The last character in the Preacher motion poster, the one looking like Robespierre on the left, is someone I didn’t think would have ever appeared, especially because part of his story arc had been adapted in Season 2 with Cassidy‘s son Denis in his place. He is Eccarius, and he’ll be portrayed by Adam Croasdell. The way he’s described in the show, he’s an actual ancient vampire, one who seems to be an Anne Rice rip-off. He’ll apparently be some sort of vampire elder, more experienced than even Cassidy, but his relation with our favorite Irish bloodsucker is still a mystery. In the comics, he is exactly the opposite: not experienced, not ancient, surely not smart. Let’s see together.

Despite his looks and name, Eccarius was a normal young man born in the contemporary New Orleans, before turning into a vampire. It’s more than likely that he was a huge Anne Rice fan, and maybe he had seen Interview with a Vampire one time too many, as he was quite in love with the genre. One night, as unlikely as it seems, his dream came true: completely drunk, barely standing, he met in an alley a man who was a true vampire, and who bit him. When he woke up, he had become a vampire himself. He started calling himself Eccarius, and he started dressing XVIII Century-styled frilly clothes. He even found himself a Gothic mansion worthy of that name, and slept in a coffin. He truly believed that all the stories he had read and watched about vampires were a faithful representation of the real deal, so he avoided churches, garlic, sacred symbols and, of course, sunlight. He referred to himself as a Child of the Dark, and drank blood from crystal goblets. Some rich kids from New Orleans became enamored with him, and started a real cult revolving around the promise of being made vampires in turn: they called themselves Les Enfants du Sang (the “Children of Blood“, not much fantasy there), and worshiped their lord and master in orgies where they cut themselves and drank from each other’s blood. From time to time, Eccarius would choose one of them claiming he or she had earned the “exquisite torment” of the “dark curse”, and fed on them…but instead of turning them, as he had promised, he drained them of all their blood, killing them. He also quite enjoyed it. Ten years later, it came the time in which he finally met another one who shared the “death’s embrace” with him, an Irish man called Cassidy.

Eccarius welcomed Cassidy in his mansion, and started a long and solemn monologue on their shared curse, using an erudite vocabulary and pompous gestures. Needles to say, Cassidy wasn’t the least impressed, and called him a “wanker”, even if Eccarius mistook the word for “wampire”. It didn’t take much to Cassidy to realize that Eccarius actually didn’t know anything about his condition, and had lived on romantic delusions all his new life. It was, however, when Eccarius introduced him to his Enfants du Sang, that the Irish vampire decided that something had to be done about him. He dragged Eccarius out of the cult’s basement by his ear, and started his re-education. In the following nights, Eccarius learnt that sunlight was his only real weakness, and that churches and other sacred places and stuff couldn’t arm him. He even learnt that he could actually eat and drink something other than blood, as he did with beer (plenty of it) along with Cassidy, and that he could live without killing anybody. Intrigued by Cassidy’s easy-going attitude, he arrived to the point of mooning his own followers, just to have some fun. It looked like the young vampire had finally been “cured” of his fixation, but things went differently. The moment one of his younger followers called for him to accept his “embraced”, Eccarius ran to her, brought her to a church, and bit her on the altar, once again taking too much blood and killing her instead of turning her. Cassidy arrived when he was finished already, and Eccarius blamed it all on the girl, who had wanted it, and bluntly admitted to having killed hundreds of them already. Enraged, Cassidy hit him with a crucifix, driving it into his head enough to knock him out, then took him to the roof of the church, and tied him to the cross up there. As Eccarius awoke, Cassidy made it clear that he would have let him die there, as he was a murderous egomaniac too full of himself to understand anything. Then, the sun rose, burning to ashes the would-be vampire lord of New Orleans.

Eccarius is a delusional egomaniac who lives in a Gothic novel, a man who loves the idea of being a vampire more than the reality of being it. As all vampires, he possesses enhanced strength, agility and speed, and he’s pretty much invulnerable, able to heal from any wound provided enough blood to sustain him. A tyrant who lives for his own ego, Eccarius just loves to be worshiped and adored, and he enjoys the impunity of his kills and the atmosphere he and his sect create; ironically enough, however, the only thing he got right about the strengths and weaknesses of his new condition is his lethal allergy to sunlight…



Continuing to break down the motion poster for Preacher Season 3, we see a guy on the left looking terribly happy and wearing jeans overalls: that’s T.C., portrayed by Colin Cunningham. He’ll be one of the main henchmen in Angelville, as well as a major pain the back for our heroes. In the comics, he’s a pretty messed-up pervert who’ll have sex with anything that moves (or that recently stopped moving, for what it matters), and it remains to be seen if the show will dare to go there. In the meanwhile, we can always enjoy the original version of one of the most unlikable bastards ever seen.

Little is known about T.C.’s past, but in this case it’s a good thing. A disturbing pervert with violent tendencies, T.C. was the incarnate stereotype of the Southern in the eyes of sophisticated bourgeoisie, mixed with a heavy-dinner-induced nightmare and pumped up with bad drugs. T.C. always had one thing in mind, and one thing only: sex. He wanted to make sex with anyone and anything, human or animal, male or female, alive or dead, jumping onto the object of his desire whenever he had the occasion. Plus, he was a violent brute who truly enjoyed torturing and killing. Needless to say, he was the perfect law enforcer for a place as wicked and evil as Angelville. He was hired by Madame L’Angelle in person, and found it quite amusing to have free reins on the ways to dispense “justice” within the borders of the property, located right on the border between Texas and Louisiana. In exchange for his efficient brutality, the Madame turned a blind eye on his disturbing perversion, letting him do what (and who) he wanted. While working in Angelville, T.C. met his best friend, Jody, an unbeatable brute who found his sexual hunger quite entertaining: the two were always together, and the moment they learnt to fight as one they became pretty much unstoppable. They even single-handedly disposed of a small army of mercenaries sent after the Madame, hardly breaking a sweat. Together with Jody, T.C. was sent after the ones who needed to pay for what they did against Angelville, and to deal with delicate situations. Such as when the Madame’s daughter, Christina, eloped with her beloved soldier John Custer.

T.C. and Jody followed the two lovebirds for more than a year across the country, and when they found them, they weren’t two anymore: they had had a baby boy, Jessie. John was quite a formidable fighter, and managed to overpower Jody, but T.C. intervened and saved his friend, allowing the capture of the Custers and bringing them back in Angelville. Some time later, he helped Jody in stopping John, who was trying to escape with Jessie, and held the boy as Jody killed his father in front of him. Life for Jessie with T.C. around wasn’t exactly a nice walk in the park, as the pervert managed to ruin even the small joys allowed to him, such as when he had sex with the boy’s birthday cake during the party for his tenth birthday. Of course, he did also much, much worse. Once, as he was as usual trying to rape some unwilling animal (a chicken, in this case), a boy walked in and saw him: he was Billy-Bob Bobbs, Jessie’s best (and only) friend. Enraged for the interruption, T.C. killed the boy without thinking it twice. Jessie tried to exact his vengeance, but Jody intervened, and beat the hell out of Jessie; he and T.C. later punished him the usual way, locking him in a coffin and submerging him in the swamp, with his pal’s body as a weight. Jessie tried to escape, but once again Jody and T.C. reached him and blackmailed him into coming back, making him abandon his girlfriend Tulip O’Hare. T.C. had quite an interest in Tulip (as he had with everyone else, but still), and he got the chance to fulfill his desires years later, when Jessie and his friend were brought back to Angelville. Immediately after Jessie told Tulip that years before he had been forced to leave her, and just as she forgave him, Madame L’Angelle had the girl shot in the head, killing her in front of Jessie. Not the one who let an occasion pass by, T.C. had his way with the woman’s deceased body. This, however, would have proven to be a huge mistake: not only he enraged Jessie beyond any known limit, but the girl herself didn’t stay dead for long, and she didn’t exactly appreciate his post-mortem attentions…

T.C. is a disgusting pervert who enjoys only two things in his life: hurting people and having sex, better when the two come together. Despite his looks, he’s quite a formidable fighter, not nearly as skilled as his best pal Jody, but lethal nevertheless. A sadistic nymphomaniac who normally dwells in rape, necrophilia and bestiality, T.C. is one of the most messed-up and evil men living in an already messed-up and evil place like Angelville, a pure animal who could find himself at home just in Madame’s sanctuary.

Allfather D’Aronique

A new motion poster for the upcoming third season of Preacher has been released, and it features the three remaining new character who’ll be introduced next June (plus one who will be an original one created for the series). The first we’re going to see together is the fat guy dressed like something between a cardinal and a pope on the far right of the pic: that’s Allfather D’Aronique, the obese supreme leader of The Grail, who’ll be portrayed by Jonny Coyne. Don’t be deceived by his looks: if the show’s version of the Allfather has anything to do with the original one, he’ll make even the meanest of his subordinates look like a boy scout in comparison. Let’s meet this huge bastard.

D’Aronique was born in France, the heir of an ancient and wealthy family who had always been connected to power, of the secret and truly effective kind. The D’Aronique family was related to the L’Angelle one, and despite the latter had moved to the United States of America, D’Aronique was still in contact with his aunt, Marie L’Angelle, who kept him informed of everything interesting occurring in the occult parts of the world she and her family knew so well. Of course, the D’Aroniques were also one of the most prominent families within the Grail, a secret society who ruled the world from behind the curtains, and who was hiding the offspring of Jesus Christ in preparation for the Armageddon. When the 111th Allfather died, D’Aronique was chosen as his successor, and he became the most powerful man in the world…at least in theory, as the ones who truly controlled the Grail were seven men who formed the Council, the only ones Allfather D’Aronique had to answer to. All the others were his to command, including the world’s most powerful leaders, who called at the end of every day to thank him for the fact that he allowed them to maintain their power. The only thing bigger than D’Aronique’s power was his bulk: seriously suffering from bulimia, the Allfather ate constantly, reaching an impressive weight and figure, and regularly vomited on himself, even using a two-fingers-shaped stick to help himself sometimes; since everyone around him were too afraid of him to say anything, he found it perfectly normal to soil himself with food and/or vomit. Plus, his alimentary habits costed much to the Grail, as he only flew on private planes, since he couldn’t stand helicopters and the large planes weren’t able to land in the Grail’s headquarters, in Masada; his weight, however, was excessive for the wheels, that always broke during landings. The repairs of the planes only costed to the Grail sixty million dollars per year. Who, however, would have ever said anything to the most powerful man in the world about his phat?

Allfather D’Aronique truly believed in his and the Grail’s sacred mission, and he visited the Messiah regularly, even growing attached to him despite his obvious idiocy. It was his pious faith that led him to see with obvious suspicion the heretic maneuvers of his Sacred Executioner, Her Starr, who wanted to replace the rightful Messiah with Jesse Custer, an American preacher who had come in possession of a divine power. If proposing a Messiah who wasn’t the blood descendant of the original one wasn’t enough of a blasphemy, the Allfather had other, more personal reasons to dislike Custer: he had been knowing of Custer’s powers for quite a while, mainly thanks to the letters from his aunt Marie, who was also Custer’s grandmother and who kept him constantly informed on the young man’s progresses. The moment he had stopped receiving the usual letters from Marie, D’Aronique had sent some of the Grail agents to investigate the reason in Angellville, but they found it burnt to the ground, with all the residents dead. It didn’t take much of an investigation to realize that the ones responsible for the massacre were the Preacher and his crew, all the more reason for the Allfather not to trust Custer with such a divine role. With a heretic among his ranks and a powerful enemy at his doorstep, the Allfather decided to kill two birds with a stone, and tricked Starr and Custer in facing each other in a knife duel, actually planning to kill the victor. Custer was far superior to Herr Starr in terms of physical prowess, and he easily gained the upper hand, but as soon as they realized what was planned for them the two men used the duel to make their escape…not that they could go far. The problem would have been solved in no time, if it wasn’t for an unexpected and uninvited guest: the Saint of Killers, an unstoppable killing machine who had been sent after Custer. The Saint started killing everyone in his way to get to his prey, and D’Aronique sent against him dozens and dozens of men to buy enough time to retrieve both his enemies. Herr Starr, however, had used that same time to rig the base to explode…

Despite his look can be deceiving, D’Aronique is a man with a superior intellect and with a heart cold as ice, an infallible planner who holds the entire world in his fat hands. As the Allfather, he secretly controls every government in the world with the threat of Armageddon, and he commands an army of perfectly trained agents who’d do anything he orders them to; he also has at disposal a nearly infinite fortune he uses to pursue the Grail’s goals, and he has an extensive knowledge on everything occurring in this world and the other. One of the most influential and powerful people in the world, Allfather D’Aronique lets others underestimate him because of his appearance; everyone who made that mistake, however, is long time dead.


The third season of Preacher is on its way, and we got our first bunch of promotional images. Some of those include the first look at one of the season’s new bad guys, namely Jody, the brutal redneck portrayed by Jeremy Childs. We had some glimpse of him during the previous season, mainly his arms, as he was the one torturing young Jesse and putting him in the coffin on the bottom of the swamp. If you know the comics, you’ll know then that Jody’s presence doesn’t mean anything good for our (anti-)heroes, and that despite his looks he’s quite formidable. Let’s see together.

The only thing we know for certain about Jody is that he’s someone better not to have anything to do with. He was raised in the plains, and took care of the cattle for a while, but his real passion were engines and machines, which he learnt everything about. Also, strong as a bull and mean as a hyena, he learnt everything about combat, and about killing. In his youth he fought and killed both for pleasure and for money, and he became pretty famous after besting an angry mountain gorilla bare-handed during an illegal fight. It was probably around this time that his fame reached the hears of Madame L’Angelle, a wealthy and cruel landlady, who was just in need of a strong muscle to enforce her property. Angelville was just like Jody: huge, evil and chaotic. No wonder he found himself pretty at home there. With time, he became the Madame’s favorite enforcer, to the point that he considered her to be the mother he always wanted (also becoming jealous of her actual daughter, Christina). Jody did a number of horrible stuff for the Madame, killing and maiming every time the matriarch deemed it was needed (something that happened quite often), and Jody did that with pleasure, often accompanied by a bunch of equally depraved subordinates, first of all the pervert T.C., the only one Jody actually enjoyed having nearby. Whenever some dirty work had to be done, it was Jody the one Madame L’Angelle called; when Christina ran away from home, it was obviously Jody the one she sent to retrieve her, no matter the cost.

Jody and T.C. found Christina in Texas, but she wasn’t alone: she was with her newly wed husband, John Custer, and with their baby son, Jessie. Quite surprised to see that the two had had a child, Jody was taken off guard by John, who gave him quite a beating until he was stopped at gunpoint by T.C.. Furious at the humiliation, Jody used his gun to kill John Custer right in front of Jessie, then mocking the boy for being a “crybaby”. The goons brought mother and son back to Angelville, where the matriarch was more than happy to welcome them…her own way, obviously. She ordered Jody to make a “true L’Angelle” out of Jessie, so he took it as a personal mission to “man the boy up”, toughening him with a lifelong dose of abuses and violence. Despite the appearances, Jody grew quite fond of Jessie, and genuinely believed he was beating and torturing him for his own good. He personally locked him up in a coffin and left him on the bottom of the swamp for hours or even days, and he even nailed the boy’s beloved dog to the farm’s fences, but he still believed he was helping Jessie. He did teach him everything he knew about engines, he taught him out to fight, how to shoot, how to drive, and out of pure compassion he even fixed all the bones he broke him. When Jessie became friends with another boy, Billy-Bob Bobbs, things ended tragically as T.C. murdered him, but as Jessie tried to exact revenge on the killer, Jody intervened, giving the boy a chance of beating him for the first time. Jessie wasn’t ready yet, and he failed miserably, obtaining a broken arm and jaw, and ending up in the coffin for days…with a bonus: this time, Jody used Billy-Bob’s body to weight down the coffin. Soon enough, Jesse managed to escape from Angelville, but just as inevitably, Jody was sent after him: he would have found him, brought him back home, and trained him to be better than him. That’s what a good big brother does.

Jody is a plain psychopath, a violent and mean brute who uses all his cleverness and instinct to hurt whoever is unlucky enough to cross his path. Angelville’s chief enforcer, he’s a natural born fighter, an unbelievably strong and swift man who’s easily one the most proficient hand-to-hand fighters ever seen; he’s also a remarkable marksman, and he shows an unnatural resistance to injuries and tolerance to pain. An unstoppable killer, loyal to a fault to Madame L’Angelle, in his own twisted way Jody is actually a loving and caring big-brother figure for Jessie, the one person the Preacher hates the most in the world, but also the one who contributed the most to making him the man he is now.


To celebrate the end of Lucifer this night, not just of the season as Fox has just cancelled the series, we’ll take a look to a character who’s been mentioned more than once throughout the entire series: Gabriel, one of the best known Archangels. Albeit originating in religious traditions, DC‘s version of Gabriel is quite different from the one of the sacred texts, as we saw plenty in Constantine: played by the androgynous Tilda Swinton, Gabriel is portrayed as a deranged psychopath, who allies himself with the demon Mammon to unleash Hell on Earth in order to make human finally worthy of God‘s love…by purifying them through torment and death. Luckily, he’s promptly stopped by the one mage who’s also his nemesis in the comics. Let’s see together (as usual, this is a work of fiction, with nothing to do with actual religion).

Gabriel, literally “God’s Strength“, was created before the beginning of time, one of the Seven Archangels who faithfully served God and His will. Before the dawn of man, Gabriel participated in the civil war against his own brother, Samael, who led a rebellion within Heaven and ended up defeated, cast in Hell. After the creation of Adam and Eve, Gabriel was chosen to be the messenger of God, and he brought many blessings upon the ones His father deemed worthy, providing humanity with the gift of art and music…but also bringing upon God’s wrath upon the sinners. He was the one who single-handedly destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with all their inhabitants, and he was also the one who forced the end of Pharaoh Ramses by killing all the firstborns of Egypt to let Moses and his people be freed from slavery. Centuries later, he was the one who raped Mary of Nazareth┬áto make her the mother of Jesus, allowing the Savior‘s birth. Whether he was blessing or killing, Gabriel always maintained an emotionless detachment towards humans, always considering them valuable as a species, but never as individuals. In modern times, he kept visiting Earth, usually in order to accomplish determined missions, but he also built a home for himself in the Cambridge Club, a classy place where absolute purity was the only necessary criteria for access. It was during this time that he first had contacts with Charlie Patterson, a despicable man who tried over and over to win his help, always failing. It was also the time he and the other Archangels were sent to Tali, an angel who had fathered a son with a demon, a Succubus named Chantinelle. Following orders as usual, Gabriel incinerated Tali and kidnapped the baby, bringing him to Heaven, leaving the mother alone and mourning.

One of the greatest nuisances for Gabriel was the mage John Constantine, a man who constantly walked a thin line between Heaven and Hell, usually unbalanced towards the latter. When Constantine was diagnosed a terminal lung cancer, he came to the Cambridge Club to ask for Gabriel’s help, in his usual way: he tried to blackmail him with the knowledge of his relationship with Patterson. Gabriel dismissed him, telling him that he would have died for his sins, but Constantine’s words about Patterson struck him: even if he had never done anything of what the racist thug demanded of him (mainly to support his white supremacist political agenda), he still had contacts with him, spoke to him, something that may have been soiled his purity. Having been doing God’s will all his life, Gabriel started wondering if God would have approved of his manner of dealing with such a despicable man like Patterson. In doubt for the first time in his existence, Gabriel left the Club, walking around, until he met Julie, a mortal woman, who called him a “snob” for walking by her without even a look when he bumped on her. Realizing that “snob” was what Constantine called him, Gabriel decided to prove him wrong, and apologized to the woman, even agreeing to have a coffee with her. The two spoke for long, and Gabriel managed to confide to her like never before. He fell in love with her, and not much time passed before the two consummated their relation…once in bed, however, “Julie” revealed herself as Chantinelle, the vengeful Succubus. She tied him and ripped his heart of, than fled. Without a heart and soiled, Gabriel came back to Heaven, but he was judged a sinner by God, and sent back on Earth as a mortal, without his angelic powers. Plus, he found out that Chantinelle was in league with Constantine, and that the mage now possessed his heart: with that, Constantine could command Gabriel at will, having a powerful slave to prevent the First of the Fallen to come for his damned soul…

Gabriel is a creature totally devoted to God’s will, which he enact without the slightest doubt or hesitation, and he lacks any kind of empathy towards humans, seen as inferiors and mere tools in God’s plan. As an Archangel, he is an immortal being of great power, with superior strength, speed, agility and reflexes, capable of flying and of teleporting anywhere, even across dimensions; he has the power of omnipresence, and he’s also a superb warrior, a master swordsman second to few even in Heaven. A bringer of life and death, a heavenly messenger who sows blessing and carnage with the same emotionless detachment, Gabriel is the embodiment of sacred purity, the perfect embodiment of loyalty and mercy…or so he thinks, at least.


It looks like Gotham has finally found a definitive version of The Joker, and the new one has little to envy to the previous one. In That Old Corpse, the new Joker is not losing time, and has already found some followers: one of them is the creepy Jungleur, portrayed by Christian Alexander Rozakis. Quite dark here, the Jongleur is actually pretty colorful in the comics, created to be an evil version of the Merryman from the Inferior Five. Despite being a D-list supervillain, he does have some run-ins with heroes from all over the world. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about the Jongleur, not even his real name. A highly intelligent man, he was the (most likely unaware) New Earth doppelganger of one of Earth-Twelve‘s main heroes, Merryman, who had his same skills…more or less, as the Jongleur was surely fitter and more of a tactician than his counterpart ever was. Just like Merryman, Jongleur crossed his path with four other skilled people: the infallible archer Splitshot, the super-strong Lagomorph, the flier Hindenberg and the amphibian Tremor. Wishing to make the most out of each one’s abilities, Jongleur united them into a single group, the Superior Five, but unlike their heroic and naive doppelgangers (the Inferior Five), they used their abilities for evil, and became mercenaries. Despite their pretentious name, the Superior Five never managed to enter the super-villains major league, and always remained in the background, unable to make a name for themselves. The perfect chance for a career jump appeared as Lex Luthor began to assemble a new version of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, with a roster so massive that the world had never seen anything similar before. Jongleur grabbed the occasion and he and his team began to work with the Society, but things went terribly wrong as it turned out that “Lex Luthor” was actually Alexander Luthor, an alternate and even more deranged version of the crime master who was using the villains as pawns in some sort of cosmic plan to find the perfect Earth. The Superior Five’s cooperation with the Society, as brief and irrelevant as it was, had however enormous consequences for the entire group.

As the world became wary of the super-villains’ scheme, the American government launched an extreme measure to counter the menace, and exiled the most dangerous and notorious criminals on a distant planet, ironically christened Salvation. Because of their cooperation with the Society, even the semi-unknown Superior Five ended up on Salvation, so Jongleur and his peers had to join one of the bigger groups for a chance of survival. With his name and costume circus-themed, it was inevitable that the Jongleur entered Joker’s group, and this way he managed to survive the experience, hiding in big numbers. When Lex Luthor (the real one) managed to build a teleportation device to come back to Earth, Jongleur was among the lucky ones who hitched a ride, and he returned home…but apparently he had had enough of his teammates, and dismantled the Superior Five, starting to work solo. Back on the market as a mercenary, Jongleur was hired along with many others by the mysterious crime boss Alex “Junior” Merkel, for quite a unique mission: to retrieve the Get Out of Hell Free Card forged by the demon Neron from the Secret Six, who had stolen it from Junior herself. As crazy as it sounded, the Free Card was truly able to free a soul from Hell, and Junior wanted it back. Jongleur joined an army of villains and hitmen, and attacked the Secret Six…but his skills were nowhere near enough to face the black ops secret squad, and he was shot in the head by Deadshot during the battle. So much for his glorious solo career.

The Jongleur is quite a mysterious guy, a clever mastermind who is also a skilled and charismatic leader. Despite being the leader of the Superior Five, he doesn’t possess any superhuman ability, but is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant and acrobat, with his brain remaining his best resource in battle. An amateur playing with the big guys, there’s actually not much that someone like the Jongleur can do when so overpowered and outsmarted by nearly everyone else, but this doesn’t seem to scare him the least…

Dragos Ibanescu

There’s still one (identified) member of The Quadrant who comes directly from the comics, in the last episode of Arrow. The four leaders of the country’s most powerful cartel include also Dragos Ibanescu, a Romanian gangster comics readers know. Portrayed by Peter Ciuffa, Ibanescu doesn’t do anything, but considering his new business relationship with Ricardo Diaz it’s more than likely that we’ll see more of him and of his colleagues. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look to this secondary villain, who operates in a very known city in the DC Universe

Dragos Ibanescu was born somewhere in Romania, the heir of a powerful criminal family. He moved to the United States as a young man wanting to expand his family business, and he settled in Gotham City, the national capital of crime. He held the facade of a sophisticated and respectable businessman, all the while running his true job: in a city full of competition like Gotham, he managed to find a niche market in organizing illegal dog fights, but he also imported prostitutes from East Europe and managed a human trafficking racket. Along with his right-hand man Curt Harris, Ibanescu earned a fortune from the dog fights, but not all his subordinates were as trustworthy as Curt: one of the latest addition to his team, Guillermo Duran, hired to train the dogs and make them constantly angry by torturing them, was reckless and brutal, something that inevitably obtained unwanted attention. As one of Ibanescu’s girls, Virna, was killed by Guillermo after she tried to escape, her death brought to the crime lord’s lair in the East End three unwanted guests: private eye Slam Bradley, who had been investigating on him, and the duo formed by Catwoman and Holly Robinson, who had been warned of Virna’s death by the Alleytown Kids. While Ibanescu sent his men to deal with Slam, Catwoman confronted Guillermo, and when Ibanescu saw that he was about to lose the fight, he shot him, having him torn to pieces by his own dogs. Believing to have satisfied Catwoman by killing the murderer she was after, Ibanescu told her to leave, but the vigilante hit him with her whip, making him stay still until the GCPD arrived and arrested him. Not exactly the brilliant future he had in mind.

Dragos Ibanescu resurfaced years later, having managed to get out of prison (most likely not in a legal way). Quite paradoxically, Batman‘s crusade against crime had been so efficient that now most super-freaks were behind bars either in Arkahm Asylum or in Blackgate Prison, so the old crime families had room enough to claim back the power that used to be theirs. Ibanescu took advantage of the situation like everyone else, and took back the East End as his territory. He also gained a new partner in the pirate Tiger Shark, albeit their relationship didn’t last long due to some disagreement. Of course, as the families had come to power once again, Batman targeted them as well, and Ibanescu’s business weren’t immune: both the Dark Knight and Catwoman had attacked his men in the East Side, and at top of irony, they weren’t even looking for him, they were actually hunting Hush, who they believed was using Ibanescu as a pawn. On top of that, Ibanescu was summoned by Gotham Child Services, who delivered him a girl, his niece: Jade McKillen, a former subordinate of Killer Croc‘s, and the legitimate heir of the McKillen crime family. Trying to solve one problem at the time, Ibanescu first investigated on Hush, and managed at least to divert Batman’s attention by proving that the weapons the criminal had been using to fund a gang war didn’t come from his business. When he learnt that Jade was actually a friend of Catwoman, who he still held a grudge against, he tried to give the girl to his former business partner Louis “Bone” Ferryman, using her family name as currency, and pointing out that she knew where to find Catwoman (also Ferryman wanted her dead). Bone accepted the offer, and he and Ibanescu forced the girl to reveal the location of Catwoman, which they reached…without knowing that Killer Croc was on the run, looking for Jade, whom he wanted back. The scenario promised to escalate rapidly…

Dragos Ibanescu is a ruthless and greedy man, devoid of the most basic human empathy. He sees everything and anyone as a possible source for profit, and doesn’t care if someone dies in the process of making money for him. He doesn’t get his own hands dirty, and prefers to have others do everything for him, but he likes to think of himself as a great boss and an efficient businessman. Arrogance, however, is a sin that eventually punishes itself…