Ramsey Rosso (Bloodwork)

Apparently, the star of Heroes Sendhil Ramamurthy didn’t have enough of superheroes, as he’s making his debut in the next season of The Flash as the big bad Bloodwork. In the show, Ramsey Rosso will be a friend and former coworker of Caitlin Snow, but the paths of the two will go in different directions the moment Ramsey tries to subvert natural laws pursuing his obsession of “curing” death. In the comics, Bloodwork is not exactly main villain material, but he’s quite imposing and frightening in his own right, and albeit being only two years old (editorially speaking) he earned quite some fans. Let’s take a look, and keep in mind we’re in the Prime Earth continuity here.

Ramsey Rosso was born in Central City, Missouri, and for his entire life he didn’t see many other places. Since he was a child, his parents didn’t let him out, didn’t let him play with other kids, they barely let him go to school. Feeling like a porcelain doll, Ramsey tried to escape the control of his parents from time to time, until, while playing at a playground, he suffered a little cut… and almost died for the blood loss resulting from it. Ramsey suffered from hemophilia, and that was a word he learnt that day and never forgot his all life. With the slightest injury capable of killing him, Ramsey lived the life of a hermit, limiting social activities and going out just as much as it was unavoidable. He managed to attend college and to get a degree, eventually getting a job at Central City Police Department as the new coroner. It was while working at the morgue that he started to make experiments with blood, trying to find a solution to the clinical condition that had been haunting him his whole life: what he wanted was simply to be as anybody else, at first, but then, the moment he realized he could achieve more, he aimed at invulnerability, the exact opposite condition to his current one. Slowly but steadily, being careful not to be caught by Captain Singh, he started stealing evidence from the CCPD, anything with metahuman blood samples on it: by doing this, he collected many samples of mutated blood with unique properties, having enough material to create a composition carrying an artificial, unique DNA. When he believed he had found the right key to cure his hemophilia, Ramsey Rosso injected himself with the formula of his own creation.

Against all odds, Ramsey Rosso’s experiment was a success beyond all expectations: not only Rosso was cured of his hemophilia, but he had now total control over his blood, that became a lethal weapon he could use as he wanted. Power-hungry, he kept stealing evidence and collecting blood samples, adding more and more abilities to the ones he had already achieved… until, as it was inevitable, Captain Singh realized that something was wrong, and he formed a small team to investigate on the now too many pieces of evidence missing from the department. CSI Barry Allen and CSI Kristen Kramer would have worked in junction with Detective Burns and Detective Morrow to find out who, in the CCPD, was the thief, as it was evident that it was an inside work. Scared that he would have been discovered, Rosso became incautious: before someone could connect him to the thefts, he visited the evidence room, used his powers to knock out the agents guarding it, and set it on fire, destroying everything that could lead to him. Apparently, he had moved just in time, as Allen visited the evidence room immediately after he left, and only his prompt intervention saved the guards from the fire. With living witnesses who could tell someone he had been seen near the crime scene right before the fire, Rosso realized it was just a matter of time before he was officially accused, so he rushed to his lab to get rid of all the remaining blood samples he still held in there… but it was already too late, apparently. The Flash arrived to his lab, ready to arrest him… but Rosso was ready to face him, finally having at disposal a worthy adversary to test his new powers on. The Flash was rapidly subdued, at first, but then he shot a bolt of lightning at the coroner, launching him off a window, but even after falling several yards and crashing on the street beneath, he emerged without a single scratch. He was now much more than frail and weak Ramsey Rosso: he was the invincible and indestructible Bloodwork.

Ramsey Rosso is a man who used to be desperate, helpless and doomed to solitude, but who’s now intoxicated with power and with a whole universe of possibilities spreading in front of him. As Bloodwork, his organism is now composed entirely of mutated blood, which he can produce at will, even increasing his size and strength in the process; he’s virtually invulnerable, and he can remotely control also the blood of others, heating or congealing it at will; he can freely move and control his blood, usually by transforming it into tendrils and whips. A monster who makes of his former weakness his major strength, Bloodwork is ready to vent on the world a life of sacrifice and fear, sure to make good use of a newfound freedom he could barely imagined before.

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