Nathan Christopher Charles Summers (Cable)

We’ve been waiting for it since the very first announcement in the Deadpool post-credit scene, and we finally have it: our first look at the fan-favourite time-traveler Cable, portrayed by professional badass Josh Brolin. Nothing is known about Cable’s role in Deadpool 2 so far, except that he’ll come to blows with the Merc with a Mouth (not that this comes as a surprise, actually). His look is simply amazing, and it comes straight from the comics. The teddy-bear attached to his suit may be a relic from his childhood in the future, but it may also hint at the presence of a famous baby he took along recently… Speculate all you want, but in the meanwhile we’ll take a look at the original Cable from the comics.

Nathan Summers‘ birth was long planned before he was even a possibility. The geneticist Mr. Sinister, as always blocked in an immortal clash with his rival Apocalypse, studied the genetic templates of many mutants, until he found out that the potential son of Scott “Cyclops” Summers and Jean “Marvel Girl” Grey would have been an extremely powerful mutant, one that he could control and use against Apocalypse. Since Jean Grey was at the time presumed dead, Sinister created a clone of her, Madelyne Pryor, and arranged things so that Summers met her; shocked by Madelyne’s resemblance to his one true love, Cyclops fell for it, and he fell in love with the clone. The two got married and had a child, Nathan of course, and when Cyclops lost the leadership of the X-Men the entire family moved to Alaska. Here, the marriage between Scott and Madelyne grew wary, and things definitely fell apart when Jean was found alive, and Scott left both Madelyne and Nathan to reach her. Before Madelyne could be exposed as a clone, Sinister sent his Marauders to kill her and kidnap baby Nathan: the woman survived, but Nathan was brought to a secret lab, where Sinister experimented on him for months. The precog Destiny led Scott and Jean to the lab, but in the meanwhile Madelyne had sold her soul to the demons N’astirh and S’ym to become the Goblin Queen, promising her new masters to sacrifice Nathan. Jean managed to defeat the Goblin Queen, and by doing so she even absorbed her memories of rising baby Nathan; she decided to raise the baby with Scott, but the Riders of the Storm, a group of Apocalypse’s followers, kidnapped the baby once again, knowing he was the one destined to kill their master. Before X-Factor could saved the baby, the Riders infected him with a Techno-Organic Virus, that would have killed him spreading organic steel in his body. A woman, Sister Askani, appeared before Cyclops, telling him she could bring the baby to the future to save him, as he was a messianic hero in her time, but that she would have been unable to make another time jump to bring him back. Wanting to save his son’s life, Cyclops entrusted him to the woman, and she left with him to her future, never to return.

The future Sister Askani took Nathan to was a despaired world ruled by Apocalypse: in here, Nathan was awaited as the Askani’son, the one who would have killed Apocalypse and freed the world. Mother Askani, a time-displaced version of Nathan’s sister Rachel Summers, realised the virus had progressed too far to be erased, and she cloned the baby to have a savior…but Nathan survived, thanks to the previous intervention of the sentient Ship. The clone was later abducted by Apocalypse, and Mother Askani brought to her future both Cyclops and Jean to protect their son, as she had been wounded by Apocalypse’s Canaanites. Under the alias of Redd and Slym Dayspring, the two time-travellers raised and protected Nathan, and also trained him in the use of his growing powers, with Redd teaching him how to use his telekinesis to contain the virus. Eventually, when he was only eight years old, Nathan faced Apocalypse with Redd and Slym, and apparently managed to kill him by severing his connection with Stryfe, his clone meant to be the tyrant’s new host. Redd and Slym disappeared, sent back to their time, and Nathan was left alone, wandering the world while Stryfe created a new military dictatorship. As Sryfe guided his New Canaanites, Nathan founded the Clan Chosen, an organised rebellion to oppose the tyranny. The war went on for years, forging Nathan into a superb warrior and tactician, a guide despite his young age. Accompanied by his best friend Tetherblood and his love interest and eventually wife Aliya, Nathan battled Stryfe and his regime over and over, facing many losses. Aliya was abducted and raped by Stryfe, and when she came back she was pregnant: she gave birth to Tyler, a son Nathan accepted as his own. The woman was later killed in an attack, while Tyler was abducted and transformed into an agent against Nathan: by this time, the man had become much harsher and colder than he had been before. Eventually, however, the war was lost, and Nathan found himself in a world he didn’t want as his own. Wanting to do what he could to fix things, he travelled back in time with Celestial technology, trying to kill En Sabah Nur in Ancient Egypt before he became Apocalypse. Ironically, he set in motion the very events that created Apocalypse, and he came back to his time defeated. After years of war, Stryfe came back to the XX Century to replace Apocalypse, and Nathan followed him. He arrived to Muir Island, where he started his new mission. Introducing himself as Cable, he started his search of Stryfe, back to what he didn’t know was his original timeline.

Nathan Summers is a man hardened by years of war, a tough-as-nails and no-nonsense warrior who went through atrocities and losses, and emerged as a warmachine used to keep his coscience quite justifying his debatable means with noble ends. As Cable, he’s an extremely powerful mutant, a telepath who might be even more powerful than Professor X gifted also with a devastating telekinesis, able to control consciences and to manipulate matter to any extent, being also able to teleport anywhere and anywhen in time and space; unfortunately, he can’t use his powers most of the time, since he needs them to contain the virus killing him; the virus itself, making him nearly a cyborg, grants him superhuman strentgh, durability, speed, stamina, agility and reflexes, and even without said abilities he’s an excellent fighter, an expert hand-to-hand combatant and an infallible marksman, with quite a taste for impossibly huge guns and for futuristic gadgets. A warrior who crosses time and space to fight his battles, Cable has been driven to extreme measures, and he’s now so used to them that he barely takes in consideration routes other than violence and murder: truly a hound of war, Cable constantly fights for keeping alive what remains of his humanity, from the virus as well as from the monster the battlefield made him become…


Neena Thurman (Domino)

Promotional images from Deadpool 2 are surfacing, and of course we get a look at one of the most anticipated new additions to the cast: Domino, the mutant assassin portrayed by Zazie Beetz. We don’t know much of her role in the movie, apart from the fact that she’ll be a mercenary, and that she’ll retain her unique ability from the comics, albeit it’s surely one of the most difficult powers to display on screen so far. Regarding her looks, she’s surely quite different from her comicbook counterpart, since instead of an albino woman with a black eye tattoo she’ll be an African-American woman with a white spot on her eye caused by vitiligo. Her appearance is intriguing nevertheless, and seeing her in the same pose of Deadpool in the promotional material for the first movie, using the anti-hero’s costume as a bear skin, is pretty fun. As always, let’s wait the whole movie before judging…and let’s take a look at the one and true Domino.

Neena wasn’t born in the most natural way: her mother, a woman named Beatrice, was part of government top-secret program called Project: Armageddon, aimed to create, through selected breeding, the perfect human weapon. Neena was the only one among her peers to survive, mostly because of her mutation: her X-Gene, besides giving her skin a chalk pigmentation, allowed her to manipulate probability in order to assure “good luck” to herself. Despite this, however, even Neena was deemed a failure by Armageddon, and fearing she would have been suppressed, her mother fled the base in the EvergladesFlorida, along with the baby. The two escapees reached Chicago, where Beatrice entrusted her daughter to Father Rudolpho Boschelli, of the Church of the Sacred Heart. Boschelli raised the child the best he could, but eventually Neena grew wary of the church, and when she was thirteen years old she ran away. With only her original purpose and her mutant abilities to count on, Neena became a mercenary, and changed her name into “Domino”. Her skills didn’t go unnoticed, and when she was still extremely young she started working as an agent for NSA. She earned the respect of her superiors with her first mission, during which she stopped Project: Jericho, a plan that saw a soldier remotely control a robot: Domino destroyed the warbot and killed the pilot, all without suffering the slightest damage. Apreciated by the high spheres, Domino was entrusted with a delicate mission: to protect Dr. Milo Thurman, a scientist far too brilliant for his own sake. Domino became Thurman’s bodyguard, and the two eventually fell in love. Thurman, a fan of Dante‘s Divine Comedy, started calling Domino “Beatrice“, stating that it came from the Latin word for “lucky”, jocking on her powers: Domino grew fond of the name, and she used it for a while. Domino and Thurman eventually got married, and were inseparable…at least until, during a raid from AIM agents, Milo escaped, believing Domino to have been killed. Without knowing where her husband was, with her mission failed, Domino left NSA and resumed her previous life.

As a mercenary, she joined the mutant group known as the Six Pack, and she first met the time travelling Cable, a man who would have changed her life. The two became close, then intimate, and Cable earned Domino’s trust and loyalty…even when the entire Six Pack was angry at their leader, since he had aborted a mission as soon as he learnt that the Six Pack’s contractor, Mr. Tolliver, was an ally of Stryfe, his personal nemesis. Between clashes with AIM and Hydra, the fight between Cable and Stryfe excalated quickly, until it destroyed the team: with Cable missing after his enemy, Domino left once again, moving on her own. It was around this time that Mr. Tolliver abducted Domino, and had the shape-shifting Copycat replace her. Copycat spied on Cable, who was now leader of the New Mutants, while the real Domino was guarded and abused by Pico Halfghanagan for over a year in a secret location in Italy. Domino was eventually found by Cable, who freed her and killed both Halfghanagan and Tolliver. The two escaped, fighting their way through Tolliver’s bodyguard Deadpool, then she joined X-Force in place of Copycat, in a sort of way taking her rightful place in the team. Domino even acted as the leader of the group during Cable’s many absences, and it was thanks to X-Force that she found Milo Thurman, who had been captured by Donald Pierce and Lady Deathstrike, who were trying to download his impossibly brilliant mind into a computer to weaponize it. Domino managed to stop the villains from doing so, but interrupting the process costed Milo’s life, so that she had to watch her husband die moments after finding him again. Domino also briefly joined X-Corporation, and when her friend Risque was murdered, she asked for the X-Men‘s help to investigate; the team-up exposed a plan from John Sublime who was harvesting mutants’ body parts to create a “third species”, the U-Men. During this investigation, Domino learnt that Project: Armageddon was still active and, wanting to know something about her mother, she travelled to Florida. In the facility she met Lazarus, a boy who looked just like her, and who was the true success of the secret project. Domino tried to save him, but she was faced by a religious cult known as the Armajesuits, who considered Lazarus an abominion and wanted to kill him. Once again, Domino faced a difficult choice, as she realised her long-lost mother was now the head of the Armajesuits…

A strong and tough woman, Neena Thurman is a warrior born, shaped by tragedies and hardened by choices not many people would have taken, and that she’s learnt to bear the weight of. Trustworthy and loyal to a fault, she can prove the best friend (or lover) for her teammates and allies. As Domino, she’s able to subconsciously use “micro-telekinesis” to affect probability in her field of vision, thus giving the illusion of causing “good luck” for herself and “bad luck” to her enemies: her abilities make her able to move in a storm of bullets avoiding each one of them, or to hit an impossible target or even cause unlikely accidents to her enemies (such as being struck by lightning), but they don’t work if she just stands still waiting to avoid incoming threats; she’s also an extremely skilled martial artist, athlete and markswoman, with incredible agility and reflexes and a nearly infallible aim; she possesses a war equipment varying from an extremely resistant body armor and Forge‘s night-vision lenses. Beautiful and lethal, Domino can be a blessing for any ally, but she’ll surely bring a lot of bad luck to whoever’s fool enough to oppose her…

Ellie Phimister (Negasonic Teenage Warhead)

Negasonic Teenage WarheadLet’s take a little break from Daredevil (from now on, we’ll alternate days like we did with The Walking Dead), as a new picture has been released from the upcoming Deadpool. In the photo, we see the titular hero along with a goth-looking girl, who goes by the name Negasonic Teenage Warhead, one of the worst supernames ever. In the movie, she’ll be portrayed by Brianna Hildebrand, and that’s pretty much everything we know about her so far. She’ll be related in some way to Colossus, one of the X-Men, as the two appear to be friendly to each other on the videos from the set. She’s quite different from her comicbook counterpart, and she surely is prettier than expected…but maybe this won’t be the only different element. Let’s see together who this girl is in the comics.

Not much is known about Ellie Phimister‘s early life, apart from the fact that, during puberty, she developed unnatural powers that revealed her to be a mutant. Not exactly welcome in the “normal” world, Ellie chose to distance herself also from her biological family, and she decided to move to Genosha, an African island near Madagascar in which mutants were originally used as slaves by the humans living there, but who had taken power after an uprising. Now, Genosha was a free mutant country ruled by the former mutant terrorist Magneto, a country in which mutants from all over the world could come and live sure that nobody would have attempted to their life as long as Magneto watched over them. Ellie arrived in Genosha and moved to the capital city, Hammer Bay. Her mutant power was of psychic nature, as she was able to see the future in premonitions and in terrifying precognitive nightmares. In order to learn and control negasonicteenagewarheadcomics1her powers, Ellie frequented Emma Frost‘s telepathy class, where she met many others like her. While learning to control her gift Ellie, who now wanted to be called Negasonic Teenage Warhead (or NTW, for short), experienced a frightful nightmare during which everyone on Genosha got murdered by an unknown assailant. Still unable to tell a regular nightmare from a precognitive one, Ellie told Emma Frost about it only when she started “dreaming” it even when she was awake; the moment her teacher took her seriously, however, the vision became true, and a group of Wild Sentinels, controlled by the deranged mutant Cassandra Nova (the twin sister of Charles Xavier), attacked Genosha, killing 16 million people, including Magneto and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Her body was brought out of the school’s rubbles by Emma Frost herself, who survived thanks to her secondary mutation. She declared Ellie to be a hero for mutankind, since she had tried to warn everybody of the incoming danger. Then she had a nervous breakdown.

During that breakdown, something weird happened, and a part of Ellie’s personality was absorbed by Emma’s unconscious thanks to her telepathy. When Cassandra Nova manipulated Emma Frost into (subconsciously) attacking her fellow X-Men, Negasonic Teenage Warhead apparently came back to life as a member of the Inner Circle of the new Hellfire Club, along with Sebastian Shaw, Cassandra Nova, and a mysterious woman named Perfection (actually, Emma Frost’s subconscious incarnated). The X-Men fought this Hellfire Club believing them to be real opponents, and Kitty Pryde got almost killed by Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who dreamt of her enemy being negasonicteenagewarheadcomics2trapped into the planet’s core and unable to get out, something that actually happened. Eventually, all the members of this new Hellfire Club got shot and “killed” by Cyclops, who revealed them to be just mental projections of Emma’s telepathy. The real Ellie Phimister was still dead and buried in Genosha, but she wouldn’t have stayed like this for long: the immortal vampire Eli Bard had forged an alliance with his beloved Selene, and the two had created a new techno-organic transmode virus using their combined magic on some cells retrieved from the Magus, an alien tyrant. The virus was used to reanimate the bodies of thousands of dead mutants, resurrected to become Selene’s slaves. Upon emerging from her tomb, Ellie was asked by Selene her name, but she calmly replied that she didn’t need to introduce herself to the notorious Black Queen, since she would have been dead again soon enough. Selene liked her answer, and decided to make her one of her favourite slaves, along with the former X-Man Thunderbird and Caliban. Again, Ellie’s prophecy went unlistened, but it would have proved its truth in no time.

Ellie Phimister is a tormented girl, a young woman whose visions prevent her from having a normal life, a mutant gifted with a knowledge that more often than not becomes the curse of anxiety and fatalism. As Negasonic Teenage Warhead, she has the ability to see the future in her dreams (usually nightmares), but the scarce accuracy and clarity of her visions, as well as her constant mistaking regular nightmares with precognitions, make her constantly ignored by everyone else, classmates and teachers alike. A pessimistic and depressed girl, Ellie Phimister borrows the weight of knowledge, knowledge of a tragic future she knows cannot be changed.

Wade Winston Wilson (Deadpool)

deadpoolfilmToday we take a little break from the tv shows, since we finally have the first official image from a highly anticipated movie: Deadpool! In the pic, we see Ryan Reynolds donning the famous red/black suit in a “sexy” pose, promising the deranged humour we’re used to from the titular character. Deadpool already appeared in the disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine in an original version: Reynolds portrayed him as a soldier in William Stryker‘s Weapon X Program, a swordsman with superhuman reflexes fighting for the major; then, he’s used as the primary guinea pig for the experiment that transformed him into Weapon XI (portrayed by Scott Adkins), a super-mutant with the combined powers of Deadpool, Wolverine, Kestrel, Bolt and Cyclops. The new movie will take a distance from the first appearance of the character, task made easier by the change of timeline in X-Men: Days of Future Past: let’s just hope the new Deadpool will be more similar to the original one (surely, he’ll not be some sort of mutant Frankenstein’s monster). Waiting for the movie, let’s see who this fan-favourite mercenary is in the comics.

Little is known about Wade Winston Wilson‘s early life, mostly because he has some problems with his memory, and he cannot always distinguish between reality and folly. He was born in Canada, and he (apparently) was the son of Thomas and Hailey Wilson: what really happened from this point on is still a mystery. Depending on what Wade remembers, he was raised by his alcoholic and abusive mother, while he never knew his father; or, he was raised by his inflexible and grim father, an ex soldier, while his mother died of cancer when he was a boy, and his father was accidentally killed by a drunken friend of Wade’s with a bottle of beer; sometimes his parents appeared to deadpoolcomics1be both alive and well in his adulthood, some others Deadpool remembered he had been manipulated by the Butler, one of his enemies, into killing them by burning them alive. Truth lies in the maze of insanity that is Wade’s mind. Being it a way or the other, at a certain point in his life Wade Wilson became a mercenary, and started traveling the world following an assignment or the other: he was active in Morocco, where he stayed for some time being in love with a local, Francie; the, he moved to Japan, with the order of killing the sumo wrestler Oyakata, but he fell in love with his target’s daughter, Sazae, and even befriended Oyakata in the three years he spent undercover in his gym, so he eventually refused to kill him and lost his contract. He moved to the United States, where he accepted any kind of jobs, from assassinations to sabotages; he also fell in love with a prostitute, Vanessa Carlysle, who was probably his first true love. Something unexpected, however, happened: Wade was diagnosed an incurable cancer, a terminal illness that gave him no hope of survival. Wade broke up with Vanessa, wanting to avoid to her being close to a terminally ill man, and he even gave up to the chemo tratments, wanting to shorten times the most he could. Everything he did was coming back to his homeland, Canada, to find some peace before the inevitable end came. What he found was not peace, but hope, in the form of the Canadian Government.

Wilson was contacted by Departmen K, a governmental weapon development agency; the Department proposed to him to become a test subject for the Weapon X Project, a superhuman enhancement project, in exchange of a cure for his cancer. Without anything to lose, Wilson accepted. The “cure” didn’t exactly erased Wilson’s cancer, but it stopped its growth thanks to the artificial implantation of the healing factor of the original Weapon X, the mutant Wolverine. Wilson joined a Weapon X team composed of himself, the superhuman Sluggo, the cyborgs Kane and Slayback and his ex girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle, whose mutant powers had awakened. During a mission, Wilson killed the deranged Slayback, and this costed him the expulsion from Weapon X: as all “failed” superhuman deadpoolcomics2agents from Weapon X, Wilson was sent to The Hospice, a secret facility in which he was supposed to be “fixed”, but in which he became the test subject of the cruel Doctor Emrys Killebrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax. Killewbrew and Ajax tortured Wilson physically and mentally, leaving on his body gruesome scars that his body would have never been able to heal from (probably because of some psychosomatic block deriving from the trauma). Wilson also went mad due to Killebrew’s “treatment”, and in his delirium he befriended the cosmic entity Death: he even tried to committ suicide to join Death, but his healing factor constantly brought him back. When Ajax, wanting to hurt him, lobotomised Wilson’s only friend in the Hospice, Worm, Wade killed him out of mercy; if a patient killed another, however, he had to be executed, and Ajax ripped Wade’s heart from his chest, leaving him for dead. Wilson’s healing factor and strength of will were enough to allow him to heal even such a wound, and he left the Hospice, now adopting the name “Deadpool”, from the one of Killebrew’s betting round on which patient would have survived the most. Now completely mad, with more than one voice speaking in his head at once, Deadpool suited a brand new costume fitting his new identity and came back to his mercenary life, selling his skills to the best offerer. He worked under the Kingpin as an assassin for a while, but then came back to Canada to look for help for his new mental and physical condition. The help he was seeking seemed nowhere to be found, and Deadpool resolved to live with his new friends: the voices that constantly argued in what remained of his mind.

Wade Wilson is, simply put, completely mad: in his mind, at least three different personalities are constantly arguing over anything, and while one of those appears to be balanced and sound, the others are completely deranged. He’s extremely talkative, and never stops babbling nonsense even in the midst of battles, thus annoying enemies and allies alike (that’s the characteristic that gave him the nickname Merc with a Mouth), and tends to be pretty moody, going from cheerful happy to sadistic cold in a matter of seconds. As Deadpool, he’s an extremely proficient hand-to-hand and armed combatant, deploying an amazing mastery over several martial arts and with the use of both blades and firearms. Weapon X’s experiments gave him Wolverine’s healing factor, that allows him to heal from any wound, poison or disease, but that regenerates his cells just fast enough to replace the ones destroyed by his cancer, so he’s never fully healed (same goes for his skin scars); his mental condition makes him immune to possession and telepathy, and also grants him a curious cosmic awareness: he knows he lives in a comicbook (or a film, or a videogame etc.), and acts in consequence, often disorienting the people he’s speaking to (reader/viewer included). Thanks to Thanos‘ jealousy, Deadpool has also been cursed to immortality, thus he’s unable to be with Death before the Mad Titan himself. Despite all his skills, Deadpool is totally and utterly mad, one of the most unpredictable (and annoying!) beings in the universe.

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin (Colossus)

colossusfilmLast character, at least for now, revealed in the pics from X-Men: Days of Future Past, another old acquaintance: Colossus, portrayed by Daniel Cudmore. Colossus, real name Peter Rasputin, already appeared in the first three movies in the series: in X-Men he only had a small cameo as a student sketching in the courtyard; in X2: X-Men United he fought against William Stryker‘s men during the school’s invasion and helped some children escape; in X-Men: The Last Stand he finally entered the team officially and fought alongside the X-Men against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in Alcatraz. It’s unknown what role he’ll have in the movie yet, or how big it’ll be, but he’ll appear in the present part, along with old Professor X and Magneto. Let’s see who this Russian mutant is in the comics.

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin was born near Lake Baikal, in Siberia, from simple farmers Nikolai and Alexandra Rasputin. He had an older brother, famous cosmonaut Mikhail Rasputin, who he adored, and a younger sister, Illyana, who he loved and protected. A simple man with an artist’s soul, Piotr enjoyed painting and drawing, and loved the farmer’s life of the Ust-Ordynski Collective, the cooperative farm he and his family worked in. During adolescence, his mutant powers first appeared: he was able to turn his body into organic steel and to gain from it superhuman strength, stamina and durability. At first, he used his powers to help the people from the Collective,colossuscomics1 working twice as anybody else in the farm. In those years, Mikhail apparently died when his space rocket exploded, and Piotr took upon himself the responsibility of being the older male in the family. One day, little Illyana was about to be crushed by a tractor out of control, and Piotr used his powers to save her, crashing the machine with no effort: this act of heroism attracted the attention of Charles Xavier, a powerful American telepath who was searching around the world worthy young people to form the second formation of his X-Men, since the first one had gone missing during a fight with Krakoa, the living island. Piotr was at first reluctant to leave the farm, since, thanks to his strength, much of the work in the Collective was his doing; he didn’t want to leave his family either. Xavier, anyway, convinced him that he could have done a lot of good to the world if he joined the X-Men, using his powers for helping not only his small Collective, but the entire human and mutant populations. Eager to help other people, Piotr accepted Xavier’s offer and left Russia, becoming a member of the second X-Men team. Along with the other X-Men Xavier had recruited (Kenyan Ororo “Storm” Munroe, German Kurt “Nightcrawler” Wagner, Canadian James “Wolverine” Howlett, Apache John “Thunderbird” Proudstar and Irish Sean “Banshee” Cassidy), Piotr, now codenamed Colossus, battled and defeated the sentient island Krakoa and freed the original X-Men. When most of the first team left the School for Gifted Youngsters, Colossus chose to stay, becoming a full-time X-Men.

Colossus fought many battles along with his companions, also in remote zones such as the Shi’ar Empire or the Savage Land, always proving more than useful in battle despite his gentle and pacifist spirit. Piotr, called “Peter” by his American friends, proved to be a worthy colossuscomics2opponent also for historical nemesis of the X-Men, such as the Juggernaut (one of the few able to surpass him in strength with ease) or Magneto himself. Colossus became a close friend of both Nightcrawler and Wolverine, forming with them a formidable trio. Peter faced some great challenges that tested his character, such as when Arcade brainwashed him and forced him to fight against his friends in his Murderworld, or when his sister Illyana was kidnapped: Arcade’s right-hand woman, Miss Locke, had in fact abducted some X-Men’s beloved ones to force them to free her master from Dr. Doom, and among them there was Colossus’ little sister. When the team defeated Locke and Aracade and freed the hostages, Peter decided it was safer to keep Illyana by his side, and the young girl was allowed to stay in Xavier’s Mansion. Unfortunately, the six-year old kid was kidnapped once again, this time by the sorcerer Belasco, who locked her into the demonic dimension called Limbo; the X-Men managed to save her, but, while on Earth Illyana stayed away only a few hours, in Limbo seven years had passed, and she came back to them a teenager broken after years of tortures. Colossus became even closer to his sister, in order to help her recover from her traumatic experience; he also started to feel a certain affection towards another X-Man, Kitty Pryde, but both of them were too shy to admit their feelings. Everything changed after the X-Men almost died at the ends of the alien race Brood: Peter and Kitty finally declared their attraction, and started dating. In the following years, when Illyana died because of the Legacy Virus, Colossus lost his original resolution, and even joined Magneto and his Acolytes for a while, but at the end he came back to the X-Men, knowing what was right to do with his powers.

Peter Rasputin is a sensitive and caring man, selfless and gentle, with the soul of a poet and the body of a giant. His mutant powers allow him to turn his body into a nearly indestructible organic steel, gaining strength and durability in the process, and the training in the Danger Room made him a terrific hand-to-hand fighter, especially in combo with Nightcrawler or Wolverine. A painter, a worker, and especially a good friend for everyone, Peter is the heart and soul of the X-Men, one of the pillars that keep the team united.