Mary Walker (Typhoid Mary)

We finally got our first official pics of Typhoid Mary from the upcoming second season of Iron Fist! This time, the deranged assassin will be portrayed by Alice Eve, but it’s still unclear if she’ll ally herself with Danny or with Davos… or with both, considering that the shows promises to have her multiple personality disorder faithfully brought to the screen. The character had already appeared in Elektra, portrayed by Natassia Malthe, but this one was quite a disappointing portrayal: an assassin of The Hand, Typhoid has the power to make anything organic decay with her touch and/or breath, the former Treasure who’s now jealous of the new one, Abby Millar. She succeeds in killing Abby, but is immediately after killed by Elektra, who throws a sai to her face. The show’s version will hopefully be more faithful to the comics than the movie’s one, but waiting to see Eve’s work, let’s take a look at the original character.

Mary Walker was born in New York City, from parents who hated each other. She was a victim of child abuse, most likely from her own father, and the violence she experienced as a child contributed to split her personality into a meek, timid and submissive one, Mary, and a stronger but violent and delirious one, Typhoid. Needless to say, her parents had her institutionalized as soon as possible. In the institute, her dissociative identity disorder was correctly diagnosed and treated, but as soon as she reached puberty Mary also turned out to be a mutant, who was developing psionic abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and pyrokinesis. This changed her status as a patient, and Mary was once again abused by the ones who were supposed to care for her: subjected to experiments and tests, she finally let Typhoid take control, and escaped from the institute, leaving a trail of blood. Mary awakened days after, in a hotel room, tied and soar, and didn’t remember anything of what Typhoid had done. She put herself together, and she tried to find a job as an actress, using the alias Mary Menzinis. Things didn’t exactly work out as she had hoped for, and she resurfaced some time later as a prostitute, using the name Lyla and working in a brothel under control of the Fixer, a local mob boss. “Lyla” worked for him for some time, and formed a bond with the other girls in the brothel. Then, one day, one of the Fixer’s enforcers rushed in, tailed by a black-clad vigilante (a young and vengeful Matt Murdock), looking for protection. The girls all tried to stand in the vigilante’s way, but the young man, still inexperienced, lost control, and unwillingly threw one of them from a window… Mary, of course. The impact didn’t kill her, but it had devastating effects on her psyche: as Mary was recovering, Typhoid took control once again, swearing that she would have never let a man hurt her once again: she would have hurt them before they could do the same to her.

In the following years, Typhoid Mary trained herself in martial arts and swordsmanship, becoming a lethal killer. Then, she enlisted the help of Rip, a mugger she found in Chicago, and together they started a criminal career. She came back to New York, where she became a killer of drug dealers, assassinating criminals to steal their money. By doing this, however, Typhoid meddled with many activities belonging to the Kingpin, the absolute leader of NY’s underworld. Kingpin investigated on her, and upon finding out the culprit of so many annoyances was a beautiful woman, he saw the chance of tormenting his main pain in the back, the hero Daredevil. Kingpin summoned Typhoid Mary, and offered her one million dollars to win the affections of blind lawyer Matt Murdock as Mary Walker, and at the same time to make Daredevil’s life a living hell as Typhoid Mary (when her personalities switched, Mary changed heartbeat, respiratory pattern, scent etc., so not even Daredevil’s heightened senses could identify the two personalities as the same woman). Mary accepted the offer, and was quick in obtaining Matt’s sympathy by helping his new client, a blind boy named Tyrone Jensen. The plan proceeded, and while Typhoid tried to kill Daredevil by night, Mary became Matt’s lover and confidante by day. At a certain point, she even tried to meddle with the trial involving the ones responsible for Tyrone Jensen’s blindness, but Matt managed to put them behind bars nevertheless. Something unexpected, however, happened: Mary ended up falling truly in love with Matt Murdock, with feelings that finally gave her the strength to control Typhoid to a certain extent, preventing her from truly hurting him. Mary and Typhoid started a battle for control that exhausted them both, a conflict that Kingpin immediately spotted. Scared of losing the contract, Typhoid hired the Wildboys, mercenaries that she sent after Daredevil, as Mary woudln’t allow her to arm the hero. When Bullet, Ammo and Bushwacker were done “tendering” him up for her, Typhoid appeared, and threw the hero off a bridge, later informing Kingpin of the good news. Mary, however, had become stronger than ever, and was ready to reclaim control over her body…

It’s not easy to speak about Mary Walker’s personality, as she’s three people in one: Mary is gentle, shy and good-hearted, but also weak and frail; Typhoid is adventurous, flirtatious, kind of naughty and sometimes murderous; Bloody Mary, the last arrived, is a downright psychopath, a violent misandrist who hates men and seeks to murder them all. As Typhoid Mary, she’s an excellent martial artist, with proficiency in the use of swords and other blades; she’s also a mutant, with the power of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and telepathy, the latter of which she uses to implant mental suggestions, to disorient her enemies, to create sensory ghosts to distract others and even to psionically seduce men, making them obsessed with her (only Typhoid and Bloody have access to said powers). Typhoid Mary is a splintered individual, a woman destroyed by the abuses she suffered, who rebuilt herself in three personalities acting and existing like three different individuals… with mental illness and the inner conflicts that it brings along making her either an innocent and needy damsel in distress, or a lethal and dangerous man-slaughterer.


Maria Esperanza

In the trailer for Deadly Class, there’s another girl who knows how to be noticed: the flamenco dancer covered in Dia de los Muertos make-up. She’s Maria Salazar, portrayed by María Gabriela de Faría, and she means a lot of trouble for the protagonist. It’s still unknown how much the show will follow the comicbook’s story, but it’s unlikely that the Russo Brothers will skip a plot point like the deranged love triangle between Maria, Marcus and Saya, especially considering the grave consequences it brings to all the characters involved. Let’s see together who this beautiful and lethal girl is, and as usual, beware of potential spoilers.

Maria Esperanza was born in Suarez, Mexico, the daughter of Gilbert and Leticia Esperanza. Her family, that counted also a number of uncles, grandparents, cousins and aunts, was happy, loving, but very poor, and they strove day after day to find something to put on the table for everyone. Their area, in fact, was under the control of Salazar, a gangster nicknamed El Alma del Diablo (the Soul of the Devil) for his cruelty: Salazar kept the population in constant need, so that he could provide protection, resources and jobs, and they were totally dependent on him. Gilbert, however, had another idea, and one day he stole food from El Alma to feed his family. That very night, at dinner, El Alma de Diablo sent his son, Chico, to knock at the Esperanzas’ door, and had the boy start a carnage. Two of his top enforcers, members of his Unholy Trinity, soon joined: the Holy Ghost burnt the pregnant Leticia alive, and the Father proceeded to massacre anyone in sight. As a last sign of cruelty, El Alma del Diablo crucified Gilbert on public square, so that he could be an example for everyone who dared to defy him. Maria ran to her dying father, and Salazar ordered the Ghost to kill her as well… but Chico knew her from school, and he asked his father not to kill her: he knew her as a smart girl, one that could have been useful to the family. Salazar listened to his son, and took Maria along. From that day, he rose her as if she was his daughter (in his own, cruel version of paternity, of course), wanting her to become an unsuspected killer he could use against his enemies. Serving her family’s murderer, however, wasn’t the only price Maria had to pay to stay alive.

As the kids grew up together, it became plain as daylight that Chico was interested in Maria far beyond a brother-sister relationship, but Maria didn’t want anything to do with it… until she was threatened by Amante Jael, El Alma’s wife, and forced to become Chico’s girlfriend. This opened a whole new chapter in Maria’s diary of pain, as not only she despised him and found herself forced to be with him, but Chico was terribly jealous, and killed any boy he saw speaking with her. Then, El Alma del Diablo decided to send both his children to King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, a secret school of assassins where they would have been trained to become the perfect killers to serve their family. As the alleged daughter of Salazar, Maria entered the school as a legacy student, with all the privileges of being the daughter of an ex-student and a renowned assassin. She never left Chico’s side, and never managed to even if she wanted to. As Chico became leader of one of the students’ groups, the Soto Vatos, Maria forcefully followed him, but her position as the boss’ girl didn’t bring her any advantage, quite the opposite: they were all avoiding her, afraid as they were of upsetting the volatile Chico. She tried to have some flirts, but every time, as usual, Chico violently disposed of any “rival”. She was allowed only to have female friends, and she formed a close bond with Saya, from the Kuroki Syndicate. Maria almost resigned to isolationism, until a new freshman joined the school: Marcus Lopez Arguello, a boy who was wanted by the FBI for killing dozens of people in the arson of an orphanage. Maria immediately liked Marcus, and she decided she would have had him, no matter the cost. When Marcus and his friends left the school for a weekend in Las Vegas, Maria joined them… perfectly knowing that Chico would have followed them in the attempt to make yet another rival “disappear”.

Maria Salazar, born Maria Esperanza, is a young woman who came to identify herself totally with her pain, crippled by a loss that never leaves her and that makes her terribly frail on an emotional level. She is, however, a lethal and efficient assassin, who masters a fighting style base on dancing steps, and who is more than proficient with her bladed fans, that she uses to decapitate her victims; she’s also an expert in stealth techniques, in misleading pursuers, and in using smokescreens, disguises and environmental tools to hide and conceal her presence before striking from the shadows. Pain seeks pain, and Maria makes no exception: she is in the constant pursuit of someone who can understand her loss and fill it, but she’s also willing to inflict that same pain on the ones who destroyed her life and slaughtered her family.

The Seraphim/Betrayer

Quite a season finale for Preacher, and we had to say goodbye to a number of characters… but we also welcome a new one, who’ll no doubt bring some huge revelations next year. In The Light Above, in fact, Cassidy is captured by The Grail right after he finally managed to dispose of Eccarius, and finds himself locked in a cell in Masada… but he soon realized he’s not alone there, as there’s an angel hanging in chains right atop of him. That’s a Seraphim with no name, but with a fundamental role in the story. As for now, he has no actor portraying him (he was pure CGI in the episode), but it’s likely he’ll have one soon enough for next season. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at him in the comics: beware of spoilers, as usual.

As all the other members of the Heavenly Host, the Seraphim had no name: he was created with all his brothers by God, and stayed in His service since the beginning of time. He loved and revered His creator, and chose to stay by His side even when some angels rebelled to Him after the creation of humankind, and all the pain, suffering and evil that this brought along. The Seraphim had no doubts, no falter in His faith, and always trusted God’s design. He would have probably changed his mind if he knew what said design had programmed for him. As one of the Seraphims, his duty was to patrol the border between Heaven and Hell, repelling everyone from one side who tried to pass into the other, and he did his job splendidly… until he met the Demon. Without understanding how or why, the Seraphim fell in love with the dark, dangerous stranger, and she did the same with him: they were both acting against their own nature, secretly manipulated by God, but they couldn’t resist it. They eloped, and from their forbidden relationship was born a being of untold power, maybe able to match God’s omnipotence: Genesis. The moment Genesis was born, God fled from Heaven, and hid somewhere in His creation. For this, the Seraphim was arrested and put on trial by the other angels, and he was found guilty: as punishment, he was banished from Heaven and cast on Earth, where he was seen falling by an unaware US Air Force pilot. As the report reached the army, some generals knew exactly what to do with it, and notified the Grail about the appearance of an angelic “guest”. The Seraphim couldn’t have fallen in worse hands.

The Grail was a secret, powerful organization of apocalyptic Christians who wanted to accelerate the day of the end of times. An angel coming directly from Heaven was truly a gift from God for them, and some took it quite literally. The Seraphim was taken into custody by them, and locked in a cell in Masada, their headquarters, where he was tortured for information for years. He was the one who informed Allfather D’Aronique, the leader of the Grail, of God’s disappearance, as well as of Genesis’ birth. Thanks to the presence of the Seraphim, the Grail could obtain the information they needed about Heaven and Hell whenever they wanted, and used that intel as leverage against the world’s powers, and to successfully hunt and pursue the current host of Genesis, a Texan preacher named Jesse Custer. It was Custer the one who finally led an assault on Masada, starting a furious battle that ended with the death of many of the Grail’s soldiers and officers, including D’Aronique. Finally, the Seraphim saw a chance of freedom, a relief from the years of torment and imprisonment he had been subjected to. He reached for Custer, and he offered him advice on how to be able to talk to Genesis, to his son. He told him to seek the ancient ways of the Native Americans, saying that they knew everything he needed to enter in contact with the omnipotent child residing within him. As the preacher walked away, the Seraphim was visited by yet another visitor in the caves beneath Masada: God, who had witnessed the entire scene. Before burning him to death for helping Custer, God made him the “favor” of finally giving him a name: He called him Betrayer, just before killing him.

The Seraphim, known in the last moment of his life as Betrayer, is an angel with a broken will, a being of pure good who’s been tortured, maimed and beaten for years. As an angel, he’s immortal (but clearly not invulnerable) and capable of flight, and he’s supposed to be stronger and more durable than a regular human being, but it’s possible that being banished from Heaven took away some of his powers. Now, he’s an eternal prisoner of war, a source of intel used and abused by his captors in a conflict he started against his own will, driven by a passion he still can’t quite explain to himself…

Master Lin

The most recognizable face in the Deadly Class trailer is probably Benedict Wong, who’ll appear as the malicious Master Lin. He’s the headmaster of King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, and apparently the show will have him as a teacher also, as we can say from the trailer, where he harshly punishes one of his students, Brandy. In the comics, Lin doesn’t teach, not during the protagonists’ first year at least, and he’s physically very different, looking a bit like Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China. Needless to say, he’s a character you’ll have to keep an eye on. Let’s see together why.

The life and past of Master Lin, even his complete name, are predictably shrouded in mystery, but we know some things about him nevertheless. He was born in the United States of America, in an unspecified city but most likely San Francisco, and was the heir of a glorious family of assassins of Chinese descent. His ancestors lived when Chinese people in America were treated as cattle, and they founded a school of assassins to give the weakest and last members of society the means to defend themselves and to make their lives mean something in a world that disrespected and neglected them. Since the day he was born, Lin was destined to inherit the guidance of the school, King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, but despite this he attended it like a regular student (albeit a legacy student, of course), and graduated there without any form of privilege received from teachers and masters, excelling in all disciplines, and becoming a proficient assassin. He made a name for himself, and when the time came, he came back to King’s Dominion as the teacher of martial arts, one of the many disciplines he excelled in despite his stature. Then, he became the headmaster of King’s Dominion, an already respected (and feared) professional. He surrounded himself of trusty cooperators, other assassins who had much to teach to the students: Master Zane he chose as his replacement in martial arts, Miss De Lucca he chose for crime psychology, and many others followed, all of them personally selected by Lin. It was time for a new run of the centuries-old school.

Master Lin was deeply respectful of the school’s traditions and of its declared goal, and he took upon himself to train his students to be remorseless and highly efficient killers: in a world where children were commonly used for war, it was just humane to help them prepare for it. Upon the traditions he fully and gladly embraced, there was one that gave the possibility to unknown children to earn their place as legacy students, despite not being sons or daughters of renowned assassins: the Hunt for the Rats. Master Lin personally selected kids from all around the world who had distinguished themselves for episodes of violence, and offered them a place in his school, without requiring them to pay the expensive tuition. He treated them like everyone else in the school, but made sure that everyone knew who they were, as during the year he had his guardian monks deliver to each one of them the skeleton of a dead rat that identified them. Then, just before the newbies finished their freshman year, he ordered all the legacy students to kill the rats, earning their place in the school and obtaining positions and popularity depending on how many they managed to murder, putting at good use the skills learnt during the year. The rats who managed to survive the carnage, though, were allowed into the school and treated with all the honors and respect due to a legacy student, and their children would have been considered legacy in the future. This way, Master Lin made sure that the social ladder was as mobile as possible, depending on the skills and abilities of the ones eager to climb it. This was the way Master Lin respected the traditions, ruled the school and formed his kids: this was his way to give the poor ones a voice, or at least a bullet to be heard.

Master Lin is a cruel and malicious man, driven by the sacred fire of justice in a quest, to his eyes at least, to make the world’s weak and poor able to defend themselves. He’s merciless and brutal, a highly intelligent tactician who controls every move of everyone in his school (and even outside…). Despite his old age and short stature, he’s a terrific martial artist, but he’s also an expert of poisons and a master in the use of several weapons. Master Lin lets people underestimate him as an “old and frail man”, but he’s actually one of the most dangerous and terrifying people on the planet, a man responsible for the death of hundreds and hundreds of people, most of them kids, and who’s long lost the ability to feel any form of human feeling. He is, in every sense, the perfect assassin his students hope to become.

Vanessa Tara Brooks

After all this time, we come back to Blade with Amy H, and the next character in line (and also the last one from the comics in the movie) is one of the secondary antagonists: Vanessa Brooks, portrayed by Sanaa Lathan. In the movie, she’s Blade‘s mother, allegedly killed by blood loss immediately after her son’s birth, but actually transformed by Deacon Frost into a vampire (and into his lover). She’s killed by Blade by the end of the movie, and this time for good, but she appears again in Blade: House of Chthon in a flashback, this time portrayed by Sonja Bennett. In the comics, she was originally named Tara, and later corrected into Vanessa Tara, and her story is a little bit complicated, and definitely darker. Let’s see together.

For years, the vampire hunter Blade believed his mother to have been a prostitute randomly attacked by a vampire and bitten as hundreds of women had been before her, but the truth was a little bit more complicated than that. Tara Brooks was born in the United States of America, city of birth unknown, and she got married to Lucas Cross, a high-ranking member of the Order of Tyrana, a secret society bent on fighting supernatural threats, and specifically vampires. Her husband’s job wasn’t clearly without risks, and in fact he soon was targeted by a group of vicious vampires. This happened right when Tara was pregnant with their son, and was therefore a liability for the vampire hunter: just before leaving for a mission in Latveria, Lucas entrusted her to a friend, Madame Vanity, owner of a brothel in Soho, London. Vanity’s brothel was a perfect temporary hideout for Tara, but unfortunately Lucas got captured, and given for dead by his superiors of the Order. Left alone, with a baby on arrival, Tara changed her name to Vanessa to better hide herself from her husband’s enemies, and prepared herself to give birth to her son, Eric. All that stress had caused a series of health complications for the human, so Madame Vanity decided to call a doctor to assist the woman during her labor. She called the wrong one, though.

The doctor who answered the call was Deacon Frost, an old vampire who used humans as guinea pigs for his horrifying experiments. Frost fed on Vanessa/Tara just as she was giving birth, so Eric was born with particular enzymes in his body that made him a Dampyr, a human-vampire hybrid, immune to vampirism and with potential superhuman skills. Vanessa was dying, but before Frost could kill her son too she managed to call help: Madame Vanity and the other girls intervened and drove away the vampire, saving the baby and promising the mother that they would have taken care of him. Then, the woman could finally die, of blood loss and fatigue. Her body was moved to New Orleans, where she was buried. Her torment, however, wasn’t over: years later, her son had become Blade, one of the fiercest vampire hunters in the world, and he had earnt powerful enemies… among which the Lord of Vampires himself, Dracula. Plotting revenge against Blade, Dracula had Vanessa’s body exhumed and stolen, brought to him in Romania by his servants. Here, the Lord of Vampires used his dark magic to resurrect her and to turn her into one of his brides, a powerful and cruel leverage to use against Blade. The Day-Walker, predictably, followed the body to Romania, and started his hunt once again, helped by a local priest, Father Nicholas, one of the two survivors of a village nearby Castle Dracula. The pair managed to kill two of Dracula’s brides, but Blade was totally unprepared to see his mother back to life, as an enemy. Nicholas tried to drive her away with his cross, but he was decapitated by Dracula, who had joined his new bride in battle. Now, for Blade, the most challenging hunt of his entire life laid ahead, as Vanessa would have not hesitated to kill her own son to please her new master.

Vanessa Tara Brooks used to be a gentle and loving woman, strong-willed and committed to her family, but those days are long gone, and she’s now completely enslaved to the will of Dracula. As a vampire, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, enhanced senses, and with time she’ll be able to transform into a bat or a wolf, to hypnotize and mind-control people, and maybe even to control weather on a limited area. Crippled by the thirst of her species, Vanessa is now a vicious demon preying on people’s blood and ready to do anything her master orders her to… exactly the kind of monster her husband and her son have been hunting for years.

Saya Kuroki

If there’s one character in the Deadly Class trailer that grabs the eye, it’s definitely the Japanese girl on a motorbike teasing the protagonist: that’s Kuroki Saya, portrayed by Lana Condor. In the show, she’ll be the one who introduces Marcus to the existence of the King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, acting as his sponsor to allow him in… just as in the comics, nothing different there. If you want to keep the surprise about her origins, don’t read any further (same thing for any other character from the tv series), otherwise, let’s take a look at her together.

Saya Kuroki was born in Japan, and she was the daughter of the leader of the Kuroki-Gumi (the Kuroki Syndicate), one of the most powerful and influential families of Yakuza. Saya grew up with her older brother Kenji, but the two of them were deeply different: while Kenji wanted to expand his family’s business, possibly even dealing with drugs (the tradition forbade it), Saya respected and embraced her father’s vision of Yakuza, a romantic view that saw the organized criminality as a force to protect people from a corrupt government and police, and paradoxically a moral shelter that locked the evil men can do, such as gambling, prostitution and the likes, into certain areas to preserve the rest of the population. It was clear that Mr. Kuroki loved Saya more than he did Senji, and he even entrusted to her the ancient katana of the family: since Saya’s great great great great grandmother had taken it from her husband’s corpse during a siege, it was now a women’s legacy within the family, and it was hers by birthright. All this made Kenji deeply resentful towards his sister, and the two had a fight right in front of their father’s oldest friend, Mr. Eto, another samurai descendant from the Taira Clan. Kenji said that drugs were the only way to earn more, but Saya denied this, and declared that she would have been able to increase profits without breaking traditions. Her father, much to her displeasure, told her that he didn’t want her to follow his footsteps, but Saya was more than convinced to prove her valor. She organized, in her school, a gambling ring that made her a lot of money, money that she used to humiliate her brother in front of one of his “friends”, Akio Eto, son of Mr. Eto: Akio was kicking Kenji out since he was without a penny and still asking for money, but Saya was ready to give away her own, much as it was. Akio took her in sympathy, and the two became business partners… more than enough to enrage Kenji.

While Saya became Akio’s friend and business partner, and had her entire body covered in Irezumi tattoos to show her allegiance, Kenji plotted his vengeance. He lured his sister into Mr. Eto’s house, and here he killed Eto, making it look like Saya had done it using her family’s katana. Panicking, the girl ran away, but she came back shortly after, right when her father was facing the new leader of the Taira Clan, Akio. Wanting to prevent her father to pay with his life for the dishonor of having a traitorous and murderous daughter, she stated her innocence, but offered two of her fingers as a tribute, slicing them off with the katana and swearing that she would have found the real culprit. Despite this, Mr. Kuroki killed himself with seppūku: he knew Saya was innocent, but he also knew that the assassin was his other son, Kenji, so the dishonor still weighted on him. Distraught, Saya escaped once again, this time from her own family: now that he father was dead, Kenji inherited his position as leader, and it was obvious that he wouldn’t have followed the traditions at all… and that he wanted to dispose of the more popular and smarter sister, of course. It didn’t take much to Saya to decide where she was headed: she knew that, when he was young, her father had attended a secret school in the United States of America, a training ground for assassins called King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts. She would have enrolled in that same school, she would have graduated there, and then she would have come back to Japan to claim the leadership of the Syndicate from her brother, bringing it back to what her father wanted it to be. The school’s headmaster, Master Lin, welcomed her as a freshman: she was a legacy student after all, and with quite a number of skills already mastered. The way to get her title and reclaim her birthright, however, would have been much harsher and difficult than she would have ever imagined…

Saya Kuroki is a serious girl who values honor and loyalty, a committed warrior who’s disposed to do anything to reach her ultimate goal. She’s a superb hand-to-hand combatant and a talented swordswoman with her katana, a great biker and a remarkable athlete, but her field of absolute mastership is stealth: she’s capable of following anyone, even for days, without letting the other (eve a trained “other”) have even the slightest suspect of her presence. Saya dedicates her entire life to her goal, honor-bound to reclaim her family legacy from her psychopath brother, and to reach that she’s ready to sacrifice anything or anyone… this, at least, until she starts to really care about other people from her school, a weakness that may cost her dearly.

Donna Diego (Scream)

The last character spotted in the Venom trailer is quite a surprise, especially considering that her presence was little more than a rumor since short ago. We can see a woman, portrayed by Michelle Lee, in a bar or something, looking with amusement to her own arm as a Symbiote envelops it in the form of a blade, and later we see the same woman letting out a myriad of needle-like projectiles in the same place. Lee has been announced to be portraying Donna Diego, a scientist of Life Foundation who gets bonded with a Symbiote (possibly Riot, as he’s said to be a “body-jumper”), and that name rings quite a bell, as in the comics she’s one of the most vicious and deranged enemies of the V-Man. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Donna Diego, apart from the fact that she became a mercenary at a young age, and that she experienced some psychotic episodes that forced her to quit. War and security were the only things she knew how to do, though, so she lied about her mental health issues and managed to get hired by a new organization, the Life Foundation, a secret club for wealthy people scared of a possible nuclear holocaust. As Strike Agent 4 Donna distinguished herself as one of the best members of the Foundation’s security, and she was selected for a breakthrough experiment, that saw her bonded with one of the Symbiote offspring that had been taken from Venom and artificially matured. With the new alien “partner”, Donna became Scream, one of the Symbiote Guardians, with the task of acting as a private police for the Life Foundation and their wealthy clients. CEO Carlton Drake decided to test her against a recurring foe of the Life Foundation, Spider-Man, and sent her to Salinas, California, where the hero had been sighted. Albeit more powerful, Scream was less experienced than her enemy, and was easily defeated. She escaped on a hovercraft, but she failed to notice that Spider-Man followed her to the secret lab. When the hero broke in, Drake unleashed all five members of his new task force on the intruder. Things didn’t exactly go as expected, as Spider-Man teamed up with Venom, who had freed himself from his cell, and apparently vanquished the Guardians, reducing the Symbiotes to dust and later causing an explosion that destroyed the lab. Donna, however, survived, as her Scream Symbiote protected her from the explosion with the little strength she still had. The entire group hid in New Mexico, where they tried to lay low for a while… but here, for the first time, the young Symbiotes matured enough to have their voice heard, and to try and take control on them. For everyone, this turned out to be a very stressful, but for Donna this experience shattered her unstable sanity.

Hearing the Symbiote’s voice in her head made Donna Diego fall back into the pits of schizophrenia, and she slowly started to lose her mind. She agreed with her teammates to retrieve Venom, their “father”, to learn from him how to control their Symbiotes, but on the first try in New York City Scream lost control, and was stopped by Venom (who humiliated her and nearly killed her) and the Scarlet Spider. Time later, Eddie Brock was separated from his Symbiote and imprisoned, time for the Guardians to break him out of prison and kidnap him, begging for his help. Brock refused, and this destroyed the last bit of sanity left in Donna. She suffered a psychotic break, and hearing the voices in her head (not just Scream’s, but many others), she came to the conclusion that all Symbiotes were evil, and that their hosts deserved to die. Using a sonic blade, she killed her teammates one by one, starting with Leslie “Agony” Gesneria, always leading the suspects to Brock, who had managed to escape. Scream started a manhunt against Brock, in the meanwhile killing her own teammates, until she was left with one single target: Brock himself. She nearly succeeded in murdering him, but Eddie joined with Venom just in time, and managed to overpower his deranged “daughter”. She was arrested, but she broke free shortly after, when Earth was invaded by an army of hostile Klyntars (the Symbiote race). Apparently treated from her madness, Donna now sought redemption and, accompanied by her Symbiote she now knew how to live with, started tracking down the surviving Symbiotes from the invasion, helping them in coping with their hosts. When her “students” started to disappear, only to be found murdered shortly after, Donna started her investigation, that led her right to the culprit… a large alien called Xenophage, who preyed on Symbiotes, an enemy far too powerful for her to handle alone. Luckily enough, she had also a “daddy” she could call to lend her a hand…

Donna Diego is quite a dangerous woman in her own right, a schizophrenic girl with violent tendencies always on the verge of losing control. As Scream, her Symbiote grants her superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, the ability to stick to any surface, camouflage, and matter generation in the form of tendrils, blades and ropes she uses to move, like all the other Symbiotes; she also possesses two unique abilities: she can extend her hair and use them as additional limbs, and during her psychotic breaks she can force her Symbiote to produce a Sonic Knife (a blade vibrating to intense sound frequencies) able to kill other Symbiotes. A wretched soul looking for redemption, Scream constantly walks on the thin line between sanity and madness, trying to put up to her past crimes, but always afraid of losing control and commit others in the future.