Jaycen/Jason (Flint)

The return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been quite thrilling, and definitely intriguing. We met our first new addition from the comics in last week’s episode, A Life Spent: as Tess is leading Coulson, Mack and May to the Trawler, she finds a friend of hers, a boy named Flint, sleeping in the cargo. Portrayed by Coy Stewart, Flint will be a more relevant presence from now on, and he’ll hopefully help our heroes to come back to their time…and to prevent whatever caused the massive destruction we see in the future. In the comics, Flint doesn’t live in a space station in a dystopian future, but in the present, and displays some genetic characteristics we came to know pretty well by now. Let’s see together.

Jaycen was born in the hidden city of Utolan, a community of Inhumans in Mozambique, Africa. He was the son of Dijyen and Irellis, two Inhumans, but he was taken away from his homeland as an infant when Dijyen, who feared Terrigenesis as his brother had been killed by it, decided to spare his son the same fate. Dijyen traveled to the United States of America with his infant son, looking for a better life for him, but he got killed. The baby boy was adopted by Martin, a white man from an Inhuman community who had successfully avoided Terrigenesis for millennia, and was raised by him and his wife in a small town in Minnesota. Jaycen, rechristened Jason, grew up feeling to be different from anyone else, and being the only black boy in the entire town didn’t help things out. How much different he was, however, was far beyond what Jaycen imagined, and he discovered it the hard way when the Terrigen Bomb detonated. As the Terrigen Cloud moved towards the town, the entire community fled, and Martin had to put quite an effort in convincing Jaycen to follow him. As the family ran, followed by the cloud, they eventually found a torrent blocking their way. Just before the cloud engulfed them all, Martin told Jaycen that they were special, as the family in Mozambique they had adopted him from were. Before he could ask for explanations, Jaycen was enveloped by a cocoon, as well as all the other members of the community. He was the only one who emerged from it alive, and mutated. He was a NuHuman.

Jaycen came out of his cocoon understandably in shock, but he was immediately found by Lash, who was collecting the NuHumans he deemed worthy (killing all the others). Lash saw some potential in the boy, and he renamed him Korvostax, bringing him to Orollan; on the way to the lost city, he explained him the glorious heritage of the Inhumans…but as soon as they arrived to Orollan, they found Queen Medusa with a small army of Inhumans, come to stop Lash’s madness. Terrified by the battle, Jaycen instinctively used his powers, and much to his surprise he moved some rocks and hurled them at Gorgon, the same one who later saved him from one of the blasts Lash was shooting randomly in the crowd. As Medusa defeated Lash, Jaycen asked for her forgiveness, and also to be brought to New Attilan, to be taught about his true legacy and to control his powers. The queen agreed to that, and he allowed Jaycen to come to the city. Here, the young man was taught how to control his power, geokinesis, and he even adopted a new name, Flint, as the rock type. He became good friends with Dante, another young Inhuman who went by the name Inferno, and met many others…one of these was Lineage, a NuHuman with the unique power of ancestral memory. He knew pretty much everything about any Inhuman ever lived, and with his powers he was able to tell Flint that his biological family was still alive in Africa, and that his mother and sister lived in Utolan. It was finally time for Jaycen to meet his real people, hoping to finally find a place he didn’t feel different anymore.

Jaycen (or Jason) is a lively and vital boy, haunted by a feeling of not-belonging that accompanied him all his life. As Flint, he has the power to control earth and rocks, an ability that literally makes him able to move mountains; he can fly standing on a rock he makes levitate, he can create a rock armor to increase his strength and durability, he can create objects with soil and rock and he can even cause earthquake-like ruptures. Fully free and in peace with himself only since he acquired his powers and discovered his true nature, Flint is enthusiastic pretty much about everything in his new life, but the road to self-awareness is still long for a young an inexperienced NuHuman like him…



And here we are, finally catching up with Runaways. In episode 4, Fifteen, we meet the last (for now) new character introduced by the show. During a flashback, in fact, we learn that Nico Minoru tried to call an ambulance for her suicidal (?) sister Amy, but her mother Tina prevented her from doing it, and she called a police detective she knew to cover everything up. The detective in question is Flores, portrayed by Alex Fernandez, the same one who prevents Robert Minoru and Victor Stein to be arrested after trying to kidnap a hobo, and whose presence convinces Nico of the uselessness of asking help to the police. In the comics, Flores has more or less the same function, but his main ties with The Pride are not the Minorus. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about young Lieutenant Flores, not even his first name. Born in Los Angeles, he joined LAPD and became a police officer, but it’s more than likely that he was dirty from the beginning, and that he owed his career to the crimelords of the West Coast: Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder. The deal between them was simple: he covered their illicit operations up, while they used their remarkable power and influence to make him advance in the food chain within LAPD. The tasks the Wilders demanded of him were pretty simple, usually, and they mostly involved closing an eye if some runaway or prostitute disappeared without leaving trace, and Flores earned quite a lot of easy money just not doing anything. Then, of course, things became more complicated, as they always do. The Wilders contacted him to find someone, rather than to make them disappear, a group of kids that included also their son, Alex. The kids had run away from home, and their parents wanted them back at all costs. Problem was, Flores had no idea where to start his researches, as the kids seemed to have inherited their parents’ skills and connections, as they had apparently vanished. Believing he was doing the best interest of his employers, Flores contacted two heroes from the East Coast who were somewhat specialized in runaways and street kids: Cloak and Dagger, who arrived in L.A. in a matter of seconds, and joined Lt. Flores’ task force.

Hiring superheroes is not exactly a bright idea when you’re working for supervillains, and Catherine Wilder made that point clear when she shot Flores to the leg, destroying his kneecap: The Pride didn’t like to have vigilantes in their turf. This wound obviously took Flores away from the scenes for a while, recovering in a hospital. It was there that he received an anonymous call, that informed him of where the hideout of the Runaways was: a building sunk underneath the city they called The Hostel. Finally having a chance to redeem himself, Flores left the hospital, and personally led a SWAT team to The Hostel, where he had all the intentions of apprehending the kids for his employers. Unfortunately, he once again underestimated the kids’ resources, and one of them, Nico Minoru, destroyed the building by making the cave around it collapse. While all the cops in the SWAT unit were killed in the collapse, Lt. Flores barely escaped with his life, despite his plastered leg. Troubles weren’t over, however: he had to face his employer to report yet another failure. This time, he met Geoffrey Wilder, and when he pulled out a gun, he was sure he would have lost also the other kneecap. He was wrong. Tired of a resource that was becoming more and more a liability, Geoffrey quickly put an end to Flores’ life, unable to stand his failures anymore. So much for money and glory.

Lt. Flores is an overly ambitious and greedy man, who renounced to any form of honesty and integrity for money and career. Allegedly pretty smart when it comes to regular investigations, it turns out that most of his successes were a gift from The Pride, and that he actually isn’t as brilliant as he lets his colleagues believe him to be. An amateur like Flores, however, should be careful while playing with the grown-ups…

Old Lace

Still trying to catch up with Runaways, we meet one of the most expected (and loved) characters in the comics, and probably in the series also. In episode 3, Destiny, we get our first proper look at the “monster in the basement” that terrifies Molly: the genetically-engineered dinosaur Old Lace. In the show, Old Lace has been created by Dale and Stacey Yorkes to be the family’s “guard dog”, in their plan to rebel to The Pride and escape. Apparently, she obeys to Gertrude…just like in the comics, albeit there this is not an “unexpected side effect”, but the dinosaur’s main purpose. Let’s see together.

This genetically-engineered Deinonychus (though at first she was mistaken for a Velociraptor) was created in the 87th Century in a secret, most likely illegal lab, commissioned by the time-traveling criminals Dale and Stacey Yorkes. The dinosaur was implanted with some specific characteristics, such as the instinct to protect (and obviously never harm) any member of the Yorkes family, and an empathic, quasi-telepathic bond with Gertrude, the Yorkes’ daughter. The Deinonychus, in fact, was designed to be Gert’s bodyguard after her parents died, and she was brought back to the 21st Century with the 4-D Time Portico, and hidden in the Yorkes’ basement, where she was nurtured up to maturity. She was supposed to be given to Gert only when she reached 18 years old, but the girl found the dinosaur while she was looking in her parents’ basement for the body of a girl she had seen her parents murder. Understandably scared by the dinosaur, Gert and her friends left her in the basement and ran away, but the Deinonychus followed them to the Steins‘ home, and right on time, as she saved her mistress by the members of The Pride who were about to kill her. Finally understanding the bond she had with the dinosaur, Gert named her Old Lace (being a couple with her own nick, “Arsenic“), and she decided to keep her. From that moment, Old Lace accompanied Gert and the Runaways in all their adventures.

Old Lace’s bond with Arsenic grew with time, and the dinosaur only obeyed Gert, with her actions depending on her mistress’ emotions (she attacked when Gert was scared or angry, she felt pain when Gert did, and so on). Albeit she came to like also the other Runaways, Old Lace didn’t listen to their commands, with only one exception: during the final battle between the Runaways and the Pride, in the Marine Vivarium, Arsenic was knocked out by Alice Hayes, but before passing out she ordered Old Lace to follow Alex Wilder‘s orders. This didn’t prove to be a good idea, actually, as Alex turned out to be a mole working with The Pride. As the Gibborim arrived to claim their prize, however, Gert came back to her senses, took control of Old Lace again, and escaped with her before the gods destroyed the Vivarium, killing Alex and The Pride. As soon as they escaped, the Runaways were found and stopped by Captain America, who put them in foster care: Old Lace was entrusted to a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility and separated from Gert. Depressed and alone, the dinosaur resumed all her usual vitality when her mistress came to “save” her, and they resumed their life together. They shared many adventures again, and Old Lace was even transformed into a small dog (“Old Yeller“) by Nico Minoru to disguise her during a mission with Cloak. Everything changed for the dinosaur when a younger version of Geoffrey Wilder stabbed Gertrude to the chest, killing her: Arsenic successfully transferred her telepathic link with OL to Chase Stein, but the dinosaur felt all her pain and her fear while she was dying. Bonding with Chase, Old Lace found her own grief and anger mirrored by the boy’s ones: they would have made quite a couple together…

Old Lace is a loyal, brave and determined she-dinosaur, a genetically-engineered Deinonychus who’d give her life for her mistress (or master, later). As all Deinonychus, she’s extremely strong, durable, fast and agile, and she possesses sharp fangs and claws; she also possesses a telepathic link with Gert, first, and Chase, after, that allows her to feel all the emotions of her fellow human. Despite being theoretically compelled to follow her master’s orders, Old Lace has got quite a character, and also acts on her own (she attacked the vampire Topher despite being told not to, and refused to attack Karolina and Nico when ordered to). Despite being just a huge lizard, Old Lace is definitely a big part of the Runaways’ family, a friend who literally shared feelings and emotions with many of them.

Stan Ori

The ever-expanding family of the Marvel/Netflix shows can now count also The Punisher, definitely not a disappointment. Most of the characters from the comics were already spotted in the trailers (so you can find them all here), but there’s still one appearing in episode 9, Front Toward Enemy: Stan Ori, the not-so-brave senator candidate portrayed by Rick Holmes. Ori makes his voice be heard on gun rights, but he’s easily shut by the real guns of his attempted killer, Lewis Wilson, and his savior, Frank Castle, thus making him reconsider a couple of things, maybe. In the comics, Castle doesn’t exactly save him, quite the opposite. Let’s see together.

Stan Ori was born in New York City, but he was of Italian descent, and he inherited quite a lot of issues from his home country, apart from the family fortune. Ori, in fact, was the nephew of Don Ferruccio Bessucho, an important Mafia boss in Sicily. Despite living across the Ocean, Stan never cut his ties with the family, quite the opposite, he used his connections and relatives to climb his way to the top of the ladder. Ambitious and power-hungry, Stan Ori entered politics, and even became Senator of the State of New York, always taking care of giving a good and smiling image of himself, in secret being one of the most corrupted and crooked men in the country. Mafia is all about family, and Stan didn’t make an exception, making a lot favors to his more or less distant relatives, and encouraging corruption also in the new generation. One of his nephews even became a policeman, obviously a crooked one. The young man, however, was unlucky enough to cross paths with The Punisher, the brutal vigilante who killed both him and his partner, Oliveras, both crooked cops. Stan knew exactly what he had to do: the boy was his brother’s son, and he had to use all his power to crush his killer. Soon enough, he unleashed all the law enforcers on The Punisher.

Unable to face the manhunt Ori was leading against him, The Punisher decided to lay low for a while, and he came back to Brasery, a small town near Palermo, in Italy, where his uncle Rocco Castiglione still lived. Quite ironically, Rocco was caught in a feud with Elio Bessucho, a Mafia boss who was also Stan Ori’s cousin. Ori made a quick call to Elio, and told him about his problem: the two men saw how they could be both solve their situation in a single move, and joined forces to erase what little remained of the Castiglione family in Sicily. To help the Bessuchos, Stan Ori sent to them the most lethal of his hitmen, the mercenary Muzzafar Lambert, better known as the Saracen. Stan followed the development of the urban war in Italy from the safety of his office in New York, and was delighted to hear of Rocco and Esmeralde Castiglione‘s deaths. The Punisher, however, proved to be a much more formidable foe than he had anticipated, a one-man-army that disposed of the Saracen and even of the entire Bessucho family. With evidence of the connection between Senator Stan Ori and one of the most infamous Mafia families in Italy, The Punisher came back to the United States, ready to settle his score with the man who had started it all.

Stan Ori is a greedy and ambitious man, a “honest businessman” who deals in nearly everything can be dealt with in a criminal activity. A hypocrite and a deceiver, he always wears the face of the smiling, cheerful grandpa, while he pulls the strings of some of the most nefarious crimes in the city. Definitely the pride of his family, Stan Ori achieved everything he could possibly want in life, but as usual, it’s never enough…

Destiny Gonzales

Back to Runaways, we can finally start to examine the series episode per episode. In the first one, Reunion, we meet Destiny Gonzalez, portrayed by Nicole Wolf. She is a runaway girl found by the Church of Gibborim on the streets, and taken in as a new member of the cult. Destiny is cleaned and “saved” by Leslie Dean, but the woman acts with quite a creepy second end, as she’s supposed to be the last sacrifice in a mysterious ceremony. She’s allegedly killed just before she left the Church to join her baby girl back home…unfortunately, Victor Stein‘s teleporting pod doesn’t work: the girl doesn’t disappear, and Victor is forced to kill her in person, later dumping her body into the sea. In the comics, Destiny surely is just as short-lived, but her story is a little bit different, as well as her end. Let’s see together.

We don’t know much about Destiny Gonzales (with a final “s”, not a “z” like her live action counterpart), but her story mirrors the one of many other girls her age. We don’t know pretty much anything of her original family, apart from the fact that she didn’t like them much, and that there were many tensions regarding her lifestyle. Eventually, Destiny decided to run away from home, looking for freedom and for a better place to live in…but this wasn’t exactly what she found. She crossed the country up and down, and she ended up in Los Angeles, California, but there weren’t many things to do for a girl her age with no connections nor will to be found. Eventually, she became a prostitute, and she lived on the streets with what her clients paid her. Her life became a neverending succession of nights and days that looked all the same, until one night, when she was approached by someone looking quite different from her usual clients. They were Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, two clearly rich people, and apparently her pimp knew them pretty well, as he sent her to them without questioning. Destiny was brought by the pair to a huge mansion in Malibu: whatever was there, it couldn’t be worse than the life she had been living up to that point. She was wrong.

From the first moment she arrived in the villa, Destiny knew something was very wrong: she stepped into a huge room, entering from a secret passage behind a bookcase. There was a dozen of people, some dressed in fancy costumes, who promised nothing good. Before she could ask for explanations, two of them (Gene and Alice Hayes) blocked her by simply looking at her, while another one (Victor Stein) activated a weird machine and another one yet (Robert Minoru) started reading incomprehensible words from an old book. While she was still blocked in mid-air, Geoffrey came close to her, and thanked her for her sacrifice, that would have built a better future for the group’s children…then stabbed her in the chest with a huge ceremonial knife. Albeit dead, the horror wasn’t over for the poor girl: her soul was trapped in a “jar”, actually the machine activated by Victor Stein, and was kept locked, waiting to be consumed by ancient deities the world had blissfully forgotten. In the meanwhile, the children of Destiny’s killers had witnessed her murder, and that was the breaking point that led them to rebel to their parents…unfortunately, they were framed by Geoffrey Wilder for Destiny’s murder, becoming fugitives. From inside her mystic-technological prison, Destiny could do nothing but to wait for an end much more definitive than the first one.

Destiny Gonzales is a girl who experienced much more than her age would suggest, and who bit on something much bigger than she could chew in her life. Lost in a freedom she cannot manage, she’s a desperate runaway who lives by the day, trapped in a life that cannot lead her anywhere good. What she doesn’t know, however, is how bad her future will become.

Celeste, Irma & Phoebe Cuckoo (Three-In-One)

When we meet Esme Cuckoo, in The Gifted, she mentions that Sentinel Services captured her family…and we already know three of her many sisters. One of the far too many cameos in X-Men: The Last Stand, in fact, sees the Stepford Cuckoos walking in the background, while Professor X is speaking with Storm about the future of the school. Interestingly enough, there are only three of them, the Three-In-One, while the other two sisters who originally formed the Five-In-One are missing. We didn’t get to know them better after that single apparition, and we can only assume they were originally killed by Sentinels in the first timeline, and maybe by a deranged Professor X in the second, but this is obviously unconfirmed. Maybe we’ll know more of them in the series: in the meanwhile, as usual, let’s meet their original comic version.

The Cuckoo sisters were born when Doctor John Sublime, working for the Weapon Plus program, harvested egg cells from a comatose Emma Frost, and used them to clone an army of powerful telepaths that, combining their powers, would have been able to kill the entire mutant population on Earth. The project, named Weapon XIV, gave birth to thousands of identical girls: Sublime at first activated only five of them, and sent them undercover in Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to hone their abilities. The five sisters, Celeste, Esme, Irma (nicknamed “Mindee“), Phoebe and Sophie, pretended to be an orphaned quintuplet, and were admitted to the school as students thanks to powerful psychic blocks concealing their true identities. They soon earned the attention of the professors, especially of Emma Frost, who elected them to be her proteges, and Professor X, who took them into a special class for telepaths, along with the one who would have become their rival, Quentin “Kid Omega” Quire. It was apparently because of Quire that the Five-In-One became Four-In-One, as when Kid Omega, powered-up by the drug Kick, led a rebellion within the school, the sisters took the drug in turn, and used Cerebra to stop him: the plan succeeded, but Sophie died in the process. The four remaining sisters blamed their mentor, Emma Frost, for Sophie’s death, and both for exacting revenge on her and for testing their now maimed powers, they telepathically informed Jean Grey of Emma’s affair with her husband Scott Summers. What Celeste, Mindee and Phoebe didn’t know was that the true responsible of Sophie’s death was Esme, who had allied herself with the mysterious Xorn. This all came out when Esme tried to kill Emma Frost, and nearly succeeded: as Esme escaped from the school with Xorn, the Four-In-One became the Three-In-One.

After Esme resurfaced as a member of a new Brotherhood of Mutants, and was killed by her lover Xorn, the remaining Cuckoos were reassigned as all the students to specialized training squads, modeled on the students’ gifts and potentials; the Three-In-One joined the Corsairs Squad led by Cyclops, and they were appointed as co-leaders of the team. Their training with Cyclops definitely gave its results, as the trio managed to lead the team to the second place in the Field Day Events (specially designed missions in the Danger Room) after Emma Frost’s Hellions. The Three-In-One became telepaths so powerful that, when the Phoenix Force came back to Earth, it even considered using them as hosts, before resurrecting Jean Grey. Their talent was widely recognized by the teachers, and when the X-Men left to try and stop the Dark Phoenix, they were left at the mansion using Cerebra to coordinate the team, a task that just a couple of years before had killed Sophie, even if there were five of them instead of three, and they had been powered-up by Kick. After M-Day, when Scarlet Witch depowered the almost entirety mutant population, the Stepford Cuckoos were among the very few mutants who retained their powers, along with only other twenty-four students. Fearing weakness in number, Emma Frost gathered the remaining students and subjected them to quite an ordeal, ordering them to fight one with the other in an all-out brawl until the ones she would have deemed worthy would have been allowed to join the New X-Men; disgusted by this test, the Three-In-One promptly informed Cyclops of what was happening, and he stopped the “selections”. Just when the Stepford Cuckoos had won the trust of mentors and students alike, however, John Sublime resurfaced, ready to activate his dormant agents and to use them for their original purpose: to erase what little remained of the mutant population on the planet…

The Stepford Cuckoos are three sisters sharing a single mind and living as they were a single person, but they still retain individual characteristics: Phoebe is more ambitious and daring, Irma is romantic, brave and selfless, while Celeste is a pacifist, the most compassionate of them all, and the one who truly values their unique bond. As the Three-In-One, they are mediocre telepaths taken individually, but when their abilities are combined they become extremely powerful, able to rival in sheer strength with seasoned telepaths like Emma Frost or Jean Grey, accessing all the abilities connected with a potentially limitless mind power. A gestalt entity who struggles to keep united three different personalities (and to suppress a program that presses them into annihilating their own race), the Stepford Cuckoos are a unique group of sisters who share a hive mind and an impressive power, a trio with all the potential of being the greatest asset of the new generations of mutants, or their greatest threat…

Leslie Dean

We finally arrived at the last member of The Pride (since the two mutant ones have been killed off-screen, thanks Fox), a character that apparently will be pivotal in future developments of Runaways. In the very first episode we meet Leslie Dean, portrayed by Annie Wesching: Leslie is the head of the mysterious cult known as the Church of Gibborim, a curious mix of Scientology and a Satanist sect. It looks like the Church’s main goal is to keep alive Leslie’s father, the allegedly deceased David Ellerh, with human sacrifices taken from the Church’s pious and faithful believers, but this remains to be confirmed. In the comics, Leslie’s origins are much more spectacular, and her goals even shadier: let’s see together.

Not much is known about Leslie Dean, actually not even her true name, since “Leslie Dean” is just an alias she adopted on Earth. She was born on a remote planet, Majesdane, a wealthy world hidden by a white dwarf star, and there she became quite a renowned individual because of the illicit activities she ran with her husband. Both of them, in fact, were arms dealers, and worst of all they sold weapons to the Skrulls, who had been attempting to conquer Majesdane for centuries. Caught and arrested, the couple was exiled from the planet, and they ended up on Earth, where they landed near Los Angeles. They took their new names from a James Dean memorial, and decided to call themselves Leslie and Frank Dean. They used a special metal to suppress their powers, so that their translucent body looked like a human one, but they bought a house on an isolated hill, so that they could move freely without their restricting bracelets without anyone seeing them. Leslie soon found out that Earth’s people were easily fooled by appearance, and she suggested to her husband that, due to their remarkable looks on Earth, they became actors. The idea proved to be successful, as they became the stars of General Hospital, a popular tv series. In a matter of a few years, they had everything they could possibly want: rich and popular, considered eccentric vegans and solitude-lovers by their fans, they had achieved quite a good position on the new world…but they wanted more. And more they were offered when they were abruptly teleported to a lost city by some Elder Gods, the Gibborim, who wanted to come to Earth but needed help to break the dimensional barrier separating them from it. In exchange of an annual human sacrifice, the Gibborim offered to six couples, Deans included, wealth and power beyond imagination, and six places in the new world they would have created. Leslie and her husband accepted without thinking of it twice.

Leslie’s natural alien powers received quite a boost, and so did her popularity as an actress. Everything was simply perfect, until the other members of The Pride, following an unexpected pregnancy, decided they would have had a child each to leave the promised kingdom to. Leslie wasn’t happy at all, as she didn’t want any heir, but she ultimately realized that the presence of a baby would have increased even more her popularity, so she convinced Frank promising him an appearance on People‘s cover. Leslie gave birth to a daughter, Karolina, but she decided to keep her true heritage hidden from her. Since she was born, she put to her wrist a bracelet made from the same metal that negated her own powers, and when the baby was old enough, she told her it was a sign of her allergy to penicillin, and that she was forbidden to ever take it away, unless she wanted to die. This way, Karolina grew up believing she was a normal human, oblivious to her alien nature, and Leslie could manipulate her as she wanted, turning her into her and Frank’s ticket to an even greater celebrity, introducing also her daughter to the show biz since she was little. Of course, Leslie and Frank also did their best to hide their true nature, both biological and moral, from their daughter, but being professional actors it took little effort to them to pretend to be good people. Away from highlights, they participated every year to the Rite of Blood, killing along with the other members of The Pride some runaway nobody would have ever looked for. Leslie also helped Frank repel a Skrull invasion of Earth, since it would have messed with her plans, and they managed to buy Prince De’zean‘s surrender with the coordinates of Majesdane and the hand of Karolina, promised in marriage to the Prince’s son. In the meanwhile, Leslie and Frank had also made an alliance with the mutant members of The Pride, Gene and Alice Hayes, planning with them to kill all the others to win the promised utopia with them and the respective daughters. The day of the Gibborim’s arrival was approaching fast…

Leslie Dean is a cruel and brutal woman, a fierce criminal who has no consideration whatsoever for other people’s lives, barely caring for her own daughter. As a Majesdanian, she can absorb solar energy, using it to augment her own strength and durability, to fly, to shoot powerful energy blasts, to create force fields and much more. Deceiving and manipulative, Leslie is a wolf disguised as a sheep, a ruthless murderer who’s ready to sacrifice an entire universe to her own ambition.