Voz (Green Lantern)

Believe it or not, but we just reached the last Green Lantern from Lucy W.‘s request: this one is yet another cameo from the overcrowded Green Lantern movie, and is the Sasquatch-like creature moving in the background on Oa. That’s Voz, a Lantern who’s been portrayed in a variety of ways in the comics: always big and hairy, he sometimes resembles an ape, some others a huge mastiff-like dog, or even a giant mole-sloth thing. The movie version apparently goes for the latter, but it’s hard to say. Anyway, let’s take a look to the original.

Voz was born on Eciram, a distant planet known as one of the most dangerous ones in the universe: this world, in fact, was inhabited by several races of gargantuan predators, who used to prey on the sentient inhabitants of the planet. Not remotely as big and strong as the top carnivores, Voz survived thanks to his resourcefulness and his sheer willpower, a feat that attracted the attention of the Guardians of the Universe, who chose him as one of the very first recruits for the Green Lantern Corps. Voz accepted the offer, and became the Green Lantern of Space Sector 571, again one of the most dangerous around. One of the gravest threats he had to constantly face was represented by the Draal, a belligerent species always trying to oppose the Corps. Growing in ambition, the Draal abducted Voz along with five other Green Lanterns, Guy Gardner, Graf Toren, RRU-9-2, Gpaak and Bivvix, wanting to use them in their ultimate plan: they would have cloned them, stolen their Power Rings and infiltrated the Green Lantern Corps, to destroy them from the inside. The Draal, however, gravely underestimated their prisoners, and the five Lanterns joined forces and proved to be formidable fighters even without their rings: they escaped their prison, reclaimed their Power Rings and dismantled the Draal from within, just as they wanted to do with the Corps. This was quite a major victory, that however preceded a catastrophe: another Lantern, Hal Jordan, went mad, and single-handedly destroyed the Guardians, Oa and the Central Power Battery, thus putting an end to the Green Lantern Corps. Powerless and alone, Voz was captured by a slavers ring.

Time passed before Voz, and many others who had suffered his same destiny, were rescued by Guy Gardner. After regaining his freedom, Voz was among the few former Lanterns who answered the call of the sole Green Lantern remaining, Kyle Rayner, who had called for backup in his effort to dismantle the Black Circle crime cartel… but upon seeing he was human, just like Jordan, Voz left, not trusting him. It was Raker Qarrigat, an old friend, who vouched for Rayner and convinced Voz to change his mind: the veteran space-cop helped Kyle against the Black Circle, and collected yet another victory. His trust proved to be well placed, as soon after Rayner reformed the Green Lantern Corps, even bringing the Guardians of the Universe back to life. The Guardians remembered Voz’s success against the Draal, and valued his experience, as he was one of the few veterans remaining: they offered him the direction of the most guarded prison in the universe, the Sciencells, a task that the old Lantern gladly accepted, having already decided to focus on guarding Oa this time. As chief warden, Voz took care of the most nefarious criminals ever captured by the Lanterns, and he managed to obtain their fear if not their respect, proving to be someone not to be messed with. He successfully kept in line the many members of the Sinestro Corps who had been captured and incarcerated during the war, Sinestro included, and when the leader of the Yellow Lanterns was freed by his men on his way to the execution ground, Voz kept the news secret from his inmates, letting the other prisoners believe that their leader had been killed as planned. Used to the violence and empty threats of the inmates, there was but one prisoner that truly got under his skin: one of the newest arrivals, Red Lantern Vice, who had an aura of pure malice around him. Voz didn’t know yet how much his instinct was right about Vice, until the Red Lantern managed to break free…

Voz is a brave and fierce warrior, a veteran space-cop who relies mostly on a nearly infallible instinct. As an Eciramite, he’s extremely strong, fast and agile, and he possesses sharp fangs and sharp claws on both hands and feet; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to fly, to survive in any environment, to communicate in any known language, and to create will-powered energy constructs: Voz’s constructs are usually of basic and primordial form, and tend to explode before they’re fully developed. A warrior like few others in the Corps, Voz is a force to be reckoned with, a Green Lantern always on the verge of being corrupted by rage (the power source of the Red Lanterns), saved only by his firm loyalty to the Corps… not that this means that his inmates have to fear him less.


Thomas Kalmaku (Pieface)

This time, Lucy W.‘s character isn’t “super” in any possible way, and doesn’t even wear a mask: here’s Tom Kalmaku, Hal Jordan‘s assistant and friend. He appears in the Green Lantern movie portrayed by Taika Waititi (yup, the same guy behind the abominable Thor: Ragnarok), and mainly acts as a comic relief, being the first one Hal reveals his secret identity to. He’s not seen much, but after all he’s a support character in the comics also. Despite being portrayed by an actor of Maori descent, originally he’s an Inuit instead, and albeit he starts as a secondary character at most, he ends up being his own kind of hero: let’s see together.

Tom Kalmaku was born in Alaska, with his mother being Katy Kalmaku, one of the refugees that Green Lantern saved from the Japanese army during World War II. With a passion for planes and flight, Tom eventually left Alaska to study engineering, and moved to Coast City, California, where he became an aircraft engineer. He had quite a talent with planes, and was hired by Ferris Aircraft, a company in which he knew the one who would have become his best friend, Hal Jordan. The two met on a work day: Tom, who also made first-hand jobs on the planes using a simple wrench, since he believed that getting your hands dirty was a good way to put your heart in the job, was mocked by some pilots, who always called him “Pieface” because of his round face and blank expression. The name stuck, and the pilots kept using it on him… until the best test pilot in the company, Hal Jordan, stepped in and defended Kalmaku (actually calling him Pieface himself, but stopping the moment he realized it wasn’t a nickname the young man was happy for). The two became fast friends, and from that moment Tom started working mainly as Jordan’s assistant, helping him with his flights. Tom’s life was this simple, with his time split between his work at Ferris Aircraft and his dates with his girlfriend, Tegra, until he found something weird among Hal’s stuff: it was the Green Power Battery, that exposed his friend as the superhero Green Lantern. He confronted his friend over it, and Jordan admitted his secret identity. This only brought the two of them closer, and Tom even started keeping a journal of Green Lantern’s adventures, lending a helping hand whenever the hero needed it (and being saved quite a number of times from several threats in return).

In the meanwhile, life went on, and Tom got married with Tegra, having two children from her, Keith and Kari. The two separated as Tom became increasingly absent, distraught by Hal’s transformation into Parallax and by the many, atrocious crimes he committed. As Hal died, Tom did his best to honor his memory and to “redeem” him, going on a mission for him to rebuild planet Oa and recharge the Central Power Battery. Following this, the reborn Guardians of the Universe offered him a Power Ring, as it turned out Tom was Hal’s choice as a successor, but he simply replied “Naw” to the request, and came back to Earth. Here, however, he was contacted by the Guardians once again, specifically by Herupa Hando Hu, accompanied by the Zamaron Nadia Safir: the two were putting together a new team of superheroes, selecting people from every race and ethnicity in order to have them represent the entire human race. Tom happened to be one of the Chosen, and he was invited to join the New Guardians; his super power, apparently, was to bring out the best in everyone. Also this curious power clearly had limits: when Green Lantern Guy Gardner, who clearly had some anger issue, arrived on the island that was the headquarters of the team, and announced he was taking over, people obviously became nervous, and Tom tried to calm everybody down. Despite his efforts, Gloss violently sent Guy away: following this, also Tom quit with the New Guardians, realizing that all he wanted was actually to mend his relationship with his wife and children. He came back to Coast City, where he rebuilt his life brick by brick; he even became a full associate of Carol Ferris in guiding the company, becoming a businessman of his own. Maybe, it was finally time for Tom to live his life with his feet steadily on the ground, instead of spending half of his time in space with aliens.

Tom “Pieface” Kalmaku is a loyal friend and a smart mechanic, a brilliant engineer and a hero in his own right, a cheerful man who knows what he has to take seriously and when. Apparently, he has (or had, still unclear) the power “to bring out the best of anyone”, something that allowed him to solve even some grave crisis peacefully. A man divided between two worlds, Tom must choose his place in the universe, quite literally, as his life on Earth and his one as a space hero or sidekick are apparently incompatible…


Back to Lucy W., we head to space once again for the next character from Green Lantern. Among the only two speaking Guardians of the Universe, one of them is female: that’s Sayd, voiced by Salome Jens. In the movie, she’s first seen as she discusses with Sinestro on the possibility to try and stop Krona, and she remarks that, as an immortal, she can’t rush things, and has to think in terms of millennia. Not exactly the friendly type, is she? Ironically, in the comics she’s known mostly because she broke the laws of her people and dared to feel emotions. Let’s see together.

Sayd was born eons ago on planet Maltus, one of the first sentient beings in the universe. Her race was composed of wise people bent on research and knowledge, but one of them, Krona, went too far, and damaged the universe itself with a forbidden experiment. Scared by what one of their own had unleashed, the Maltusians became the Guardians of the Universe, swearing to bring order and peace to the entire creation. First, they tried to achieve this with the Manhunters, androids programmed to act as police force, but as they lacked any form of compassion and empathy, they eventually discharged them in favor of the Green Lantern Corps, and elite squad formed by extraordinary individuals recruited from all Space Sectors, men and women (and between) with an indomitable willpower that could win over the gravest threats. Not all plans were perfect, and the greatest Green Lantern of all times, Hal Jordan from Earth, was eventually corrupted by Parallax, the embodiment of fear, and attacked Oa, destroying all the Guardians in the process, including Sayd, by that time gender-neutral. Years later, former Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, now entrusted with the godly power of Eon, restored the Central Power Battery on Oa, and resurrected the Guardians. Sayd came back to the world of the living, this time a female, and a child. Rayner’s idea was to make the Guardians a little less detached and cold by having them start again as children: out of twelve, this only worked for two of them, Sayd and Ganthet, who explored a whole new aspect of their being that they had shut away for far too long. Especially, they started looking at each other with something they didn’t experienced for time immemorial: romantic interest.

After Hal Jordan attacked Biot saving a group of captive Lanterns, Sayd arrived on the place to question Hank Henshaw, the kidnapper: she learnt that the cyborg knew of the “Secret of 52“, one of the most guarded ones from the Book of Oa, and she came back to her home planet to further study this. In the forbidden pages, she found references to the coming of the Blackest Night, the moment when Nekron, the embodiment of death, would have stepped over to claim the entire multiverse. When the Sinestro Corps became a cosmic threat and started a war against the Green Lantern Corps, Sayd saw in this one of the prophesied passages that led to the Blackest Night, and tried to warn the other Guardians… who however didn’t want to believe her, nor the prophecy. They believed that those pages had been written by some Ysmault spy to bring fear to the Corps, and dismissed the whole thing as “superstition”. Only Ganthet stayed by Sayd’s side, and the two even tried to fight the other Guardians when they decided to burn the pages from the Book. With such an emotional outburst coming from them, and with their mutual romantic interest clear, both Sayd and Ganthet were exiled from Oa as soon as the war ended. Knowing they were right in they worries, the rogue Guardians reached the world of Odym, where they evolved into different beings: they embraced the feelings they felt for each other, and they dedicated themselves to hope, a new emotion they nurtured for themselves and others. With the power of hope, another powerful force in the Emotional Spectrum, they created another Central Power Battery, and started forging Blue Power Rings to be distributed among hopeful beings who would have served in the new intergalactic police force, the Blue Lantern Corps, a squad that, unlike the Green Lanterns, would have been ready for the arrival of the Blackest Night. Their first recruit was Saint Walker, a religious man from Astonia, who ignited hope in every planet he went to, recruiting a number of new Lanterns. The war would have come, and it would have been terrible: Sayd, however, would have been ready for it.

Sayd is a wise and passionate woman, a non-traditionalist Guardian of the Universe who came to embrace emotion and to use it as a force for good, instead of something that must be feared and fought. Gifted with immense cosmic power, Sayd first generated and manipulated the green energy of willpower, than the blue energy of hope, and now the orange energy of avarice: with this, she is immortal and pretty much invulnerable, she can fly, she can manipulate immense amounts of energy in every way she desires, she can heal herself or others, she can teleport, she disposes of telepathy and telekinesis, she can fly and cast illusions, she can siphon abilities or even life force from others, she can manipulate time and matter, and a lot of other things. Devoted to willpower, ignited by hope, and now dedicated to a mission to redeem avarice, Sayd is a Guardian for all those who need her, a progressive Maltusian who embraces her role even more than her traditionalist peers do.


We come back to the Green Lantern movie, but this time for a different kind of character: instead of a corpsman, Lucy W.‘s list brings us Scar, one of the Guardians of the Universe. In the movie, she isn’t played nor voiced by anyone, and appears as just a cameo along her fellow Guardians, as only two of them speak throughout the entire film. She’s quite recognizable for her unique trait, that is the scar that gives her her name, and disfiguring an entire half of her face. If you are thinking that after The Lion King you shouldn’t probably trust anyone named “Scar”, well, you’re right: let’s see together.

The real name of Scar was lost in infinite eons, as she was born millions of years ago on planet Maltus, as part of the first sentient species in the universe. She dedicated to science and research along with her many brothers and sisters, until one of them, Krona, irredeemably damaged the universe with an experiment gone too far. Feeling responsible for this, Scar and the others created the planet Oa, and from there, as the Guardians of the Universe, they embraced the new purpose of fighting evil and bringing order and peace to the universe. They did so by building the Manhunters, droids that patrolled each Space Sector, but that eventually proved to be untrustworthy due to their lack of emotion and empathy. Following a rebellion of the Manhunters, the Guardians founded the Green Lantern Corps, recruiting worthy people from each civilized planet, and entrusting them with a Green Power Ring fueled by their own willpower. Things went bad again when the greatest Green Lantern of all times, Hal Jordan, was corrupted by the fear entity Parallax and became his avatar: Jordan attacked Oa, and Scar faced him along with all her brothers and sisters, but they were all wiped out, with only Ganthet surviving long enough to build a new Power Ring, more powerful than ever, and to entrust it to another Lantern, Kyle Rayner, who used it to defeat Jordan. Some times after the restoration of Oa, Kyle Rayner, now the demigod Ion, used all his power to recharge the Central Power Battery, thus bringing to life again also the Guardians. Scar found herself reborn, but as a child. She aged quickly, though, and soon she regained her original appearance, as well as her cold and manipulative personality.

The Guardians returned just in time, as Thaal Sinestro and his Sinestro Corps had started a war against the newly returned Green Lantern Corps. Scar and the others changed the Book of Oa, lifting their corpsmen from the prohibition to kill, and even expelled Ganthet and Sayd, guilty of having experienced emotion, something forbidden to them. When the Sinestro Corps got backed up by the Anti-Monitor himself, the Guardians joined the battle in first person, holding off the embodiment of the Anti-Matter Universe. During the battle, however, Scar was grabbed by the enemy, and she suffered severe burning on the right half of her body and face. The war was won thanks to a plan devised by John Stewart and Guy Gardner, but Scar, who could have healed if she wanted to, decided to keep her marks, stating that she wanted them as a memento of the past arrogance and foolishness of the Guardians of the Universe. The scar on her face, however, had burnt far deeper than her skin: for the first time in her immortal life, she had seen the power behind the Anti-Monitor in that moment: the Black, death itself, an inevitable force that she decided to ally herself with. Secretly, she began pursuing a completely different agenda: in secret she sent Green Lantern Ash and Green Lantern Saarek to retrieve the corpse of the Anti-Monitor and to communicate with his spirit, and she even leaked information about Sinestro’s trial, imprisonment and future execution to the Sinestro Corps to allow them to rescue him, while publicly she adopted a much more militaristic policy, forbidding any romantic relationship within the Green Lantern Corps, something that led to the resignation of many Lanterns, and failing on purpose a diplomatic meeting with the Zemarons. As she claimed to be preparing the Green Lanterns to be stronger in the perspective of the Blackest Night, the coming of Nekron and his avatars, she was actually facilitating its arrival, hoping to win a seat besides Nekron’s throne. Death had touched her once, and she wanted more.

Scar used to be a wise yet cold woman, an immortal being who believed that order could come only from the victory of reason and will over emotions, but now she’s fascinated by a much darker master, and seeks to achieve total order and peace in cosmic death. As a Guardian of the Universe, she’s immortal and nearly invulnerable, she can fly and she possesses an unlimited intellect; she can also manipulate the Green Light from the Emotional Spectrum, that grants her the ability to create energy constructs, to fly, to phase, to manipulate time, energy and matter at will, to increase beyond any limit her natural telepathic powers and even to manipulate reality itself; she can also manipulate the Black Light, and uses it to forge Black Power Rings able to bring the dead back to life and transform them into avatars of Death, and to corrupt anything belonging to other lights in the Emotional Spectrum. Powerful beyond imagination and just as deranged, Scar turned from protector to annihilator, becoming a threat like the universe had never seen.

Rot Lop Fan (Green Lantern)

We’ll finish with the characters from Green Lantern eventually, but this is not the day. Another Green Lantern awaits for us, and this one is possibly the most comic-accurate in the film, at least from an aesthetic point of view. We’re speaking of Rot Lop Fan, that weird shark-like eyeless alien seen among (too) many others on Oa. The total lack of eyes is an extreme version of the character’s blindness in the comics, but for all the rest the movie’s Rot Lop Fan is pretty much identical to the comics’ one, including his unique uniform, that sports a symbol different from the usual lantern. Let’s see together why.

Rot Lop Fan was born on an unknown planet in the wide void known as the Obsidian Deep, a sector of space completely devoid of light. To adapt to this unique condition, the local species evolved completely blind, compensating this lack with an incredible hearing. Among his people, Rot Lop Fan led a relatively normal life, but he was acknowledged to be a noble and brave man, characterized by a strong willpower that attracted the attention of the Guardians of the Universe, who wanted to recruit him to be the first Green Lantern patrolling the Obsidian Deep. The Guardians sent Katma Tui to offer Rot Lop Fan a place within the Green Lantern Corps, and she found him in total blackness thanks to her Green Power Ring… but the recruitment was more difficult than expected. Rot Lop Fan, in fact, had no concept of anything involving light, so even the terms “Green” and “Lantern” had no meaning for him, and even Katma Tui’s Power Ring was unable to translate them. It was apparently a situation without solution, as even the oath of the Green Lanterns was meaningless to the blind alien, but eventually Katma Tui found a way to reach Rot Lop Fan in a language he could comprehend: she slowly but steadily converted all the light and color concepts into sound ones, explaining to Rot Lop Fan the history, mission and values of the Green Lantern Corps replacing everything that involved at least an abstract idea of light with sound. By the end of their conversation, Rot Lop Fan was more determined than ever to join what he believed to be the F-Sharp Bell Corps.

Following this concept of the Green Lanterns, Rot Lop Fan was granted a unique equipment: his Power Ring was shaped after a musical instrument, the F-Sharp Bell, that worked like a Ring but used sound constructs instead of light ones. He was also given a unique uniform, that displayed on the front not the usual Green Lantern, but a Green Bell. This way, he successfully became the protector of Space Sector 0911, the first in the entire Obsidian Deep. Although he usually stayed within his space, Rot Lop Fan was able to hear anything in a radius of four sectors, so he was always among the first ones to intervene in cases of grave emergency, such as during the war against the Anti-Monitor and his minions from the Anti-Matter Universe. He survived the crisis and came back to the Obsidian Deep, only to be summoned to Oa not much time later, to witness the departure of the Guardians of the Universe, who left the regular plane of existence in a self-exile. As during an attack the Central Power Battery on Oa was destroyed, Rot Lop Fan was depowered as all his teammates, and as many others he was targeted by a slave ring. The slavers captured him and put him on auction for the highest bidder, but luckily there was a Green Lantern who had found a way to claim his power back and was using it to free all the captive ex-Lanterns: Guy Gardner from Earth. Gardner freed Rot Lop Fan (among the others), and led him to claim back his F-Sharp Bell. Despite the two of them couldn’t be more different in terms of character and attitude, this episode gave birth to a weird friendship between the two, a bizarre relationship that would have lasted for long, as the Green Lantern Corps (or the F-Sharp Bell Corps) were now reborn and ready to return to duty.

Rot Lop Fan is a selfless and generous man, a courageous corpsman who’s ready and willing to protect all on his own one of the most isolated Space Sectors in the whole universe. He naturally possesses an amazing sense of hearing, that compensates for his lack of sight and allows him to hear everything even light years away; as a Green Lantern, he possesses a unique Power Ring, actually an F-Sharp Bell, that produces sound he can manipulate into powerful energy constructs. Since light or color have absolutely no meaning for him, even his oath is unique: “In loudest din or hush profound, my ears catch evil’s slightest sound. Let those who toll out evil’s knell, beware my power: the F-Sharp Bell!

R’amey Holl (Green Lantern)

Green Lanterns! Green Lanterns everywhere! As we proceed with Lucy W.‘s request, we meet another one of the many aliens having a cameo in the Green Lantern movie, this one particularly fascinating. Among the many faces on Oa, one strikes for beauty and grace: the humanoid butterfly, R’amey Holl. In the movie, of course, she just has this single appearance and does nothing, while in the comics, albeit having being created relatively recently (2007), she earned an increasingly major role. Don’t be fooled by her fragile appearance, though: she’s as tough as they come. Let’s see together.

R’amey Holl was born on the alien planet Papilliox, a world inhabited by insectoid sentient beings who, just like Earth‘s butterfly, had the unborn ability of evolving into superior forms. R’amey Holl was a member of her planet’s law forces, and thus she had contacts from time to time with the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps, sometimes even working with them, mostly during emergencies. One of such emergencies occurred as the Hymenoptists, sentient parasites who laid eggs within the living bodies of other species, consumed all life on the nearby planet Meno, and targeted Papilliox next. Such a threat couldn’t be faced by the local police force alone, so R’amey Holl, defying her superiors’ orders, contacted the Guardians of the Universe, asking for help. Not only the Guardians sent the Lanterns to protect the planet, but they were also impressed by the woman’s willpower, strong enough to allow her to go against direct orders, despite being a recruit, in order to save lives… exactly the kind of willpower a Green Lantern was required to have. As soon as the impending threat was solved, the Guardians offered R’amey Holl a place within the Corps, and she gladly accepted it. As a Green Lantern, R’amey Holl could protect not just her home planet, but the entire Space Sector 700, and she was assigned as a partner to Von Daggle, who would have been her superior officer for the time being. Finally, she was ready to do something great with her life and her training, and when her first mission arrived, she was enthusiast to participate.

R’amey Holl followed Von Daggle in quite a peculiar mission, which involved also another young Lantern, Guy Gardner from Earth (one R’amey had an immediate crush on). The trio had to track down a Dominator, a scientist who had used a highly unstable meteorite (the same that had hyper-evolved Captain Comet) to enhance himself, against the Dominators’ orthodoxy, and also to create a hyper-evolved Khund servant. This wasn’t an official mission of the Corps, so R’amey and the others left both their uniforms and their Power Rings, ingesting in its place a special disc that granted them a Power Ring’s abilities for a limited time. R’amey and Gardner arrived on Corona 7, where they located the scientist… and his hyper-evolved servant, who proved to be too powerful for the two Lanterns. The Khund ripped off R’amey’s stomach (with the disc in it) and left her to die, nearly killing Gardner as well immediately after. The Lantern’s body, however, landed on the meteorite, and she unconsciously created a cocoon, in which she evolved into a superior form. Using her new powers, she resumed the battled and healed a dying Gardner, saving him from death. Just as Von Daggle joined them, R’amey Holl and Guy Gardner had defeated the scientist, but while the latter wanted to arrest him, Von Daggle ordered them to kill him, something definitely against the Corps’ policy. R’amey Holl obeyed the order, and she executed the scientist by slicing him to pieces with her razor-sharp wings. Then, Von Daggle informed her subordinates that the mission was actually a test to enter the Corpse, the secret black-ops division of the Green Lanterns… a test that only Holl had succeeded. Sad for losing a man she had learnt to love, R’amey Holl used her newfound telepathy to erase Gardner’s memory of everything that happened, making him believe she had died during the mission. Then, she left Corona 7 with Von Daggle, ready to be employed once again in a top secret mission.

Despite her cheerful and easy-going attitude, R’amey Holl is a very by-the-book and obedient soldier, an officer used to do whatever her superiors tell her, without hesitation of ethical nature. She naturally possesses remarkable abilities: she can fly, she possesses superhuman speed and enhanced senses, and after her evolution she also possesses telepathic powers, the ability to heal (or even resurrect) herself and others, she can survive in the void of space and she can even teleport; she traded her Power Ring for a Green Lantern Corpse Disc, that allows her to create energy constructs powered by her willpower (green energy with the Ring, purple energy with the Disc). A powerful and indomitable warrior, R’amey Holl devotes herself to the Green Lanterns, ready to do for them even things other Green Lanterns would never approve of…

Penelops (Green Lantern)

Green Lanterns are getting weirder and weirder in appearance the more we dwell with Lucy W.‘s request. This time, always from the Green Lantern movie, we meet Penelops, the curious tentacled alien with a single eye protruding from his main body seen on Oa, among dozens of others. In the film, as most of the others, Penelops doesn’t do anything but to stroll around, but believe it or not, in the comics he is a living legend, one of the most powerful Green Lanterns ever lived, and a source of inspiration for all his peers, including the most seasoned and expert ones among them. Let’s see together why.

Penelops was born on Penelo, an ocean planet inhabited by jellyfish-like creature who lived in the abyss of its seas. The light of the sun was painful to creatures used to live in the deep, so none of the Penelopians ever explored the surface… none but Penelops, who was the first one among his race to win his fear and to reach the top of the sea, becoming renowned among his people for both his courage and his foolishness. This single act of bravery was enough for Penelops to be noticed by the Guardians of the Universe, who were constantly monitoring sentient beings’ willpower, especially the one strong enough to conquer fear. Penelops definitely was worthy of the offer they made to him, to become a Green Lantern and protect Space Sector 1355, a responsibility that Penelops accepted. The alien trained for a time on Oa, but due to his introverted nature he didn’t make any friends, with the sole exception of Tomar Re, his mentor, who saw through him and understood his enormous potential. As he became a Green Lantern, Penelops came back to his home world, and started patrolling the Sector he had been assigned. Rising the surprise and the irony of his colleagues, he showed no fantasy at all in terms of energy constructs, as he only used his Green Power Ring to create tentacles, bigger versions of his own, with no creativity whatsoever. Some Green Lanterns even started believing the Guardians of the Universe had made a mistake in recruiting him, as some worthier candidates may have been present in that area of the universe… then Penelops accomplished something that nobody else did or would have ever done, entering by right in the chronicles of the Book of Oa.

Penelo was facing a cataclysmic climate change, with its oceans literally starting to boil, with obvious consequences on the local population. Penelops investigated the phenomenon, and as he left the atmosphere he discovered an alien ship near the sun, firing an unknown kind of energy beam into the star to raise its temperature. The Green Lantern tried to stop the beam, but was attacked by the ship, and sent directly into the sun… but his enormous willpower was enough to allow him to escape the star’s gravitational field, and he boarded the ship. He found it was occupied by blue-skinned aliens, refugees from a dying world, who had found the perfect new home in Penelo, that was however too cold for them. Believing it to be deserted, they had started to raise its temperature, and were shocked in realizing what they had done to the local population… but the process was irreversible, and they had doomed an entire species to extinction. Penelops, however, wasn’t giving up yet: using one of his mocked energy tentacles, he enveloped the entire planet Penelo, and with his sheer willpower he moved the world to a safer orbit, far enough from the sun to restore the original temperature, but allowing one part of the planet to be more exposed to the light and warmer, to allow also the refugees to call Penelo home. He had accomplished something unthinkable up to that point, and he became a living legend. Back to Oa, he found out he had become a role model for many, and a lot of fellow Lanterns, even ones who had more years of service than him, came to him to be taught how to use their willpower to the fullest. Despite his obvious power, Penelops was no master, and he politely declined every request he was made: he had just raised the standards of the Green Lantern Corps, showing that “impossible” was just a word, when applied to one’s willpower.

Penelops is a shy and introverted man, who hides behind his meek attitude one of the greatest and strongest willpower ever seen in the Corps. As a Penelopian, he can breathe underwater, he has many prehensile tentacles that also contain mouths for feeding and stingers to stun enemies, he possesses superhuman strength and he can blend with the surroundings becoming nearly invisible; as a Green Lantern, his Power Ring allows him to survive in any environment, to fly, to communicate in any known language and to create energy constructs, in his case usually tentacles. Penelops is the living embodiment of the unbreakable will that conquers any fear, as it’s highlighted by his personalized oath: “In brightest light, in darkest sea, All dangers will be seen by me! While others from these dangers flee, I shall always a Green Lantern be!