Hello world!

Hi everyone!

The idea for this blog came to me not so long ago, when saw The Avengers with some friends. They just told me: “Ok, the movie was great, but it’d be good to know who the characters on screen are!”

So I thought…I know who they are! I’ve been reading comicbooks for years, and I know almost every character who’s been brought to the big and the small screen! So, since many movies and tv series inspired by comicbooks have been made lately, I decided to start this small adventure to help the people who watch them know the characters they’re seeing, and, of course, to get fun doing it.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy this little experiment of mine. In the next days, I’ll post some informations (mainly origins and a little more, so that I’ll not spoil anything to anyone) about the characters that appeared in comic-related movies and tv-shows.

If you have any particular question or request, please let me know, I’ll gladly reply when I can!