Maximilian Steven Percival Williams III (Twitch)

The last character from Levi‘s first request is another remarkable cameo from the Spawn movie: Twitch Williams, obviously appearing partnered with Sam Burke at the end of the film. In the movie, Twitch is spotted only at the end while arresting Jason Wynn, but it’s been quite a while that we hear rumors revolving around a possible movie on him and his partner, and even of a Sam & Twitch procedural series signed by Kevin Smith. We’re still waiting, but we have time in the meanwhile to take a look at the original guy from the comics.

Maximilian Steven Percival Williams III was born in an aristocratic family, a wealthy high-society house in which the males (including Max’s brothers and father) had a long tradition of being honored and decorated police officers. More than a man of action, however, Max always demonstrated to be a math genius, and at high school he impressed his teachers with his facility at calculations…and gaining in result the contempt of his schoolmates, who started naming him “Twitch”. Unavoidably, Max joined the NYPD after school, where he put at use his great talent with trigonometry while practicing with his gun: able to calculate to a detail any possible angle, he became an extremely skilled shooter, a marksman who never missed with both his hands. Thanks to this, he was even able to claim for himself the cruel nickname “Twitch”, stating they called him that because he never, ever twitched with a gun in his hand. He got married to a beautiful woman named Helen, and he had seven children from her (we only know the name of four of them: Max IV, Lauren, Margie and Lily), but their relationship crumbled the moment it became clear that his commitment to his job was far greater than his commitment to his family. Helen even won the custody of their children, putting quite an emotional strain on the cop. Lt. Williams, however, had found a new family, a brother, in his partner, Sam Burke, whom he called “sir” out of sheer respect. As different from him as Sam was, they shared one fundamental trait: they were honest to a fault, and it hurt hem deeply to see their beloved NYPD in the hands of crooked officers who soiled the very meaning of wearing a uniform.

Opposed by their corrupt colleagues, Twitch and Sam earned the people’s respect only with their skill and honesty, and they solved not many cases, but tricky ones, the ones that their direct superior, Chief Louis Banks, allowed them to undertake. One of said cases revolved around several murdered and raped children, a case that thanks to Twitch’s intuition led to the arrest of serial pedophile Billy Kincaid. The two detectives couldn’t even enjoy their greatest success, though, as some time after Kincaid was released by the institute he had been locked in, as the doctors claimed he had been cured. The pair decided to follow Kincaid to make sure he didn’t harm any kid, but some red-caped man broke into the pedophile’s house, and later that very night he delivered the murderer’s tortured corpse to the detectives’ office…thus having all the suspects converge on Twitch and Sam, who were put on probation. Eager to clean their otherwise spotless name, the duo started investigating on the red-caped vigilante, and thanks to a bum they “encouraged to cooperate” in the Bowery Alleyways they found him in an abandoned warehouse…just as he had been attacked by a cyborg, OvertKill. Looking at the cyborg beating the vigilante, Spawn, Twitch realized he was facing a bulletproof enemy…but this didn’t discouraged him: with a single, precise shot, he put a bullet through OvertKill’s ear canal, scrambling the hitman’s memory and programming, and saving his suspect. Spawn, however, fled immediately after, leaving the detectives with nothing to work on. Soon after, however, the NYPD formed a task force to face the rising number of paranormal crimes happening in the city, and Twitch and Sam were paired with John Sansker, an outside expert…one that Twitch wasn’t the least convinced in, and who, as he found out, hid quite a dark secret…

Twitch Williams is a brilliant but somewhat naive man, a genius when it comes to numbers and to solving crimes, but quite unable to believe in the harsh truth behind many of the human relations he has to deal with. Despite his skinny and small physique, he’s quite able to take care of himself, being an infallible marksman who can hit any target from any distance, even with two guns at the same time; he’s also a brilliant detective able to put pieces together to solve a number of “impossible” cases; his only superhuman power is a psychic link he shares with Spawn as his accolade. Mild-mannered and soft-spoken, Twitch Williams is actually a passionate cop, a detective who truly believes in his job, and who’s deeply committed in erasing corruption from the NYPD to make it become what it’s supposed to be in the first place, what he desperately wants it to be.


Samuel Burke

Speaking about cameos, the Spawn movie closes on two good ones, as one of the cops arresting Jason Wynn and dragging him away from Terry Fitzgerald‘s house is Sam Burke, one of the bulkiest (and best) NYPD detectives ever. Now, it’s quite a while there are rumors about a Sam & Twitch spin-off movie, and now even of a tv series written and directed by Kevin Smith, but we’re still waiting: right now, we only have this silent cameo in the film…and the comics, of course.

Sam Burke was born in one of the poorest blocks in Manhattan, New York City, and since his very childhood he had to learn to be tough the hard way, as most of his peers were raised in criminal families and were quite dangerous. He could have become one of them, if it wasn’t for his parents, who managed to send him to a fine private school run by nuns, an occasion that wasn’t given to Sam’s brother, Eddie. The nuns taught Sam to believe in God, and to be a honest and good young man, always committed to do the right thing, albeit not always in the right way. After school he enlisted in the army, where he raised to the ranks of corporal. He spent most of his leave in Germany, where he learnt many things about life and about reading people…and where he learnt to like a good uniform. When he came back home, he found his old neighborhood turned into a nest of criminals and crooks even worse than it was before, and this prompted him not to let the uniform go and to join NYPD, where he became a detective. He was partnered with the one who would have become his best friend, practically a brother, Max “Twitch” Williams, pretty much the yin to his yang. Sam was completely devoted to his job, and renounced to any kind of personal life for it. Sam and Twitch were a pretty formidable couple, and they always protected each other. Most of the times, Sam was accused of police brutality, since his version of doing things by the book was usually pretty rough, but he always managed to avoid legal punishment. With time, however, also other cops started accusing him, mostly because they were corrupted officers who didn’t like to have honest cops in their precinct. It was Twitch’s commitment to be honest in the midst of crooked cops that inspired Sam to stay despite all the difficulties.

One of the most renowned cases successfully solved by Sam and Twitch was the one involving the murderous pedophile Billy Kincaid, whom they arrested and put behind bars after far too many slaughtered children. After some time in an institute, however, Kincaid was deemed “cured” and was released, much to Sam’s and Twitch’s surprise. Unconvinced by the healing and redemption of one of the worst monsters they had caught, the detectives followed him, just to be sure he wouldn’t have killed any other kid. During the night, they spotted a red-caped figure sneaking into the pedophile’s house, and they rushed in…only to find a bloody mess in the house. They called in some backups, but when they came back to the headquarters, they found, tied to the ceiling in their office, the corpse of Billy Kincaid, with a letter from his unknown murderer, whom they identified with the red-caped intruder. Obviously, nobody in the precinct believed them, and everyone thought they were the ones who had killed Kincaid. Sam was put on probation along with Twitch, and the two started investigating on the one man who could clear their name. They followed a lead to the Bowery Alleys, where Sam threatened Jimmy Lindon, a bum, to inform him on the red-cape whereabouts. Jimmy alerted them, and they followed the one that learnt to be the vigilante Spawn to a warehouse, arriving just in time to save him and a linguist, Terry Fitzgerald, from the cyborg OvertKill. That very night, Spawn visited Sam Burke to his own house, giving him a file on Louis Banks, the NYPD chief. Spawn wanted Sam to tell Banks to stay away from his alleys, but the detective was overjoyed in finally having something to prove his boss’ corruption, and used the files to further investigate on him. Eventually, he found out Banks had paid Billy Kincaid to kill the daughter of a senator he needed to intimidate, something that would have surely given him the upper hand in a direct confrontation with the chief…

Sam Burke is a smart and resourceful man, a short-tempered but good cop who always does things by the book and who believes it to be a personal mission for him to fight corruption within NYPD. Despite many believe him to be just brawn to Twitch’s brain, Sam is quite a skilled detective, better in understanding and reading people than in putting evidence and clues together; he even showed a great amount of strength, even going toe-to-toe with superhuman foes such as the South-African mobsters Udaku. Grumpy but optimist, in love with life and especially with good food, Sam Burke trusts a few people, but for those people he’d give his very life for, a full-fledged protector who’ll always have his partner’s back.


Approaching the end of Levi‘s request, we meet one of the juiciest cameos in Spawn: Angela, briefly portrayed by Laura Stepp. In the movie she’s briefly spotted in the crowd during Jason Wynn‘s gala reception, but doesn’t do anything apart showing an earring that identifies her with Heaven‘s most famous bounty huntress. She’s been recently included by Marvel Comics into its universe due to rights issues, but that version has a completely different story and background: this time, we’ll take care of the original, Image-branded Angela.

As most of angels, Angela didn’t have a clear memory of her birth. She was created when God melded together five human souls, belonging to mortals who had died before their time, sacrificing their lives for saving the one of their loved ones. Despite not knowing anything specific about them, Angela felt connected to them, and sometimes, during times of particular stress (such as during the battle with the spider-demon Argus), Angela experienced flashbacks of “her” mortals’ lives, especially the last moments, when they were greeted by the Death Specter Deurges. Angela was created purposefully for hunting down and destroying Hellspawns, and thus she was entrusted to the care and training of Katherine, her mentor angel. Katherine taught her how to fight, and pointed her to a relentless and pitiless hunt for evil wherever and whenever it manifested itself, and God Himself taught her much of her nature, albeit she went a little bit further than that: compelled equally by her angelic nature and by the strong emotional one of the souls that gave birth to her, she felt compelled to hunt down and kill also Deurges, the one whom she now saw as her eternal enemy. Her main mission, however, could start, and she crossed history to hunt, isolate and kill new, inexperienced Hellspawns, without consideration for its nature or intention. During the Sixteenth Century, for example, she killed Sir John of York, the Medieval Spawn, despite he had been acting as a protector and hero in England.

With time, wanting to keep the balance between Heaven and Hell forces to avoid an all-out war that would have damaged both parties, things became harder for Hellspawn-hunters, as they all needed Hellspawn Hunting Permits released by the Terran Affairs Headquarters to operate. When in 1997 a new Hellspawn was resurrected on Earth, former CIA assassin Al Simmons, Angela lost a good amount of time obtaining the permit from Gabrielle, before finally being allowed to kill him. When she finally faced her adversary, however, the experienced Angela was taken by surprise by the resourceful warrior, who successfully engulfed her in his cloak, teleporting her back to Elysium…but she lost her main weapon, the Dimensional Lance. As soon as Spawn touched it, after a brief glimpse of Heaven, the Lance activated a safety protocol and disappeared…along with the record of the Hunting Permit. Gabrielle, who held a centuries-old grudge against Angela, used the situation to frame her old rival, and framed Angela for hunting Spawn without the regular permits. In the meanwhile Angela had gone onto a peculiar vacation on Sandalphon Five, celebrating her 100,000th birthday by hunting and slaying a Sandalphon Dragon. Her celebration was cut short as she was arrested by thousands of angels, who escorted her back to Elysium to face trial. A friend of hers, Callindra, was still wishing to help her, so she summoned Spawn to Heaven to testify for her. Unfortunately, as the angels saw Spawn they immediately attacked him. Angela then reached him, and made him use the same cloak-trick he had used on her during their first fight. The two successfully escaped, but now Angela, who had been seen associating with a Hellspawn, was deemed a traitor of Heaven, and excommunicated. Apparently, the only ally she had left was the same breed she had been slaughtering for millennia…

Angela is a relentless huntress, a loyal agent of Heaven and a battle-loving warrior, who deeply enjoys her godly task of erasing evil from the world by slaughtering its agents. As a Hellspawn-huntress, Angela possesses superhuman strength and durability, heightened reflexes and agility, immortality and teleporting abilities; she’s a highly trained combatant, and she wields with absolute mastery her Dimensional Lance, a mystic weapon designed to destroy Hellspawns. An unstoppable warrior who’ll hunt down demons in every corner of the universe, she’s sometimes overwhelmed by strong emotional outbursts that connect her with the lives of the five souls she was born from…outbursts that, instead of crippling her during battle, make her only the more lethal…

Jessica Priest

Next in Levi‘s request comes Jessica Priest, the sadistic killer portrayed by Melinda Clarke. A totally secondary character, she received a boost of importance in the Spawn movie, where’s she replaces Chapel as Jason Wynn‘s best assassin, and is the one responsible for physically killing off Al Simmons (Chapel wasn’t usable due to rights issues). She was even supposed to come back after she died as a female Spawn, but the idea was scrapped for lack of time and funds. Also in the comics the character was retconned following the movie as Simmons’ killer, but things weren’t like that in the beginning: let’s see together.

Jessica Priest was never what you’d call a balanced person. Born in Queens, New York City, she became somewhat famous when she was still a little girl. When she was five years old, she grew fascinated by fire watching the marshmallows roast on the fire; taking inspiration from them, she took the lighter fluid and she poured it on her sleeping parents, then she set them on fire, along with the entire house. She had no problems confessing this to the cops who came, and she was entrusted to mental health services. She suffered years of shock therapy, and when she was a teenager she was deemed sane and released. Big mistake. Since everybody remembered her in the neighborhood, she was sent to a safe house in South Bend, Indiana, where she proved she was far from healed. She perfectly blended in with the high school “social class division”, and she took it as a personal mission to save the world from all the “jerks”: as a result, she killed her entire school. This time, she was arrested and locked up in some dark hole, never to see the light again. Such a great skill in killing, however, couldn’t go to waste, and some years later Jessica was contacted by Jason Wynn, a powerful man from a shadowy organization, who offered her a chance out of the remote prison that had become her house. Wynn also told her he would have encouraged, not certainly suppressed, her killing techniques, directing them where it was useful that she operated. Needless to say, Jessica Priest happily accepted the offer.

Jessica spent some time training, but there was little she actually needed to learn. To test his newest asset, Wynn sent her to the Middle East to start a war. Happy and inspired, Jessica infiltrated a military base, and she sang overjoyed as she shot down every single soldier in it; then, she launched all the base’s missiles to Israel, thus provoking a heavy response and starting the war that Wynn wanted. She had done the same exact things she did when she was arrested, but this time she was welcomed home as a national heroine (albeit only by the very few people who knew of her assignment, mostly from the CIA). As a reward, she was returned to her family house in Queens, where she joined what remained of her relatives. Everybody believed she was an employee for some corporation, but nobody asked for details, considered how weird the girl was. From time to time she had to travel, and that was definitely ok with her family and neighbors. With time, Wynn entrusted her with more and more delicate missions, sure she wouldn’t have failed him. One of the most dangerous ones took place in Brazil, where Jessica had to retrieve Heat-16, a biogenetic weapon. Her guide, a man named Juuko, betrayed her, but she managed to escape the ambush and retrieve the enemy base, Medlab-05, even without a guide. She let herself be captured and brought to the leaders of the base, a group of scientists who were experimenting on the weapon. Once in front of her enemies, Jessica used her ace up the sleeve, and she vomited an explosive pill. She blew up the lab and escaped with Heat-16, no sweat. Once home, however, she complained that she wanted something harder, or she would have gotten bored. Jason Wynn, on his side, assured her that more difficult, and thus funnier missions were coming soon enough…

Jessica Priest is a deranged and sadistic woman, a schizophrenic murderer with a split personality who enjoys killing as if it was a normal kind of relation with others. She’s a superb marksman and martial artist, a highly trained spy with excellent tactical analysis skills; she also gave proof of superhuman abilities in more than one occasion, as it looks like she’s able to unconsciously foresee events just before they happen, a skill that allows her to literally dodge bullets on the battlefield. An asset as well a liability, a double-edged sword in the hands of the one man in CIA who won’t get cut by it, Jessica is an extremely dangerous woman, a killer not for necessity but for passion, who will never back down from a mission, but who will always cause much more collateral damage than strictly necessary…


The next not-so-nice guy from Levi‘s request is Malebolgia, the ruler of Hell who gives Spawn his powers. In the Spawn movie, the demon overlord is an awful CGI monster voiced by Frank Welker, and his role is pretty much the same as in the comics, as he creates an army of Hellspawn to assault Heaven, and wins Al Simmons‘ soul to lead it. The weird thing begins when Simmons eventually destroys his entire army in the blink of an eye and Malebolgia doesn’t do anything to stop him, clumsily trying to grab him as the anti-hero propels himself out of Hell. In the comics, he’s much more a threat than the movie would let anyone think…even if he’s just one among the many rulers of Hell. Let’s see together.

With his real name unpronounceable by humans, Malebolgia was one of the most powerful demons in Hell, created approximately 70,000 years ago by another powerful demon, ruler of the Eight Circle (or Eight Sphere) of Hell. The new demon, however, was far too powerful for his master to control, and Malebolgia eventually killed his creator, taking his place as the new ruler of the Eight Circle. Born from a river of Necroplasm, Malebolgia disposed of powers unknown also to the other demon overlords in Hell, and soon became more powerful than everyone else, succeeding where anybody else before him had failed: he effectively brought peace in Hell, and made so that, albeit all conflict still existed and most demons wanted to get to each other’s throat, everyone was too scared of him to do anything serious against each other, and submitted to him. With the entire forces of Hell in line for the first time in eons, Malebolgia could dedicate himself to a much more important task: to finally lead an all-out assault against Heaven, and to dethrone God Himself. In order to do this, however, he needed an army, and thus he used his unique powers to transform the damned human souls entering his realm into Hellspawn, powerful beings he enslaved by powering them with Necroplasm and tricking them into using it all, thus bonding their very existence to Hell. All mortals fell for it and, when released on Earth, used their newfound powers to kill their enemies, extinguishing their Necroplasm and becoming Malebolgia’s slaves; only one wasn’t fooled by the trick, the most important soul Malebolgia ever had at disposal: Cain, the first murderer, who saved a bit of Necroplasm and went on hiding on Earth. Cain wasn’t a problem, as he wasn’t able to use what remained of his powers, and Malebolgia concentrated on the war he had been preparing for millennia.

As he collected more and more souls in his army, leaving to pure demons like Lilith and Violator the roles of lieutenants, Malebolgia was in need of a general, and he found a promising one in Al Simmons, a CIA operative who was one of the best warriors humanity could provide. He made a deal with Simmons’ boss, Jason Wynn, giving him Psychoplasm in exchange of Simmons, and when the latter was killed by his partner Chapel on Wynn’s orders, Malebolgia greeted him in the Eight Circle. Reading Simmons’ soul, Malebolgia offered him a deal: he would have let him see his wife Wanda again, if he agreed to become his general. The demon, of course, only wanted Simmons to run out of Necroplasm, and for that he needed to fuel his anger: he turned him into a Hellspawn and sent him back to Earth…but five years in the future, in order for him to see his beloved wife married to his best friend, Terry, and with a daughter. Just to be sure, he also sent Violator after Simmons, instructing the demon to provoke and tease the undead CIA operative to direct him against Wynn, Terry, Chapel and whoever he wanted, to have him finish all his power and come back to him. There was a factor he had underestimated, though: Cain, in the guise of Cogliostro, met Spawn, and revealed Malebolgia’s plan and Necroplasm’s nature, convincing Simmons not to use it to seek revenge. As a result, Malebolgia was denied his general…at least for the moment. It was only a matter of time, and Spawn would have used his Necroplasm: Malebolgia had millions of ways to make him do it, and then his preparations for Armageddon would have been completed.

Malebolgia is simply pure evil, an ancient, wise and deceiving being born literally from Hell itself, who only seeks to rule over creation and to destroy and contaminate everything that is good. As the ruler of the Eight Circle, he’s an absurdly powerful demon, who counts among his powers immortality, a tremendous strength and near invulnerability, telepathy and mind control, shape-shifting, telekinesis, and overall the power to manipulate the Necroplasm, that grants him the ability to create Hellspawns, and even to mold reality itself, making him practically omnipotent while in his home dimension. One of the most powerful beings in existence, Malebolgia is an ancient evil who’s being influencing human history since its dawn, and who’s preparing a war against Heaven with all the brutality and patience of the universe…there are very few creatures who don’t tremble simply at the mention of his name.

Terence D. Fitzgerald

Next in line from Levi‘s request is Terry Fitzgerald, the unlikely spy portrayed by D. B. Sweeney. In the Spawn movie, Terry is Al‘s best friend and colleague, but he’s also the one who marries his friend’s widow Wanda and has a daughter from her, Cyan (obviously, after he dies). This is basically the same role he has in the comics, with the major difference being his ethnics, as he’s an African-American man originally (this was changed by the production who didn’t want too many black leads in the film, apparently). Also, this unlikely hero named after one of Todd McFarlane‘s friends and colleagues is a little bit more of an action man in the comics. As we’re about to see.

Born and raised in New York City, Terence D. Fitzgerald went through a flashing military career, always following the rules and acting by the book. His many successes gained him several important appreciations, that led him directly to the Central Intelligence Agency, where he worked as a consultant, a linguist expert. While cooperating with the CIA he met Al Simmons, and operative agent who soon became his best friend, a brother for him. The two were partners, and they shared many missions together. Terry grew also close to Simmons and his family, and he even tried to help out his marriage with Wanda, that was going astray because of Al’s many secrets…secrets that eventually killed him, as Terry’s friend died in a top secret mission nobody seemed to know anything about. In the days and months following Al’s death, Terry helped Wanda recover, and he stayed by her side…until the feeling between them became something more than simple friendship, and they fell in love. Terry was much more present and careful than Al had ever been, and Wanda came to trust him enough to marry him. The two had a daughter together, Cyan, the child Al never gave Wanda. Everything was simply perfect in Terry’s life…until he suddenly started attracting a lot of attention from the wrong people. Security Director Jason Wynn, in fact, was sure Terry had stolen an impressive amount of weapons from a secured warehouse, one that only Al and Terry had access to: since Simmons was dead, the only possible culprit was Fitzgerald…but the reality wasn’t part of the “possible” realm.

Wynn couldn’t obviously prove anything against Terry, but he kept an eye on him. If Wynn needed evidence, there was somebody else who didn’t: Vito Gravano, head of the local Mafia, whose men had been slaughtered by that very weapons Fitzgerald had allegedly stolen. As soon as the CIA agents and the Mafia killers found each other out of Terry’s house in the Queens, a massive shoot-out started, with the first ones getting the short stick (with two agents dead, Wynn’s claim that Fitzgerald was a criminal got more credit with his superiors). The Mafia then blackmailed Terry, and told him to go to an abandoned warehouse, if he didn’t want Wanda to be killed. Obviously, this was a trap, as the cybernetic Mafia hitman OvertKill was waiting for him there…but Terry wasn’t alone, as the new brutal superhero in town, Spawn, appeared to protect him. Despite Spawn’s intervention, OvertKill managed to overpower both men, but he was stopped by a local police detective, Twitch Williams, who shot him in the head. Twitch called for backup, but the CIA intercepted the call, and Wynn sent his men to extract Terry. Theoretically Terry was still incriminated, but Spawn visited Wynn and the CIA, as well as NYPD, making his own existence known and taking the blame for stealing the weapons. Terry didn’t know anything about this, but he started wondering why Wynn was after him. He started investigating on him, but he soon realized that all of the information on Wynn were secreted. Committed to arrive at the bottom of this, he decided to take matters into his own hands, and stepped into the lion’s den: he joined CIA, trying to climb the ladder high enough to obtain clearance and learn what he could on his enemy…hoping to survive a confrontation with Jason Wynn longer than his friend Al Simmons did…

Terry Fitzgerald is a man honest to a fault, a model citizen who never does anything wrong: a caring husband, a loving father, a fair professional, he always does everything by the book. He’s a smart man and a skilled investigator, a man who starting from nothing managed to expose the illegal activities of an old fox like Jason Wynn, and courageous and brave enough to face the consequences. If there’s a trustworthy friend in the world, that’s Terry Fitzgerald, a good-hearted and morally flawless man in a world of deceit, betrayal and violence.

Cain (Count Nicholas Cogliostro)

Of course, among the hanging requests there’s also Levi with his Spawn characters. Next in line is Cogliostro, portrayed by Niccol Williamson, the mysterious figure who mentors Al Simmons through his first steps as Spawn. It is implied in the movie that Cogliostro is a former Hellspawn himself, and he still retains some special powers (like the weird arm-blade he uses against Violator), but he’s much weaker than Spawn. In the comics, not only this isn’t the case, but he actually hides some darker secrets than just having being a Hell‘s agent somewhere in his (after)life. And he definitely doesn’t work for Heaven now. Let’s see together.

The man we know as Cogliostro was actually born at the very beginning of time, as his real name was Cain, history’s first murderer. The son of Adam and Eve, he murdered his brother Abel over jealousy, and was then cursed by God as result. Made immortal by his curse, Cain traveled the Earth for millennia, with a demonic mark telling him apart from the rest of mankind. He adopted many identities while crossing the ages, until, somewhere around the XVIII Century, he became known as Sir Nicholas, Count of Cogliostro, a name that stuck to him. Because of his unique nature, of course, he was courted by the forces of Hell during his entire, unending life span, and he eventually struck a deal with Malebolgia, the current ruler of Hell, to become a Hellspawn, one of his minions. Even Malebolgia, however, underestimated Cain’s power, and as a Hellspawn he unleashed an untold devastation on the planet, erasing nearly one fourth of the world’s population before coming back to his senses and controlling his bloodlust. It was about this time that Cain realized that he wasn’t satisfied in serving Hell, even as its greatest general: he wanted to rule it. Using the last drop of Necroplasm remaining in him, he broke the deal with Malebolgia and escaped on Earth once again, hiding in the poor semblances of a homeless man, only known as Cogliostro. He lived in New York City, in the darkest alleys of the city, and eventually set in the Bowery Alleys. There, he had all the time in the world to think of a way to get rid of his own curse, and to finally claim the throne of Hell for himself.

The perfect chance for Cogliostro to act arrived when Malebolgia found a new general in Al Simmons, a CIA operative he had just turned into a Hellspawn. As soon as this new Spawn appeared on Earth, Cogliostro came to him, and albeit looking just like any other old bum from the nearby alleys he made it clear from the very beginning that he knew more about Al’s situation than Al himself. Intrigued by the old man, Spawn listened to his advises, and learnt everything about Necroplasm, and the ways to use it (or rather, not to use it). Cogliostro helped Spawn to get rid of the control of the Violator, the demon sent with him to push him to embrace his full demonic heritage, and when questioned on how he could know so much about Hell and its “rules”, he provided a heartfelt confession during which he told Spawn that he had been a Hellspawn himself, and that he had broken free of the control of Malebolgia centuries before; he told Al that he had used almost all of his power, and that he couldn’t use Necroplasm ever again unless he wanted to die, and he wanted to prevent Simmons from falling into darkness like he had done before. As he had foreseen, Spawn fell for it, and Cogliostro successfully became some sort of mentor for him, even if for a brief time, continuing to follow his “pupil’s” progression from afar in the following years. Cogliostro had prompted Spawn to rebel to Malebolgia in the first place, and when eventually Simmons managed to kill the demon overlord, the final phase of his plan was finally at hand. Now Spawn ruled as the new king of Hell, but Cog expected him to get tired of it soon enough: as the throne of Hell would have been vacant, the long-lost Cain would have stepped in, taking advantage of the chaos ensuing from the war for power, and claimed the throne he had craved for so long.

Cain is, needless to say, an evil and deceiving man, a wise but corrupted soul who seeks power and revenge over everything else. As Cogliostro, he is immortal, and he possesses superhuman strength, durability, agility, speed and enhanced senses; he used to possess all of Spawn’s powers, but his nearly extinguished Necroplasm prevents him from using them, while as the new ruler of Hell he’s nearly omnipotent. An ancient being who awaited eons to exact his revenge on God, Cogliostro is a patient and relentless puppet master, who’s ready to unleash a cosmic world like creation has never witnessed, tasting a revenge too long postponed.