Robert (Bob, Agent of Hydra)

BobFinally, Deadpool has been released in theaters… and it’s a blast. Apparently, there are some elements that Fox wasn’t supposed to use due to licence contracts with Marvel, but that ended up in the movie nevertheless, such as the Helicarrier that serves as the battleground for the final cliffhanger… and Bob, Agent of Hydra, the most unlucky sidekick ever, portrayed in the film by Rob Hayter. When Deadpool is fighting Ajax‘s henchmen, he recognizes one of them as Bob, and spares him, only to knock him out with a headbutt the moment they start talking friendly. This is quite a cool Easter egg for the comics readers, as Bob is one of the most loved recurring characters in the comics series… even if obviously his original allegiance couldn’t be mentioned in the movie for rights issues. Let’s see together.

Robert, surname unknown, lived an absolutely normal life: he had a normal childhood, he grew up to be a normal teenager, and then a normal young man. He married his high-school girlfriend, Allison, and had two children from her, Terry and Howie. As many other normal men, however, Bob was unemployed, and Allison didn’t lose a single opportunity to remark it, making him feel guilty for not being able to keep a steady job, and thus not being able to take care of his family. Eventually, Allison managed to talk her husband into joining the criminal organization known as Hydra, convincing him with the perspective of earning $40,000 per year, and of having a full dental plan (the latter proved to be false: it was A.I.M. which provided dental care for its agents, not Hydra). While he was serving under Hydra, his fellow agents managed to capture a spy, Agent X, infiltrated in the organization on a pharmaceutical company’s account; unfortunately for the agents, the mercenary Deadpool was hired to save him. In order to infiltrate the Hydra base, Deadpool used the Pym Particles to shrink, but being three-inches-tall didn’t bobcomics1prevent him from disposing of most of the Hydra agents… apart from Bob. The poor, cowardly man was taken alive by Deadpool, who wanted to force him to help him save Agent X; at first, Bob refused (not out of loyalty, but because he knew that if he helped the mercenary Hydra would have fired him), but after being tortured with a security card he accepted to help Deadpool. On the way to Agent X’s cell, it turned out Deadpool regularly read Bob’s blog… not that this prevented him from hurting the poor man just for fun. Bob pointed the mercenary to where Agent X was held prisoner, and also helped the two of them escape from the facility; just before leaving, Deadpool shot him, so that Bob could claim to have being held at gunpoint, and allowed back to Hydra again. Before he could even be grateful for it, Deadpool changed his mind again and kidnapped Bob, forcing him to pilot the jet he and Agent X used to escape. Back to Agency X, the two mercenaries found out Outlaw and Sandi had been kidnapped… and they forced Bob to help them find them: from that moment, Bob entered Agency X as a honorary member.

More than a teammate, a friend or even a prisoner, Bob was regarded by Deadpool as little more than a pet, and considered by the other members of Agency X as “Deadpool’s minion”. Despite the mercenary referred to Bob’s kidnapping as to his “saving”, he forced him to follow him in every subsequent mission or adventure: when Weasel was captured by Hydra, and Wolverine attacked the very base Weasel was held into, Deadpool rushed there, fearing that the berserker mutant would have killed his friend; he also dragged along Bob, with the secret intention of trading him with Weasel if necessity required it (not that Bob was informed of this contingency plan). Things went quite smoothly… at least for Weasel, as Deadpool was the one who found himself on the path of a feral Wolverine, and got decapitated. When everything was over, Bob reached for his “friend”, grabbed his head, reattached it to his torso and waited for his healing factor to work. After killing most of his ex-coworkers, Bob helped Weasel send the few remaining ones to prison with teleportation technology, but when Weasel used the same to make Bob and Deadpool back home, it malfunctioned, sending the two men back in time, during World War II: there, they were involved by Captain America and Bucky in a mission to defeat Arnim Zola. The mission succeeded, but the two bobcomics2unwilling heroes were still stranded in time… until they were reached by Doctor Strange, who needed their help for mending the damage created to several realities by T-Ray, Deadpool’s former nemesis, whose meddling with magic was causing quite some troubles. Of course, Bob didn’t have much of a choice, and followed Deadpool through various dimensions, until T-Ray’s body was reunited with his soul, thus preventing him from performing any more magic. Back on Earth, Bob was immediately involved in another one of Deadpool’s brilliant ideas, as the latter wanted to teleport some dinosaurs from the Savage Land to Genosha as a “prank” to Magneto; something went wrong, and the dinos appeared in the middle of Manhattan, where they merged with the Symbiotes and became uncontrollable. Facing those monsters, Bob tried to escape, and his clumsiness ended up killing one of the dinosaurs… just when a tv crew was watching. Mistaking his actions, the crew interviewed him, and Bob claimed the “H” on his costume stood for “hero”. Now, to the eyes of the world (and of Allison, who was watching the news), Bob was a national hero… of course, until Deadpool ruined everything again.

Bob is, in everything, a normal guy, with average (or even below average) intellectual and physical attributes. Even as an agent of Hydra he didn’t gain any particular skill, but one: being first in his stealth class, he’s extremely good in running away from danger, able to perfectly hide his presence if he only hears the distinctive “snikt” of Wolverine’s claws, or someone names Captain America or Elektra. Even Hydra’s brainwash didn’t have much of an effect on him, and despite he still wears their uniform and shouts slogans such as “Heil Hydra!” or “Cut off one head and two more will take its place!” whenever he’s nervous, he doesn’t feel any loyalty towards the organization. Bob’s only “superpower” is his unbelievable luck, the only thing that made him survive his time and dimensional travels, his encounter with superheroes and supervillains, his battles with Symbiote-possessed dinosaurs… and obviously the uncountable abuses and brutality from Deadpool.


Sarah (Marrow)

MarrowMerry Christmas everybody! Santa brought us… a new trailer for Deadpool, the epic conclusion of the hilarious “12 days of Deadpool“. In the new trailer, we get what will possibly be the only glimpse at a very popular character, who will have a cameo in the movie: when Wade Wilson is brought in the Weapon Plus facility, we see another patient being examined by the doctors, a girl with huge bones protruding from her back… and that’s most definitely Marrow, the lovable, lethal and brutal mutant from the comics. The director confirmed there will be many known characters cameos (hopefully not as many as in The Last Stand or Origins, it’d be quite a waste…), so waiting to see who the others will be, let’s take a look at our very first one.

Nothing is known about the past of the woman named Marrow: before becoming a homeless child, she was a baby girl named Sarah (for some time it seemed she could be the daughter of a couple, the Rushmans, but that was proven to be false), unfortunately born a mutant. Her mutation consisted in an abnormal growth of bones, which protruded from her body and face. Considering her a monstrosity, her parents abandoned her, and Sarah found herself alone, trying to survive on the streets. She was soon found by Caliban, a mutant with radar-like capabilities, who brought her in the underground tunnels where the Morlocks lived: the Morlocks were a community of mutant outcasts, usually with a freaky appearance in common, always ready to welcome others like them among their ranks. Sarah was adopted by Annalee, an empath who took care of the Morlocks. During her time with the Morlocks Sarah grew close to Callisto, their leader, and she saw her as some sort of role-model, a mother figure she was inspired by. Her peaceful time in the underground ended when the mercenary group Marauders massacred the Morlocks; Sarah was saved by another mutant, Gambit, who took her to safety, allowed her to escape the Marauders, and reunited her with Callisto. The small group of survivors were soon marrowcomics1attacked by yet another mutant maniac, Mikhail Rasputin, the reality-bending brother of the X-Man Colossus; Rasputin teleported the Morlocks into an alternate dimension, a place in which only one rule existed: only the strong were allowed to survive, and the ones capable of reaching the top of the only hill in the landscape were considered worthy of being part of Mikhail’s group. Sarah was raised by Callisto, who taught her to be strong, to be pitiless, to be savage. When Sarah’s powers fully manifested, Callisto renamed her “Marrow”, and forced her to take the road up the hill. Marrow, now a fierce fighter thanks to Callisto’s training, was able to kill all her opponents and to reach the top. Mikhail Rasputin deemed her “fit” to be part of his group, Gene Nation, a terrorist organization bent on punishing humans for their hatred for mutants.

Rasputin, impressed by the mutant’s skills, by her brutality and her savagery, made her the leader of Gene Nation, and sent her and the rest of the team back to Earth. On our universe, time had passed more slowly than in the other dimension, and just a couple of years separated the now adult Marrow from the Mutant Massacre she had escaped. Leading Gene Nation, Marrow led a terrorist revenge campaign against all the humans, and she slaughtered the attendants of a disco, signing with their blood “Gene Nation”. Following that, the group was confronted by Generation X, but they barely escaped with their lives from the wrath of Emma Frost. Obviously, also the X-Men were interested in their activities, and the two teams clashed often. Marrow, sure of the X-Men’s weakness, launched a final attack on their human “enemies”, putting a bomb on a train full of people; Marrow wired the detonator directly to her heart, so that the X-Men would have been forced to kill her if they wanted to stop her… something she was sure they’d never done. Eventually, however, Storm proved her wrong, and ripped her heart off. Marrow’s mutation, which included a second heart to compensate for her abnormal bone growth, allowed her to survive. Callisto took care of her, and brought back her to her marrowcomics2feet; together, they restarted their anti-humans activity, but Callisto tried to hold Marrow back in her more extremist methods. During Operation: Zero Tolerance, the two mutants tried to kill Henry Peter Gyrich for his involvement in the anti-mutant program, but two unexpected events blocked them: first, Spider-Man stopped Marrow, even managing to put some doubts in her regarding her blind hatred towards humans; then, a Prime Sentinel severely injured Callisto. Following Callisto’s orders, Marrow sought the help of the X-Men, and she managed to contact Iceman and the new recruit Cecilia Reyes, even saving her from several Prime Sentinels. In order to keep her word to Callisto, Marrow even joined Iceman, Cecilia and Sabra in their quest against Bastion, the leader of Zero Tolerance, and even obeyed to Iceman when he told her not to kill Bastion when he was at their mercy. This led Marrow to grow close to the X-Men, eventually joining their ranks, in a path to redemption that would have been a long and difficult one… and that she undertook only for respect and loyalty to Callisto.

Sarah is a scarred and traumatized woman, a girl who had to give up to everything that made her compassionate and kind to survive in a hostile environment and stay alive; now, she’s a brutal killing machine, barely able to restrain herself from murdering everyone she doesn’t like. As Marrow, her mutation increases her metabolism to the point that her bones are constantly growing, ripping her skin and emerging outside; to compensate the abnormal bone growth, she disposes of two hearts and of a healing factor allowing her to survive her otherwise lethal power. She’s also a lethal warrior, trained by Callisto and Wolverine among the others, who uses her own removed bones as swords, daggers and throwing knives (or even as a body armor); she also learnt to control her bone growth to a certain extent, thus making them an even more proficient weapon. Violent, nearly savage, yet frail and insecure, Marrow is what life has made her… but desperately tries to become something more, something better.

Althea (Blind Al)

Blind AlBeen pretty busy lately, and there’s one character left from the first trailer(s) for Deadpool: the old woman with shades telling not-so-nice things to the protagonist, the one who criticizes the way he speaks through his mask. She’s Blind Al, and she’ll be portrayed by Leslie Uggams. As for now, nothing is known of the role she’ll have in the movie, apart from the fact that she’ll be an ally of Deadpool (sort of, since she’ll likely to reprise the original relation of love-hate with him), but we can nevertheless see together who she is in the comics.

Blind Al’s past is shrouded in mystery, as different tales from her youth intertwine without any possibility of telling reality from fantasy. Her first name was Althea, but her surname’s unknown; as a young woman during World War II, she was involved with secret services, although it’s unclear for which side she fought: some claim she was one of the first women members of the Black Widow Project, working for the Russians, but it’s more likely she worked with the British intelligence from the very beginning, most likely MI7. For a side or the other, Althea met Captain America during the 1940s, and the two even dated for a while before he got frozen and was believed dead by the entire world (the hero even gave her a love gift she would have treasured all her life). What happened to Al from this point remains largely unknown: she somehow lost her eyesight, but she kept working for the British secret services nevertheless. As blindalcomics1(apparently) a key member of the MI, she soon became a target for many governments, and she started moving from State to State with her team. Once, when she was in Zaire, she was tracked down and faced by a Canadian mercenary, Wade Wilson, who hunted her down to her hideout: Wilson was supposed to kill her, but something unclear happened, and eventually the mercenary killed everybody but Althea, allowing her to escape. Wilson found Al again after he had been experimented on by Weapon X and turned into the deranged mutated Deadpool. For apparently no reason, Deadpool captured Al and locked her in his house, even acting pretty cruel towards her: he forced her to clean and cook for him, and forbade any visit; whenever the woman got him angry, then, he locked her into the Box, a closet filled with sharp objects so that she couldn’t possibly move; he even played terrible pranks to her, taking advantage of the fact that she was blind. Not everything, however, was as it seemed, and between the two of them a weird relationship began.

Al understood quite well that, being locked up in Deadpool’s house, she was safe from the many, many people who wanted her dead, and she became weirdly grateful; she didn’t even mind too much cooking and cleaning for her captor. The Box was never locked, and she could come out of it whenever she wanted, and the worst part of being with Deadpool was being forced to endure his awful sense of humor… apart from the times Wilson’s psychosis drove him to pure cruelty. A couple of years after her kidnapping, Al took advantage of a particularly long mission that drove Deadpool away from his house, and she left. She wanted to visit an old friend in Maine, and she trekked half the country to join him… but when she arrived, blindalcomics2she found her friend tortured nearly to death, and Deadpool waiting for her. The mercenary brought her home again, and this time she knew she would have never been able to escape. However, years passed, and Al realized that she was having quite a positive influence over Deadpool: she started to believe that she could actually change Wilson into a better person, and despite finding more than a chance to escape (purposefully left by Deadpool himself), she chose to stay, trying to “save” her captor. She even became some sort of mother figure for him, acting as a confidante, a friend, a housekeeper, sometimes even as a Greek chorus for the mercenary’s adventures. She even became friends with Weasel, the only other person Deadpool allowed in his house, even if this meant to go against the “no visit” rule Wilson had imposed to her. Blind Al also accompanied Deadpool in some of his adventures. When Deadpool found out she was secretly receiving visits from Weasel, however, he started treating her badly again, to the point that this time the old woman returned his cruelty, provoking his sense of guilt. To make amend, Deadpool finally decided to free her, and brought her to Central Park, leaving her there… only, Al didn’t want to go at all, and she would have fought to earn her “imprisonment” back.

Althea is a mysterious woman, one who has seen and done much, and who has buried her secrets (and her enemies…) in the depths of her memory. Extremely smart, sarcastic and sometimes sweetly cruel, Blind Al is Deadpool’s closest friend, the only one who can stand his humor and also the only person in the world able to win against him in an offense duel. With more experience than years of age (and that says a lot…), Al is definitely more than it catches the eye, a blind woman who sees more than most people, the only person in the world able not only to live with, but also to influence and change one of the most deranged and dangerous men on the planet.

Francis Fanny (Ajax)

AjaxLast pic (at least for now) coming from Deadpool, and this time it features the alleged main villain of the movie: Ajax, portrayed by Ed Skrein. As long as we know, Ajax will be some sort of “dark Deadpool” in the movie, displaying the same abilities and the same look, but still working for Weapon X and hunting down our (anti) hero. The only power Skrein spoke about was the ability “not to feel anything”, from physical pain to human compassion, making him an unstoppable sociopath killer. Waiting to see what will become of Ajax in the movie, let’s see who he is in the comics.

Not much is known of Ajax’s early life, not even his full name: simply known as Francis, he was hired as a security guard and enforcer in the Workshop, a secret laboratory run by Dr. Emrys Killebrew. The Workshop was attached to the Hospice, a structure in which the failed experiments from Weapon X Project were sent: if they misbehaved in the Hospice, the “inpatients” were sent to the Workshop, where they became the guinea pigs for Killebrew’s sadistic experiments; Francis was the doctor’s strong-arm, ready to intervene whenever one of the unwilling guinea pigs attempted rebellion and/or escape. In order to make his employee even more efficient, ajaxcomics1Killebrew performed some experiments on him as well, and Francis had his nerves removed, so that he could be immune to pain, and had some cybernetic implants that augmented his strength, speed and stamina, and even his intuitive capability (he was meant to be sent on the field as a Weapon X agent himself, but he was deemed to be too sadistic and left in the Workshop as a security guard): being such an opponent, nobody dared to disobey him… nobody but Wade Wilson, one of the new patients in the facility, who constantly mocked him and unnerved him. Eventually, Francis received from Killebrew permission to kill Wade, but he had to do it following the Workshop’s rules: first, he tortured Wade’s only friend, Worm, to the point of making him a vegetable, then he waited for Wilson to kill Worm out of pity… something that was against the rules. When Wade, moved by compassion, killed his friend, Francis intervened, and severely “punished” him for breaking the rules: at the end of the fight, Francis removed Wade Wilson’s heart from his chest. This would have normally put the word “end” to the fight, but it was instead the very event that triggered Wilson’s healing factor: with a new heart, the mercenary was revived, and he attacked Francis again, this time overpowering and apparently killing him with a gun. Again, this was not the end, as Killebrew’s implants had made Francis’ body much stronger than expected… but Deadpool didn’t realize this, and left Francis believing him to be dead. Bad idea.

Francis’ body was recovered by other Weapon X’s operatives, and upon finding out he was still alive, the scientists healed his wounds and uploaded his cybernetic implants, making him even stronger than before. The process had some collateral effect, and Francis lost what little remained of his mental health: now he was a man driven by pure rage, incapable of restraining himself, impossible to control. With a super soldier so unreliable for the field, Weapon X discharged him, but Francis somehow managed to retain all the cybernetic implants he was given. In the following years, he became a mercenary with the codename Ajax, and had a suite of armor built for himself; he even gathered some sort of personal army, extremely well-trained soldiers he employed for the one ajaxcomics2mission he wanted to accomplish: to find and kill every single Weapon X subject escaped along with Wade Wilson the day he was “killed”. First, Ajax tracked down Siamese twins Steve and Jacques Soto, who now worked as mechanics: he killed them, but he was unable to obtain from them any information on the target he cared the most about, Wade Wilson, now known as the deranged mercenary Deadpool. Then, Ajax tracked down Todd Harris, a cyborg who now worked as a lumberjack: knowing that the Soto brothers were dead, Harris cooperated, and revealed to Ajax the location of the Hellhouse, a safe house for mercenaries that Deadpool often used… but this didn’t prevent Ajax from killing him, of course. The vengeful hunter arrived to Hellhouse, where he found that the owner, Bob “Patch” Stirrat, held a grudge with Deadpool as well: Patch gave him Wilson’s personal file with no objection, thus leading Ajax to the information he required. Ajax learnt that Killebrew, who now lived as a recluse in Switzerland, on the Alps, had been aiding Deadpool providing him tech: he found his former boss, and tortured him to force him to use the frequency of Deadpool’s teleportation device to bring the mercenary there. Fear and pain did the rest, and Killebrew obeyed to Ajax: Deadpool was teleported in the scientist’s shelter, and Ajax immediately attacked him, throwing his hated enemy down a cliff. The final battle between them had finally begun.

Francis is a cruel and sadistic man, who takes pleasure from others’ suffering, especially if he’s the one who delivers it. Anti-social and violent, he’s, simply put, evil: a man made for war, unable to live any relationship apart from the ones with his enemies. As Ajax, he cannot feel any pain, and he’s extremely well-trained in armed and unarmed combat; his cybernetic implants grant him superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability. After his “resurrection”, his powers increased dramatically, to the point that he’s able to cause fire simply by rubbing his hands together; his armor contains a number of sophisticated weapons, such as his trademark sonic micro bombs, and he also carries a massive shield nearly indestructible, and heavily armed as well. Deranged, vengeful, unstoppable, Ajax will never rest until he can obtain his revenge against the one man who defeated him: Deadpool.

Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle (Copycat)

CopycatIn another pic from Deadpool, we see the protagonist speaking with a girl in what seems to be a kitchen of sort. The girl is Vanessa, who will be portrayed by Morena Baccarin. She’ll be one of the allies of Deadpool in the movie, and that should come as no surprise for whoever reads the comicbooks, since there’s a pretty renowned “Vanessa” in the Merc with a Mouth‘s life… and she’s exactly the one Baccarin is playing. Apart from this, we don’t know much of the character yet, not even if she’ll retain her original counterpart’s powers (surely she doesn’t display her trademark white/blue skin and hair). Anyway, as always, let’s see who she is in the comics first.

Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle was born in New BrunswickNew Jersey, daughter of Burt and Dorothy Carlysle. Vanessa wasn’t like all the other girls: she was born a mutant, gifted and cursed with amazing abilities that made her different from everyone else… and she couldn’t even hide it, since her mutation included physical traits: she had white hair, light-blue skin, pointy hears and bright red eyes. Dorothy was very protective of her daughter, while Burt had more difficulties in accepting her for what she was, to the point that, when she grew up, he kicked Vanessa out of his house, leaving her to take care of herself (Burt died little after sending away his daughter, but she knew this only years after). As anybody could expect, the life waiting for a girl living alone on the streets wasn’t really one of fun and adventure, and in fact she ended up in BostonMassachusetts, working as a prostitute. In the meanwhile, she had copycatcomics1also discovered what her mutant powers were: she was a shapeshifter, quite a useful skill if your job was walking the streets (a prostitute who could become whoever the client wanted was quite requested). It was during her time in Boston that she met Wade Wilson, a mercenary, who she eventually fell in love with. The two stayed together for quite some time, and Vanessa believed she had finally found happiness… with some risk connected: once, some assassins were sent to kill her, since they believed her to be a distraction for the man destined to become Deadpool, but luckily enough Vanessa was saved by an unexpected guest, a woman named Zoe Culloden (a now rogue agent of Landau, Luckman & Lake, a time traveling espionage agency, the same that had sent the killers). The very night after the attack, however, Wade broke up with Vanessa, apparently for no reason, breaking her heart: actually, he had found out he had a terminal cancer, and he didn’t want his lover to witness him slowly fading away. With everything in her old life reminding her of her lost love, Vanessa left Boston, searching a new start.

Vanessa harshly trained, and chose for herself the same life of Wade’s, becoming a mercenary. Under the codename Copycat she started accomplishing a contract after the other, until she got interested in Tolliver, the new employer of Wade (who had survived cancer thanks to Weapon X‘s experiments). First, Copycat used her powers to transform into Cheryl Marks, a random woman she used to seduce Mr. Foley, Tolliver’s butler. Through Foley, she learnt much of Tolliver’s organization, and when she believed she knew everything she needed, she broke up with the butler and presented the “true self” to Tolliver, being employed as his new mercenary. Tolliver copycatcomics2made good use of Copycat’s unique abilities, and she sent her as an undercover agent in X-Force, transformed into one of their own, the mutant Domino, now Tolliver’s prisoner. By touching Domino, Copycat was able to imitate not only her appearance, but even her powers and even her brain patterns, so that she could fool also a telepath like the one who was her target: X-Force’s leader Cable. Vanessa succesfully infiltrated X-Force, and everything went according to the plan, with Cable mistaking her for his old friend Domino and allowing her back into the team. Staying with the heroic mutants, however, changed Copycat’s perspective, and she started to get attached to them: she truly became friends with Cable, and she even was some sort of mother figure for the Young Mutants, a group of teenager heroes Cable had in training. Copycat/Domino arrived to the point of saving Cable’s life during a fight with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, something that made Tolliver realize she had lost her focus on the mission: the employer sent Deadpool to force Vanessa’s hands, and in the now mutated mercenary there was no sign of the love they shared years before. Still wanting to protect her friends, Copycat/Domino convinced Cable to let their base to be blown, so that they could fake their deaths; later, she guided X-Force to Tolliver’s place, where Cable found the true Domino imprisoned and freed her. Before he could realize he had been with a fake Domino all along, Vanessa had disappeared. Now, she wanted a different life for herself, one away from Deadpool or Tolliver, one in which she could be truly herself…

Vanessa Carlysle is an independent and passionate woman, pretty resourceful and smart; despite all the hate she suffered since her childhood, she’s still capable of selfless love and care, as she demonstrated with a young Wade Wilson and even with the ones who were supposed to be her targets, the mutants from X-Factor. As Copycat, she’s able to transform in any other human being (or even animal) she knows the appearance of; if she touches someone, she’s able to replicate him or her at a genetic level, so that she becomes an exact copy of the original, brain patterns and even superpowers included. She’s also a skilled mercenary, a proficient athlete well-trained in both armed and unarmed combat. Still trying to find her place in the world, Copycat now struggles with a fading memory which is the result of Weapon X’s power-enhancing experiments: fighting for a future might be just as difficult as fighting to retain her own past…

Jack Hammer (Weasel)

WeaselTime for the other half of the picture from Deadpool, which features the poor guy Angel Dust is chocking: that’s Weasel, the protagonist’s unfortunate best friend, portrayed by T. J. Miller. In the movie, Weasel will act as Deadpool‘s weapons supplier, and he’ll help him with his mission… task… contract… thing. We actually don’t know much about the movie itself, even less of Weasel’s role, apart from the fact that he’ll obviously will have some troubles with an angry Angel Dust. But we can always see who he is in the comics!

Jack Hammer was born in New York City, the son of John and Virginia Hammer. He even had a brother, but nothing is known about him. Growing up, Jack became a student in Midtown High School, where he soon made himself known for being extremely brilliant. Unfortunately, he was also universally considered a total nerd, and even other “losers” like Peter Parker didn’t hang out with him. Jack lived his life, he had a crush on the sweet and beautiful Gwen Stacy, he tried to avoid bullies like Flash Thompson… the usual things. The occasion of his life arrived when Norman Osborn, CEO of Oscorp, offered to young researchers a prestigious job in his company. Hammer competed with Parker for it, and he even had a lot of chances to win… but then something unexpected happened: Parker gave Osborn some false reports on Hammer being a drug addict, thus excluding him from the job. Only, the man who did this wasn’t Peter Parker, but an unlikely time traveler, the weaselcomics1future Deadpool, who had become stranded in the past during a fight with the Great Lakes Avengers. Deadpool pretended he was Parker, and he boycotted Jack’s meeting with Osborn. Later, always, posing as Parker, he invited the poor boy to a bar, and offered him a friend shoulder to cry upon… but he obviously wanted Hammer to repair his teleportation device, so that he could come back to his time. Jack Hammer got the first drunk of his life, and he eventually agreed to repair his “schoolmate”‘s strange device. With his belt repaired, Deadpool disappeared, leaving Jack all alone in the bar. In the daze of alcohol, Jack Hammer realized that, with his future destroyed because of his newborn fame of drug-addict, he had but one chance in life: crime. That night, in that bar, Weasel was born.

With his new name, Jack started working on experimental weaponry, and became one of the most requested arms dealers in the country. He provided intelligence, tech and equipment to mercenaries and criminals, and made quite a a fortune from it. It was during this period that, in Canada, he met “for the first time” (as far as he knew) Deadpool, a superhuman mercenary who had just left the government-run Weapon X Program and was now working for a mysterious criminal, Mr. Tolliver. Weasel proved to be an irreplaceable asset for the Merc with a Mouth, and with time he (unfortunately) became also what Deadpool referred to as “his best friend”… with a lot of catastrophic results on Weasel’s life, the first of weaselcomics2which was the fact that his services were now an exclusive of Deadpool’s. When Tolliver died, he left a will, granting a “surprise” for the one who would have found it: of course, Deadpool wanted to participate… and he warmly invited Weasel to accompany him. The two of them travelled to Madripoor, where they found out they obviously weren’t the only ones to look after Tolliver’s will: quite a number of mercenaries, heroes and villains, both former allies and enemies of Deadpool’s, were on the hunt already. Weasel had quite a taste of what Deadpool meant with “friendship”, and he ended up risking his life a number of times while in Madripoor; one of the other mercenaries, Comcast, targeted him directly, and nearly killed him, but luckily enough Weasel didn’t only sell weapons, but was quite proficient in using them as well, and shot the attacker to the head. The hunt for the will didn’t end well for Deadpool, but Weasel miraculously survived the experience, avoiding both the enemies’ attacks and his own partner’s carelessness. Despite being quite sure that his relationship with Deadpool would have eventually led him to a horrible (and possibly hilarious) death, somehow Weasel remained with his weirdest business partner ever… trying to survive their friendship, and to find a way out of it.

Jack Hammer is an extremely brilliant man, a scientist and engineer with a genius level intellect… who has a totally messed up life. As Weasel, he’s a weapons expert, who designed and built some of the most lethal arms and gadgets Deadpool and other mercenaries use; he also specialized with providing intelligence and info to his clients… even if the number of “costumers” soon shrank to one: Deadpool. Now, Weasel tries his best to survive the attentions and the mood swings of his deranged partner.

Christine (Angel Dust)

Angel DustNew pics from the upcoming Deadpool movie surfaced, and we got a look at all the characters that have been announced so far. Let’s start from the not-so-defenseless girl seen lifting a guy with a single hand: that’s Angel Dust, and she’ll be portrayed by Gina Carano. Not much is known about her role in the movie, not even if she’ll be an ally or an adversary of Deadpool (seeing her beating Weasel is not a hint, since Deadpool himself usually mistreats his “best friend”), but she apparently retained her powers, at least superhuman strength. Anyway, waiting to learn something more from the movie, let’s see who she is in the comics.

Christine (sometimes spelled Christina) was born in ChicagoIllinois. She lived a happy life in the suburbs with her parents, until the day her powers manifested for the first time: Christine realized she was a mutant, belonging to a world different from everything she had known thus far. Since she couldn’t properly control her abilities (her superhuman attributes were triggered by adrenaline, and she risked to go berserk if the hormone’s levels went too high), she was afraid she might have hurt her parents, and she even feared their possible reaction in learning they had a mutant daughter: Christine decided to leave her home, and she became a angeldustcomics1runaway. She avoided contacts with anyone she knew, and even when her parents started to look for her desperately, she refused to come back. Eventually, she met The Postman, another mutant like her, who lived as an outcast along with others in one of the city’s abandoned subway stations, in the Chicago division of the Morlocks. Believing she had found a new house and family, Christine, who now called herself Angel Dust, joined the Morlocks, and dedicated her life and her powers to protect her new siblings. In the time she spent living in the subway, Angel Dust learnt to think like a Morlock, making a strong division between her mutant brothers and sisters and the “world above”, inhabited solely by people ready to arm her and the others. This new philosophy of life received some sort of confirmation the moment the Morlocks saved an elastic mutant, Cell, from the local police: Angel Dust herself knocked out several cops who were opening fire on Cell for apparently no reason, and the mutant became a new recruit for the Morlocks.

Despite loving her new family, Christine didn’t like the life in hiding the Morlocks had chosen, and she even argued with another mutant, Electric Eve, who called her a stupid for running from home, and told her to resign herself to spend the rest of her life underground. Eve made Angel so angry that she eventually lost control, and she unwillingly attacked Cell and Shatter in her rage, then she fled, feeling guilty. Shatter reached her and brought her home, but that same night the entire group was attacked by the Sentinels, robots programmed to hunt for mutants. Shatter was wounded, but the Morlocks made it back to their hideout, only to find out the police had already found it. While angeldustcomics2the mutant Trader was killed in the gunfight, Angel Dust tried to shield Shatter and the others, begging the policemen not to hurt anybody else… but the men just realized how pretty she was, and programmed a “different kind of fun” with her; before they could lay a finger on the exhausted girl, however, Electric Eve intervened and killed them all, but one, whose mind was erased by The Postman. After the battle, Postman had his group on the move again, since the shelter wasn’t safe anymore, but before going to a secret hideout in the sewers, he brought Angel back home, since she deserved a closure before moving on. Christine was afraid of confronting her parents, but she did it anyway: she found them surrounded by missing posters, and she confessed to them that she was a mutant, but instead of the refusal she was expecting she heard her parents telling her they didn’t care, she was their daughter and they loved her anyway. Crying, Christine realized she had to leave nevertheless, since the Sentinels were still looking for her, and staying would have meant to put her parents at risk. There was only one thing the Morlocks could do to free themselves from the Sentinels, as their teammate Litterbug explained: they had to disable the Sentinel Central Control. For Angel Dust, now, this was a mission to regain her freedom, her life, and her family.

Christine is a perfectly normal girl, thrown in utterly abnormal situations: pretty insecure and in need of affection and approval, she doesn’t truly accept her nature as a mutant, and she embraces a life of hiding just to avoid to confront her own fears. She’s fiercely protective of her fellow Morlocks, and she’s ready to sacrifice her own life for them. As Angel Dust, her mutant powers allow her to elevate her adrenaline level far above regular human one, gaining superhuman strength, durability, speed and stamina in the process; due to the nature of this power, however, she hasn’t full control over it, and it’s triggered by rage, fear or stress, leading her to a berserk state anytime she lets herself be overwhelmed by emotions. The adrenaline level decreases quickly, and when her superhuman strength is gone, Angel Dust is left exhausted for some time. Escaping from a world that hates and fears her for what she is, Angel Dust fights for her and her friends’ survival, dedicating her life to fulfill the “last wishes” of the ones who share her destiny with her.