Frank Curtis

Happy Easter everyone! Last episode of The Flash has been quite disappointing, but it was still the best The CW offered last week, and this says quite a lot. Anyway, in Godspeed we can take a look at Nora‘s life before becoming XS, and we meet her boss, Lt. Frankie Curtis, portrayed by Ese Atawo. She’s the superior officer of CSI Nora, and she has more or less the same relationship Captain Singh has with her father. In the comics, the name is actually Frank Curtis, and he’s not an African American woman, but rather a Caucasian man. And he definitely doesn’t live in 2049. Let’s take a look.

Frank Curtis was born in Central City, Missouri, from an unknown family. As a young man, he joined Central City Police Department, and he eventually became a detective. Intelligent and reliable, Curtis was assigned to narcotics, where he became an undercover agent. While investigating on heroin traffickers, Curtis stumbled upon an uncomfortable truth: much of the drugs that the criminals he was with were dealing with, came directly from the CCPD’s evidence room. The drug dealers had someone inside the department that moved the confiscated heroin, moved it to the lab of CSI Barry Allen, and from there back to the streets. As soon as he could, he came back to Chief Harvey Paulson, and warned him of his discovery. Paulson decided something had to be done immediately, but he obviously needed evidence to know who the corrupt cops were: he decided to assign Barry Allen himself to Curtis as his new partner, sending them to investigate. Despite his initial suspicions on him, Frank Curtis soon came to like Allen, and decided he could trust him. The first thing the two officers had to do was to arrest the smugglers, believing they could question them on their contacts in the CCPD: unfortunately, a huge police operation would have alerted the dirty cops in the department, so Curtis and Allen decided to go all Starsky & Hutch and do everything by themselves. Curtis already knew the location of the dealers’ headquarters, and led there his new partner… but they found the building empty. Somehow, the smugglers had already known of their arrival, and had set a trap: the two made their escaped, but they were immediately followed by a car, with criminals shooting at them from everywhere.

Frank Curtis, worried for his partner, told Allen to flee while he tried to dispose of the assailants, but the CSI got run over by the criminals, and Frank saw him disappear under the car. Moments later, The Flash intervened, saved Curtis and disposed of the criminals. Allen reappeared immediately after, bruised but fine. This misadventure was enough to make Curtis and Allen become friends for life, and the following night Frank was introduced to Barry’s wife, Iris West, at a masquerade (he arrived dressed as The Flash). While all the couples danced, Curtis went to the balcony to smoke a cigarette, but here he was attacked by the serial killer Clive Yorkin, who mistook him for the real Flash. Yorkin easily overpowered Frank, but when he unmasked him and saw that he was not the real deal, he threw him from the balcony. When Frank regained his senses, he stormed into the villa and looked for the criminal, but all he found was his new friend Barry collapsed… and his wife dead at his side. Frank personally brought Allen to the hospital, where the doctors discovered he had been drugged at the party by an unknown assailant. Barry even had to be sedated when, in a hallucinogenic state, tried to fight doctors and nurses to escape and find Yorkin. When he finally came back to his senses, five days had passed, and Frank Curtis was the one who took it upon himself to go pick him up, and tell him the sad news about his wife. Still confused by the drugs, Allen refused to believe Curtis, so he had to bring him to the morgue to see Iris’ body. There, it happened what Frank was expecting: Barry Allen had a total breakdown. Curtis left him to mourn, but when he came back his friend was gone already. He met him again the following day, at Iris’ funeral, where Barry introduced him to his friends Bruce, Clark and Diana. In Barry’s friends, Curtis could see his same will to bring Clive Yorkin to justice: nobody could ruin his friend’s life and get away with it.

Frank Curtis is an old-style cop, a honest law enforcer who believes in justice and pursues it with all his energies. He’s a trained undercover cop, with several fields of expertise, both orthodox and unorthodox for the department. Loyal to a fault to his friends, he’s fiercely protective of any colleague, but if there’s one thing he can’t stand are dirty cops, those who soil the uniform with criminal conduct: those disgraced policemen would better be careful with him around, as nobody escapes Frank Curtis forever…

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