Snippets from the future of The Gifted gave us a first look at an upcoming character. In eXit Strategy, the Mutant Underground will apparently launch an attack on Sentinel Service, and upon the many mutants involved in the fight there will be Trader, portrayed by Derek James Jones. It’s still unknown what kind of role or powers he’ll have in the show, but it’s possibly he’ll retain his cloaking skills from the comics. As you’ll notice, Trader confirms the series’ pattern in chosing the characters, as he’s a member of the Morlocks. Let’s meet him properly.

There are not many information about Trader’s early life, and even his reale name is unknown. He was born in New York City, or at least he lived there, and he worked as a succesfull broker in Wall Street. His life was going pretty well, but of course he had to hide the fact that he was a mutant, a genetically enhanced individual with the ability to become nearly invisible. One of his co-workers, however, found out about his true nature, and exposed him as a mutant; the result was exactly the one intentended by the ambitious colleague, and the man was fired. Ruined and disgraced, he started wandering the country, unable to find any other job due to his nature. Eventually, he arrived in Chicago, where he met the mysterious Postman, a mutant like him. The Postman claimed to have a safe haven for mutants who, like him, who couldn’t find a place anymore in human society, and the man, who adopted the name “Trader”, agreed to join his group of Morlocks, living in the city’s underground. Trader spent years with the Morlocks, creating some curious bonds with some of the other renegades he was with, especially Eletric Eve, whom he shared a curious friendship with. Trader helped the Postman in rescuing and recruiting new mutants, and this is what he did the night the group saved the man known as Cell, who had been attacked by police. During the operation, Trader took a bullet in his shoulder for Cell, something that made him even more unhappy the moment it turned out Cell was clearly a gangbanger, not exactly the kind of guys Trader wanted in his group. Not that he could decide anything about it, of course.

Soon after that, Electric Eve started a fight with one of the younger mutants, Angel Dust, and the thing excalated to the point that Angel lost control and physically attacked Shatter. Trader yelled at Eve for being too hard on Angel, but this only risked to cause another fight. In that moment the Postman announced that that very night they would have fulfilled their “last wish”, some sort of farewell from the human world they had been programming for a while. When it was Electric Eve’s turn, she shocked everybody by electrocuting her ex-boyfriend (and pimp) in his bathtub. Trader once again confronted her, telling her that revenge was “a hollow thing”, but she harshly replied that she had enjoyed it, and that he would have as well. Their conversation was cut short by a group of Sentinels, who attacked them. The Morlocks barely escaped the killer robots, not without suffering some damage. Back to the sewers, the Postman started yelling at Eve for the murder she had involved the entire group in, but curiously enough it was Trader the one who spoke in her defense, justifying vengeance and, even more, stating that his last wish was to kill the guy who had ruined his life by exposing him. Once again, the conversation was cut short, this time by a group of policemen who had tracked the Morlocks in the sewers. The group started fleeing, but one of the cops shot at Electric Eve…and Trader stepped in, shielding the woman with his own body. As he died in Eve’s arms, he commented on how he didn’t believe he would have taken another bullet for someone.

Trader is quite an ambiguous man, who claims to be filled with hatred and to be living only for vengeance, and who’s on the other hand capable of acts of extreme compassion and selflessness. His mutant powers allow him to cloud other people’s retinal imput, thus allowing him to modify his own appearance (he appears to sport long hair, a goatee and tattoos, which he actually doesn’t have), and even to camouflage himself with the surroundings, resulting in partial invisibility. An outcast feared and rejected by what used to be his world, Trader found a new family with the Morlocks, and despite his tough attitude, he’s ready to do anything to protect them.


Beautiful Dreamer

The new episode of The Gifted showed us some more members of the underground mutant community, and among the many faces there’s one who finally steps out, as we see her discussing with Tunderbird. In rX, we get our first glimpse of the beautiful Dreamer portrayed by Elena Satine (pun intended: in the comics, her actual alias is Beautiful Dreamer). In the show, she’s a mutant with the ability to manipulate other people’s memories, adding new ones or subtracting the existing ones. This makes her quite similar to her comicbook counterpart, whose power is someway closer to what her name would suggest, but basically the same from the show. Also, as we mentioned before, she’s a member of a well-known underground mutant group, one of the two the series is picking characters from. Let’s see together.

Nothing is known about Beautiful Dreamer’s life prior to her mutation, not her name, not her past, actually not even her age, since she’s been depicted as being older or younger depending on the author (it sucks, but it happens sometimes); she was probably a homeless woman to begin with, but this had never been confirmed. Following undisclosed circumstances, despite her perfectly human appearance, following the manifestation of her mutant powers Beautiful Dreamer chose to exile herself form the rest of the world, and she joined the monstrous Morlocks, living with them in the sewers under New York City. Among the Morlocks, she grew particularly close to the Drain Dwellers, some outcasts who had retained a human appearance. One of the Dwellers was Annalee, an empath woman with four little children. While the group was on the surface, however, all four of Annalee’s children got killed by Scalphunter, a mutant-hunter from the Marauders. The woman was clearly distraught, and for unknown reason the Piper believed that it was his and his companions’ fault if the kids had died. Beautiful Dreamer was involved in a plan to bring solace to Annalee: they would have found four other children, and while Masque would have altered they appearance so that they looked like Annalee’s ones, the Dreamer would have used her skills to alter their memory and convince them they actually were them. The plan immediately went awry, as Piper found the “perfect” candidates in the four young heroes from the Power Pack: terrified to see that they were surface dwellers, Beautiful Dreamer was barely convinced by Piper to go on with the plan, but she wanted to wait for Masque’s arrival. In the meanwhile, however, the Power Pack broke free, and Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler from the X-Men came to the rescue. With so many threats present, Beautiful Dreamer escaped, coming back only when all the people from the surface were gone.

If the mere presence of people from the surface was a shock to her, what followed would have marked her life and made her nightmares for her entire life. Scalphunter’s attack on Annalee’s children was just the beginning, and soon all the Marauders came down the sewers and started slaughtering all Morlocks in sight. Dreamer watched helplessly as Scalphunter, accompanied by HarpoonSabretooth and Arclight, started killing her companions, and only the quick intervention of her fried Erg saved her from the same destiny. During the escape, however, Erg fell on a Morlock’s corpse, leaving Beautiful Dreamer to face the incoming Marauders on her own…luckily for her, X-Force had just arrived, and they saved her from the attackers. While CyclopsBeast and Iceman dealt with the murderers, Beautiful Dreamer and Erg managed to save other two Morlocks, Tar Baby and Ape, from Vertigo and Blockbuster, but they found themselves completely defenseless when Arclight, Prism and Scrambler joined the battle. Once again, the woman and her friends were saved by Cyclops and Beast, who however suffered great injuries. The few survivors of the massacre, Dreamer included, were brought to X-Force’s base, where they had their wounds tended to, and when they met their lost friend Skids, who updated them on the situation. Among the Morlocks, Beautiful Dreamer was clearly the one who had suffered the greatest shock from the attack, and she couldn’t do anything but to let Ape comfort her. When the menace of the Marauders passed, Beautiful Dreamer chose to come back to the sewers and the underground tunnels, more than determined never to come back to the surface. Destiny, however, had different plans: years after the massacre, a cataclismic event caused by a deranged Scarlet Witch depowered almost the entire mutant population on the planet, with only 198 mutants retaining their skills and nature. Quite ironically, Beautiful Dreamer was among them.

Beautiful Dreamer is a sensitive and insecure woman, mostly driven by her fear of the people from the “surface”, following some trauma in her early life. Her mutant powers allow her to channel through her cigarettes what she calls “Dream Smoke“, a powerful psychothropic substance able to rearrange people’s memories as the Dreamer prefers; she’s also the only one able to reverse the process with ease, albeit a powerful telepath can do it as well. Fearing even more a world that fears her, the Beautiful Dreamer is an outcast and a misfit, and asks for nothing more than to be forgotten by everyone, leading the pariah life she believes she deserves.

Roderick Campbell (Ahab)

From this week most of the tv shows will come back with new seasons, so expect this place to become crowded. In the meanwhile, however, we can take a look at the ones spotted in the many previews from the last days, starting from The Gifted. In the trailer, we got our first look at Roderick Campbell, a researcher specialised in mutants who’s working for Sentinel Service. Portrayed by Garret Dillahunt, Campbell will serve as the season’s main antagonist, and this comes as no surprise, as in the comics he’s a very well known mutant-hunter, albeit sporting a completely different look. He comes from an alternate reality, Earth-811 (commonly known as the Days of Future Past reality), but his influence spread also to Prime Earth. Let’s see together.

Roderick Campbell was born on Earth-811, a possible future in which the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly at the hands of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants led to the creation of a government-financed program that built more and more advanced Sentinels that exterminated the mutant population. As the mutant-hunting droids became more advanced, they slowly took control of the entire nation, with their leader Master Mold extending its mission into killing or imprisoning all superhumans, being them mutants or mutated, both heroes and villains, and eventually even humans who opposed the program. Campbell, a psychologist and skilled geneticist, had apparently been always characterised by a deep hatred against mutants, and he gladly joined the Sentinel program, putting his expertise at Master Mold’s service. Due to his knowledge of mutants and to his remarkable intuitive skills, that obviously the droids lacked, Campbell was put in charge of a very special program: made a mutant hunter himself, he hunted down mutants, killed the weakest of them and brainwashed the others to become his Hounds, powerful slaves who would have in turn hunted down other mutants. Campbell was extremely proficient in his job, and he enslaved a number of the planet’s most powerful superheroes and supervillains, with his thirst in huting mutants gaining him the nickname “Ahab“. His greatest success was the conversion of Rachel Summers, the powerful daughter of mutant heroes Marvel Girl and Cyclops. Unfortunately, Rachel soon became also his greatest failure: thanks to her psychic powers, she eventually got rid of her conditioning and she rebelled to her master, using her telekinesis to throw Ahab into one of his monstrous machines. Campbell barely survived the experience, while his best Hound escaped into another time, in the past.

Ahab crawled out of the ruins of his machine with missing limbs, paralyzed, unable to move, barely alive. The Hierarchy, however, hadn’t finished with him: the Sentinels rebuilt his body with mechanical parts, turning him into a deadly cyborg…and spurring him into retrieving the lost Rachel Summers, so that she didn’t become an example for the other Hounds. Ahab didn’t wait for a second order, and he used another one of his creations, Franklin Richards, to locate the rebel in the timestream. As soon as he found her in the past, he reached her, accompanied by two other Hounds: Rachel’s father, Cyclops, and Franklin’s mother, the Invisible Woman. Needless to say, he found some opposition in the reality he had reached, as Rachel had allied herself with X-Force…even the heroes, however, were no match for the seasoned mutant hunter. The tides of the battle turned when X-Factor joined forces with the New Mutants and the Fantastic Four, with the three teams together managing to defeat Ahab, his Hounds and the Sentinels that were with him. This obviously wasn’t the end of Ahab, as he stayed on Earth-616, more determined than ever to capture Rachel Summers and to make her pay for her treason. While the future Roderick Campbell was present, however, something weird happened to the present one, who was still a benevolent scientist working for Dr. Moira MacTaggart on Muir Island. This Campbell researched on mutants as well, but he was driven by the idea of helping them as MacTaggart did, not certainly by hatred. Glimpses and visions of his future, murderous self, however, started haunting him, and when Spoor, a mutant he was trying to help, attacked him and severed one of his legs, Roderick believed this was just the first step of an inevitable transformation he tried with all his strength to avoid…

While the present version of Roderick Campbell is a dedicated and idealistic scientist, an empathic and selfless man, his future self is a cold-blooded murderer driven by a profound hatred towards mutants, a genocidal maniac who enjoys breaking his preys in body and mind. As Ahab, his cybernetic prosthetics grant him superhuman strenght, speed, stamina and durability, as well as enhanced senses; his Psionic Lance is quite a fearsome weapon, that he can use to strike down an opponent or to enslave his/her will; his Energy Arpoons are even deadlier, throwing weapons attached to his own life force able to target the genetic template of a target, impossible to avoid or to block, able to damage whoever tries to grab them, a tracking monstrosity that only stops when it hits the intended objective. A relentless and deadly mutant hunter, Ahab is one of the worst products of a dystopian future, a time in which only a maniac like him can find a home.

Ambur & Quelin Amaquelin

Thanks Markz for the heads up! Apparently I didn’t miss anybody from the last Inhumans episode (maybe…), but I did with the one before. In Those Who Would Destroy Us, in her imprisonment Crystal finds solace in watching the picture of her parents, Ambur and Quelin, respectively her mother and father. It’s unknown whether they are still alive or not, but Maximus revealed something interesting about them, telling Medusa that they had been enemies to the Royal Family she was now part of. In the comics, that’s certainly not the case, since they’re members of the Royal Family as well. Waiting to learn something more, maybe through flashbacks, let’s take a look at their original versions…albeit there’s not much to say about them.

Both Quelin and Ambur were born in the hidden city of Attilan, the safe zone of the Inhumans, a race of genetically engineered individuals created by Kree scientists in ancient times. Ambur was the daughter of Kobar and La, and she grew up with her sister Azur; Quelin, on the other hand, came from an unknown family (actually, the Inhuman family tree is a little bit confused here). They both studied as nutritionists, a well-respected job in a society obsessed with genetic perfectioning. The two scientists eventually got married, it’s unknown if out of love or following a decree by the Genetic Council, that controlled eugenics in Attilan. Being it a way or the other, this proved to be quite a boost for Quelin in terms of importance within Attilan society: Ambur’s sister Azur, in fact, married Mander, whose sister Rynda married in turn Attilan’s newly elected king, Agon. Through relationships of brothers and sisters in law, also Quelin and Ambur were now considered part of the Inhuman Royal Family, and they were allowed to move in the royal palace, where they knew a luxury they had never experienced before. Around the same time, all the couples in the extended Royal Family had children, and Quelin and Ambur conceived a daughter, Medusalith.

Life in the palace was quite peaceful for the Amaquelin family, and the several couples came to be close together, mostly because their respective children, all cousins in a way or the other, became friends and companions of adventures. Some years after the birth of Medusalith Ambur got pregnant again, and she gave birth to a second daughter, Crystalia. Albeit being younger than her sister Medusa and her cousins GorgonKarnak and Maximus, also Crystal joined their group, and the children made the palace much a more lively environment. From a certain point in Attilan’s history, however, we lose tracks of both Quelin and Ambur: they were most surely alive when their elder daughter Medusa got married with Agon’s heir, Black Bolt, so they lived long enough to see their beloved firstborn become the new Inhuman queen (curiously enough, Ambur herself started to be referred to as “queen”, but it’s unknown if this meant she had actually been queen some time before Rynda or Medusa, or if it was short for “queen mother”). Since when Maximus overthrew his brother he had his right-hand man, the Seeker, execute many members of the Royal Family still loyal to Black Bolt, including Gorgon’s parents, it’s likely both Quelin and Ambut got killed under his regime, but there’s no record about it. The only thing that’s sure is that by the time their grandchildren Ahura, from Medusa, and Luna, from Crystal, were born, they were not part of their daughters’ lives anymore.

Ambur and Quelin are two serious and brilliant scientists, devoted to their research, but also loving and caring towards their daughters (something that’s not to take for granted in a society like Attilan’s). As Inhumans, they’re slightly stronger, faster and more durable than normal humans, but it’s unknown what specific power Terrigenesis gave them. Coming “from outside” in the Royal Family, Quelin and Ambur are the living testimony of the fact that nothing, even in a rigid society like the Inhuman one, is set in stone, and that all traditions can change and evolve.


Inhumans goes on despite the (very) bad response, and we meet someone new. At the end of the previous episode, Auran had asked for backup in hunting down the Royal Family, and Maximus readily provided it to her, sending her some dangerous Inhumans who now form her new Royal Guard. One of them is the electric Pulssus, portrayed by Jason Quinn. Along with the others, including the lethal Mordis, he reaches Hawaii to start his mission…but he finds quite some tough cookies to chew. Among the many Inhumans introduced, Pulssus is the only one coming from the comics (I may be wrong: waiting for heads-up on this one), and also originally he’s part of an elite Inhuman team, albeit with a totally different origin and purpose. Let’s see together.

Pulssus was an Inhuman born and raised in the secret city of Attilan. As a young man, he underwent Terrigenesis like all his peers, and had his body changed to a molecular level, as the Terrigen Mists turned him into a being of living electricity. His power was quite remarkable, even if confronted to others, so the Genetic Council secretly kept an eye on him, having him trained in the arts of war for possible future uses. Such use came when the Royal Family, following yet another scandal, chose the way of exile and escaped to Earth, living Attilan in control of the Genetic Council. With no Royal Guard left to protect the city, the Council formed another team of elite warriors whose sole purpose was to defend Attilan from every threat: the Crimson Cadre. Pulssus was among the first recruits in the Cadre, and he was subjected to the command of General Ator, a purple-skinned military officer blindly loyal to the Genetic Council. Pulssus and the others followed his lead into protecting Attilan from everything the Council perceived as a threat, including former allies of the Royal Family. When the Fantastic Four travelled to the Moon to question Uatu the Watcher, the Council immediately identified them as enemies, since they had often helped the Royal Family to stand against their authority. Pulssus was sent to deal with the “invaders” with a selected number of companions, but he lost them, unable to locate their ship, the Stealth-Hawk. Finally, however, the Cadre found one of them, The Thing, just outside the Watcher’s Citadel, and launched an attack against him. As Pulssus soon learnt, despite his and his teammates’ combined powers, The Thing wasn’t an adversary to take lightly, and they barely managed to bring him to a stand still, until the Tomorrow Man (disguised as Kristoff Vernard‘s servant Boris) threatened to blow them all up with the Stealth-Hawk’s weaponry, saving The Thing. This failure, however, only strenghtened the Crimson Cadre’s grudge against the Fantastic Four.

Soon after that incident, Pulssus was called to face a much more serious threat: Nathaniel Richards had accidentally opened a dimensional vortex that had already swallowed the Watcher’s Citadel, and was threatening to destroy Attilan as well; unfortunately, in that same time Morgan Le Fay had restored Atlantis‘ original position on the ocean’s surface, and the Genetic Council, intrigued, abandoned Attilan to its destiny to reclaim the Inhumans’ original home. Without a guidance, the Crimson Cadre didn’t know what to do, but when they discovered that it was a human the one to be held responsible for the chrisis, General Ator decided to launch a punitive expedition on Earth, armed with the lethal Atmo Gun (one of Maximus’ inventions, a bomb that would have targeted humans only, leaving Ihumans unaffected). On Earth, the Crimson Cadre was faced by the heroes of Fantastic Force, and despite the difference in number they were soundly defeated, with the Atmo Gun being disarmed in the process. Pulssus found himself trapped with the others under an impenetrable Negative Zone Barrier, not knowing that in the meanwhile the Fantastic Four had miniaturized Attilan, saving it from the vortex. The Cadre was saved by Karnak, as the Royal Family had been forced to serve the Genetic Council, now allied with Morgan; together, they battled the formidable alliance of Fantastic Four, Fantastic Force, Namor the Sub-Mariner and Thor over both Attilan and Atlantis. The battle ended with the Genetic Council winning Attilan back (returned to its original size), but losing Atlantis…and the Royal Family, who had gone missing once again. Locked outside Attilan, Pulssus and the others were forced to hunt down the Royal Family and return them to the city. Eventually, however, Black Bolt regained control over Attilan, and chose to mantain the Crimson Cadre as part of the Royal Guard…unfortunately, Pulssus and the others were quite the perfect pawns for the machinations of Maximus and his new ally Fabian Cortez.

Pulssus is a loyal and strong-willed soldier, whose obedience goes to the Genetic Council only, as he sees them as the defenders of Attilan’s traditions and identity. His Inhuman powers make him able to create and manipulate electricity, which he focuses in powerful energy bolts. A man deeply committed to his job and his task, Pulssus will do anything in his power to protect Attilan…or at least to do what he’s told to be for Attilan’s protection.


Apparently, The Gifted is picking characters mainly from two comicbook teams, the Exiles and the Morlocks, and the last character appearing in the first episode eXposed makes no exception. When Blink is introduced to the team that rescued her, she’s welcomed to the base by a warm and kind woman, Sage, portrayed by Hayley Lovitt. We didn’t see much of her yet, but it appears she has quite some authority within the group, acting as some sort of second in command to the leader Thunderbird. In the comics, Sage is quite an old acquaintance for the readers, a proud member of the X-Men, and of many other groups. Let’s see together.

Much of the past of the woman named Sage, including her real name, is still shrouded in mystery. She was born in an unspecified small town in the Balkans, and she was most probably an orphan of war. She had to learn to survive on her own in a wartorn country, an experience that made her grow into a defensive and sometimes violent woman, who avoided conflict when possible but who was more than able to respond to any threat. Under unknown circumstances she ended up in the harem of a rich Arab nobleman, but she managed to escape from there as well. During her teenager years she was living in Afghanistan, and she was in the country as Russia started invading it. An accomplished survivalist by then, Sage managed to square pretty well with rebels, government agents and invading soldiers, but one day, while she was hiding in the Hindu Kush region, she found herself irresistibly called to a cave. As she entered it, she found a man who was blocked under boulders and rocks: that was Charles Xavier, a powerful telepath who had called her there for help. Sage saved him, and while she was trying to bring the wounded mutant to safety, she stumbled upon a United Nations convoy. Traveling with them for a while, she became friends with a UN worker, a young woman who soon suffered a terrible destiny: a group of bandits attacked the convoy, and Sage’s new friend was raped and killed by one of them. Furious, Sage battled the bandits, murdering the one responsible for the killing, and the stress also awoke her mutant powers. Xavier perceived a great potential in her, so he decided to keep an eye on her. Years later, when Xavier founded the X-Men, he also summoned Sage to his school, but chose to keep her presence secret from all the others. With her incredible mind, in fact, Sage was the perfect spy, and the professor wanted to use her to strenghten his project of cohabitation between humans and mutants. When a secret society, the Hellfire Club, found a new leader in Sebastian Shaw, Xavier perceived it as a threat to his peace building, so he sent Sage, under the alias of Tessa, to infiltrate the organization. Sage, whose mind worked like a biological computer, immediately proved herself to be precious for the Club, and Shaw always wanted her by his side, finding her help invaluable. In the meanwhile, Sage provided Xavier with precious information on the Hellfire Club’s activities.

Sage stayed by Shaw’s side for years, advising him in a series of activities and investments both legal and illegal, acting as his councelor even when he was deposed from the leadership of the Hellfire Club, thus winning his absolute trust (as much as Shaw could trust anybody). This “job”, however, was not devoid of risks, and Xavier always had her back as much as he could without compromising her cover. When Donald Pierce tried a coup against Shaw, he kidnapped Sage to make the Black King more vulnerable, but Xavier sent his New Mutants to rescue her, so that she could come back to the Club and foil the White Bishop‘s plan. While inside the Club, she revealed herself to some X-Men to help Psylocke and Jean Grey escape from Shaw, but while she succesfully rescued the first one, she failed with the other, in a succession of events that led to Jean’s transformation into the Dark Phoenix. Some time later, she helped Shaw in winning a wager with Elias Bogan, a man who never lost: thanks to Sage’s computer mind, Shaw won the poker game, but Bogan knew who was the true responsible of his defeat. Much time passed, during which Sage also served as an advisor to Shinobi Shaw, who had took his father’s place as the leader of the Club, and even participated to the awakening of Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey’s clone, but eventually Bogan took advantage of the Hellfire’s weakness to kidnap Sage. The years didn’t quell his grudge, and he kept Sage prisoner for six months, torturing her in body and mind, marking her with face tattoos and telepathically submitting her. Finally, she was freed by Storm, and from that moment she openly sided with the X-Men, albeit not able to access her own telepathy not to allow Bogan to locate her once again. Her amazing mind was quite an assett for the X-Men nevertheless, and when Storm, who was looking for the lost volumes of the clairvoyant Destiny‘s collection of prophecies, the Books of Truth, formed a splinter team called X-Treme X-Men, Sage was chosen as one of the first recruits. Her powers proved to be vital to the team, and she saved the lives of many teammates, even forcing another evolution for BeastGambitSlipstream and Rogue. Finally, she could use her talents for the cause she had really been working for from the beginning, but without lies and deceits.

Sage is an extremely intelligent woman, a smart and tough fighter hardened by a life of war, deceits and conflict; albeit always working for a just cause, she has no problem in embracing violence and even brutality when necessary. Her mutant powers manifest in her incredible mind, that works like a computer with unlimited memory, albeit much faster; she’s also able to see a person’s genetic code, as well as to tap into it to force temporary or permanent evolution, and even to sense the X-Gene in people nearby; she’s also a master in many martial arts and a weapon expert, making her an extremely dangerous foe capable of calculating an unlimited number of battle tactics and probabilities directly on the field. Xavier’s best spy and one of the most intelligent people in the world, Sage is a mutant who’s been fighting in a war since her birth, a warrior who’s finally found a cause that’s truly worthy of her skills: peace.


Let’s continue with the characters appearing in The Gifted, as there are a couple of others seen in the first episode eXposed (and others from the season preview). While we explore the mutants‘ secret hideout, we see many refugees and agents from the clandestine organization, and one of them looks quite familiar: on a sofa, there’s a man with a metal black skin, and with a huge crack on his right temple. That’s Shatter, portrayed by Jermaine Rivers. It’s more than likely that we’ll see more of him in the show after this brief cameo, but as for now we don’t know much of him. From the comics, on the other hand, we’ve got plenty of information, as he’s a known member of another famous mutant clandestine group. Let’s see together.

Shatter was a normal teenager living in ChicagoIllinois. We don’t know much of his early life, not even the real name, only that he was a model student, and that he was a skilled baseball player. Suddenly, one morning, his X-Gene activated, and the boy found himself transformed into a being with a blue-black skin, made of some sort of crystallized liquid. Terrified by what he had become, knowing far too well how people saw mutants and what they did to them, he panicked, and he tried to kill himself with his father’s gun. Unfortunately, his brand new skin also made him pretty much invulnerable, and the bullet had the only effect of creating a huge crack on the side of his head, but with no sensible damage. Even more scared, the boy ran away from home, and lived in the streets for a while, trying to survive and looking for a place to belong to. Finally, he was found by the enigmatic Postman, leader of a section of the Morlocks: the Morlocks were a group of mutants who welcomed the ones whose mutation made them look like monsters and freaks, so that it was nearly impossible for them to hide in plain light among humans. Feeling he was just a freak like many others among the Morlocks, the boy named himself Shatter and joined them, starting to live in the sewers. Being now part of something like a weird and disfunctional family, Shatter started to make himself useful, and this passed through accepting his nature and his powers, learning to control his abilities to put them at the Morlock’s service. Being some sort of human fortress, he was assigned to the “rescue and recruitment” team.

One of the people saved by Shatter was a mutant who called himself Cell, whose body had merged into a single cell, and who was escaping from the police. Shatter found him and welcomed him in the Morlocks, quoting Malcolm X in doing so (“We are non-violent people with people who are non-violent with us”). He was in charge of introducing Cell to the community, telling him how things worked and introducing him to the others. One of the things he explained was the “last wish” policy, as each member of the group was invited to share their deepest wishes, under Postman’s promise that, one day, they would have seen them fulfilled. While the two were talking, they ended up being involved into a fight between Angel Dust and Electric Eve. They tried to separate the two women, but Angel Dust burst into rage, and sent them all flying away. As he landed on the subway tracks, the hood that Shatter used to cover his head fell back, and when Angel came to apologize, she saw the massive crater on his head; believing she had been the one who caused it, she ran away in guilt. Shatter tried to find her for a while to clarify things, and when the two at last met, he told her the story behind his scar. With the community whole again, Postman announced that the day “the wish came true” had finally arrived, and the first one was Shatter’s. He had always said he wanted to “rescue his best friend”, never explaining it further. He led the Morlocks to the dog pound, where he broke in and found the one he considered his best friend, his dog Hank…who recognised him despite the mutation, and who clearly loved him still. Shatter was overjoyed, but this was quite premature: while Postman was arguing with Electric Eve, Hank joined the “fight” barking loudly…and the sound was more than enough to attract the attention of a group of Sentinels. One of the robots shot and blew off Shatter’s right arm: he and the other Morlocks had to disappear quickly, if they didn’t want their dream night to become a living nightmare.

Shatter is a highly intelligent young man, who channels a great pain for his current condition into the responsibilities he’s taken to his companions and fellow Morlocks. His mutant ability makes him virtually indestructible, and allows him to crystallize any liquid he comes in contact with, as well as to heal from any major wound, even regrowing lost limbs; he’s also a skilled street fighter, usually chosing a baseball bat as a weapon of choice. A pillar for his community, Shatter tries to make the best out of a new, unwanted life, defending from violent haters the people who cannot defend themselves.