell and found in herself the strength to escape from it, and even more to live within it. Only apparently helpless and meek, she’s actually a force of nature capable of standing even in the way of a fearsome person like her mother Marie, and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for the sake of her husband and son. A rare flower born in a desert of evil and meanness, Christina L’Angelle is one of the kindest, but yet strongest people ever lived in Angelville, a trait that she brings along even in her new life as Jodie.