Carol Ferris (Star Sapphire)

Next character in Lucy W.‘s list is quite a major one in Green Lantern‘s mythology: Carol Ferris, the eternal love interest of Hal Jordan. She appears in the Green Lantern movie portrayed by Blake Lively; in here, she’s a childhood friend of Hal, and she’s the first one to recognize him under the mask of Green Lantern; she also has a long friendship with Hector Hammond, who’s romantically interested in her as well. In Man of Steel and its sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeChristina Wren portrays a US Air Force officer named Carrie Farris, who’s obviously a nod to Carol Ferris. In the DC Extended Universe continuity she’s General Swanwick‘s assistant, and apparently she doesn’t possess her own aviation company like her comicbook counterpart. However, she’s still in time to become a supervillain (or superhero, depending on the moment) like the original one: let’s see together.

Carol Ferris was born in Coast CityCalifornia, the daughter of Carl and Christine Ferris. Carol’s family was the owner of Ferris Aircraft, one of the most important aviation companies in the country, and since her childhood she was trained by her father to take his place at the lead of the family business. Since she was very young, she was appointed Vice-President of the company, but her real passion was flying, and she learnt everything she could on how to fly a plane. She became friends with Hal Jordan, the son of one of Ferris Aircraft’s test pilots Martin Jordan (who was also one of Carl’s closest friends), and the two often were together, both dreaming of becoming test pilots like Martin. One day, due to technical problems to the plane he was testing, Martin had an accident, and was killed in a crash-landing: from that day, Carl Ferris was overcome by grief, and Carol slowly took his place in leading the company, giving up on her dream of becoming a pilot due to the responsibilities her position required. Carl’s sense of guilt eventually made him ill, to the point that Carol found herself forced to step in as the new CEO of Ferris Aircraft when she was still pretty young; out of respect for her father, she hid his sickness and told everybody that he had grown tired of his activity as a CEO and he had retired and moved to Miami. As the new President of her company, Carol hired Hal Jordan as a test pilot, since he had become even more skilled than his father, but the relationship between the two was somehow ruined by the fact that Hal still blamed Carl for his father’s death. However, when Hal discovered the truth about Carl Ferris’ condition, he forgave him, and he found in grief something he had in common with Carol: the two grew closer… but just as very good friends, since Carol, who surely felt attracted by him, had a strict no-date policy with employees. Hal wasn’t the only man in her life, as she was smitten also by the new hero in town, Green Lantern… without realizing he was always Hal. All that repressed love, eventually, drew attention to Carol, and some unusual one.

An alien race of women known as the Zamarons were looking for their new queen, and the mystical gem on the royal tiara led them to Earth, where they found Carol. The gem, a sapphire, transformed Carol Ferris into the Star Sapphire, the legendary Zamaron queen, but the woman didn’t want to leave her homeplanet to follow them: she still had much to stay on Earth for. The Zamarons soon found out that one of the main reasons for Carol’s desire to stay was her love for Green Lantern… who was an agent of their former companions and now enemies, the Guardians of the Universe. Fearing for their queen’s safety, and wanting to take her back to Zamaron, the aliens hypnotized Carol in the effort of making her forget her love for the superhero, and convinced her that Green Lantern was her sworn enemy. As a result, not only Carol didn’t feel any affection to the Lantern, but she even attacked him in the form of Star Sapphire, cornering him with powers that mirrored his own. Eventually, however, Star Sapphire was defeated… and the Zamarons decided that this was a proof that she was (still) unworthy of becoming their queen; upon leaving Earth, the aliens erased Carol’s memory of her secret life as Star Sapphire, but left the gem behind, as well as a subconscious knowledge of her powers and capabilities: this way, from time to time she reverted back to her Star Sapphire persona, improving everytime and slowly becoming worthy of the position she had been offered. In some years, however, the Zamarons realized that the gem was uncontrollable, since it was channeling something much more ancient and powerful than what they realized: the very essence of The Predator, the living embodiment of love. While in its pure form, the gem made people lose their mind and attack the object of their affection, just as Carol Ferris had done; the Zamarons tried to lessen its power by splitting the gems and forging the Star Sapphire Rings, artifacts fueled by love (felt, lost or rejected) which made their bearer retain their thoughts and personality. Obviously, among their first recruits there was Carol Ferris, the one who was still suffering from an impossible love.

Carol Ferris is a smart and strong woman, capable of great passion but always repressing her personal feelings for the sake of a greater good. Deeply committed to her family’s company, she’s a skillful businesswoman and a capable leader, but she’s also a proficient pilot. As Star Sapphire, her Violet Power Ring fueled by love allows her to fly and to survive in the void of space, and she can materialize anything she can think of in energy constructs, as well as create force fields and generate energy blasts. Now an agent of the Emotional Spectrum, Star Sapphire protects the universe and fights to spread love in the galaxies, making her oath be heard in every corner: “For hearts long lost and full of fright, for those alone in blackest night, accept our ring and join our fight: love conquers all… with violet light!


Bibbo Bibbowski

And finally we’re at the last character from casualgamer‘s list (if you have any other, you only have to ask). We meet now another supporting character, Bibbo Bibbowski, who’s had so far three live action appearances (albeit the last one’s not exactly official). First he appeared in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, portrayed by Troy Evans, as the owner of his unmistakable bar the Ace O’ Clubs. He then appeared in Superman Returns, portrayed by Jack Larson, in a much older version: nicknamed simply “Bo“, he’s the one who speaks with Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent, always at the Ace O’ Clubs. Last but not least, he also appeared in Man of Steel, portrayed by Bruce Bohne, albeit he’s named only in the movie’s novelization: he’s the one who pours Lois Lane a drink while she meets her source, Glenn Woodburn, while investigating on the mysterious Joe from Ellesmere Island. Now, the only trait in common between the live action Bibbo and the comics’ one so far has been the ownership of the Ace O’ Clubs: let’s see what else there is to say about him.

Not much is known about Bibbo Bibbowski’s early life, not even where he was born. He had a brother, a very smart guy who was an egghead since he was a child: while Bibbo pretty much enjoyed brawls and often fought with the other kids, his brother abhorred any form of violence, and dedicated himself to his studies. The first one grew up to become a professional boxer, while the second one became famous as Professor Bibbowski. As a boxer, Bibbo could make good use of his great strength on the ring, and at least for a while he had success and earned some money. Then, at a certain point, something changed, at least in his attitude, and he quit with boxing, moving to Metropolis and becoming a longshoreman. In the nearby Suicide Slum Bibbo found the place that would have become his second home, the ill-famed bar Ace O’Clubs, which he became a loyal costumer of. Bibbo spent most of his time at the bar, and he only left it to work, so it was pretty easy to find him there. One day, a guy dressed as Superman entered the Ace O’ Clubs, looking for information on a guy he was pursuing. Believing him to be some bibbobibbowskicomics1sort of clown looking for troubles, Bibbo punched him… with the only result of nearly crushing his own hand: that guy was the real deal. Oddly enough, this was the beginning of the friendship between Bibbo Bibbowski and Superman: the ex boxer had learnt to respect strength, and there was nobody tougher than Superman out there. After that brief confrontation, Bibbo elected Superman as “his favorite hero”, and he even helped him in his ongoing investigation. An admiration based on pure physical strength wasn’t exactly meant to last long, as there were guys out there who were even tougher than Superman, one of them being the infamous bounty hunter Lobo.

Lobo was in Metropolis with a helper of his, the teleporter Raof, because a group of unspecified aliens had tasked him with killing Superman: during their first confrontation, Lobo emerged victorious, and Superman escaped… thus leaving Bibbo with a brand new idol. The Czarnian bounty hunter, somehow flattered by Bibbo’s admiration, decided to make him his sidekick, and entrusted him with a vital task: he had to film him with a pair of special recording goggles during his fight with the Man of Steel, so that he could present an evidence to his employers and thus be paid. What seemed to be an easy job turned out to be quite a mess: during the fight, Bibbo, Lobo and Raof ended up completely drunk with Okaranna Liquor, and they lost their memory of a fight that, somehow, Superman had won (actually, thanks to a cheat from the Eradicator); plus, Bibbo had mounted the goggles backwards, so the only thing recorded was the back of his head, and his comments on a battle nobody could see nor remember. With such “evidence”, Lobo got fired from his contractors and gave up on taking Superman’s head, leaving the planet. After that weird misadventure, Bibbo resumed his admiration for the Man of Steel, and even started “defending his honor” from anyone criticizing him (even random bystanders). Bibbo’s life changed the moment he literally won the lottery… with a ticket he didn’t even buy (it was lost by Gangbuster). With all that bibbobibbowskicomics2money suddenly in his possession, Bibbo could fulfill his life’s dream… and he bought the Ace O’ Clubs, becoming the new owner of the bar. From his bar, he helped all the people in need from the Slums, and he kept aiding his hero anytime he needed it (or, much like, anytime Bibbo believed he needed it). He even got involved in Superman’s fight with Doomsday, as he allied with Professor Hamilton and tried to stop the monster with an experimental gun, with no effect. Despite the effort proved to be useless, it was the least anyone could expect: he just couldn’t twiddle his thumbs while his favorite hero got beaten by a monster!

Bibbo Bibbowski is a brute with a heart of gold, a good man at heart, who’s however not exactly smart. He’s a very strong and accomplished boxer, but he doesn’t have any other particular talent besides that. He has a true adoration for Superman, to the point that for some time he went around dressed like him calling himself “Superdood“, and adopted a white cub calling him “Krypto“. Albeit in his rough and clumsy way, it’s positive that Bibbo will always do the right thing and lend a hand… or at least, he’ll do his best to do both.

Kenneth “Kenny” Braverman (Conduit)

Kenny BravermanThe last heads-up of this year brings us back to 2013 and to Man of Steel: writing about tons of Kryptonians, I ended up missing one of the human characters. In Clark Kent‘s flashbacks, we see the boy bullied by some high school athletes in Smallville, and the group is led by a guy credited as Kenny Braverman, portrayed by Rowen Kahn… definitely someone from the comics. He’s the one mocking and teasing young Clark, only to flee when he sees an angry Jonathan advancing towards him. In the comics, the relation between Kenny and Clark was not so hostile… not as it would become as in their adulthood, at least. Let’s see together.

The night Kenneth Braverman was born was surely and eventful one: a snowstorm forced Mr. Braverman to drive his wife to the hospital on a difficult road, and when his truck slid on the ice, stopping the couple, the baby was born in the car. That same night, however, the ship of alien Kal-El arrived on Earth, bringing along the fragments of his lost planet Krypton: the meteor shower of that night had unforeseen consequences on the child, who grew up sickly because of the radiation exposure. Despite a frail constitution, Kenny always did his best not to be second to any of the other children, and when he attended Smallville High School he was already one of the most promising young athletes of the town. Kenny excelled in most sports, and played football, baseball and tracks, always distinguishing himself… but never as the first one, always the second: there was another guy, born on his same day, conduitcomics1who was the best in whatever he did, and stood out over Kenny as well. The guy was Clark Kent. As one would expect, Kenny became quite competitive with Clark, and formed a friendly rivalry that with years became less and less friendly. Their rivalry reached its apex on the night of the senior prom, when Kenny asked the most beautiful girl of the school, Lana Lang, out: she lied, telling him that Clark had asked her first, and when Clark actually took a step forward, she immediately said yes. Clark and Lana were named prom King and Queen, and Kenny was left behind, as always. If this wasn’t enough, Kenny’s father, who had always treated badly his son, and always remarked how Clark Kent was better than he was, named him a total failure that night, wishing Clark was his son instead of him. This was the final drop for Kenny, who solemnly swore he would have taken his revenge one day on his loathed rival. The occasion arrived soon after high school, when Kenny agreed to have his body, still under the effects of unknown radiation, examined by the CIA.

The CIA did more than that, and made some experiments on him trying to put his radioactive organism to the test, but they ultimately deemed Kenny unusable for the field because of his poor health. Willing to prove his superiors wrong, Braverman volunteered for a dangerous mission in Paris, a covert op against a terrorist group. The mission was a success, but only because Clark Kent, who was in Paris studying journalism, intervened, thus making Kenny get the “second place” once again. In “revenge”, Kenny “stole” Clark’s girlfriend Ruby (who was actually only a friend to him), and he even proposed to her, only to threat her life when she realized something was very wrong with Kenny’s body, glowing in green light. Back to the US, Kenny Braverman distinguished himself in several highly dangerous missions, becoming more and more reckless… and more and more unstable. His body instability conduitcomics2was treated with a power suit containing the flowing radiations, but his mind was far too gone in his obsessions: believing he was becoming too dangerous to handle, the CIA decided to have him killed… but no agent was at his league, and Kenny defeated them all, quitting with the agency. After that, he renamed himself Conduit, and founded his own intelligence and spec ops unit, Pipeline, which in years became powerful and influential. Despite having reached quite a goal, Braverman was still obsessed with his high school rival, and when years later Clark Kent became an important journalist for the Daily Planet, Conduit reached him in Metropolis, and used his Pipeline to tried to have him killed more than once. The attacks ended up involving also Clark’s colleague Lois Lane, and they eventually failed because of the intervention of Superman, who forced Conduit and his men to flee. When Conduit tried to take the hero head on with a Kryptonite rifle, he was defeated nevertheless, and this time he was arrested. In prison, however, another criminal, Shadowdragon, brought him some secret files from STAR Labs: studying them, Braverman was able to deduce that his old enemy Clark Kent and his new one Superman were one and the same. Now, Conduit had the opportunity to exact the revenge he had been waiting for his entire life…

Kenny Braverman is a fragile and unbalanced man, who even as an adult lives as if he has to make his dispassionate father love and approve him as when he was in high school. Obsessed with high school times, Kenny still sees his schoolmate Clark Kent as a rival, becoming a lethal stalker for him, believing him to be the cause of everything wrong in his life. As Conduit, his body is a living conduit of Kryptonite-based energy, which he directs thanks to a power suit in destructive blasts; the suit also allows him to fly and to withstand substantial damage, and it has two extendable cables he can charge with his energy and use as whips. Conduit, trained in espionage and in advanced combat, is also able to focus the energy he produces on his own body in order to increase his strength, durability and speed, rivaling Superman’s ones. Completely mad, incredibly dangerous, Conduit is a “Ghost of Christmas Past” come to haunt Clark Kent’s life, an obsessed maniac who would stop only in front of his rival’s grave.

Daniel Leone (Pilate)

Father Daniel LeoneAlmost at the end of the characters from Man of Steel: today, another one who had just a cameo in the movie, but has a little bit more relevant backstory in the comics. When Clark Kent is looking for a meaning to his life, at a certain point he meets a priest: he’s Father Daniel Leone, portrayed by Coburn Goss. In the film, he just gives some advises about a necessary leap of faith, when Clark seeks a voice of wisdom in order to decide if he’s supposed to accept General Zod‘s requests or not. In the comics, Leone acts as an adviser and a friend to the Man of Steel, until a somewhat tragic ending. Let’s see together.

Daniel Leone was born and raised in Metropolis, just a regular guy who looked for his place in the world. When he was still young, he met a girl, Lupé Teresa Leocadio-Escudero, a hot-head who he fell in love with. The two started a passionate relationship, but things weren’t meant for lasting. At a certain point in his life, Daniel felt like he wasn’t in the right place, and fatherleonecomics1wasn’t leading his life as he was supposed to. A religious man, he started interrogating himself, until he realized God asked him something else than a family life. Answering to the call, he left Teresa, entered seminary, and became a priest. In Metropolis, he became pastor of the Sacred Heart Church, and established a good friendship with Teresa, who had in the meanwhile entered police, in Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. It was shortly after he became a priest that Father Leone was diagnosed a terminal, incurable cancer. Now a man of faith, he accepted this as a test from God, even if he struggled with his own mortality, like anyone else would have done.

Father Leone made the least predictable meeting when Superman, distraught over The Vanishing, a strange phenomenon during which millions of people (including his wife Lois Lane) had disappeared, came to him to seek advice. Superman felt guilty, since when the mass-disappearance occurred he was in space to save Green Lanter Kyle Rayner, and felt like he abandoned Earth in the moment of need. Daniel helped him face his own humanity, his limits, and to accept that he couldn’t possibly save everyone. The two met once again, when Superman informed the priest he had tracked the Vanishing back to a small country in the Middle East, where he had fought General Nox, a deranged military leader in possession of the Vanishing Device, and his cyborg minion Equus. The fight led to a second Vanishing, that Nox and Equus used to escape, and Leone traveled to the Fortress of Solitude with fatherleonecomics2Superman to try and find where they had gone. While Superman reached the disappeared people on Metropia (a world he himself had created and then exiled in the Phantom Zone, and from which an alternate General Zod had kidnapped all the people), Leone was contacted by Elias Orr, a mysterious man that told him he had a cure for his cancer. Overwhelmed by doubt, Leone agreed to the cure, but he was transformed into a monstrous, enhanced version of Equus, called Pilate. When Superman came back, Leone, horrified for what he had become, asked his friend to kill him, but the hero refused. At that point, they were both attacked by Equus, who thought to have an ally in Pilate; the latter, however, defended Superman and fought with the cyborg, and both of them fell to the Phantom Zone, continuing their fight on an island of Metropia.

Daniel Leone is a man of tried honesty and reliability, a wise pastor who uses his own faith to help people around him clarifying their doubts and fears. His faith is often put to the test, especially after he learnt of his cancer, but he never ceases to trust God and his will, proving a strength that many wouldn’t have. As Pilate, Daniel possesses many superhuman abilities, such as enhanced strength, stamina, durability, reflexes and speed, retractable claws and maybe other weapons implanted in his body; as a cyborg, he’s immune to any illness, thus also his cancer has disappeared, but part of his humanity is gone too. Now struggling to keep whatever remains of his old self, Pilate has to live with the consequences of his choices.


Car-VexLet’s keep speaking about the characters I missed in Man of Steel. Today we have the last Kryptonian (if I didn’t miss anybody else) composing General Zod‘s army: Car-Vex, portrayed by Samantha Jo. In the movie, she never leaves the ship like most of her peers, and acts as a prison guard to Lois Lane, only to be subdued with embarrassing ease. She’s likely killed with all the others when the Black Zero is crushed inside the Phantom Zone. In the comics she doesn’t have such a big role, and she’s been introduced recently, but there’s something to say about her nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Little is known about Car-Vex’ life on Krypton, except that at a certain point she became a wanted criminal. She was hunted down and arrested by the Kryptonian police, and, after a short trial, she was sentenced to the Phantom Zone, an eternal punishment in a dimensional prison. Without a physical body, unable to do anything but to harbor her grudge, Car-Vex resigned herself to spend a time she couldn’t even feel in the desert dimension. On the other side of the Phantom Zone, however, things had changed quite a lot. Krypton had been destroyed, and its last son, Kal-El, had arrived on a small planet, Earth, becoming the hero Superman thanks to the powers granted him by Earth’s yellow sun. Kal-El, however, wasn’t the only relic of Krypton still around: the alien cyborg known as Brainiac had shrunk and stolen the city Kandor, which was later saved by Superman and kept literally in a bottle in his Fortress of Solitude. It was during a battle between Superman and Brainiac that Kandor, after years of miniaturization, carvexcomics1finally regained its original size, and its inhabitants with it. Soon, it became clear that peaceful cohabitation between Kryptonians and terrestrials was impossible, and Superman provided to move the entire city on a small planet on the other side of the sun. Here, the city and the population grew, becoming New Krypton. As a sign of benevolence, the ruler Alura pardoned General Zod and his followers, and restored their roles in the Military Guild. Despite acting as a wise and capable leader, Zod secretly prepared a plan to invade Earth, getting his revenge on Superman in the meanwhile, and he assigned Ursa with a delicate task.

Ursa was ordered to recruit some Phantom Zone prisoners and to enlist them in a special operation involving the preparation of the war with Earth. Car-Vex was among the criminals called back, and her “breakout” became part of an intricate plan to discredit Earth at Kryptonians’ eyes. She was ordered to go to Earth and to act as a sleeper agent, in order to learn everything she could of Earth’s defenses, tactics, strategies, and to weaken their resistance foreseeing the arrival of the Kryptonian army. While on New Krypton General Zod fooled Kal-El making him believed he had redeemed himself, to the point of befriending the hero, on Earth Car-Vex infiltrated Science Police, the high-tech task force of Metropolis Special Crimes Unit. She adopted the identity of Officer Romundi, a slightly frustrated policewoman who shortly became renowned for her professionalism and her heroic deeds (easy to risk a bullet if you’re a carvexcomics2bulletproof alien). Her fame brought her at the side of General Sam Lane, considered by many a paranoid military officer, but actually the head of Project 7734, a secret operation created along with Lex Luthor‘s scientific genius to build any kind of weaponry to resist an eventual alien threat. As Officer Romundi, Car-Vex did her best to gain Lane’s trust, and arrived to the point of exposing (and killing) another sleeper agent, saving the General’s life. When she finally became a trusted member of Project 7734, she did her best to put Lane against Flamebird and Nightwing, two Kryptonian superheroes who were hunting down the sleeper agents, making both sides lose time while Zod prepared invasion. She also destroyed the Science Police central with a solar bomb, crippling the Project and, thus, also Earth’s anti-extraterrestrial defenses. War was finally ready.

Cunning, deceiving, cold-hearted and sarcastic, Car-Vex is a criminal who found an easy and profitable way to make use of her skills and her violence. As all Kryptonians under a yellow sun, she possesses extraordinary abilities (superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, senses and reflexes; x-ray and heat vision; freezing breath; flight; etc.), plus a remarkable military training that makes her quite a threat. Loyal to Zod and Ursa only, Car-Vex is ready to follow them at the best of her possibilities, annihilating whatever enemy she is pointed… even an entire planet.

Nadira Va-Dim

Nadira Va-DimWith the home video release of Man of Steel, I realized I missed some characters: in the next days, as soon as I get pics for the last three, I’ll post something about them. Let’s start with Nadira, one of the Kryptonians arrived with General Zod on Earth after 300 hundred years of prison in the Phantom Zone. In the movie, she has little more than a cameo, and she’s portrayed by Apollonia Vanova. She’s likely dead like all the other Kryptonians in the film. In the comics, she has quite a different role, and depth. Let’s see together.

As many other characters, this Kryptonian has two different bios, depending on the universe we’re referring to. She first appeared in the 80s, and is now part of the Earth-One reality, erased by Crisis on Infinite Earth (an irritating thing about DC is that, whenever they don’t feel like continuing with a continuity, they just start a new one). In this reality, Nadira Va-Dim was a Kryptonian born on Bokos, a land mass on the planet also known as the Isle of Thieves. Bokos had a peculiarity on Krypton, since something in the local atmosphere had interesting effects on the people’s brains: in the Isle of Thieves, Kryptonians developed psychic powers, a peculiar ability they usually used for crime. Nadira made no exception, and, when she developed her psychokinesis, in a form that allowed her to trigger pain in whoever she touched with her mind, she became a renowned assassin. She partnered with Az-Rel, a man who was gifted with pyrokinesis, and together they terrified Krypton, until they were both captured and sentenced to the Phantom Zone. It took years until General Zod, another infamous prisoner, found a way to escape the dimensional prison and led a massive outbreak. On Earth, while Zod was trying to bring the entire planet in the Phantom nadiracomics1Zone, Nadira and Az-Rel hung around, enjoying the new planet. They killed a bunch of punks when they tried to assault them in a disco, setting fire to the place. They tried different pleasures, until they met Jer-Em, the mad prophet who had destroyed Argo City in the past. He was preparing himself to join his ancestors in the other world, and was about to embrace a big chunk of Kryptonite, and he thought Nadira and Az-Rel would have been perfect travel mates. Nadira was grabbed by Jer-Em and pulled on the Kryptonite, absorbing a fatal amount of radiation. Just before dying, she activated her ability in pain, thus triggering Az-Rel’s ones, setting him on fire, and almost killing Superman, who was nearby, making him perceive an unbelievable pain.

In the (not so) new universe, Nadira was a Kryptonian spy, sent by Ursa on Earth to act as a sleeper agent, until the day for a proper invasion came. She was assigned to the mission along with her lover Az-Rel, another secret agent. Differently from their peers, however, Nadira didn’t know the parameters of her mission (which were to infiltrate Earth’s society, and wait until Zod and his followers would have arrived on the planet), and, along with Az-Rel who was in her same situation, used her newfound nadiracomics2powers, granted her by the yellow sun‘s radiations, to enslave the human population and start a dominion over the country she was assigned with. Nadira and Az-Rel were reckless and pitiless, they took whatever they wanted and murdered whoever tried to stand in their way, getting far too much attention, considering the purpose they had been sent on Earth for. It was just a matter of time until some heroes tracked them down: in the New Mexico desert, the two Kryptonians were reached by another Kryptonian couple, the heroes Flamebird and Nightwing, who engaged them in a fight. At first, Nadira took them as reinforcement (Nightwing was in reality Lor-Zod, the General’s son), but as soon as they realized they were facing enemies, they started a fierce battle with them. They were, however, defeated, and sent to the Phantom Zone.

Nadira Va-Dim, in whatever reality, is a psychotic killer, a whimsical robber and a sadistic warrior. Her only loyalty is to her lover Az-Rel, who she shares her madness with. On Earth, she possesses all of the usual Kryptonian powers (strength, speed, invulnerability, heat vision, flight, super breath, x-ray vision, freezing breath, and so on), but, at least in the first version of the character, she adds to this her unborn psychic powers, which allow her to trigger pain into her victim’s minds. Dangerous and deranged, Nadira is a criminal to be reckoned on.

Lana Elizabeth Lang

Lana LangTime for a major character in the Superman mythology: in Man of Steel, she just has a cameo as a little girl on the school bus, portrayed by Jadin Gould, but for every fan Lana Lang is surely not an unknown name (the pic is awful, but I didn’t find anything better). Her first live action appearance was in The Adventures of Superboy pilot, where she was portrayed by Bunny Henning, and she also had a small cameo in Superman: The Movie, appearing as a school friend of Clark Kent (she was portrayed by Diane Sherry); in the original movie series, she had a major role in the third movie, portrayed by Annette O’Toole. She mostly appeared on television, always as Clark’s best friend and/or love interest: in Superboy, a single episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and, of course, Smallville, where Kristin Kreuk gave the character a world-wide fandom. Let’s see together who Lana Lang is in the comics.

Lana Lang’s story has been rebooted even more than the other characters’ one: in the first version, she was born the daughter of Lewis and Sarah Lang, a couple living in SmallvilleKansas. When she was a teenager, she fell in love with two people at the same time: lanalangcomics1Clark Kent, her neighbor, and Superboy, the local hero. During much of her high school days, she spent her time trying to discover Superboy’s secret identity, either by following him and by feigning to be in distress in order to lure the hero. At a certain point, she helped an alien who gave her the powers of the Insect Queen, but this is another story. In her second version, we find Lana as an adult, as a television critic for the Daily Star. She was born in Smallville, but moved to Metropolis when she was very young. In this reality, she wasn’t attracted by Clark, nor by his superhero alter ego, Superman. Lana met Clark in television, and she recognized in him her childhood friend she hadn’t seen in decades, and the two became friends once again. Even this Lana became the Insect Queen, but this time she obtained her powers not through a grateful alien, but through a mystical amulet her archaeologist father retrieved in an ancient temple, and that he gave her daughter as a gift unaware of its properties. If a live action version of Insect Queen will ever see the light, we’ll speak about Lana’s exploits as a superheroine.

The third and final (at least for us) version sees Lana as a childhood friend of Clark’s. The two of them grew up together in Smallville, and they fell in love with each other when they were still children. Lana discovered about Clark’s powers when she was very young, when Clark saved lanalangcomics2her life deploying his incredible strength. From that moment, Lana stayed close to him and helped him keep his secret, and she also helped him to control and understand the new powers he was discovering: the first time they kissed, the arousal made Clark develop his heat vision, and when Lana was sucked up in a tornado, Clark learnt to fly and saved her. The two parted when Clark left Smallville, and Lana herself moved to Metropolis to attend University, getting a degree in Business. When Superman appeared, Lana was the only one (apart from Martha Kent) who knew perfectly who was hiding behind the red cape. Lana became a successful businesswoman, and met again Pete Ross, another childhood friend from Smallville. Pete fell in love with her and proposed to her, but Lana still felt something for Clark; when she realized that Clark would have never loved her the way she loved him, she eventually married Pete and moved to Smallville with him. She became pregnant, but the child was born premature: fearing for his son’s life, Lana called Superman and asked him to take the baby to an advanced medical facility in Metropolis as soon as possible, but on the way Superman was attacked by Brainiac in the body of Doomsday, who defeated him and kidnapped the baby. Brainiac wanted the baby as a new host, and started a process of rapid aging, but Superman interrupted it and saved the child, who was however older than before. He brought him back to his mother, and Lana chose to name him Clark Peter Ross. Lana then moved to Washington, D.C. when Pete became Lex Luthor‘s Vice President and then President himself. After their White House adventure, anyway, Lana’s and Pete’s marriage was severely tried, and the two eventually divorced. When Luthor fell from grace, Lana became the successful chairwoman of LexCorp, a powerful woman who was now trying to use her resources to help her hero and friend, Superman.

Lana Lang is, in every incarnation, a loyal friend and a good girl (or woman), with a strong character and an indomitable will. Despite being quite uncertain about her feelings (she’s always in love with Clark Kent, despite her try to deny it, first of all to herself), she has proven more than once to be a reliable ally for Clark, in both his civil life and his super identity. Since she divorced from Pete Ross, she has started some sort of rivalry with Clark’s wife, Lois Lane, who doesn’t see well the return on scenes of her husband’s first love…