Not the final character from the SDCC trailer for The Walking Dead, but the last one from Magna‘s group: Yumiko, portrayed by Eleanor Matsuura. Yumiko is also the member of said group we know the least of, and she’s not even seen with all the others at the admission interview, but rather in a forest apparently stalked by someone. It’s entirely possible that they changed something for her story line, considering that in the comics she never leaves her original group, at least at the beginning. Let’s take a look together.

As with most people after society crumbled, not much is known about Yumiko: she lived near Washington D. C., and she came from a family of Japanese descent. She was a lesbian, and she was perfectly ok with that, never having to hide it from her family or friends, and on the opposite being pretty proud of her sexuality. In peace as she could be with the world, however, the world was not in peace at all, and with the Outbreak everything came crumbling down, and she was forced to reach a shelter along with all the people from the same area. The structure, however, wasn’t meant to be a definitive accommodation, and its limits became quite clear with overcrowding and disorganization, all elements that worsened after the fall of the government. With no other options, Yumiko decided to follow Magna, a young woman she had become pretty close to, who wanted to try her luck in the outside world. Also others joined them, and they moved for a while looking for shelter and provisions, traveling by horse and having the animals tow a trailer with all the group’s belongings. The adventure came to an abrupt end the moment they stumbled upon a herd, being driven away by another group protecting their community. The unwanted meeting nearly costed everybody’s lives, but the scout from the other group, a man who looked a lot like Jesus, managed to saved them, and later drove the herd away. Jesus invited Magna and her group to join him in his community, and Magna agreed, supported in this by Yumiko and a few others. By this time, Yumiko had started to develop deeper feelings for Magna, and she accompanied her in the new, utopian community, Alexandria, and in the exploration of the same, that led them to a confrontation with the city’s only prisoner, Negan, and to a rushy dialogue with Andrea, one of the place’s veterans, who told them the entire story of the place.

Alexandria looked like the perfect place to live in, and Yumiko and the others were allowed to stay as long as they didn’t have bad intentions. In those days, Alexandria was organizing a fair with other three settlements, Hilltop, The Kingdom and The Sanctuary, and Yumiko gladly participated… but the happy day was tragically interrupted by the unforeseen attack of a hostile group, called the Whisperers, who killed several members of all the communities involved. Even Luke, one of Magna’s people, got killed, more than enough a reason to bring Yumiko to applaud Rick Grimes‘ decision to form a Militia to declare war to the Whisperers. As they trained together shooting walkers to make practice, Yumiko and Magna even had time to deepen their relationship, and it turned out that Magna was lesbian too, but she just wasn’t able to deal with it. Yumiko proved to be pivotal in the girl’s acceptance of her own nature, and she made her realize that her parents, who strongly disapproved of homosexuality, weren’t ghosts ready to haunt her if she finally embraced her orientation, and that all the homophobia and the discrimination had died with the old world. Finally, Magna decided to trust her, and the two of them became a couple. Just to strengthen Magna’s resolution, Yumiko “officially” announced it to Michonne, Eugene, Siddiq and Juanita, proving that nobody was shocked nor disgusted by it. In the meanwhile, of course, the war had started, and Yumiko proved her value by saving Michonne and Aaron from an enemy ambush, and starting a manhunt against Beta, the vice-leader of the Whisperers. The war wasn’t without losses, of course, and Yumiko cried honest tears when Connie, from her original group, nearly died for a bite, and had her boyfriend Kelly chop her hand off to save her. Losses, however, Yumiko could stand: the one thing she wouldn’t have accepted, in this conflict, was defeat, and defeat only…

Yumiko is a warrior born, who finds in the post-apocalypse world the perfect environment to develop a personality that would have been tough, but not this tough, in the world before. She’s an extremely skilled archer, lethal with a bow, and she’s able to use even blades. Used to fight her entire life, Yumiko can now do something different than ideological battles, and brings all her strength and heart on a battlefield that will always need her courage…



The next character from the The Walking Dead trailer is yet another member of Magna‘s group, and the one who possibly received the most radical change from the comics: Kelly, portrayed by Angel Theory. Kelly will be introduced as the overprotective sister of Connie, and her shadow during all the time they spend on the road and in Alexandria Safe Zone… but in the comics, Kelly is actually a man (and a very manly one, even), and he’s definitely not Connie’s brother, but rather her boyfriend. The reasons behind this change remain unknown as of yet, but it’s possible that the sisters dynamic will bring something different to the show. Maybe. Anyway, let’s take a look at the original Kelly.

Nothing is known about Kelly’s life before the Outbreak. He was in his thirties when the dead started to come back from the grave to eat the living’s flesh, and he was among the many people who reached a governmental shelter in Washington D. C. when the plague became a serious national emergency. Within the shelter, Kelly knew a girl, Connie, whom he fell in love with, reciprocated: the two started a romantic relation, love beyond the apocalypse. Together, they realized that the place they were using as a haven was becoming far too crowded, as there was no more government to take care of the place, and the emergency was nowhere to be solved: people kept coming in, but there were no plans to receive them. Because of this, both Kelly and Connie decided to leave the shelter, following a woman named Magna who had organized a small group to try their luck outside and look for another place to live in. During the travel, that actually lasted for months, Kelly developed quite a respect for Magna, who naturally filled the position of leader, and he even became good friends with another man of the group, Bernie. One day, the group found itself on the path of a massive herd, led away from a nearby community by a man nicknamed Jesus. The herd obviously attacked the convoy, and in the resulting fight Bernie got killed. Kelly was saved by Jesus, who bought him and his group time enough to escape on their horses, but when the stranger offered Magna to join his community, Kelly was very vocal about his negative vote: those were the men who had caused Bernie’s death, and he had no intention of joining them then or ever. The group, however, voted otherwise, and Magna accepted the offer. Against his will, Kelly was forced to follow everyone else to Alexandria.

Here, Kelly’s distrust for the group didn’t diminish, quite the opposite: Alexandria was like heaven on earth, a perfect place to live in that looked like an oasis in the desert. Kelly spoke with two members of the community, Rick and Andrea, but didn’t trust either of them: to him, everything looked a lot like a trap. Also Magna was cautious, and she decided to sneak into the jail to learn something more; in order to protect her, Kelly and Luke decided to follow her to keep her safe, but it eventually it was the other way round, as the two men immediately believed the lies that the only prisoner, Negan, told them about Alexandria and its inhabitants, while Magna saw through them and led her people away. Wanting answers, Kelly and the others cornered Andrea and threatened her, but the woman calmly told them that she would have answered all of their questions (another time, however), and that if they hurt her they would have all died. The menace was something they could believe, but also the promise was, and the next day Andrea offered the whole group a coffee and told them everything they wanted to know about Alexandria, Negan and the other communities. Apparently, Alexandria was just as good as it looked, and he and Connie were actually willing to believe they had finally found a home. Kelly and Connie even participated to the fair that gathered people from nearby communities, and for the first time in years they had fun… but immediately after that, Rick informed the various groups that many people from the several communities had been killed during the fair by a group called the Whisperers, and even one man from Magna’s group, Luke, was among the victims. Enraged for this attack, Kelly was more than ready to join the Militia, the armed group Rick organized to move war to the Whisperers: he had been waiting a long time for a place like Alexandria, and he would have fought to defend it.

Kelly is quite an impulsive and emotional man, ready to react with distrust and (verbal) violence to everything he doesn’t immediately get or that doesn’t seem good to him. A capable fighter and a valuable member of the Militia, he’s however volatile and hard to convince to follow orders, something that may eventually put him or others in serious danger.


Another day, another character from The Walking Dead SDCC trailer. This time it’s the turn of Luke, another one of the newcomers interviewed to access Alexandria. Portrayed by talented Dan Fogler, Luke is an ex music teacher, used to see beauty around him, and who maintains a strong hope despite the world is crumbling down around him. Apparently, he’s also quite tired of being around, always risking to be eaten, he understands that strength is in numbers and presses his companions to join Alexandria. In the comics, on the opposite, he’s one of the most vocal ones against the decision to stay in Alexandria, but unfortunately he doesn’t last long after he’s convinced to remain. Let’s see together.

The comics version of Luke was not a music teacher, we actually don’t know what he did before the Outbreak. He lived in the Washington D. C. area, as he reached a shelter just outside of the city when the authorities told the citizens to reach the closest haven. He was in his twenties when society crumbled down, and the few survivors tried to defend themselves from the plague that made the dead come back from their grave to devour the living by locking into refuges. Those settlements, however, were clearly meant to be temporary, and as the emergency didn’t give signs to stop, it became clear that the more and more crowded shelter wouldn’t have lasted long. During his time in the haven, Luke met a girl, Magna, whom he developed quite a crush on. When Magna told some of the friends she had made in that place that she wanted to go away and try her fortune on the road, looking for a more suitable place to live in, Luke was among the first ones who joined her, and definitely was among the more enthusiastic. He traveled with Magna and her “caravan of courage”, and always supported her… even if he grew more and more frustrated as she clearly didn’t get his signals and didn’t realize he was interested in her beyond friendship. The group managed to get by without too many losses, until one day they were attacked by a herd, that managed to capsize their trailer-fortress and to surround them. Luke was facing his doom… until an unexpected savior arrived: Jesus.

Well, obviously he wasn’t the actual Jesus, but he definitely looked like him, and he indeed saved Luke and the others, distracting the herd long enough for them to escape on their horses. When the emergency was solved, Jesus invited the group to join his community, Alexandria, an invitation that Magna accepted. When Luke and the others arrived, what they saw was simply too good to be true: a safe, fortified town, a flourishing community with no problems of provisions or security, full of happy families like a tv spot. They met the local leader, Rick Grimes, and when he asked them who was the group’s leader, Magna answered that they had none… but Luke contradicted her, stating that Magna was their leader, the one who had kept them safe and together. Luke was later interviewed by Andrea, another member of the community, and had to give her all his weapons for the time being… but this didn’t exactly helped his trust. Still believing it was too good to be true, Luke convinced Magna to seek for answers in a more direct way, and they started to explore the town. They found the prison, in which there was a man, Negan, who asked them to save him, as he had been tortured for years by the “animals” from Alexandria. Luke almost fell for it, but Magna saw through Negan’s act, and left. The group later ambushed Andrea in her own home, demanding the truth… and the truth they had, a story of conflict and violence that had finally led Alexandria and the nearby communities to a longed and desired peaceful coexistence. Finally, Luke let his guard down, and decided to trust these new people, even participating to a fair. During the fair, however, he was approached by a woman, who lured him away from the others and killed him, decapitating him and mounting his reanimated head on a pike. She was Alpha, the leader of the Whisperers, and Luke had just been used to send a message to Rick’s communities…

Luke is a reliable and cautious man, Magna’s right hand man and one of her most loyal supporters… and this comes as no surprise, as he has a major crush on her since the day he met her. He’s a veteran survivor, able to use blades and guns and to find provisions and shelters, and he’s also a proficient horse rider. As cautious as he may be, however, he’s totally unprepared for some of the monsters from the outside world he’s been avoiding while in the shelter…


Continuing with the characters from the The Walking Dead trailer, we meet Connie, another newcomer who’s seen during the admission interview. Portrayed by deaf actress Lauren Ridloff, she’s described as a seasoned survivor, able to read people through their body language and face mimic, who used to be a journalist in the world before the apocalypse. Her presence marks the debut of the first deaf character in the entire series, and her condition is also quite a major departure from the comics where, albeit being quite the silent type, she’s definitely able to hear. Let’s see together.

As usual, not much is known about Connie’s early life, not even her surname, nor her place of birth or her profession prior to the apocalypse. She clearly lived in the area of Washington D. C. as, when the Outbreak started, she reached the shelter in Washington as the one closest to her, following the government’s advice. With the corpses turning into man-eating zombies, spreading a plague that soon engulfed the entire country, locking oneself in a haven opened and administered by the military looked like the smartest thing to do, at the time. Things changed shortly after, as even Connie clearly felt that nobody had anything under control anymore: the shelter took more and more people in, but there were no plans for managing all those people, and the situation was becoming increasingly unstable as food and water, as well as physical space, started to be a rare supply. Among the many people sharing her destiny, Connie met Kelly, a man who became her boyfriend, and Magna, a woman who had her same view on the situation, and who wanted to act starting from it: she was organizing a group to leave and seek fortune elsewhere. Connie wasn’t the only one who accepted to follow Magna, and soon the small group became a relatively big one, ready to hit the road. They were well organized, used horses as their primary means of transportation, and traveled on top of a trailer that also contained all their belongings. Everything went almost fine for months, with the group losing only three members to the walkers, until they met their first herd: a group of walkers so big and massive that they couldn’t possibly avoid it, nor had the means to defend from it. The herd capsized the trailer, and the entire group was ready to be devoured. Apparently, at least.

Just as they were all losing hope, Connie and the others were saved by a mysterious stranger, a situation made even more surreal by the fact that the man looked a lot like Jesus. The savior distracted the herd long enough to allow Connie and the others to escape on their horses, and then invited them to join his community, Alexandria Safe Zone. Magna accepted on behalf of the others, and the group was introduced to a flourishing community, with cultivated fields, families and schools… something too good to be true, something that Connie didn’t trust the least. Just as almost any other from her group, Connie was interviewed by a woman, Andrea, before being allowed to stay, and all her weapons were taken from her, as a temporary precaution. Of course, Connie didn’t like it, nor did many of her friends: believing it to be a trap, Connie and some others, later, cornered Andrea, threatening her to tell them everything she knew about the community, and of course to tell them what Alexandria’s real purpose and intentions were. Much to her surprise, Connie learnt that Alexandria was just what it looked like: a community in peace, focused on rebuilding a civil world after having experience far too many conflicts. For once after the world ended, Connie desperately wanted to believe what she was told. Just as a confirmation to Andrea’s words, a few days after the group’s arrival a fair was held, and it included people from other communities: Hilltop, The Reign, The Sanctuary, all of which had been involved in a previous war. She was definitely willing to be part of this enlarged community… and what happened later only strengthened this feeling: the communities were attacked by a hostile group, named the Whisperers, and among the victims figured also Luke, a member of Connie’s group. Now that they had a common enemy, there was no reason for Connie not to join Alexandria…

Connie is a quiet and thoughtful woman, who prefers to think something thoroughly before speaking, and even more before acting. She’s an expert survivor, able to use a gun or a blade, but she’s definitely not the fighter type. Not impulsive nor reckless, Connie represents a good adviser for Magna, a leader she respects and gladly follows, albeit it’s quite hard to understand what’s on her mind most of the times…


Among the many trailers shown at SDCC this year, The Walking Dead presents a lot of characters for Season 9, so we’ll alternate them to the ones from other trailers. Let’s start with one of the most important additions (and one of my personal favorites): Magna, who’ll be portrayed by Nadia Hilker. So far, we know that she’ll be a former truck stop waitress turned tough-as-nails survivor, who has been living on the road since the Outbreak began and who somehow reaches the new alliance of communities and joins them (we see her in the trailer during an introduction meeting of sort). In the comics, she’s the leader of a group of her own, and she becomes a central member of the reborn Alexandria Safe-Zone. Let’s see together.

Magna, surname unknown, was either born in Greece, or had Greek parents; either way, she ended up living and growing up in Richmond, Virginia. She had quite a normal childhood, but during puberty she realized she was a lesbian: this was quite a problem in her family, as her authoritative father was a declared homophobic, and would have never accepted her sexuality. This prompted the girl never to come out openly, and created an insecurity that accompanied her for most of her adult life. Her father eventually died, it’s unclear if during the Outbreak or before it, but his influence still conditioned Magna’s life. As the dead started to rise to devour the flesh of the living, Magna followed the Government‘s instructions and moved near Washington D. C., in a nursing home that had been prepared to be a safe haven for survivors.  The place was indeed safe, but it had clearly been intended to be a temporary housing: problem was that in the meanwhile the situation hadn’t been solved, society had collapsed, and nobody had other plans for the “temporary” havens, that were becoming more and more crowded. Eventually, Magna understood that the situation would have soon degenerated, so she organized things to leave as fast as possible… but before she realized it, some people had gathered around her and were ready to follow her. Among them there was also Yumiko, a girl Magna definitely felt attracted to, even if she still resisted her instinct. Magna didn’t want to be a leader, and told it over and over again to the other survivors who wanted to come with her, but as brave and strong-willed as she was, she naturally fit in the role, and she eventually surrendered to it. She organized an actual caravan, with horses pulling a trailer with all the group’s possessions, and the people riding on top of the trailer itself, using it as some sort of mobile building that acted also as protection from the many walkers around. Magna guided her group for seven months, and of course lost some people: a guy named Ted got bitten after getting drunk in the woods, while two women, Aubrey and Michelle, got devoured by a group of walkers. In a way or another, however, Magna managed to keep most of her group safe.

Things, of course, couldn’t have gone smoothly or close enough to it forever, and in fact they didn’t, as the group suddenly faced an enormous herd the likes they had never seen before. The walkers were so many that they attacked the horses and dragged them away, making the trailer capsize, leaving the entire group at the cannibal corpses’ mercy. Magna and her people fought for a while, but they were tragically outnumbered. Just as Magna herself was about to be bitten to an arm, a man appeared out of nowhere, riding a horse, and saved her. The man, who presented himself as Paul Monroe, helped the group fend off the walkers, but as one of them, Bernie, got eaten, he instructed Magna to free the horses of the trailer, and to get as far as they could, leaving the herd to him and to other scouts from his community. With nothing to lose, Magna trusted the stranger, and she and her group escaped riding the horses, leaving Paul behind. The man was true to his word, and he and his scouts were indeed leading the herd in another direction: Magna herself came out of hiding to help them. For this, Magna was scolded by one of her group, Kelly, who told her she shouldn’t have trusted Paul as he probably was the one who had led the herd to them in the first place, but the woman rejected this conspiracy theory, claiming that in the new world everyone was fighting to survive and nothing more. She had, however, to reconsider her trust towards the stranger the moment he invited her to his community, Alexandria Safe-Zone, under the condition that she surrendered all her weapons to him. As dubious as she was, however, she couldn’t refuse the moment Paul promised her they had a lot of food in their settlement, and she convinced also her group to follow. When they reached Alexandria, they found a thriving community, with plenty of food, no problems of security, and even families. They were greeted by the community’s leader, Rick Grimes, who met them for an interview. Rick asked Magna if she was the leader of the group, but she denied, saying that the group had no leader… only to be interrupted by her friend Luke, who confirmed that she was indeed the leader who kept the group together. Rick approved her being uncomfortable with the role, as he had been too. When Rick told her that the group’s weapons would have been kept for a few weeks in order for the others to learn and trust them, Magna was hesitant, but Luke and the others eventually voted for staying, as they didn’t want to lose the occasion of staying in such a community. Magna, however, knew that if something seemed too good to be true, it usually was, and she had no intention of letting her guard down for a single moment in what seemed to be a paradise on earth…

Magna has two very different sides of her personality somehow coexisting within her: she’s strong, smart, decisive and charismatic on one side, but she’s also insecure and introverted, terrified of someone finding out about her sexuality, on the other. She’s a reluctant yet capable leader, a caring guide able to take hard decisions even under a lot of pressure. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself, being skilled with both blades and firearms, in riding horses and in finding provisions, but she also takes care of everyone in her group, naturally assuming a leadership position that she actually doesn’t want for herself. A humble yet resolute guide, a point of reference for all the people around her, Magna is the woman you’d want by your side during the apocalypse: someone who always knows what to do, who has a unique talent to read people and detect lies in strangers. Willing or not, a true leader.

Sophia Peletier

It’s been quite a while, in The Walking Dead, that Carol has been mentioning her dead daughter to anyone she speaks to, first to Ezekiel, lately to Morgan and even Henry. I just realized we never spoke of her here, and that’s a shame, especially considering she represents some sort of loss of innocence for all the comic readers who believed to know where the show was going: here’s Sophia, who’s been portrayed in the show for two seasons by Madison Lintz. Sophia used to be one of the group’s children, until she got separated by the others during a herd assault, and ended up being killed and zombified, only to be found days later in Hershel‘s barn. This came as a shock for the readers, as in the comics Sophia is pretty much alive and well, with her place in the show now been filled by Enid. Let’s see together.

Born somewhere in Georgia, Sophia was the light of her mother Carol’s eyes, and it’s implied she also shared a good relationship with her unnamed father (in the show he’s named Ed). Carol never worked one day in her life, so she spent all her free time with her daughter, creating quite a close bond mostly due to her needy personality. Sophia was just eight years old and with little knowledge of the world when everything crumbled down, and the Outbreak began: due to unknown circumstances, the dead came back from their grave to eat the flesh of the living, and society crumbled in a matter of days. Even Sophia’s little world came apart when her grandparents died and came back, and her own father, traumatized by the event, committed suicide, leaving his wife and daughter on their own. Looking for a safe place to go, Carol decided to take her daughter to her sister’s home, in Atlanta, but even the main roads where now impossible to cross, and mother and daughter found themselves blocked just outside the city. Just like them, many other people were waiting on the borders, and they joined an elder man, Dale, who was camping with a couple of sisters, Andrea and Amy. Other people joined the small group, and Sophia became friends first with a couple of twins a little bit younger than she was, Ben and Billy, and then with a boy her age, Carl Grimes. The group stayed together and even welcomed Carl’s allegedly deceased father, Rick, but eventually they were forced to flee as a herd of walkers attacked the campsite, killing several of them. Sophia and her mother were saved at the last moment by Glenn, another young man from the group, and managed to flee along with the others to a nearby farm: the owner, Hershel, agreed to host them for a while, and Sophia knew some moments of peace, just like her mother, who had found a new love in Tyreese, a survivor they had met on the road. Then, following an “accident”, Hershel kicked them out of his farm, forcing them to find another shelter.

The group ended up in a prison, a place that obviously needed some “cleaning”. Sophia and the other three children, while the adults were killing the walkers they found inside, were entrusted to Julie and Chris, two teenagers who weren’t exactly happy to be babysitting. In this occasion, for the first time, Sophia asked Carl if he wanted to be her boyfriend, but the boy refused, stating that “girls are gross”. There was not much time to worry about these things later, as Carol, dumped by Tyreese, tried to cut her wrists, a move that obviously shocked Sophia. The girl tried to bury everything under a carpet, but her facade attitude only augmented Carol’s depression. In the meantime the group was in serious danger for the first time since their departure from Atlanta, having come into conflict with Woodbury and its Governor, and when Rick had his hand cut by him, Sophia risked to ruin her friendship with Carl asking him if his father’s hand would have grown back, obviously receiving a harsh reply. If this wasn’t enough, as soon as Carol was back on her feet, she attempted to kill herself once again, this time managing to do so by hugging a walker and letting it devour her. This obviously traumatized the poor child, who was unable to speak or relate to anyone for days; at least, it rekindled her friendship with Carl, who took pity in her and stayed by her side for the entire time of her recovery. When Woodbury finally launched an assault on the prison, Dale decided to save at least the lives of the children, so he took Sophia, Carl, Ben and Billy, along with Glenn, Maggie and Andrea, and rode them back to Hershel’s farm on his RV. In the farm, Sophia finally emerged from her shock, but she seemed to have removed all her memories of Carol, now believing Maggie was her real mother… just as the girl, shocked by Lori‘s and Judith‘s death, tried to kill herself. This recurring element in the girl’s life risked to destroy her sanity, but Maggie came back to her senses rapidly, and decided to act along Sophia’s delusion, later adopting her with Glenn. Now, at least, Sophia had a new family to face the end of the world with.

Sophia is a girl who had to suffer trauma after trauma since she was eight years old, and nevertheless managed to grow up a strong and reliable girl, a fourteen-year-old who adapted perfectly to the new world and learnt to overcome the inevitable emotional instabilities coming from her past. Hardened by a life of constant emergency, Sophia is a much more proficient combatant and survivalist than the average teenager, a fast learner with a strong adaptability. It’s not by chance that she’s the only female survivor from the original Atlanta group…


We’re slowly matching a name with the many faces spotted in The Walking Dead, and in the last episode we identified John, portrayed by Scott Deckert. First appeared in Dead or Alive or, John is one of the many nameless workers assigned to Eugene for his bullet factory, thus having pretty much the same role that he had in the comics… but since the series departed in some ways from the source material, we find him working for the other (wrong?) group, the Saviors. The bullets, in fact, weren’t built for Negan in the comics: let’s see together.

Just as for many of the other survivors in the post-Apocalypse world, John’s past is pretty much unknown. We don’t know what his surname was, where he lived before everything began, if he had any family. What we know is that he was around his thirties when the Outbreak occurred, and that he managed to escape the first waves of walkers who started eating the flesh of the living, turning them into other murderous corpses. Either alone or with a group of survivor, John moved around the country looking for food and shelter, until he reached Alexandria Safe-Zone, a fenced community that seemed to be the answer to his prayers. He was welcomed there as a new member of the community, and earned his supplies and a roof on his head with his work. He was in Alexandria when a small group of survivors led by former sheriff Rick Grimes arrived and slowly took power, with Rick replacing Douglas Monroe as a leader, and imposing a much more proactive policy to the entire settlement. Another thing that Rick did was to lead the whole Alexandria in a war against the Saviors, a group of highly organized and heavy armed conquerors who submitted one community after the other in some sort of modern slavery. Obviously, for a war to come Rick and the others needed bullets, a scarce resource in the new world, but luckily one of them, Eugene, knew how to fabricate them. John volunteered to help Eugene in his factory, so he joined his Ammo-Crew.

The war proceeded as violently as any could imagine, and the work of the Ammo-Crew proved to be vital to the joint forces of Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom, the three communities that had rebelled against the Saviors. John worked incessantly following Eugene’s orders, and he and the rest of the crew managed to produce enough ammunition to back-up the entire alliance. Then, somehow, everything crumbled. The last thing they knew from the outside came from Rick himself, who visited the factory and took two crates of newly fabricated bullets, ready for a “final” assault on The Sanctuary. Something obviously went wrong, and before anyone could inform the guys in the factory of what had happened outside, the Saviors were attacking Alexandria in retaliation. John and the others hid for the entire assault, until everything went suddenly quiet. After hours of waiting, obviously, John started to feel the urge of urinating, and he asked for Eugene’s permission to go outside. He was denied that, though, as Eugene feared that the Saviors were still around. John promised to be careful, and slowly opened the door nevertheless… and he was immediately attacked by a walker. An experienced survivor, he disposed of the zombie with little to no effort, and he reassured his companions that it was “only one”. Just as he had finished talking, however, many more appeared: it was a herd, swarming through Alexandria. John was overwhelmed in a matter of seconds, and ended up devoured by the walking dead. Plus, he had created a breach in what was possibly the last safe place in the entire settlement.

John is a simple man, a hard-worker who takes his tasks very seriously, and who does what he’s told. Pretty strong and capable, he’s a survivor who’s able to kill a walker without efforts, even if of course he has problems with a large number of them. In the world prior to the apocalypse, John would have been one of the many nobodies who come and go without leaving a trace; in the post-apocalypse one, though, even his basic skills are a resource to be treasured.