Hector Hammond

Lucy W. brings us to Green Lantern once again, but not for a corpsman: this time we’re seeing the movie’s secondary villain, Hector Hammond, portrayed by Peter Sarsgaard. In the movie, he’s a childhood friend of both Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris, as well as a high school science teacher who for some reasons is called by the government to perform an autopsy on Abin Sur‘s corpse: in the process, he’s infected by Parallax, and he becomes and insane telekinetic monster enslaved by Parallax’s will…the same master who’ll eventually consume him. In the comics, believe it or not, his head is even bigger, but Parallax doesn’t give orders around. Let’s see together! (after this, the blog will be on hiatus for some days: see you soon!)

As it usually happens, there are (at least) two different version of Hector Hammond’s story. According to the first one, Hammond was a petty criminal born in Coast CityCalifornia. Resourceful but non particularly brilliant, Hammond was on the run from the law after an umpteenth heist, and he was hiding in the forest when he saw a meteorite crash in the surroundings. It was the same meteor that in Africa forced the evolution of the apes from Gorilla City, and Hammond spied from a distance some scientists who approached the space rock to study it. Much to Hammond’s surprise, the scientists evolved before his very eyes into super-intelligent beings…whose free will, however, had vanished in thin air. Wanting to exploit the situation, Hammond appeared in front of the scientists and started giving them orders, transforming them into his genius slaves. The futuristic tech the slaves produced, Hector sold on the market, becoming an insanely rich man in a ridiculously amount of time. Now a celebrity, Hammond gained a lot of attention…even unwanted one. The superhero Green Lantern found Hammond’s sudden wealth fishy, and he started investigating on him. Green Lantern’s Power Ring was however a tool Hector was interested in, so he kidnapped the hero and stole his weapon…only to find out he had abducted a decoy, Thomas Kalmaku, with a replica. The real hero appeared, and after a brief struggle Hector was captured, while the scientists were brought back to their normal state. Needless to say, the villain was locked in jail, with a few hopes of coming out in a short time.

Hector Hammond however didn’t have any intention of making his time, and he escaped from prison with one thing in mind: he came back to the meteorite, and deliberately exposed himself to it, in a much greater capacity than the scientists before him. His brain grew to grotesque proportions, and his intellect grew exponentially, adding untold psionic abilities…unfortunately, his body couldn’t keep the pace, and all the energies at disposal of Hector’s organism went to his now futuristic mind. Unable to move or even to speak, Hammond was stranded in the woods…until he started realising how his mind powers worked: he could use his telekinesis to fly his own body from place to place, and he could control other people’s mind to bend them to his will and use them as manual labourers. He couldn’t speak anymore, but his telepathy supplied for that as well. Using his mind to steal an invention of Amos Fortune, he attempted once again to steal Green Lantern’s Power Ring, and he actually managed to do so. Unfortunately, right before wielding the Ring, Green Lantern “ordered” the weapon to drain itself of all its power, so that it was useless for the villain. While the immobilised genius was still trying to figure the alien tech out, a powerless Green Lantern knocked him out in the most traditional (and effective) way of all. Following this defeat, Hammond changed approach, and always taking inspiration from Fortune he gathered a number of minor criminals to create the second Royal Flush Gang, maneuvring everyone from behind the curtains. This time he was unfortunate enough to find on his path an equally gifted mind, Martin Stein, who overpowered him on the Astral Plane in a clash of intellects. Every time he was defeated, however, Hammond learnt something more: soon, he would have been too formidable for anyone to oppose.

Hector Hammond is a greedy and ambitious individual, a criminal who’s been given a superior mind, and who uses it for the same, petty purposes. He’s an incredibly powerful telepath, able to read and control any mind, to project illusions and to erase other people’s memory, but he also can use telekinesis, moving things (himself included) with his mind and projecting powerful mental blasts; he’s also immortal. One of the greatest minds on the planet, Hector Hammond also possesses a frail and useless body: as time passes, he regrets more and more what he’s lost, and he now sucks on other people’s life experiences like a parasite, desperate to feel through others what he can’t experience on his own.

Green Man (Green Lantern)

A day may come when there are no more Green Lanterns in Lucy W.‘s request, but it is not this day! Next in line is another one of the many nameless cameos in the Green Lantern film, a background character who’s spotted during Hal Jordan‘s first visit on Oa: among the many weird aliens, there’s one who looks like a giant frog. That’s Green Man, the heroic protector of Sector 2828. In the movie, he looks quite different from his comicbook counterpart, who’s definitely green, but not so froggysh. If you think the name doesn’t sound like a true name at all, you are perfectly right, but there’s a reason to it…a reason we’ll see together.

The alien known as Green Man was born on Uxor, a planet with a unique characteristic: on that world, individuality was morally deplorable, and the amphibian Uxorians lived following the certainty that “All are one”, that everybody was just a part of the collective identity. Uxorians didn’t have any personal possession, not even a name, and only communitarian needs and goals were taken into consideration, while the individual being simply ceased to exist in the collective society. A single misfit, however, resisted to this kind of society, an outcast who desired an individual identity. Mantaing the sense of self in such an environment required an incredible willpower, such that it didn’t go unnoticed even outside the planet: one day, one of the Guardians of the Universe visited Uxor, and he offered the outcast a chance to join the Green Lantern Corps. The misfit immediately accepted the offer, considering a true treasure both his personal Green Power Ring, and the name “Green Lantern” he could now call himself with: he was finally an individual being. He also had to swear never to come back to his home star system, as it was part of a non-interference agreement between the Guardians and the Psions of Vega. This particular oath, however, he didn’t respect, as he was constantly trying to protect Uxor and the nearby planets from the incursions of the Spider Guild, a group of brutal conquerors who took refuge in the Vega System everytime they wanted to escape from the Green Lanterns, and came out of it any time the Omega Men (protectors of Vega) chased them. In order to accomplish something against them, Green Lantern discovered another shocking act of individuality: he disobeyed his orders, he took contacts with Kalista of the Omega Men and arranged a meeting with them.

Green Lantern met the Omega Men on planet Rashashoon, and with them he planned the attack on the Spider Guild’s home planet. They succesfully destroyed it, but the Guardians found out about what could become a diplomatic incident with the Psions: they ordered the Uxorian to come back to Oa, but he simply couldn’t leave the Omega Men in trouble. His Power Ring and Power Battery were remotely deactivated, but he chose to stay nevertheless, helping his allies to escape from the planet. The Omega Men, grateful, brought him back to Oa, where the Uxorian was spoiled of his Green Lantern title; proud of what he had accomplished nevertheless, the alien started calling himself “Green Man”, not wanting to give up on the individual identity he had fought so much for. After a time of penalty, however, the Guardians chose to reintegrate him in the Corps, recognizing the heroism of his action despite his rebellion: he became a Green Lantern again, provided that he never entered the Vega System. Not only Green Man respected the condition, but he also prevented fellow Lanterns Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner to approach Vega during their search for missing recruit Soranik Natu. Following the new policy of the Corps, Green Man was partnered to Stel, and together they patroled Sector 2828. Despite his best efforts, however, Green Man was dragged once again to the forbidden sector, this time not by his own free will: the Psions abducted him, and brought him to Wombworld, their research planet, in order to study him and the Power Ring. Freed by his friends from the Omega Men, the Green Lantern lived other adventures in the forbidden sector, crossing paths with the prisoner goddess X’Hal, with the golden skinned Tamaranians and many more, in a long quest to come back home. Whether the Guardians would have forgiven him this time or not, remained to be seen.

Green Man is a man who fought his entire life for the privilege of considering himself an individual being, a proud and determined corpsman who deeply values his newfound freedom. As an Uxorian, he’s an amphibian able to breathe also under water, he possesses limited telepathic abilities, and his blood is highly toxic and poisonous for most races; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in the void of space, and of course to create energy constructs fueled by the wielder’s willpower. An Uxorian like no others, and a Lantern like no others, Green Man treasures his status as a corpsman as to him it stands for his very individual existence…but his thirst for justice is even greater than his love for his new life, and he’s ready to sacrifice it all to do the right thing.

Glorious Godfrey

Next character from Lucy W.‘s request is Glorious Godfrey, one of the most dangerous and deceiving New Gods around. As most of his other peers, Godfrey only appeared in Smallville Season 10, but his origins were changed quite a bit: in the series, Michael Daingerfield portrays perfectly human radio jockey G. Gordon Godfrey, a man briefly possessed by Darkseid who uses his influence over people to spread a message of hatred towards all superheroes. Freed by Darkseid, Godfrey becomes one of his prophets of his own free will, and joins DeSaad and Granny Goodness in Darkseid’s Unholy Trinity…only to be killed by Green Arrow in the day that was supposed to be the one of his triumph. In the comics, Gordon Godfrey is only an alias Glorious Godfrey uses to pose as a human, rather than the other way round, and his influence is not limited to his charisma. Let’s see together.

Glorious Godfrey was born on Apokolips, a New God fiercely loyal to Darkseid and to his vision. He had a sister, Amazing Grace, and with her he shared quite an incredible power: the siblings’ rhetoric, in fact, was such that they could convince anyone to do anything they wanted, but while Grace focused on manipulating people, Godfrey honed the skill of persuasion, so that his targets were eventually convinced that they were the true authors of the thoughts they were basing their actions upon. Considering his skills and his devotion, Godfrey was made a member of Darkseid’s Elite, a restricted number of New Gods who formed the Apokoliptian tyrant’s inner cyrcle. Godfrey was also put in charge of creating the Justifiers, a special army composed of people he personally brainwashed until they were emptied of everything that made them individuals, transforming them into lethal drones fueled by the Anti-Life Equation; he was also in charge of the Justifiers, using them as his personal militia and justifying any single action he brought them to accomplish, even the most monstrous ones, through Anti-Life. Because of the nature of his powers, Glorious Godfrey was sent by Darkseid to worlds he meant to conquer to prepare his path, corrupting the conscience of the planet’s inhabitants and planting the seed of Anti-Life in their minds. When Darkseid set his eyes on Earth, he sent Glorious Godfrey there, where he started “recruiting” humans to add to the ranks of the Justifiers. Earth, however, was guarded by the Highfather, Darkseid’s father and leader of the New Gods from New Genesis, and he had sent there a team of heroic New Gods as protectors, the Forever People. Inevitably, Godfrey clashed with them, and he sent all his Justifiers against them…but the Infinity Man alone was able to vanquish his army. Only a divine intervention could save him from the Infinity Man…luckily enough, Godfrey served a god who listened to his prayers.

Darkseid personally intervened to stop the Infinity Man, capturing him and entrusting him to DeSaad’s attentions, while Godfrey was left to deal with the other Forever People: he nearly killed Serifan and Super-Cycle, but this time it was Highfather who intervened, ordering his children to retreat for the time being. After the battle with the Forever People, Glorious Godfrey stayed behind, continuing his work to prepare Earth for Darkseid’s arrival. Disguised as WHIZ-TV host G. Gordon Godfrey, the New God spent more than a decade to plant the seed of doubt against Earth’s greatest protectors, superheroes, everytime pointing out the damage they dealth to cities and private properties, accusing their lack of accountability, convincing people they were nothing more than vigilantes who operated outside the law. At first only a bunch of people followed Gordon Godfrey, then more, until they became a true army of followers: Godfrey became one of the most influent people in the United States of America, and his voice became the people’s voice. The pressure he put on the government was so strong that he forced the President‘s hand into outlawing superheroes, succesfully completing phase one of his plan. He then collected a number of volunteers for a march on Washington D.C., volunteers that he readily transformed into Warhounds, bonding human hosts with Apokoliptian cybernetic creatures. Robin, in the meanwhile, had discovered that children were immune to Godfrey’s “spell”, and he led a counter-march that intercepted Gordon’s one on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In here, the children spoke to their parents, trying to convince them that the world needed heroes, but as the young heroes present started destroying the Warhounds by separating them from their hosts Godfrey lost his temper and hit one of the kids, Lisa Sutton. All the popularity he had conquered vanished in a single moment, and the adults rebelled to him. Trying to regain his lost power, Godfrey attempted an extra boost wearing the Helmet of Fate, but Nabu‘s magic was too much for his mind to handle, and he fell to insanity, being later imprisoned in Bellereve. Godfrey was freed and brought back to Apokolips, where he would have healed, ready to come back to Earth to finish what he had started…

Glorious Godfrey is a cunning and deceiving New God, a dangerous manipulator blindly loyal to Darkseid, and deadly jealous of anyone who obtains his favours in his stead (DeSaad especially). Besides immortality and mild superhuman abilities coming from his nature of New God, Godfrey is gifted with the power of persuasion, being able to brainwash anyone who listens to him long enough, convincing anyone of anything and even making them believe they’re the origin of even the most deranged and brutal ideas. Despite not possessing the destructive power of Darkseid, Kalibak or other New Gods, Glorious Godfrey is definitely among the most dangerous ones, able to mind-control an entire planet by simply spreading fake news and hate speeches, proving that manipulating consciences is a weapon much more terrifying that annihilating cities…

G’Hu (Green Lantern)

Another Green Lantern from Sally W.‘s request, that means another cameo from the Green Lantern movie, albeit this one is a little bit more meaningful. When the threat of Krona/Parallax becomes blatant, the Guardians of the Universe form an elite team to face it, chosing among the most powerful Lanterns at their disposal. Among these there’s a somewhat insectoid guy with tentacle-like hair: that’s G’Hu, played by Paul Parducci. Unfortunately, G’Hu doesn’t survive his encounter with the Fear Entity, but considering the upcoming reboot of the Green Lanterns it’s likely we’ll see him again in some capacity. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original.

It’s unknown where in the galaxy G’Hu was born, but his homeplanet was most likely located in Sector 2937. As an adult, he found a job as a prison guard, but he was assigned to one of the most dangerous places in the universe: Takron-Galtos, the main penitentiary facility in the universe, holding all the worst criminals from all corners of the galaxy. As it was easy to foresee, the job wasn’t an easy one at all, as violence was a daily issue on Takron-Galtos. One day, G’Hu was involved in a massive prison riot, as the inmates got out of their cells and captured him, using him as a hostage to ensure their escape. While the other guards were planning a way to save him, however, G’Hu took the matter in his own hands, and took down each and every prisoner with his bare hands (and tentacles). When the other guards finally made it and broke in to “save” him, they found him sitting in the middle of the room, just waiting for the door to open. He barely said anything to his colleagues, and he resumed his regular work as nothing had happened. This deed obviously made him renowned in the entire galaxy, as well as it made him be noticed by the Green Lantern Corps: such a strong willpower couldn’t go wasted, and they offered him a place within their ranks, promising him he could have continued his work of protecting people and keeping order, only on a much wider scale. Needless to say, G’Hu accepted the offer.

G’Hu passed the selection and the training without the slightest difficulty, and he became a full member of the Green Lantern Corps without breaking a sweat. He was just as able as a Green Lantern as he had been a prison guard, and he was paired with Harvid, a veteran of the Corps, whom he guard Sector 2937 with. Harvid had been retired for a while, but he had come back to the Corps to hunt for his brother, who had joined the Sinestro Corps and was now a sworn enemy to the Green Lanterns: G’Hu helped him in that, but he also held him down to keep him focused on his main task rather than wandering the universe in search of his brother. Among the other Lanterns, Salaak took a special interest in him, and kept monitoring his progresses, assigning him different and diverse tasks to prove his skills. When G’Hu failed to prevent Guy Gardner, a rebellious Green Lantern Honor Guard, to disturb the Guardians of the Universe, Salaak took notice, and he sent G’Hu to combat riorientation to hone his skills, in order to make him an even better Lantern. Salaak, however, wasn’t the only one to have set his eyes on the promising new Lantern: Warden Voz was “courting” him as well, considering his past deeds. Voz was warden at the Sciencells, the Guardians’ prison on Oa, holding the most dangerous criminals the universe had ever known. Someone with G’Hu’s experience was the perfect choice for being the head guard of the Sciencelles. For G’Hu, a lot of promising paths opened, and he owned it all to his abilities.

G’Hu is a very serious and self-confident peace-keeper, a man fully aware of his skills and his potential, always careful that this self-awareness doesn’t border in arrogance. His alien physiology grants him superhuman strength, as well as four prehensile “tails” sprouting from his hands, and talons sprouting from hands and feet; as a Green Lantern, his Green Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in open space, to speak and understand every language, and of course to create anything his mind can think of, fueling this constructs with his indomitable willpower (his energy constructs usually come from his jailer past, as he prefers jails, chains, batons etc). One of the most powerful Green Lanterns of his generation, G’Hu has still to express his full potential…and he promises to accomplish great things in the future.

Galius Zed (Green Lantern)

After quite some time, we’re back to Lucy W.‘s request (the Scribblenauts one), and the next character in line is another Green Lantern. In the Green Lantern movie, among the crowd on Oa, there’s an alien who appears weird even in the middle of all the other weird ones, a guy who seems to be all head: that’s Galius Zed, the heroic but short-tempered protector of Sector 3544. In the comics, his appearance is quite different, with his head/body being more circular than the movie counterpart; even his Sector varies, as well as several other things. Let’s see together.

Galius Zed was born on planet Noc’sag, a world on the outern rim of the galaxy characterised by an extremely strong gravity. People on Noc’Sag were as stubborn as they were strong, and the planet also attracted many warriors who wanted to test their power with Noc’sag’s extreme conditions. Even among his peers, Galius emerged for his valor and, of course, his unbreakable willpower, and he was chosen by the Guardians of the Universe as a perfect candidate to join the Green Lantern Corps. Zed accepted the offer, and he became the protector of Sector 1123, his planet’s one. Always ready for a fight and not exactly diplomatic, Galius Zed became an inspiration for many other Lanterns, as he was always the first one to volunteer for risky missions, and also the one everybody could trust to tell the truth, as uncomfortable as it may be. Once he even stood against the Guardians themselves as he found out that, hidden on Oa, there was a Power Ring apparently impervious to the others’ weakness, the color yellow. Believing the Guardians had purposefully let many of his comrades die to an avoidable flaw in their weaponry, Galius Zed publicly accused them of treason, gathering quite a number of other Lanterns around him. This situation was solved as soon as the Guardians explained the mystery behind the yellow impurity in the central Power Battery, and Zed obtained an adequate protection for himself and his comrades. He went along pretty much with everyone on Oa, with a few exceptions among the Green Lantern, most notably Hal Jordan.

Once, as he was chasing a crime syndicate, Galius Zed abandoned his Sector and travelled to Earth to stop the criminals: Jordan, the protector of the planet, believed Zed had simply considered him unfit for the task and had invaded his jurisdiction, while Zed was “simply” used to finish every fight he began, with not much regard for burocracy. Albeit the two later fought side by side during the war against Krona and Nekron, a certain enmity always remained between them. Despite this, Zed agreed to be part of the test to confirm Jordan was fit for being a Green Lantern, and later joined him and a selected number of others to Qward, in the anti-matter universe, to destroy the Anti-Green Lanterns, an elite corp created by the Weaponers of Qward to invade the positive matter universe. After many battles fought and won, and after surviving a cosmic chrisis, Galius Zed lost, as all his fellow Lanterns, his Power Ring during the trial of Sinestro, an event that caused the destruction of the main Battery on Oa and the following dismantlement of the Green Lanterns. Without a purpose anymore, Zed came back to his own planet, but he didn’t stay there for long: a fellow ex-Lanter, John Stewart, had been entrusted by the Controllers to fill the void left by the Lanterns by creating a new corps, and Zed was among the ones summoned by Stewart. Zed was part of the new group, the Darkstars, during its entire activity, facing threats like the telepath Psimon, Grayven son of Darkseid, and the usurper Hyathis, all victories added to Zed’s long list of successes. A new threat, however, was emerging: a serial killer, Fatality, who was cutting down all former Green Lanterns in revenge for her dead planet, a threat that not even Zed’s battle prowess could counter…

Galius Zed is a brave and quick-tempered warrior, a man of action who doesn’t care much for rules or etiquette and who always speaks out what he thinks, even before the maximum authorities in the universe. Being from Noc’sag, he possesses superhuman strength and durability, being quite powerful despite his odd appearance; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in open space, and to create energy constructs commanded directly by its owner’s thought: usually Zed doesn’t lose much time in thinking of elaborate constructs, and his creations are always quick and functional, bolts of energy or whips, with no grace or fantasy whatsoever. A warrior born and a trustworthy ally, Galius Zed is a Lantern who truly believes in keeping order and defending justice, and he’s usually willing to make evil taste his fists to make the message clear.

Morgan Edge

The ComicCon provided us also with trailers for the upcoming tv-series, and DC dominated the scene with an ever-expanding tv universe. In Supergirl Season 3 trailer we got a first look at a new antagonist, Morgan Edge, portrayed by Adrian Pasdar, a media mogul from L-Corp who’ll become quite a rival to Lena Luthor. The character already had three live action appearances, albeit two of them were different versions of him: in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace the corrupted David Warfield portrayed by Sam Wanamaker, who takes over Daily Planet transforming it in a second-rate newspaper, is clearly based on Edge, while in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Bruce Campbell‘s Bill Church Jr. is an amalgamation of Edge (he even possesses a tv station with a nearly identical name to Edge’s, Multiworld Communications) and Bruno Mannheim. Edge directly appeared only in Smallville, portrayed by Rutger Hauer and Patrick Bergin, as a crime lord from Metropolis who has a past with Lionel Luthor, and acts as quite a foe for both Lex and Clark during whole Season 3. In the comics, Edge has a much more sinister partner than Lionel: let’s see together.

Morgan Edge was born in Metropolis, the son of the wealthy media mogul Vincent Edge. Vincent wasn’t exactly a nominee to the “father of the year award”, as he constantly abused his son, teaching discipline in the most violent and brutal way. Morgan found tenderness and comfort only in his mother, but even that safe harbor was eventually taken away from him: one day, while the entire family was walking down a street in Metropolis, Vicent got angry at his son as usual, and started disciplining him as he always did: slapping and shouting. Morgan’s mother, not standing her son being publicly humiliated and beaten for the umpteenth time, tried to intervene, with the only effect of Vincent turning on her in front of Morgan’s terrified eyes. During the fight, Vincent pushed his wife with too much strength, and the woman ended in the middle of the traffic, being run over and killed by a bus. When the police arrived, Vincent forced his son to testify that his mother had slipped, and the woman’s death was dismissed as a tragic accident. This marked a turning point in Morgan’s life, as his hatred for his father grew to unbearable levels, but he was so afraid of him that he could do nothing against him. Eventually, one night, he climbed on his house’s roof during a storm, and shouted his anger and hatred to the sky in a mute prayer…a prayer that was listened not by the god he was thinking about, but by a god nevertheless: Darkseid, the cruel tyrant of Apokolips. The New God promised the boy he would have made him strong, fearless, able to stand up to his father and to get his revenge on him, if he only consecrated his entire life to him. Full of hatred for his father, Morgan Edge “sold his soul” to Darkseid, and from that very moment his humanity was lost forever.

Darkseid kept his promise, and he was for Morgan the father figure he never had, molding him into a ruthless man, who could channel his anger and hatred into a sharp intellect. As an adult, the first thing that Morgan did was to exclude his father from the media company he himself had founded, Galaxy Communications, forcing him to an early retirement and making even his public name disappear: for a man like Vincent, who had based all his power on media exposure, anonymity was worse than death. As the new CEO of Galaxy Communications, Edge became one of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Metropolis, but he of course had to do the bidding of his master, Darkseid: using his connections, he created a criminal empire in the underworld of Metropolis, and he even provided street criminals with futuristic weapons from Apokolips. The result was the origin of Intergang, one of the most dangerous and vicious criminal groups Metropolis had ever seen, hellbent on creating chaos in the city without an apparent purpose. Edge always maneuvred Intergang from behind the curtains, sure that nobody would have ever connected the gang to him. Eventually, however, Edge discovered he had been deceived from the very beginning: the one he believed to be Darkseid was actually DeSaad, another New God, who had pretended to be his master to create random havoc on Earth, using Edge as a puppet and making him promises he would have never been able to keep. If this wasn’t enough, two journalists from the Daily Planet were on Edge’s trails: Clark Kent and Cat Grant, who were following unexpected leads to connect Galaxy Communications to Intergang (the latter as an insider). Edge was exposed and imprisoned, and even Vincent came back to resume control over GC: Morgan, however, was a master of the power of the media, and a prison wasn’t able to keep him from using what he had learnt to destroy his enemies, even from afar…

Morgan Edge is an unscrupolous and ruthless man, a highly intelligent businessman created by his father’s abuses and DeSaad’s lies. A media mogul who knows how to twist facts in order to manipulate the public opinion, Edge is one of the most dangerous men alive as long as he has access to a computer or a camera, using his intellect and his charisma to shape the world into a distorted version of it, also managing to appear a hero at the eyes of people as he does it…usually making the true heroes appear as criminals, of course.

Sotrold (Sea Troll)

The last three episodes of the now cancelled Powerless tv series have been released, and there’s still one obscure character the show dug from DC’s dusty shelves: in Van of the Year, another supervillain attacks Charm City, this time the Sea Troll, seen only from a distance and voiced by an uncredited actor. The Troll uses his powers to turn a retiring worker’s arm into a squid tentacle (the poor lady was actually used as a human shield by Van), and later accidentally turns it back to normal. He’s defeated and arrested by Crimson Fox, all behind the scenes. In the comics, the Sea Troll is a less-than-unknown villain who, as most as the other obscure characters appeared in the show, battled the Global Guardians. Let’s see together.

Sotrold was a monstrous creature born in the deepest abyss, a sea troll (hence his alias) who was among the last ones of his evil race. Sotrold the Sea Troll harbored the grudge of his entire people as a legacy, and he studied and learnt black magic in order to get means to obtain vengeance against both the submariners and the land dwellers, responsible of his species’ near extinction. While traveling the abyss, Sotrold found informations about a long-dead Atlantean sorcerer who used to instill fear in every mortal or immortal both under and above the sea: Thaumar Dai, the most powerful black magician ever born. Wanting to resurrect Dai, Sotrold formed an alliance with other sorcerers from all around the world: the Hebrew mystics Moloch and Ashtoreth, the legendary Greek monster Echidne, the Irish magician Dubh Magus, the Aztec sorcerer El Dorado and the Japanese witch Yuki-Onna the Snow Woman. Together, the group started gathering the six talismans that formed Thaumar Dai’s armor, and that would have allowed them to perform the ritual to resurrect the sorcerer. A master of the abyss, Sotrold travelled to Denmark looking for Dai’s belt, with a buckle made of pure Orichalcum. Things, however, weren’t as easy as they seemed, as other mystical forces had gathered to stop the magicians from resurrecting Dai: Doctor Mist, another powerful sorcerer, had gathered mystic heroes from all around the world (and Superman) to stop them…not that the Sea Troll and the others hadn’t forseen it.

While he was about to retrieve the belt, Sotrold was reached at the bottom of the sea by Superman and the Little Mermaid, who attacked him. To distract the heroes, the Sea Troll brought back to life the dry bones of the ancient Atlanteans who were buried near the temple he was exploring, and sent them against the heroes: Superman and the Mermaid, however, swam so fast they created a whirpool that scattered the bones, making the living skeletons inert again. The Little Mermaid, who swam faster than Superman, recovered the belt…but that was exactly what the Sea Troll was expecting, and as fast as she could be she was no match in strength for him: he knocked her out with a single punch, and teleported away with the belt. He joined the others, who had defeated the other allies of Mist and recovered their talisman, on the Easter Island, where they started the ritual: they succeeded, and Thaumar Dai was resurrected…but something was wrong. Superman, in fact, had replaced the talismans with fakes, so the magician came back with weakened powers, and mortal: the mystic heroes intervened, and attacked the group in full force, dividing themselves to find the best match. While Jack O’Lantern and Green Fury destroyed Thaumar Dai once and for all, the Sea Troll faced an opponent who was beyond his reach: the Olympian, who possessed the combined powers of fifty Greek heroes from the myth. Used to fight monsters, the Olympian made short work of the Sea Troll and knocked him out, restraining him with his teammates. Following this, the heroes decided to stick together and to form the Global Guardians, to protect the world from international threats like the one represented by Sotrold’s alliance.

Sotrold is an ancient and malevolent being, who treasures the hatred of his lost, evil race as a family legacy to unleash on the world. As the Sea Troll, he can breathe under water, and his body is fit to stand the immense pressure of the deepest abyss; he possesses superhuman strength and durability, and his magic abilities give him mastership over a variety of spells, allowing him to teleport, to reanimate corpses as slaves, to use telekinesis and much more. With a heart as black as the magic he uses, the Sea Troll is a constant threat to the ones living beneath and above the sea, an ancient evil ready to make the world remember who the sea trolls were.