Time for the last character appearing in Spider-Man: Far from Home, another free adaptation of a villain who’d be quite difficult to bring on the screen from the comics in other forms. By the end of the movie, when Mysterio tries his last trump card to win the world’s trust, he stages another monster attack in London, but this time he has the Elementals fuse together in a gargantuan monster who’s allegedly drawing power from Earth‘s core. The monster has the combined appearance and abilities of Cyclone, Molten Man, Hydro-Man and Sandman, and he takes inspiration from the one that in the comics was the fusion of the latter two: Mud-Thing. Let’s take a look.

Everything began when Morris Bench, the criminal known as Hydro-Man, came back to New York City after an unwanted trip to the stratosphere and went looking for his on-and-off girlfriend, Sadie Frickett. He found her in their usual bar, but she was accompanied to another man, William Baker, aka Sandman. The two villains started fighting each other, and when Spider-Man intervened to separate them, things got only worse, with the two forming a temporary alliance to squash the hero. During the fight, Hydro-Man in water form accidentally tripped over Sandman in sand form, and the two bodies, in their unstable molecular condition, fused together, becoming a whole different creature: the Mud-Thing. Spider-Man and the NYPD wanted to take the monster in custody, but Sadie felt a good heart in the rampaging monster, and managed to calm him with her voice. Mud-Thing didn’t retain anything of the memories or the personalities of his fusees, but apparently he was still attracted to Sadie the way they were. When the police insisted to bring the Mud-Thing in for what Hydro-Man and Sandman had done, the woman petitioned to lawyer Matt Murdock, who actually won the cause in tribunal, declaring Mud-Thing innocent of everything his fusees had done, as he was a totally different creature, and Sadie became the legal tutor of the mindless monster. Things at first went unexpectedly well, and the Mud-Thing was docile and happy to be with his beloved Sadie, but then Travis Rave, a theater agent, had the bright idea to make a star of Broadway out of him.

Sadie Frickett, tempted by stardom, accepted Travis Rave’s offer, and the agent created a whole show around the Mud-Thing, who accepted to do everything and to be displayed in front of people like a caged animal only for the love of Sadie. The show was a total success, and money was coming in in tons… and Sadie, overtaken by excitement, kissed Travis. Mud-Thing saw them and, jealous, went on a rampage, destroying the theater and starting a panic. Sadie managed to calm him down again, but this time the monster grabbed her and went full King Kong, increasing his size with the water and sand nearby and climbing a skyscraper while holding his beloved in his giant hand. On the top of the building, however, there was already a squad of NYPD helicopters waiting for him: as soon as he was in sight, the cops sprayed the creature with a special gas, that dried all the moisture in Mud-Thing’s body, and made him crumble, having lost all cohesion. Sadie would have fallen to her death if it wasn’t for Spider-Man, who was accompanied the police and saved her. The woman was truly saddened by the loss of “her” monster, and she followed the police crying, as they were putting the remains of Mud-Thing away in a lab. In here, scientists tried to revive the thing, or at least to understand how his body worked, but with no success. It took a little more for Hydro-Man and Sandman to finally separate and return to their original form… and to swear never to meet each other again.

Mud-Thing is a mindless and unintelligent brute, driven by basic impulses and by an unborn affection for Sadie Frickett. Being the fusion of Hydro-Man and Sandman, he possesses both of their powers, being composed of a mixture of water and sand (mud), he can control both and he can augment his size with both, and he’s nearly invulnerable, able also to regenerate lost limbs; he also disposes of an immeasurable strength. A huge beast with an innocent soul, Mud-Beast is basically a gentle giant, who’s harmless and benevolent… at least until somebody makes him angry, that is.

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