Not the final character from the SDCC trailer for The Walking Dead, but the last one from Magna‘s group: Yumiko, portrayed by Eleanor Matsuura. Yumiko is also the member of said group we know the least of, and she’s not even seen with all the others at the admission interview, but rather in a forest apparently stalked by someone. It’s entirely possible that they changed something for her story line, considering that in the comics she never leaves her original group, at least at the beginning. Let’s take a look together.

As with most people after society crumbled, not much is known about Yumiko: she lived near Washington D. C., and she came from a family of Japanese descent. She was a lesbian, and she was perfectly ok with that, never having to hide it from her family or friends, and on the opposite being pretty proud of her sexuality. In peace as she could be with the world, however, the world was not in peace at all, and with the Outbreak everything came crumbling down, and she was forced to reach a shelter along with all the people from the same area. The structure, however, wasn’t meant to be a definitive accommodation, and its limits became quite clear with overcrowding and disorganization, all elements that worsened after the fall of the government. With no other options, Yumiko decided to follow Magna, a young woman she had become pretty close to, who wanted to try her luck in the outside world. Also others joined them, and they moved for a while looking for shelter and provisions, traveling by horse and having the animals tow a trailer with all the group’s belongings. The adventure came to an abrupt end the moment they stumbled upon a herd, being driven away by another group protecting their community. The unwanted meeting nearly costed everybody’s lives, but the scout from the other group, a man who looked a lot like Jesus, managed to saved them, and later drove the herd away. Jesus invited Magna and her group to join him in his community, and Magna agreed, supported in this by Yumiko and a few others. By this time, Yumiko had started to develop deeper feelings for Magna, and she accompanied her in the new, utopian community, Alexandria, and in the exploration of the same, that led them to a confrontation with the city’s only prisoner, Negan, and to a rushy dialogue with Andrea, one of the place’s veterans, who told them the entire story of the place.

Alexandria looked like the perfect place to live in, and Yumiko and the others were allowed to stay as long as they didn’t have bad intentions. In those days, Alexandria was organizing a fair with other three settlements, Hilltop, The Kingdom and The Sanctuary, and Yumiko gladly participated… but the happy day was tragically interrupted by the unforeseen attack of a hostile group, called the Whisperers, who killed several members of all the communities involved. Even Luke, one of Magna’s people, got killed, more than enough a reason to bring Yumiko to applaud Rick Grimes‘ decision to form a Militia to declare war to the Whisperers. As they trained together shooting walkers to make practice, Yumiko and Magna even had time to deepen their relationship, and it turned out that Magna was lesbian too, but she just wasn’t able to deal with it. Yumiko proved to be pivotal in the girl’s acceptance of her own nature, and she made her realize that her parents, who strongly disapproved of homosexuality, weren’t ghosts ready to haunt her if she finally embraced her orientation, and that all the homophobia and the discrimination had died with the old world. Finally, Magna decided to trust her, and the two of them became a couple. Just to strengthen Magna’s resolution, Yumiko “officially” announced it to Michonne, Eugene, Siddiq and Juanita, proving that nobody was shocked nor disgusted by it. In the meanwhile, of course, the war had started, and Yumiko proved her value by saving Michonne and Aaron from an enemy ambush, and starting a manhunt against Beta, the vice-leader of the Whisperers. The war wasn’t without losses, of course, and Yumiko cried honest tears when Connie, from her original group, nearly died for a bite, and had her boyfriend Kelly chop her hand off to save her. Losses, however, Yumiko could stand: the one thing she wouldn’t have accepted, in this conflict, was defeat, and defeat only…

Yumiko is a warrior born, who finds in the post-apocalypse world the perfect environment to develop a personality that would have been tough, but not this tough, in the world before. She’s an extremely skilled archer, lethal with a bow, and she’s able to use even blades. Used to fight her entire life, Yumiko can now do something different than ideological battles, and brings all her strength and heart on a battlefield that will always need her courage…


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