Zachary “Zach” Cooper

Finally, Spider-Man: Far from Home has been released also in my country, and there’s a bunch of new characters I didn’t previously mentioned in the movie. Needless to say, with the exception of this one, there will be some spoilers for the movie, so be careful. Anyway, the first new guy is one of Peter Parker‘s classmates participating to the trip to Europe: Zach Cooper, portrayed by Zach Barack. This one is a very obscure guy, even I had to do some digging before finding him buried in an issue of Spider-Man and Power Pack, in a story that was meant to be a crossover with the soap opera Guiding Light. Let’s take a look.

Zachary Cooper was born in Springfield, Illinois, and he was part of quite a numerous family. He was the son of Frank “Buzz” Cooper and of his wife Olivia Spencer, and the rest of the family included his little brothers Jude and Frank Jr., his older sister Harley and her husband Gus Davidson. Every family has its traditions, and the Coopers didn’t make an exception, but Zach, who was the teenager of the bunch, didn’t exactly enjoy them, and usually wanted to be anywhere and with anyone but with his family at their meetings. One day, Harley had the brilliant idea to gather the entire family for a family day around the city, with the group hailing to the Crow Theater for a movie together, but as usual Jude and Frank Jr. started fighting over some arcade videogame, and Zach didn’t exactly participated in a constructive way: while Harriet tried to quell her little brothers, he insisted on calling it a night and postponing the tackling to the annual family football game. It was while Harley was busy plugging the game back in that Frank Jr. was pushed by Jude, hit her in the process, and made her spill her drink over the electric plug, resulting in a massive blackout that, as the family soon discovered, involved the entire city.

If this wasn’t enough, before anyone realized what had happened, Harley disappeared in thin air. Zach, Gus and the rest of the bunch started looking for her, walking down the now dark streets of Springfield… and of course they met Alan “Big Al” Spaulding, a malicious and wealthy businessman who was some kind of rival for the family. Big Al and Buzz immediately started quarreling, with Spaulding implying that the family had something to do with the massive blackout, and Zach intervened in his father’s favor, starting a game of wits that tired Gus soon enough and prompted him to go looking for his wife alone. They were interrupted by the unlikeliest guests: the Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, Cage, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man and Wolverine, apparently looking for some weird energy signature, that most likely belonged to Guiding Light, the mysterious new superhero appeared months before in Springfield and now back from wherever she was. Then, also the Sinister Six (only five of them: Dr. Octopus, Venom, Sandman, Hydro-Man and Boomerang) appeared, and a major clash started. The Sinister Six tried to recruit Guiding Light, but she blasted Sandman and Hydro-Man away, helping the Avengers instead… while Zach and the others found a good place to hide. At the end of the fight Harley was found, and the entire episode was classified as “usual Springfield weirdness”, over like the others… maybe.

Zach Cooper is your usual city boy, always complaining about something, with a tough attitude and quick wits that always make him have an answer ready for any provocation. Apparently uneasy with his family, he actually cares about them a lot, and would do anything for them… including his pesky little brothers.

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