Cyan Fitzgerald (Zealot)

Next in the request line is, as usual, Levi and his characters from  Spawn, and the one we’re meeting today is Cyan Fitzgerald, the baby girl portrayed by Sydni Beaudoin. In the movie, she’s the daughter of Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake-Simmons, and she’s the first one in the family who meets (and actually befriends) the deformed Spawn. She’s kidnapped by Jason Wynn by the end of the movie, but she’s saved by Spawn before the final showdown. In the comics, her origins are pretty much the same, but we also got a glimpse of her future self, an adult version who’s pretty different from the sweet little girl we know. Let’s see together.

Cyan Fitzgerald was born in New York City, the daughter of Terry Fitzgerald and Wanda Blake. She grew up being her parents’ joy, and as a baby she befriended a mysterious cloaked stranger who actually was Al Simmons, the deceased ex-husband of Wanda. Al had tried for years to have children with his wife, but they never could: thus, seeing Cyan was quite an emotional punch in the stomach for him, but Cyan was the one person in the world who didn’t fear him and treated him with tenderness, and he soon grew fond of her. An unlikely friendship was born between the two, and Simmons, now known as Spawn, became some sort of “guardian devil” for Cyan, always watching over her. When Cyan’s father, who had been Spawn’s best friend in life, got cancer, Spawn came back to Cyan’s house to see Terry and to comfort the baby, and he made her an unusual gift, the shoelace that was sewing his head. The object became Cyan’s “friend”, and her parents tied it to her pacifier, since it was the one thing that could keep her calm despite the enormous emotional stress she was subjected to with her father’s illness. This stress was increased to worrisome proportions when the Violator kidnapped her to use her as leverage on Spawn, a plan that actually brought to the demon’s demise, as he was vaporized by Spawn’s wrath. After that episode, Cyan became even more attached to the shoelace, as it was the only thing that made her feel safe. She reacted violently everytime she lost it, as she did whent her dog Shanna “stole” it, or when she accidentally let it fall out of the car window on the highway, forcing Wanda, who was driving, to pull over to retrieve it. This attachment to the pacifier started to worry her parents, who agreed to make her visit a psychologist. Cyan’s stress, however, was destined to grow, as the demon Mammon had targeted her to hurt his enemy Spawn.

We got a brief look to Cyan’s future when an adult time-travelling version of her arrived from a dystopian future. In Cyan’s time, Spawn had found a medallion that had made him powerful as a god and, under the name Ipsissimus, had recreated Hell on Earth, ruling as a blood-thirsty tyrant. Cyan had joined the human resistance, and had been trained by Tapestry, the former angelic superhero known as Zealot. Under her tutelage, Cyan became a fearsome warrior, and inherited the name Zealot from her mentor. Albeit “only” human, the new Zealot proved to be just as lethal as the first one, and she joined her mentor’s team, the WildC.A.T.s. The heroes fought for years against the hellish oppression, but soon it became clear that they weren’t a match for Ipsissimus’ godly powers. Incapable of winning in the present, the WildC.A.T.s elaborated a plan to prevent the war from ever happening, and they decided to travel back in time and kill Ipsissimus when he was still Spawn, a powerful but “manageable” demonic undead. Since Cyan was the only one in the group who had met Spawn in her life, she was chosen for the mission, and she came back to her childhood’s New York. It didn’t take much to her to find Spawn, and she attacked him with the clear intent of killing him…but while she was fighting him she glimpsed the good nature she remembered in the dark guardian from the time she was a child. Not wanting to kill a good man for actions he hadn’t committed yet, Zealot changed the plan: instead of executing Spawn, she brought him back to the future, taking along also the past version of the WildC.A.T.s, and she enlisted them all to aid the future WildC.A.T.s in battling Ipsissimus. The battle was surely desperate, as the tyrant still possessed godly powers, and even the combined might of the heroes from past and future wasn’t enough to defeat him. Spawn, however, guessed a possibility in revealing to Ipsissimus who Zealot really was, a weakness he knew too well as it was his own. The fate of her world was in Zealot’s hands, as she was the only being in existence who could still touch what little humanity Ipsissimus had in himself…

Cyan Fitzgerald is innocence incarnate, a sweet and pure child who sees everything and everyone with loving and trusting eyes. The many traumas she went through make her quite a fragile baby, always needing to cling to the one thing that makes her feel safe: the present from Spawn, her mysterious guardian angel who always protects her. Her future version, on the opposite, is a hard and lethal woman, molded by a neverending conflict that accompanied her entire life; as Zealot, she’s a superb fighter armed with angelic weapons and armor, a warrior trained with the sole purpose of killing demons. In both her incarnations, in different ways, Cyan is and remains the one anchor to humanity that a cursed being like Spawn mantains.


Jason Broderick Wynn (Redeemer)

Back to Levi, we see another villain from Spawn, this time the one who materially sets everything in motion: Jason Wynn, portrayed by Martin Sheen. As in the comics, Wynn is Al Simmons‘ boss, and the one who has him killed, but unlike the comics, in the movie he’s the one who pulls the trigger (or lights the fire, in this case), rather then simply giving the order. There are some other differences, such as Wynn making deals with Hell from the very beginning of the story, or him being the director of a mysterious A6 organization rather than the CIA. Most of all, in the movie he doesn’t undergo the transformation he suffers in the comics, becoming quite a match for the protagonist. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Jason Wynn’s early life, with his family and his relationships made secret, and the ways he arrived to power even more so. What we know is that, with an impressive number of connections and a remarkable career, Wynn became the founder and leader of the United States Security Group, a top secret agency that controlled, from behind the curtains, the CIA, the NSA and the National Security Council; considering that Wynn, with unspecified favors, helped Tony Twist to become the head of Mafia, pretty much every major power in the country, both legal and illegal, answered directly to him. Quite easily, with all the strings he was pulling, Jason Wynn had become the most powerful man on the planet, able to destroy a government just because it didn’t meet his personal agenda, or to force even the President to do whatever he wanted. He manuevred rebellions and civil wars, always financing both sides in any conflict, so that whoever the winner was he was indebted to him. Everything he couldn’t control, he allied himself with, and so he did with the Chinese Triad, and with Hell itself: a powerful demon, Malebolgia, came to him, promising a power he had never even dreamt of in the form of the Psychoplasm, a substance Hell itself was made of, and that was the source of an unimaginable energy. The price Malebolgia asked for such a “gift” was the sould of Wynn’s most talented soldier, Al Simmons. This wasn’t such a sacrifice for Wynn, since Simmons had started questioning the many missions that turned into blood baths CIA had been sending him to. As a result, Wynn told Chapel, another agent, that Simmons was a traitor, and that he needed to be disposed of; without questioning his orders like a good soldier, Chapel burnt his partner alive. As promised, the devil sent to Wynn a sample of Psychoplasm, and the man immediately hired his best scientists to study it.

The Psychoplasm in Wynn’s possession somehow fused and reacted with Simmons’ memory, and it spontaneously evolved into a city, Simmonsville, actually a piece of Hell on Earth. Intrigued, Wynn sent one of his most loyal men, Major Vale, to take command of Simmonsville and to monitor it, so that he could understand if he could weaponize it somehow. In the meanwhile, Simmons was resurrected as Spawn, a vengeful vigilante who tried to kill Wynn more than once, but the man managed to survive and escape each time. There was a force, however, not even Wynn could escape from…not that he wanted, actually. Heaven was worried for the presence (and the power) of Spawn, and decided to use a counter-measure: the angel Gabrielle was put in charge of the hunt, and she was given instructions to create an Anti-Spawn. Since Wynn was technically the man who had killed Spawn in his human form, he was chosen by Gabrielle as the perfect candidate: through an ancient ritual, Jason was fused in a nuclear reactor, body and soul, with Elemental Fire, and he was turned into a Redeemer, Heaven’s version of a Hellspawn. With powers matching Spawn’s ones, the Redeemer could feel only an immense pain, pain that he knew could be quelled only by Spawn’s destruction. The Redeemer tracked down his target, and caught him by surprise, managing to overpower him pretty easily. During the two enemies’ fight, the city of Simmonsville was destroyed, along with the portal to Hell it contained. The duel continued to the City of Rats, where Redeemer was about to deliver the finishing blow…but one of the bums Spawn protected there, Marty Sladek, hit him with a pipe on the back of his head. Just as the heavenly warrior was about to punish him, Spawn reacted, and destroyed him with a sudden burst of energy. Back to the Angels‘ space station, Redeemer was to be imbued with more Elemental Fire, but Gabrielle and the others soon realised Wynn possessed a soul far too evil to tap into the Redeemer’s full powers. So, he was sent back to Earth, with no memory of his time as the Redeemer. Now, he could come back to do what he did best…nothing legal or nice, obviously.

Jason Wynn is a brilliant yet unscrupolous man, a political genius who forges alliances and bonds with the sole, declared purpose of gaining the best from every deal, usually stepping on a number of corpses; a deceiving manipulator and a charismatic leader, he’s become the most powerful man on the planet with blackmail, murder, treason and war, always finding a way to take profit from a situation. Despite he’s gained some weight, he’s a superb martial artist and a skilled marksman, able to protect himself fairly well if the situation requires it; as the Redeemer, he possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and agility, he can teleport wherever a Hellspawn is, and he can project divine energy in the form of powerful blasts (being evil as he is, however, Wynn lacks the purity necessary to tap into the Redeemer’s full powers). A refined tactician and a clever politician, an unscrupolous bureaucrat and a shadowy warlord, Jason Wynn is even more dangerous without divine powers than he is with them, the worthy representative of humanity’s worst: truth be told, there’s not much demons can teach him.

Wanda Catherine Blake

And today is Levi‘s turn, with another character from Spawn. This time we’ll meet the woman who’s the (unwilling) reason for Al Simmons to sell his soul to Malebolgia: his beloved wife Wanda Simmons, portrayed by Theresa Randle. In the movie, Wanda marries Al’s best friend Terry Fitzgerald after her husband’s death, and has a daughter from him, Cyan. She’s taken hostage by the end of the movie by Jason Wynn and Clown with her entire family, but she’s eventually rescued by the mysterious Spawn…without realising the disfigured hero is her resurrected hubbie. In the comics, the story between the two of them evolves past that point, and Wanda finds herself in the middle of many demonic business. Let’s see together.

Born in QueensNew York City, Wanda was the daughter of Jackson Everett Blake and his wife, but she became orphan when she was little, and she was raised by her grandmother Rosemary. As an adult, she married Al Simmons, an army officer who eventually became a CIA officer. Grandma insisted for Wanda to take Al’s surname, but she preferred to stick with her maiden name instead. Wanda’s and Al’s marriage lasted many years, but they never had children: they went to many doctors, but nobody could help them. They accepted this, and eventually bought a dog, Shanna, who became some sort of substitute for them. The two lived happily for years, until Al started changing: something had become weird with his job, and he got increasingly angry, even at home with her. Eventually, one night, Wanda tried to ask her husband what was happening with his job, but he suddenly became violent, and he beat her, something he had never done before in their life together. After a moment of blind fury, Al came back to his senses, and helped Wanda back to her feet. The woman didn’t even have the time to try and understand what had happened, since Simmons left the morning after for a mission abroad, a mission he was killed in. A widow, Wanda suddenly found herself on her own. CIA took care of her under a financial point of view, but Wanda was alone, grieving a husband who would have never come back to her. It was Al’s best friend, Terry Fitzgerald, who stayed with her, helping her coping with her loss, being the shoulder she cried on. Eventually, during the year following Al’s death, Wanda and Terry grew closer, until they fell in love. Terry Fitzgerald became Wanda Blake’s second husband (and, once again, she refused to change her name despite Grandma telling her to do so).

Things with Terry were definitely different than with Al, and Wanda even found out she didn’t have children in her previous marriage because of Al, who was the sterile one, as she got pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Cyan, and her life became a lot better with the baby in it. Things went on pretty well for five years, then strange things started happening. Once, while walking down a street, Wanda was assaulted by a street gang: right when she believed she wouldn’t have come out of it alive, a strange man with a black suit and a red cape intervened, saving her and annihilating single-handedly the gang. The masked man left her in the alley without letting even thank him, but not much time after that accident Wanda heard someone knocking to her door, and then she found herself staring at the mysterious stranger who had saved her. Wanda was quite scared, but then Cyan intervened, and the stranger left. Things got even weirder when her husband became a target for both CIA and the Mafia: everybody seemed to be on Terry’s trails, until the same masked man, who called himself Spawn, appeared once again. Wanda had been quite worried for the situation, enough to ask Mary to take care of Cyan for a while, but all her family’s problems seemed to fade after Spawn’s intervention. This was definitely more than fishy, and she wanted to understand what was happening. Not trusting the authorities anymore after the CIA had put in danger two husbands out of two, Wanda decided to take the matter into her own hands, and she started investigating on Spawn and on everyone revolving around him, Terry included. What Wanda couldn’t imagine, however, was the number of dangers she was stepping into, some natural ones, and some supernatural others she didn’t even suspect the existence of…

Wanda Blake is a kind and caring woman, a selfless person who spends a lot of her time, money and energies for other people. From organising the creation of a children’s wing at the hospital to taking care of her own family, she’s always ready to give a helping hand to anyone needing it…quite a beacon of light for someone lost in the shadows like her first, undead husband.

Violator (Clown)

Going on with Levi‘s request, we meet the main villain in the Spawn movie, the disgusting Clown portrayed by John Leguizamo. In the movie, Clown appears as a fat and flatulent dwarf who acts as Spawn‘s guide and guardian on Earth, but as soon as his newly resurrected protegee tries to rebel to him he reveals his real nature as the demon Violator, definitely powerful…and quite unhappy of his task, since he believes he’d be a better general for Hell‘s troops than Spawn. He’s decapitated and killed in a final fight by the end of the movie, but if this means he’s gone forever or he just came back to Hell is never specified. In the comics, he’s gone and come back from Hell a lot of times, so it wouldn’t mean much. And he’s definitely fiercer than his movie counterpart. Let’s see together.

Violator was born in the XVI Century, when the alchemist John Dee summoned a demon from Hell on Earth, later identifying him as a Phleboton Spirit of the Upper Ayres (for Violator, he was simply “Pappy“). The demonic beast craved murder and sex, and Dee sacrificed to his desires his very wife. The woman got pregnant, but she died while giving birth to a three-horned demon: Violator. Dee sacrificed to the gargantuan devil other women, and from their relation with the Phleboton Spirit other demons were born: VindicatorVandalizerVacillator and Vaporizer. Violator, who along with his siblings formed the Phlebiac Brothers, didn’t exactly get along with his brothers, and they often fought one with the other. Even if most of the times it was the four younger brothers who picked on him and started the fight, “Pappy” always took their side and punished Violator instead. Finally, sick and tired of being wrongly accused all the times, Violator murdered his own father. This act of patricide didn’t go unnoticed even in Hell, and in a good way: impressed by the ruthlessness of the young demon, one of the rulers of Hell, Malebolgia, offered him a place as one of his lieutenants, a position that Violator gladly accepted. In no time, he became the chief lieutenant, and received several delicate and important tasks. One of these was the training of the Hellspawn, damned souls used as soldiers and generals in Hell army. This particular job was the one Violator hated the most: a demon born in Hell, and quite a powerful one, he had always considered his kind superior to humans in everything, and he believed that demons should have led Malebolgia’s army, not Hellspawns. Every time he was assigned a soul to train and guide, he made sure he experienced an even worse hell he was already damned to under his guidance, always trying to prove his superiority to Malebolgia in the meanwhile. Century after century, all his attempts failed, and Malebolgia kept creating an army formed nearly entirely by Hellspawns. Finally, in modern days, Violator was ordered to take care of Al Simmons, a deceased CIA operative who Malebolgia wanted as a new general for his armies. If the demon could best that particular Hellspawn, maybe Malebolgia would have finally granted him the position he craved so much.

Violator’s instructions were extremely clear: as Simmons was allowed to come back to Earth for a deal he had made with Malebolgia, he would have had to fight him and tire him long enough to make him deplete all his Necroplasm, so that he would have come back to Hell as soon as his undead body decayed. This time, however, Violator wasn’t playing by the rules. Disguised in his human form, the Clown, a horrifying fat dwarf with a painted face, Violator started a killing spree, aimed to create chaos, but also to force the Mafia to lay low for a while, thus taking away from the field any possible adversary that would have made Spawn lose his energy. Then, he attacked Simmons with the clear intent of killing him for good, despite he had been specifically ordered not to. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned, since Simmons was indeed a unique Spawn, and his training and combat abilities were far better than any other Violator had ever met: he was defeated with a combination of heavy firepower and military tactics, and Spawn didn’t even consume his Necroplasm while kicking his butt. Humiliated, Violator came back to Hell…where Malebolgia was waiting for him, furious: as a punishment for his rogue lieutenant, Malebolgia stripped Violator of his powers and locked him in his human form, then sent him back to Earth in exile. Not many humans, clearly, were Clown’s enemies: Mafia, first of all, wanted revenge for all the murders the ugly little man had inflicted to their ranks. One of the bosses, Tony Twist, manged to have him captured and tortured, making him confess he was the culprit. Just before being executed, however, Clown managed to escape, leaving even more death and blood on his trails. Enraged, Twist hired a famed mercenary to kill him, a heavy-armed madman called the Admonisher. The dumb muscleman was skilled enough to corner even an expert fighter like Clown, and he would have certainly killed him…if it wasn’t for the Phlebiac Brothers, who intervened to avoid to their family the shame of having one of their siblings killed by a mere human. Actually, they didn’t want to save him, they wanted to kill him with their own hands while he was depowered. Luckily enough, Admonisher was fool (and strong) enough to take on all the Phlebiac Brothers at the same time, and during the commotion Clown managed to escape, reaching for the one who’d been the cause of his disgrace: Spawn. Clown managed to trick Simmons into giving him back his powers, and came back to his brothers in full strength to give them a lesson they wouldn’t have forgotten. Violator was back.

Violator is a cunning and sadistic devil, a creature devoted to murder and chaos who deceives, tortures, rapes, kills without the slightest flinch. Proud of his nature and his kind, he always tries to prove he’s the absolute best among demons and humans, and most of the time he actually does. As one of the Phlebiac Brothers, he’s immortal, he possesses superhuman strength, durability and stamina, he has sharp claws and fangs, and he can breathe fire; he also possesses some magic skills coming from Necroplasm, as he can heal form virtually any wound, he can teleport, he can use telepathy and necromancy, he can possess human bodies, he can shapeshift (usually in the Clown) and alter his own size. Violator is the oldest and most powerful of the Phlebiac Brothers, a vicious creature who also other demons are afraid of: depending on his interest, in fact, the derisive, sarcastic and cruel Clown can turn on anyone…after all, all the good things in his life came from killing his father, and if that’s not a lesson…

Albert Francis Simmons (Spawn)

Another request incoming, this time from Levi. Being this one also a bit long, we’ll alternate characters from his request to ones from Lucy W.‘s one. This time, we’re seeing the characters from 1997 movie Spawn, and of course we’re starting from the protagonist, one of the most popular (and coolest) anti-heroes ever. Spawn was portrayed in the movie by Michael Jai White, and despite some obvious lack in special effects and a politically correct twist in the character’s writing, he delivered quite a good portrayal of the tormented vigilante, a resurrected CIA agent turned demonic zombie to fight for Hell, but who ends up fighting against it. The movie’s origins of the character more or less mirror the comics’ one, but with some major changes here and there: let’s see together.

Albert “Al” Simmons was born in DetroitMichigan, the son of salesman Bernard Simmons and of his wife Esther. He was the second of three children, and he grew up with his brothers Marc and Richard. Al was a warrior born, and he joined the US Marine Corps, excelling in every field and obtaining in no time the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Physically strong, but also smart and intelligent, Lt. Colonel Simmons joined the US Secret Service after finishing his time with the Marines, and he became a decorated and honored officer there as well. Around this time, he met the woman who became the love of his life, Wanda Blake: the two passionately fell in love, and eventually got married. In the meanwhile, his many successes had attracted the attention of several important people, and he was promoted to the Central Intelligence Agency, where he met his best friend, linguist Terry Fitzgerald, who sometimes acted as a consultant. While Terry was his best buddy and confident, on the field Simmons was paired with another good friend, Bruce Stinson aka Chapel, a lethal agent who always got his back in battle, just as Simmons had his. Both on a professional and on a private level, Al’s life was apparently perfect. Then, however, he received another promotion, being recruited in the CIA special division known as US Security Group, a black ops task force Chapel was also part of. The Security Group was led directly by CIA director Jason Wynn, and it had jurisdiction in any situation, both domestic and foreign, with complete authority in every operation. Wynn, however, was a corrupt man, and used the black ops team for his own interests: as soon as Al Simmons realised this, he decided to quit, questioning the morality of what he was doing for the CIA. Wynn, however, couldn’t possibly let go one of his men like this, especially one who knew so much, so he paid Chapel to kill his friend. During a mission in Botswana, taking advantage of the chaos, Lt. Colonel Simmons was murdered by the man he entrusted his very life to.

After living a life as a killer, Al Simmons’ soul was sent to Hell, with flames, brimstone and all. A man with his talents, however, was needed there as well, as the war against Heaven was still engulfing the universe; Malebolgia, one of the demons in charge of Hell, needed a general for his armies. He offered a deal to Simmons, telling him he would have allowed him to see his wife again, if he accepted to become a Hellspawn and lead his armies to the gates of Heaven. Eager to see his beloved Wanda, Simmons accepted. The deal, however, was fixed: Simmons came back to Earth five years after his death, with little or no memory of who he was before, and a horribly burnt and scarred body that made him unrecognisable; plus, he had a demon who acted as his “guardian angel” and mentor, the Clown. Simmons only remembered his name, but painful flashbacks made him remember the deal he had made…but he had forgotten even his wife’s name. Using the personal files he could find in the CIA, Simmons managed to find Wanda…only to find out that she had married Terry Fitzgerald, and that the two of them had a daughter, Cyan. At that point, the Clown reappeared, revealing his true nature as the demon Violator, and he reminded Al of his deal: he had seen his wife, so now he had to respect his part of the deal. Simmons didn’t want to come back to Hell, wanting to find a new purpose instead: the two fought, but the Violator easily overpowered Simmons, and he would have killed him if it wasn’t for Malebolgia, who wanted his general back. Malebolgia implied that Simmons would have come back soon to Hell in a way or another, so he let him be for the time being. The disfigured undead settled in Rat City, the alleys homeless people chose as a “home”, and he soon became the protector (then “king”) of it. With the name Spawn, he became a brutal vigilante, and he slained a pedophile serial killer, Billy Kincaid, becoming a wanted man. In Rat City he also met Cogliostro, an old man who turned out to know a lot about his new situation: he told him that his powers were fueled by Necroplasm, an otherworldy substance that powered his symbiotic suit and his new body, and that if he used it up, he would have come back to Hell, “dying” again. Spawn had to find a way to be the protector he wanted to be, using his demonic powers as little as he could not to become what the devil wanted him to be…

Al Simmons is literally a tortured soul, a man who’s lost everything and who now spends his existence trying to redeem himself from a past that led him to Hell…using all the violence and the brutality that paved his first path. As Spawn, his demonic suit grants him superhuman strenght, speed, durability, agility and stamina, it makes him virtually immortal and allows him to heal from any wounds, including lethal ones; it allows him to teleport and shapeshift, as well as to project powerful Necroplasmic blasts; he can also fly, summon and control creatures of darkness, manipulate elements, turn invisible, phase through solid objects, manipualte souls, and a lot more; he’s a superb fighter, a highly intelligent tactician and a proficient armed and unarmed combatant. Gifted with amazing powers, Spawn can’t use them most of the time, forced by a deal with the devil to continuously hold himself; nevertheless, he’ll fight human, demonic and angelic forces, protecting Earth from a outworldy war that’s been fought for far too long.

Mindy Austin

The second character appeared in Outcast so far is also the last member of the Austin Family, the teenager daughter (unnamed in the comics) Mindy, portrayed by Dakota Lee. In the show, Dakota appears in episode 3, Not My Job to Judge, when Kyle Barnes and Reverend Anderson come back to the Austins’ house to ask for informations about Sidney: here, they only find Mindy, clearly terrified and hiding in a closet, who just witnessed a man kidnapping her entire family. In the comics, she’s even less relevant than this, if possible, being mostly a background character and appearing only in a couple of issues…but there’s a little to say about her nevertheless. Let’s see together.

Mindy Austin was born in RomeWest Virginia, the eldest daughter of Roger and Betsy Austin. She lived mostly with her mother in their big country house, since her father was often on the road for work, being a truck driver. We don’t know much of her childhood, but we can assume it was a pretty normal one, even if she most surely missed her father, who was seldomly home. When she was still a child, roughly around her five years, Betsy got pregnant again, and she delivered a brother to her, Joshua. Five years of difference weren’t such a big distance at first, and the kids grew up pretty much together, until Mindy, being the eldest, started helping her mother in taking care of Joshua while she ran the house. Then, of course, Mindy grew up, and she became a rebellious teenager, starting to question her mother over pretty much everything, and adding things to worry about rather than helping her with the ones that were already there (we don’t know what her relationship with her father was like, but his absence made it easier for him to live through Mindy’s emotional outbursts). Thing became even more complicated with Mindy’s first love stories, that weren’t always exactly her mother wanted them to be…well, not like anybody wanted them to be, for all that matters. One of Mindy’s first boyfriends, for example, was remarkably older than she was, and when she told home, she didn’t exactly find her mother supportive.

This one, however, was an argument she wouldn’t consider valid, coming from her mother: she was fifteen and her boyfriend was nineteen, true, but four years were exactly the same distance between her parents. When she tried to talk to her mother about it, the two started fighting, and Mindy eventually snapped, remarking that there was indeed one difference between her and her mother in the relationship between them and their older boyfriends: she didn’t get pregnant as a teenager, differently from Betsy. To Mindy, this was the perfect finishing line, and she walked out, slamming the door behind her back and ignoring Betsy calling for her. That very night, however, this kind of things suddenly became unimportant, as a few moments after her discussion with Mindy Betsy found Joshua chewing the flesh off his own fingers. As it would have become blatant soon after, the boy had been possessed by a demon, the same stuff Reverend Anderson yelled about every Sunday and that Mindy had considered silly fairy tales until she saw it happening to her own little brother: there was little to doubt when Joshua started levitating over his own bed, saying indecent things to both Betsy and Reverend Anderson. Luckily, the nightmare didn’t last long, as Anderson’s new helper, Kyle Barnes, managed to exorcise the thing from the little boy, and Joshua came back to his old self as if nothing had ever happened. Roger came back home soon after, happy to find his little boy in sound health. That bizarre incident surely made the family closer, and the next Sunday in church, Mindy was with her parents and little brother in the first sit, smiling at Reverend Anderson as he delivered his usual speech: now, she believed in what the priest was saying.

Mindy Austin is a normal girl her age, with all the ups and downs this means: she loves her family, but she’s constantly fighting with them over everything, and she gets carried away by her emotions most of the times. Surely Joshua’s “incident” deeply changed her, but the road to fully growing-up is still a long one to walk…

Roger Austin

It looks like I totally missed the beginning of Outcast‘s sophomore season…not that this means I missed a lot of characters, considering how far from the comicbook they’re going with the series. Anyway, there are a couple of new ones in these first episodes. Let’s start with the first episode, Bad Penny: at the end of it, Kyle Barnes comes back to the house of the first kid he exorcised in Season 1, Joshua Austin…only to find out that his entire family is possessed but him. Kyle has a brief and unpleasant encounter with Paul Austin, Joshua’s father, portrayed by Timmy Sherrill: a strong farmer on his own, while possessed Paul is even stronger, and he comes close to kill Kyle with his own hands, until Chief Giles intervenes. In the comics, Joshua’s father is actually named Roger, and he has a much more secondary role in the story. Let’s see together.

Roger Austin was most likely born in Rome, a small town in West Virginia, and as most of its inhabitants he grew up and lived there for all his life. When he was still a young man he met a woman, Betsy, and she became his wife soon after. The two of them together became the perfectly normal Rome’s couple: they bought a big house in the suburbs, Roger found a job as a truck driver and supported his wife with it, while Betsy took care of the house. The two had a daughter, Mindy, who became her parents’ joy. Some years later, Betsy was pregnant again, and she gave birth to a son, Joshua. Roger had now everything a normal man could possibly want in a normal town like Rome: a normal job, a normal family, a normal house, a normal life overall. Despite his job sometimes kept him away from his family for quite some time, he still managed to be a present father in his children’s lives (even if Betsy took the worst part of Mindy’s adolescence), and he gave his family a very traditional look, attending all together to the Sunday ceremonies wherever he was in town. Unfortunately, however, Rome wasn’t a normal town at all, being at the centre of something big on a cosmic scale, and the Austin family wouldn’t have been spared from what was coming.

One night, while Roger was out for work, Joshua fell ill, but in quite a strange way: apparently gone insane, the boy ate everything he could find in the kitchen, until he started chewing his own fingers to the bone. Betsy informed her husband on the phone, but being this far away there was nothing he could do for his family. As Joshua’s behavior became increasingly stranger and more violent, Betsy sought the help of local preacher, Reverend Anderson, who confirmed the boy was possessed…but couldn’t do anything for him. Luckily enough, Reverend Anderson gained the help of Kyle Barnes, a man who had returned to Rome after being ostracized for hitting his wife and daughter, and somehow Kyle managed to help Joshua and to exorcise the demon from him. Roger came back home just in time to find his little boy back to normal, with nothing but bad memories of the time he was “strange”. When Betsy told him what had happened, Roger forced himself to change his opinion about Barnes, and when the man came back to their house, wanting to check on Joshua, Roger was extremely happy to meet him and to thank him in person. From that moment, the Austins’ participation to the weekly Mass became much more heart-felt, and Roger was proud to show how God had blessed his family to the entire town. Apparently, albeit darkness had touched his not-so-normal life, Roger Austin could finally come back to his personal heaven of family days and work.

Roger Austin is, as far as we know, a good man, a hard worker and a caring father and husband. A real family man, he’s ready to make any sacrifice to ensure his family the life he dreams for them, and he endures a laborious job for them. Quite a traditional man, he supports his family all by himself, while he leaves Betsy to take care of the house and the kids…exactly the kind of family man you’d expect to meet in Rome, West Virginia.