The most recognizable and identifiable character spotted in the trailer for the second half of The Walking Dead season is definitely the creepy and deadly Beta, who’ll be portrayed by Ryan Hurst. In the show, Beta will retain his original role of Alpha‘s second in command, as his name suggests, and he’s just as bad and scary as his appearance indicates. In the comics, he gradually evolved from secondary antagonist to primary one, in an unwilling rise to power that makes him one of the greatest threats our group of survivors ever faced. Let’s take a look.

For some people, the world before the Outbreak was simply heaven. The man later known as Beta, real name unknown, was a star, a NBA basketball player, one of the most paid of his generation. Rich and popular, he became even more when he became an actor, first starring in several commercials (mainly for cars), then even in actual movies. All of this, of course, crumbled at his feet when society did. As people were now completely focused on trying not to get eaten by hungry zombies, nobody cared for who he was anymore, and all his fame revealed itself for what it was: an illusion, fed and sustained by a society false and rotten to its core. Wandering without a purpose and questioning everything he had been before, the man met the woman of his life: Alpha, one who, like him, had realized that humans had been living the wrong way to begin with, but who, unlike him, had seen in the Outbreak an occasion to start it all over again, from scraps, living as the animals they had always denied to be. Alpha was creating a pride, a group to start the new era for mankind, and the former actor was by her side since the beginning: he believed in her vision, believed in her, and wanted to protect her leadership to see her dream realized. He became her Beta, albeit he refused to challenge her authority, as he would have been entitled to, for a simple reason: he had feelings for her, so he used his authority as Beta to stop the strongest challengers and to kill them in Alpha’s stead. The group lived among the walkers, like nobody else dared to do, and they covered themselves in the skin of the corpses to fool the man-eating dead and whoever else saw them; Beta, huge as he was, couldn’t find any walker his same size, so he simply wore a scalp and upper face as a mask. As he became more and more part of Alpha’s vision, he completely gave up on his human past, and chose to never take off his mask again. The man he used to be was dead: now, there was only Beta.

Beta kept serving Alpha, embracing all her rules, killing whoever threatened the group, now known as the Whisperers, and even many members of the group, those who either challenged Alpha or were stupid enough to try and take away his mask, that was now his new face. The Whisperers became more numerous, forcefully recruiting the survivors they found on their path, and destroying larger groups that were trying to reform society as it was and that were far too big and organized to join them. Beta was always on the front line in supporting Alpha and her decisions, and when she decided that the alliance of communities formed by Alexandria Safe-Zone, Hilltop, The Kingdom and The Sanctuary was expanding too close to what she considered the Whisperers’ territory, Beta quelled all voices who opposed the declaration of war that Alpha left behind, with the decapitated heads of twelve members of the coalition. He stood behind for most of the deals and agreements between Alpha and Rick Grimes, but he stepped out of the shadows when the group was reached by a fugitive from Alexandria: Negan, the infamous ex leader of the Saviors, who had escaped his prison and was apparently eager to join the Whisperers. Beta agreed to let his people introduce Negan to Alpha, but shortly after a pair from Alexandria came looking for him: Michonne and Aaron. The two declared they didn’t want any trouble and only wanted Negan back, but Alpha had agreed to meet him, so Beta had no hesitation in attacking the duo, stabbing Aaron to the stomach. As he was about to finish him, Michonne slashed his face with her katana, to which Beta reacted violently, knocking her down. Again, as he was about to kill her, he was interrupted by the entire Militia, led by Dwight, who killed all the Whisperers in the area. Only Beta managed to escape, ready to reach Alpha again. From that moment, he would have taken his gloves off…

Beta is a violent and ruthless man, blindly faithful to the cause of the Whisperers, loyal to a fault to the group’s leader, Alpha, whom he secretly loves, and who he always protects from any harm. He is, without a doubt, the most formidable combatant amidst the Whisperers: he’s terribly strong, and extremely fast despite his imposing physique, and he uses with absolute mastership a pair of long knives. A terrifying warrior who firmly believes in a lost primeval paradise to be reconquered, Beta is a man not to be taken lightly, one who gave up on his human identity to embrace a world of instinct and of emotionless murder: a psychopath, most likely, but a terrifyingly driven one.



This season of The Walking Dead is introducing quite a number of major changes, with main characters coming and going… and the trailer for the second part of the season promised the coming of new, creepy antagonists: the Whisperers. We can safely identify three of them from the trailer, starting from the leader, Alpha, who’ll be portrayed by Samantha Morton. We can see her with her mask on, and without it but only from behind. Alpha will be the main villain for a while, introducing a whole new threat with her group… and maybe she’ll push the already crippled communities on the edge of collapse. Let’s take a look at her.

The past of the woman known as Alpha is shrouded in mystery, and even her real name (her “human name”) is lost. We can assume she lived near Washington D.C., and that she had a superior education, maybe in anthropology or ethology. When the Outbreak dismantled what humankind knew as “society”, she was among the few who saw the big mistake that had led humanity to that point: for millennia, humans had been animals who denied their true nature and pretended to be something different, and the catastrophe was a unique occasion to amend that mistake and start over again. Along with her daughter, Lydia, she gathered other people who had her same belief, and organized them in a pack, rather than a group. She was the Alpha, the strongest member, rightfully in charge. Unlike other groups, Alpha’s one refused to occupy buildings or build walls for protection, but they came back to a semi-nomadic existence, occupying a territory and moving within it. To be safe from the roamers that infested the post-apocalyptic world, Alpha’s pack, who became known as the Whisperers, skinned some of them and dressed in their skin, thus fooling the roamers and moving among them unnoticed. They even transformed this protection into a unique offensive strategy, as when they came into conflict with a larger and more organized group they could unleash upon them a massive herd of thousands of roamers, hiding themselves amidst the walking corpses and striking the enemy with blades and arrows. Alpha ruled the Whisperers with an iron fist, and only recognized the rule of the stronger: the ones deemed too weak to survive on their own, were abandoned by the pack or killed. She even allowed rape among the Whisperers, even when the victim was Lydia, as she believed that such experiences were absolutely natural, and that the women victim of abuses only strengthened their character and resolve. Despite the monstrous severity of the group, the Whisperers soon began to grow in numbers.

Alpha led the Whisperers to a primitive way of life, destroying anyone who entered their territory, recruiting them if they weren’t part of a larger group. She would have lost her leading position soon, due to the strict rules she herself had created, if it wasn’t for her second-in-command, Beta, who despite being able (and entitled) to challenge her and take the leadership from her, protected her from any incoming threat. Despite Beta’s protection, she fought many inner battles as well, confirming her position. The territory of the Whisperers remained protected and pretty much untouched under Alpha’s leadership, until a coalition of settlements expanded enough to start exploring her lands as well. She sent her people to take care of the intruders, and two from Hilltop Colony were killed; she captured in person Dante, who had come to investigate the deaths. She also captured another trespasser, Ken, and she kept him and Dante safe and well-fed to use them as leverage. She introduced herself to Hilltop and to its leader, Maggie, demanding a prisoner exchange: she would have released Dante and Ken in exchange of Lydia, who had been captured during a previous struggle among her people and the settlements. The exchange was made, but as they came back to the rest of the army, Alpha noticed they had been followed: she confronted the pursuer, a boy named Carl, who apparently wanted to make sure that Lydia, whom he had grown an affection for, was safe. Alpha agreed to take him along, as she wanted to learn more about this new people threatening her territory. Understanding that the union of communities could represent a serious menace, Alpha took her mask off and infiltrated the fair, mounting a stand right next to Earl‘s one. Exploiting the crowd, she moved unseen, isolating twelve members of all the communities and decapitating them, then mounting their heads on pikes over the border of what she considered the Whisperers’ territory. This way, she could be sure that her warning was taken seriously…

Alpha is a strong and cunning woman, the harbinger of a new form of civilization ironically powerful because of the lack of any form of recognized civilization. Pitiless, cruel and remorseless, she leads her pack without emotion, punishing and abandoning the weak, rewarding the strong, killing the threats, coming back to a form of primeval humanity that shares more traits with animals than with other human beings. A kin tactician and a capable fighter, she controls her people with fear, submitting whoever challenges her authority. She’s not a woman anymore, she is an Alpha, a commander totally identified with her function… as much as her most human side keeps struggling to emerge, if nothing else for protecting the daughter she so often abuses and belittles.


It’s been quite a rocky return for The Walking Dead, a new season that promises to change quite a lot in the series’ status. In the first episode, A New Beginning, we met a lot of new faces, most of which we already spoke about after the trailer. There’s still one we didn’t discussed before: Marco, the young man portrayed by Gustavo Gomez. Marco is a resident of Hilltop Colony, and apparently a close friend of Ken, poor thing. We’ll definitely see more of him as the series progresses, but if it’s like the comics, he won’t be a major player, albeit he’ll make his voice be heard. Let’s see together.

Nothing is known about Marco’s life prior to the Outbreak. He most likely lived in or close to Washington D.C., and he was in his early twenties when an unknown disease caused the dead to come back as flesh-eating zombies hunting for the living. We don’t even know whether he arrived to Hilltop Colony, one of the most flourishing and wealthy settlements in the area, before or after the war against The Saviors, the only fact being that he was a resident after the war ended, and he deeply respected both Maggie Greene, the leader of Hilltop, and Rick Grimes, leader of Alexandria and president of the federation of colonies that tried to rebuild a better world after the war. In the now peaceful community, Marco did his part to contribute to everyone’s well-being, and as a proficient horse rider, he was chosen as one of the community’s scouts, exploring uncharted territories looking either for supplies or new communities to form alliances with. He became fast friends with his partner, Ken, as the two spent a lot of time together away from everyone else. It was during one of these explorations that the duo stumbled upon a pack of wild horses: while Marco insisted to go back to Hilltop and warn the others, Ken tried to capture them by himself, with the only effect of crashing, killing his horse, and finding himself surrounded by a herd of roamers. Marco intervened just in time to save his friend, he killed a roamer who was about to bite him and freed him from under the carcass of the dead horse, taking him onto his ride. As they kept moving trying to get back to Hilltop, though, Ken fell off: his leg was badly hurt, and was giving him fever. He couldn’t travel anymore.

As Ken fell off the horse, Marco jumped down and tried to help him, but the approaching roamers scared the horse, that ran away, leaving them in the open countryside. The two friends tried to run for a while, but then they had to stop, exhausted, hiding in a ditch to let the herd pass by. It was at this point that Marco was sure he heard the zombies speak, whisper actually: this was the last drop, and he lost his mind. Terrified, he ran away, leaving Ken behind. He was found hours later (maybe even a couple of days, the chronology isn’t clear) close to the road to Hilltop by some guards, who rescued him and brought him back to the colony, where he could finally rest and been treated. When Maggie and Jesus arrived to the “hospital” to question him, Marco told them that he had left Ken to die, and that they needed to rescue him if they still could. He also confessed that he had heard at least three roamers whisper, admitting he knew it sounded crazy… but much to his surprise, Jesus told him that he had met those people before, and that they were actually humans wearing roamers’ skin as suits. He wasn’t going crazy, after all. Some times after this incident, Ken was returned to the colony after days of imprisonment, but he was healthy, with his leg treated, well-fed. Things could apparently come back the way they were before the Whisperers made their presence known, but as Marco soon learnt many changes were on the horizon. First, former Hilltop leader Gregory tried to have Maggie assassinated, and Marco witnessed his hanging, developing even more respect for Maggie, who proved to be a leader as strong and determined as she was wise. During the fair that celebrated the alliance between the communities, Marco lost tracks of Ken once again, and his friend was later found dead among many others, his decapitated head a message left by the Whisperers. This was the last drop: Marco became then one of the loudest voices calling for a new war, a voice that Rick wouldn’t have been able to ignore for long…

Pragmatic and brave, Marco is one of the most valuable scouts from Hilltop Colony, a young man capable and determined, definitely less impulsive than his best friend Ken. He’s an expert survivor, who mastered horse riding and who’s able to survive on his own in the wilderness for days, and he’s more than capable to take care of himself even in war. As cautious and reflective as he may be, though, Marco loses all patience and diplomacy when his community and his friends are hurt, and he’s ready not only to brace arms against enemies from the outside, but also to depose the leaders he deems incapable of managing a crisis…


Finally, we reached the last character appearing on the Deadly Class poster, maybe the last but surely not the least: the big blonde boy who looks like Ivan Drago on the bottom, Viktor, who’ll be portrayed by Sean Depner. Once again, we don’t know much of the guy’s role in the upcoming show, especially considering that Viktor became an important presence only after a while. Even if he starts as a background bully in the school, though, he ends up becoming Marcus‘ greatest rival, with potential developments for a weird frenemy-like relationship. Let’s take a look at this mountain of a man.

Viktor (sometimes misspelled Victor), surname unknown, was born in an unspecified town in Soviet Russia. His father was a respected and feared KGB agent, a killing machine, but Viktor was nothing like him: as a kid, he was scrawny and weak, something that his father never failed to remark upon. One day, while the man was abroad for a mission, some British assassins sent by the MI6 managed to locate the agent’s house and broke in, finding only Viktor, his mother and his sister. The agents, in retaliation, raped and murdered both Viktor’s mother and sister, leaving the boy to send a message to his father. Viktor stayed home with the mauled corpses of his relatives, and when his father came back home, he told him everything that had happened… and he beat him nearly to death, punishing him for being too weak to do anything about the Brits. Viktor never blamed his father for this, quite the opposite, he agreed with him: from that moment, he trained himself to become as strong as humanly possible, spending every minute of every day training himself to the limit. When he became old enough, he enrolled to King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, a secret school for assassins built in America, as a legacy student, hoping to learn enough skills to be just the man his father wanted him to be. His training definitely paid, and Viktor was far bigger and stronger than anyone else in the school. Wanting other people to underestimate him, though, he usually played dumb, pretending to be the muscle head so many people usually mistook him for. This way, he could take potential enemies by surprise, despite his unbelievable bulk.

Imposing himself as the alpha male of the freshman year, Viktor had a reputation to defend, a reputation that someone was fool enough to challenge. During a Martial Arts lesson, a discipline Viktor usually excelled in, he entered an argument with the newcomer, Marcus, only to be shamed and humiliated by a useless fat boy, Shabnam, right in front of the class and of Master Zane. This offense called for a retribution, and Viktor tried to punish Shabnam under the showers, minutes later… only to be humiliated once again, first by Marcus, who came to Shabnam’s defense even putting Viktor’s heterosexuality in doubt, then by Shabnam himself, who shat himself and everyone around him in a moment of panic. This offense was clearly something that someone had to pay for, and the perfect occasion came much time later, when he overheard a conversation between Marcus and Saya about a hit they had performed on a crazy serial killer and his gang the day before. Killing without the school’s precise order was a severe infraction of the rules, and Viktor offered Marcus an ultimatum: either Marcus confessed to Master Lin what he had done, being expelled from school, or he exposed his friends, having them kicked out in his stead. If he refused to do either in the following two days, Viktor himself would have exposed them all. The choice was an impossible one, especially for someone so close to his friends like Marcus, and Viktor was sure he had played a checkmate on his rival… but he hadn’t foreseen the most obvious answer on Marcus’ side. The following morning, as he was having a shower after his usual morning run, Viktor was attacked by Marcus, who missed his head-shot just because Viktor bent to pick soap up in the best possible moment, losing just a piece of his ear. Viktor ran for his life and, barely dressed, arrived to the auditorium, where all the other students and teachers were… just as Master Lin was making an announcement that turned the whole morning upside down: it was hunting season in KD, and the targets were Rats… Rats like Marcus.

Viktor is the typical, stereotypical tough guy… but there’s nothing made up about his character: he’s truly tough, truly hard, truly lethal, a no-nonsense, single-minded young man who seeks strength to live up to his father’s expectations. He’s a real killing machine, who trained his body to perfection and gained a remarkable strength and impossible durability, he’s an infallible sharpshooter and, unexpectedly, a capable tactical mind. Viktor comes from a different world, he mocks the Americans’ fixation with emotions and feelings and only lives according to his iron will, a walking mountain who’s possibly the most committed student present at King’s Dominion. Definitely, not someone that anyone, in his right mind, would want as an enemy.

Petra Yolga

Another very recognizable character we can spot on the Deadly Class trailer is the goth-looking girl on the bottom: that’s Petra Yolga, who’ll be portrayed by Taylor Hickson. In the comics, she’s first introduced as “Yolga”, and later only referred to as “Petra”, so we can assume they’re name and surname, but of course this could be just a mistake from Rick Remender. Anyway, we’ll see her in the tv show as well, even if it’s unknown in what capacity, as she starts to have a relevant role in the comics only towards the end of the first part. Anyway, being her a cameo or a significant role, let’s take a look at the original Petra.

Petra Yolga’s story started as extremely different from her fellow students’ ones: she wasn’t the daughter of any mob boss or drug lord, but was rather born in a perfectly normal middle-class family. Her parents were former hippies, who had resolved to live a bourgeois life the moment she was born. When Petra was still a kid, however, her parents started to suffer for the broken illusion of their youth’s perfect utopia, and became depressed… until they found a “cure” in a weird religion they both joined. It wasn’t an actual religion, in fact, but rather a death cult. From that moment, Petra’s life became much weirder, and it wasn’t strange for her to hear the sounds of an orgy going on from downstairs from her room. It was during one of said orgies that her parents met Master Lin, the man who first told them about King’s Dominion of the Deadly Arts, and suggested it for Petra, promising she wouldn’t have had to pay anything for it. Petra was just eleven years old, and some days later her life stopped being what it had always been: opening the fridge, one night, looking for milk, she found a jar containing her mother’s green eyes. She was obviously startled, but her father appeared behind her, and told her that his wife had wanted it just as much as he did, and that he had discovered that looking someone in the eyes as his (or her, in this case) soul leaves the body is an extremely empowering experience. Needless to say, Petra couldn’t look at her father with the same eyes anymore. She became a goth girl, dying her blonde hair raven black, putting black lipstick and black mascara on, and always dressed in black and studded clothes. Some years later, she was finally dumped to the secret school for assassins in San Francisco.

Petra’s look acted as a natural repellent for most of the other students, and as a mask and protection for her; she only hanged out with the other loners and rejects, finding her dimension with kids just as alone as she was. She usually hanged out with Billy, Willie, Dan and Lex, but she also grew close to Marcus, especially when the latter was dumped by his usual friends (they even ended up sleeping together, during Marcus’ destructive spiral of self-shaming)… and it was with Marcus that she attended the ceremony during which Master Lin announced the final test for the freshman year: the legacy students would have killed all the Rats, students who didn’t pay for the school and who constantly broke its rules. The Rats who would have survived the carnage, if any, would have been accepted as legacy. Needless to say, Petra was among the Rats, and she was immediately targeted by the Dixie Mob, a small army of cheerleaders on skates determined to shred her and Marcus to pieces with their razor-sharp pompoms. The two Rats ran into the school’s gym and took shelter in the storage closet, where Petra had the chance to show Marcus and the Mob her true expertise: she was unbeatable when it came to poisons. In the few minutes they spent in the closet before a football player knocked the door down, Petra built an acid bomb with the cleaning products she found there, killed the player, and melted the face of three cheerleaders, opening an escape route. On their way, Petra and Marcus collected Billy, another Rat, and together they managed to escape from school, helped by Willie and Saya, who were safe being legacy students. The trio took shelter in the Tenderloin, a place nobody would have ever looked for them… but Petra knew that eventually someone would have found them, and she started considering alternatives to save her own life…

Petra Yolga is a very insecure girl, who tries to hide her fear of others and of the world in general behind heavy makeup and a tough attitude; after the finals, she suffered a total breakdown, that had a devastating effect on her personality and made her desperately look for some sort of “normality”, even in her looks. Being a student of KD, she is an accomplished assassin, but her true point of excellence is venom and poisons: she knows every lethal or almost-lethal substance, how to combine them and how to use them, being able to create some devastating chemical bombs even from regular cleaning and kitchen products. Still a traumatized girl looking for any form of security, Petra knows true fear, and is ready to do pretty much anything to fight it away before it gets to her one more time.

Lex Miller

We’re out of characters from the Deadly Class trailer, but the official poster still has some faces we know in it. Let’s start with the blonde boy with an impossible haircut smiling maniacally: that’s Lex Miller, portrayed by Jack Gillett. We don’t know anything about the role he’ll have in the show, but if it’s anything like the comics, he’ll at least be an ally to Marcus and the others… a fundamental one, albeit temporary. Read what follows at your risk, as you’ll find some spoilers for the upcoming series, if and only if the Russo Bros. chose to follow the comics’ story. Let’s see.

Lex (possibly Alexander) Miller was born somewhere in the United Kingdom, and all he knew from his childhood was violence and criminality. His father was the boss of an influential and dangerous crime syndicate, and he rose his son to be his heir, getting him used to assassinations and terrorist attacks since he was a kid. As he became a teenager, though, Lex fully embraced the punk culture, adapted his clothes and hairstyle to it, and even came to rethink his role as a (future) criminal: rather than aiming at power, money, drugs or whatever, he wanted to use his skills to change the world, one bullet at the time, killing only the ones he wanted and he deemed bad people. Not exactly a vigilante, but rather the murderous architect of a new world. When he came of age, he started attending King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, a secret school for assassins his dad graduated at. He was a legacy student, popular even before his arrival because of his father’s fame, and he had to build himself an identity separated from the one of his dad. Long story short, he became a party boy: he organized parties at his place all the time, and invited any kind of student, legacy or not, offering them food, booze and even drugs, even if they were forbidden in the school. Thing was, he spent all his time mocking and bullying the ones attending to his parties, imposing himself as the dominant personality by destroying other people’s one. Until someone finally talked him back.

The one fool enough to think his bark had no bite was Marcus, the last arrival at the school, who tried to demolish Lex’s facade of talkative bully in front of everyone, and seriously risking to be killed for it, if he wasn’t dragged away by Saya before Lex could make actions follow words. Irony wanted that Lex was also the first in his Explosives class, and that Marcus and his friends, a couple of days later, found themselves in need of a bomb expert for a hit they were planning. Apparently, there was some crazy killer with a history with Marcus who had gone berserk and was murdering people all around San Francisco. Lex didn’t care about it, and overall he didn’t want to help Marcus, who had come asking for his help with his tail between his legs… but he eventually agreed to aid him when the newbie provoked him to start to change the world one bullet at the time as he had always said he would have, putting his own ego against him. This way, Lex ended up joining Marcus Saya, Maria, Willie and Billy in their punishing crusade against Fuck-Face and his gang. The plan was simple: Lex would have pretended to be a delivery man, leaving a bomb package in front of the backdoor of the maniacs’ hideout, in order to set a lethal trap for the ones who would have tried to escape that way. Then, he would have organized a diversion at the very beginning of the raid, attracting everyone’s attention by crashing “his” mail truck against another van, the latter stolen and driven by Maria. This would have distracted the killers long enough to allow Marcus and the rest of the strike-team to enter the hideout with no resistance, and execute everyone on the spot… hoping that nothing went “tits-up”, as he always said. Unfortunately, Fuck-Face knew Marcus and the others were coming, and the students were walking right into a counter-trap. Everything was truly about to go tits-up…

Lex Miller is a rebellious and smart-mouthed young man, a punk with an attitude and with an easy kill. Being a student in KD, Lex is an accomplished murderer with expertise over various disciplines, but he excels in explosives, being the best bomb-builder in the entire school (at least among the freshmen students). Just as dangerous as he looks, Lex is also somewhat of an idealist, who believes he can change the world murdering the right people, seeking a curious idea of justice that sets him apart from most of his peers.

Miss De Lucca

We have finally reached the last character from the Deadly Class trailer, and this time it’s a teacher (albeit this is the last one from the trailer, we still have a couple from the official poster though). During the trailer we’re able to take a peek also at a couple of classes, one of which is the combat one: the teacher is a woman, Miss De Luca, portrayed by Erica Cerra. This is the first major change from the comics we face, as De Luca (who’s originally spelled De Lucca) misses her trademark eye-patch, and overall she teaches a whole different topic than in the comics, taking the place of Master Zane. Let’s see together.

Secrecy is quite understandably the first requirement in a place like King’s Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, a secret school for teenager assassins coming from all over the world, and discretion is most appreciated. That’s why we don’t know anything for sure regarding teachers and workers in the school, including Miss De Lucca, apart from a series of conjectures supported by snippets of dialogue. We know she was of Italian origins, and that she attended the school when she was a teenager, completing her studies with remarkable grades. It’s unknown how she lost her left eye, but it’s likely it was on the professional line of duty (being an assassin isn’t exactly devoid of any risk). Either during her school years or in the ones after, she was noticed by Master Lin, the headmaster of KD, who invited her back to school to become a teacher. Her class was Assassin Psychology, not exactly the students’ favorite topic, but a fundamental one nevertheless. She had to prepare her students for the inescapable psychological consequences of killing another human being, to teach them to prepare everything in detail before a hit, and to provide them with the bases of criminology, mass psychology, sociology and everything else they needed to better understand themselves, their victims and their hunters, law enforcers. The first lesson was usually always the same: for being a killer, you needed to be focused and sane; the more delusional an attacker is, the less likely he is to succeed.

Year after year, she repeated the same lessons to her students, usually making sure they understood enough to pass the final exam of the first year… that is, to stay alive to access the second one. Most of the times, she used traditional teaching methods, but sometimes she had to improvise, especially when some student disrespected her, or showed to underestimate her. During a lesson about how to operate civilians to make them unwilling tools for a hit, one of the students, Quan, made a remark about how easy it was for an attractive woman like her to convince others to do her bidding. De Lucca grabbed the occasion for another, more unorthodox lesson, and she reciprocated the flirt, walking to Quan’s desk, and telling him he shouldn’t be so humble, as he was an “absolute knockout”. As the boy started to stutter lost in the sight of her cleavage, De Lucca quickly attacked him, blocking him and pointing her rod at his eye. She then came back to her position, telling the rest of the class that sexuality is indeed the easy form of manipulation, but that even more than pure physicality, what people find attractive is confidence. Quan’s mistake wasn’t flirting with her: his weakness had been his need for reciprocation. With that, De Lucca had successfully imparted a lesson that her students would have never forgotten: they had to understand and identify people’s needs, in order to exploit them and make people preys of a superior will. This would have been a precious lesson, at least for the ones who survived long enough to apply it.

Miss De Lucca is a highly intelligent, manipulative and cultured woman, with extensive knowledge over psychology, especially when applied to assassination. People usually think of her as a regular teacher, but she’s not to be underestimated: she’s still a top-grade assassin, a master martial artist perfectly able to kill someone in the blink of an eye. Miss De Lucca is ruthless, professional, cold and capable: the perfect embodiment of King’s Dominion’s principles.