Ma’alefa’ak J’onzz (Malefic)

The season finale of Supergirl was quite naive and underwhelming per se, but it revealed some interesting developments for the future. In the last moment of The Quest for Peace, in fact, we learn that The Monitor is assembling not just heroes, but villains as well, and he releases from some kind of dimensional prison a Green Martian who means a lot of trouble: Ma’alefa’ak J’onzz, the forgotten brother of the Martian Manhunter, portrayed by Phil LaMarr. In the comics, Ma’alefa’ak is better known as Malefic, and he’s the main responsible of the genocide of the Green Martians: he can’t be in the show as well for obvious reasons, but it will be interesting to see what he’ll be up to in the next season (and why Monitor wants him in the first place). Now, let’s take a look at the original guy.

Ma’alefa’ak J’onzz was born centuries ago on Ma’aleca’andra, the planet later known as Mars. He was the son of M’yrnn and Sha’sheen, two respected members of the Martian community, and he had a twin brother, J’onn. Since his birth, M’yrnn sensed an ambiguous nature within him, so he gave him a name that meant “Darkness in the Heart“. Unfortunately, he proved not to be wrong: when J’onn married the beautiful M’yri’ah, Ma’alefa’ak committed the gravest possible crime on Mars, mind-raping her. His brother brought him before the Assembly of Minds to accuse him, and while Ma’alefa’ak claimed insanity, the Assembly still condemned him: his powers were blocked forever, and his memory rewritten so that he forgot to ever have had them, and even the memory of his atrocious crime was erased. Moments before being “reprogrammed”, Ma’alefa’ak swore that his heart would have still remembered, and that he would have kept hating all his peers even without knowing why. Also this prophecy proved to be true: in the following years, Ma’alefa’ak nurtured a deep hatred towards his own kind, believing it came from the fact that he was allegedly the only Green Martian ever born without telepathy, the only one excluded from the Great Mind. More to this, since other people didn’t forget what he had done, he was often avoided and ignored by his peers, something he believed came from his “genetic difference”. Since he didn’t share his people’s telepathy, Ma’alefa’ak was also immune to their crippling fear of fire, so he found a job in the Central Power Cathedral, within the volcano Olympic Mons, where in solitude he was supposed to honor H’ronmeer, the god of fire, death and art, but in reality concocted the perfect path to vengeance. He found it in something he poetically called H’ronmeer’s Curse, a plague that burnt to death anyone trying to use their telepathy. In a few days, Mars’ population was decimated, and Ma’alefa’ak was the only suspect. To defend him, only his brother J’onn stood up, and came to him to talk.

Ma’alefa’ak admitted the accusations were true without flinching, shocking his brother, and he also informed him that, like for his hatred, also for the Curse there was no cure. J’onn left to try and save his family, but only saw them die in front of him: when he came back he was furious, and the two brothers fought within the temple surrounded by flames, that eventually collapsed on them. Ma’alefa’ak survived, and when he couldn’t find J’onn anymore, he supposed his brother had been incinerated by the flames or crushed by the rubble. Finally the only Green Martian left, Ma’alefa’ak wasn’t a freak anymore, and he spent the following centuries enjoying a kingdom of death and red sand, gloating on his perfectly accomplished revenge. It wasn’t until centuries later that, much to his surprise, J’onn came back to Ma’aleca’andra: he had been a refugee on Earth for all that time, and he had become a hero on that planet. Still hating his twin brother with all his heart, Ma’alefa’ak hid on his spaceship, and studied him and his adopted lifestyle for a while… then he started a plan to destroy his new life before ending it. He used his shapeshifting abilities to turn into the Martian Manhunter, and tortured Jemm the Son of Saturn instilling in him a paranoid fear of his heroic brother. Then, posing as P.I. John Jones, he killed reporter Karen Smith, making sure to leave enough trails to make Cameron Chase discover his brother’s secret identity and connect him to the murder. When J’onn was informed of the facts, he immediately suspected of Jemm, who had powers similar to his own, but when he approached the Saturnian, the poor lad was terrified of him, and while scanning his mind J’onn saw himself torturing him. Puzzled, J’onn brought Jemm to the Watchtower and entrusted him to Wonder Woman… but the one he met wasn’t the Amazon princess, but rather Ma’alefa’ak under her guise. He would have demolished J’onn’s new life brick by brick, bringing him to his kneels and destroying his perfect reputation before killing him. He was a curse on his brother’s life: he was Malefic.

Ma’alefa’ak J’onnz was born evil, and nurtured his hatred and maliciousness with all his power, turning his cruel heart against his own people; there’s nothing but hatred in his mind, a hatred he doesn’t fully understand, but that he follows without doubting it. As Malefic, he possesses all the characteristic abilities of a Green Martian: he can fly, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and senses, he can use telekinesis (his telepathy has been blocked by the Council of Minds, and later restored by his brother, but he has no expertise in using it), he can become invisible, intangible and can shapeshift, he can change his size, and he’s extremely long-lived. A walking curse among his people, Malefic is a true monster, a genocidal maniac with an inferiority complex who will rationalize how he can the hatred he feels deep within himself, but who ultimately simply enjoys inflicting pain over others… especially the one who’s allegedly the best of his people, his perfect brother J’onn…


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