Comicbook Movies: Who’s Who

Hi everyone!

The idea for this blog came to me not so long ago, when saw The Avengers with some friends. They just told me: “Ok, the movie was great, but it’d be good to know who the characters on screen are!”

So I thought…I know who they are! I’ve been reading comicbooks for years, and I know almost every character who’s been brought to the big and the small screen! So, since many movies and tv series inspired by comicbooks have been made lately, I decided to start this small adventure to help the people who watch them know the characters they’re seeing, and, of course, to get fun doing it.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy this little experiment of mine. In the next days, I’ll post some informations (mainly origins and a little more, so that I’ll not spoil anything to anyone) about the characters that appeared in comic-related movies and tv-shows.

If you have any particular question or request, please let me know, I’ll gladly reply when I can!


  1. Do you think you can create pages for Hancock and Mary Embry? (They are two superhumans from the movie Hancock which was made in 2008)

    1. Hi!
      I’m sorry, but this site only covers characters (superhumans or regular humans) coming from the comics to live action movies or tv series, and “Hancock” was a completely original project, with no ties to the comics.
      Thanks for reading! If you have other comic-related requests, I’ll gladly grant them!

  2. Hi! I was wondering on if you can create a page for the movie SPAWN!!!!! If you can, that would be great!!!!!!

    Also can you make pages for the comic book INVINCIBLE by Robert kirkman!!!!!! Oh please I hope you can. I know it isn’t a live action movie but I really need to know who these characters are and the info is not really enough for me!!!!!!!!!!

    1. SPAWN coming right away, I’ll probably alternate the characters from that movie with Lucy W.’s list (which is pretty long).
      As for INVINCIBLE, you won’t have to wait long also: Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are writing the script for a movie adaptation since April 😉

    1. Ok for LXG, unfortunately no character has been imported from “Dark Town” to “Monkeybone”, but I’ll watch it/read it again just to be shure!

    1. Most of the characters from “Chrisis on Two Earths” you can already find here, others are coming within Lucy W.’s request. All the others, I’ll take care 😉
      …despite mimiking superhero stories, “Heroes” isn’t actually based on a comicbook ^^

  3. Hi, I’m currently writing an article on the Sean Astin and Gabriel Mann appearances in Batwoman and Supergirl this week, and I stumbled across your blog. What a great idea. I’m not familiar with Hush and thought this is a great resource.

    1. Well, he may be based on Douglas Rockwell, but the surname isn’t so rare, so he may very well be an original character. No official source identifies him with Douglas.
      Thanks for passing by!

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