Thomas “Tom” & Thaddeus “Tad” Trigger (Trigger Twins)

The final part of Elseworlds seen in Arrow and Supergirl brings along another little surprise. As Dr. Deegan rewrites reality once again with the Book of Destiny, Barry and Oliver are stripped of their heroic identities and turned into a couple of renowned and feared criminals, the Trigger Twins… who are actually another couple of renowned criminals from the comics, Tom and Tad Trigger, the second ones to go by the moniker (the first Trigger Twins were Western heroes). As we can guess by the way people react to Barry and Oliver, the Trigger Twins are infamous gangsters even in Deegan’s reality, and their look is somewhat reminiscent of the one they have in the comics, sans the hat. Let’s see together.

Tom and Tad Trigger were twin brothers, but they never met until they were adults. For some unspecified reason, in fact, they got separated at birth, and grew up in different cities. For some weird trick of fate, both of them ended up becoming criminals, specializing in armed robberies, and they constantly moved from city to city after a heist. Finally, with another incredible coincidence, they targeted the same bank, and they first met each other while they were robbing it. Shocked to see a lookalike in the bank, both Tom and Tad didn’t quite realize what was happening, and escaped to try and figure it out. They confronted each other, and soon realized that none of them was a fake: they rejoiced for finding a lost brother, and someone in the same “field of work”, even, and they decided to form a criminal duo, the Trigger Twins. From there on, they moved as one, planning the heists together and robbing a bank after the other. Soon they became more ambitious, and decided to step up on the ladder, wanting to become more than simple robbers. Some rumor in the underworld had it that Bane had finally gotten rid of Batman, so the duo moved to Gotham City, aiming to make a name for themselves among the bloodiest and most powerful criminals in the country. The Trigger Twins made quite a debut, as they robbed a local mob boss, Dirty Dan Doyle… but they got caught immediately after. Much to their surprise, though, the boss was quite impressed by both their skill and their audacity, and he decided to hire them as enforcers. Without much of a choice, and having to start somewhere, the Trigger Twins accepted the offer.

The Trigger Twins kept doing for Doyle what they usually did for themselves, dividing the loot with their new boss. They were even entrusted with some men to lead during their heists, but something went terribly wrong as they attacked a subway train loaded of money. A new Batman, who replaced the old one, was protecting Gotham in his predecessor’s absence, and he was much more brutal than the original. This Batman quickly disposed of Doyle’s men, he badly wounded Tad’s arm with his shurikens, and broke Tom’s nose, leaving them to lick their wounds. By the time they got out of jail, Dirty Dan had been killed by his rival Black Mask, so the Trigger Twins were free-lancers once again. It didn’t pass much time before they were approached by a blonde girl, a robber herself, who introduced herself as Tonya Trigger, their lost sister. Used to unlikely coincidences, Tad and Tom fell for it, and they rejoined with their third sibling, gladly granting her their help in some troubles she was in. In reality, “Tonya” was Paige Willingham, and she wanted to use them to steal a chip from PanchoTech to sell it to some foreign buyers. The Trigger Twins used a bikers gang, the Bandidos, as a distraction, and successfully stole the computer chip, later taking refuge in an abandoned Western-themed attraction, the Gotham Gulch. Here, however, they were reached by Robin, who had been hunting for them, accompanied by Sheriff Shotgun Smith, the Huntress, Deputy Cissy Chambers, and the new Nighthawk and Pow-Wow Smith, descendants of the originals. It would have been quite a hell of a high noon for the gunmen…

Tad and Tom Trigger are two nostalgic gangsters, a couple of Western-themed gunslingers who live for the thrill and the loot, and only care about money and family. As the Trigger Twins, they are quite a formidable couple, nearly infallible marksmen who use as trademark weapons a couple of old Colt pistols. Not exactly bright, but smart enough to follow orders, the Trigger Twins make good henchmen, and they are so easily manipulated that they end up working literally for anyone… the important thing, of course, is that they have a lot of fun while amounting a lot of money; everything else is purely accidental.

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