Adam Strange

The most anticipated character from the upcoming Krypton tv series was probably Adam Strange, portrayed by Shaun Sipos, a classic hero from DC sci-fi comicbooks who was finally shown in the latest trailer…and it’s pretty disappointing. Forget the armor, the jetpack and the ray gun, this time-traveling Adam, who arrives on Krypton to prevent the fall of House of El, is just a random guy with a baseball cap and a hoodie. We can always hope that during the series his appearance changes to match the one in the comics, but as for now, we can only look at the original one, as usual, dreaming of a better live action debut for a guy who’s been around since 1958 with some of the most nostalgic science-fiction stories ever.

Adam Strange was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up with his brother Todd. Not much is known about his early life, apart from the fact that he studied to become an archaeologist, and that he achieved his goal in little time, thanks to a remarkable intellect and a sharp memory. Always a man of action more than a man of libraries, Adam traveled the world opening new excavation sites and personally exploring areas of interest, an habit that would have changed his life forever. One day, while in Peru, Adam Strange discovered the lost city of Caramanga, a formerly legendary Incan civilization…and much to his surprise, he found out that it wasn’t abandoned nor in ruin, as it was still inhabited by a lost Incan tribe who had maintained their pre-Colombian way of life. The Incas weren’t happy at all to find a stranger in their sacred city, and they started hunting him down. As Adam was escaping from them, he desperately tried to leap over a gully, but in that moment he was struck by an unnatural beam of light. In a matter of seconds, Adam Strange found himself transported to Rann, a planet distant 4.5 light years from Earth, a dying civilization crippled by centuries of nuclear war and now reduced to a savage wasteland. Obviously confused, Adam started wandering the new landscape, when he was attacked by a local predator, certainly alien-looking. Unable to react, the man was saved by a mysterious stranger, a raven-hair woman named Alanna. Alanna claimed to be the daughter of the man responsible for Adam’s arrival, so he followed her to her father’s lab. Here, Adam Strange met Sardath, Rann’s greatest scientist, and the one who finally had some explanation for him.

Apparently, Sardath had been trying to communicate with alien civilizations for years, and his latest invention were the Zeta-Beam, that any form of intelligent life would have been able to track back to Rann. Some radiation in the enormous distance between Rann and Earth, however, had clearly modified it, turning it into a teleportation beam, bringing Adam to Rann. Adam also realized that, once the effect of the Zeta-Beam ran out, he would have been teleported back to Earth with no further complication, so his permanence on the alien world was temporary. Reassured by this, and always an explorer, Adam Strange agreed to offer all the help he could to the alien and hostile world, and he was given a space suit, a jetpack and a ray gun by Sardath to try and solve some imminent threats. The cooperation was quite fruitful, and in little time Adam Strange, thanks to his prowess and courage, became the champion of Rann, also finding some unexpected bonus, as the hero fell in love with Alanna. As the effect of the Zeta-Beam was about to run out, however, Adam wanted to stay. Unable to grant this request, Sardath managed to inform him of the coordinates of the following appearances of the Zeta-Beam, with location and time. When he came back to Earth, Adam knew exactly where he had to be and when in order to return to Rann. From that moment, he became the hero of two worlds, traveling from Earth to Rann and back and always intervening to solve immediate crisis, thanks both to his futuristic equipment and his resourcefulness. With his alien tech, Adam was also able to help the mightiest heroes of Earth, the Justice League, in battling Kanjar-Ro, and eventually he even became a member, albeit not a full-time one as he constantly came back to Rann, where he married Alanna and had a daughter from her, Aleea. With time, however, it became clear that Adam’s arrival on Rann hadn’t been purely incidental, as Sardath had hidden a secret from his family and his entire world…

Adam Strange is a brave and brilliant man, an explorer born who found his natural calling far away from Earth. As the champion of Rann, he’s equipped with a Rannian suit and helmet that allow him to resist any kind of environment and atmosphere, with a jetpack he has absolute mastership over, and with a specially designed ray gun, the peak of his large alien arsenal. His most outstanding power, however, comes from his brain, an intellect able to match the one of Batman or Lex Luthor, that makes him a superb tactician and strategist, a quick-thinking and ingenuous warrior who can out-think and outmatch even opponents far more powerful than himself. An experienced and trusted hero, Adam Strange unites in himself the best of two worlds: from an archaeologist wanting to learn about the past, he became a living bridge to a future of inter-planetary cooperation.


Dawn Marie Granger (Dove)

To make a crime fighting couple, you obviously need a second member, and here’s Dove, the lithe vigilante who’ll make her debut in Titans. In the show, she’ll be Hawk‘s partner and girlfriend, but she’ll display a totally different attitude to crime fighting than him…just like in the comics, where the two of them are pretty much attracted opposites. Portrayed by Minka Kelly, Dove will assist the Teen Titans from time to time, but apparently she won’t be part of the team. Now, as usual, let’s take a look at the original one from the comics.

Dawn Granger was the daughter of Russ Granger, a scientist, and Maire Granger, an American diplomat. She grew up with her sister Holly, and she often traveled the world with her mother. When the cosmic event simply known as Crisis occurred, Dawn was in London with her mother: taking advantage of the fact that all the law enforcers were busy with an interdimensional invasion, a group of terrorists assaulted the American embassy. Just when she was desperately trying to do something despite feeling utterly powerless, Dawn was reached by some disembodied voices, who offered her power to combat her attackers. Needless to say, the girl accepted the offer, and she was turned into Dove, the avatar of peace and order: with her new powers she easily defeated the terrorists, and then came back to her mother. Since there was already a Dove operating in the United States, Dawn assumed she was just one of many, but then it turned out that the original Dove had been killed during the Crisis, and she feared that he had died because she had stripped him of his powers. She was actually close to the truth, as the Lord of Order Terataya and the Lord of Chaos T’Charr felt that Don Hall, the original Dove, was far too submitted to his brother Hawk, and decided to strip him of his powers and to chose another, stronger-minded avatar. Feeling guilty, Dawn looked for Hawk during the memorial service for the fallen heroes, and she recognized him in Hank Hall. Wanting to know him better, she started to follow him.

Dawn followed Hank in Washington D.C., and she even enlisted in his same university, Georgetown University, to investigate on him. As she saw that as Hawk he grew constantly unstable, she rightfully guessed that the first Dove had been Hank’s brother, Don, and she came to understand his pain and his anger. She slowly approached him, and even entered his circle of friends before revealing herself to him as the new Dove. Hank, however, wasn’t exactly happy that somebody was trying to replace his lost brother, and he angrily rejected her. In the meanwhile, the Lords of Chaos were taking advantage of Hawk’s lost balance to turn him completely into one of their agents, and they sent a creation of theirs, Kestrel, to complete his transformation. As she realized what was happening, Dawn turned into Dove and stepped into the action, helping Hawk to fight Kestrel; she calmed him down enough to reverse the transformation, thus prompting the Lords of Chaos to destroy Kestrel as punishment for his failure. Finally, Hawk realized that he needed Dove by his side to keep control, and albeit reluctantly he accepted Dawn as his new partner. The two formed even a more formidable duo than Hank and Don had ever been, with Dawn becoming a far more complete Agent of Order than her predecessor was. The new chemistry allowed Hawk & Dove to repel many threats, especially from the Washington area, including the dreaded Female Furies, the assassin Copperhead, the gangsters Untouchables, the human bomb Sudden Death and many others. Being constantly on the crime scene allowed Dove to meet Brian Arsalla, the detective in charge of Washington Special Crimes Unit, and the two started a relation. Being Hawk & Dove, however, meant much more than protecting their turf, and soon the cosmic implication of being such a couple would have manifested themselves in quite an explosive way…

Dawn Granger is a calm yet strong-minded woman, driven by logic and always in control of her emotions. She transforms into Dove whenever her Danger Sense perceives injustice or threat near her, and she gains superhuman agility and dexterity, the ability to fly, high durability and advanced healing factor, a skill to “read” people that borders into mind-reading and, under certain circumstances, the power to focus her natural radiance into a powerful light blast. A powerful Agent of Order who’s also the avatar of peace, Dove fights crime in a perfect partnership with Hawk, always keeping his anger in control and letting his energy spur her to action. Much more active and authoritative than her predecessor Don, Dawn is a brighter and more effective Dove than anybody else before or after her, the true and perfect match to Hank’s Hawk.

Henry Hall (Hawk)

The highly anticipated Titans tv series is approaching, and we’re getting official images of the protagonists one by one. After Robin, it’s the turn of a pair of crime fighters who won’t be members of the Teen Titans, but will appear to help them from time to time. One of them is Hawk, portrayed by Alan Ritchson, a violent vigilante who will have some issues with the young and idealistic heroes. The character already appeared in a very different way in Birds of Prey: a villain named Al Hawke and portrayed by Stephen McHattie, he’s the one who murders the original Black Canary in revenge for his father’s death, and is later defeated and arrested by the second Canary, the original’s daughter. Apparently, the Titans‘ version will be closer to the source material, starting from the costume…and from his uncontrollable and brutal nature. Let’s see together.

Henry “Hank” Hall was born in Washington D.C., the son of a superior court judge, Irwin Hall, and of his wife Rae. Hank grew up with his brother, Don, but the two grew up to have completely different views on the world: while Don was more thoughtful and pacifist, a liberal at heart, Hank was irascible and hard-headed, and a conservative who firmly believed in the necessity for the United States to use its strength to solve the world’s problems. Irwin tried over and over again to lecture his sons never to examine an issue only from their own point of view, always listening to the other’s one, as justice required balance, but his words went mostly ignored. Unlike his intellectual brother, Hank excelled in sports, and despite their remarkable differences, they were very close, and he was very protective of Don. One day, when the two brothers were still high school students, they visited their father at Judge Hall, and they casually eavesdropped some would-be killers planning to kill Irwin Hall. Hank and Don wished they had some power to stop them…and their wish was actually granted by two unknown voices, who promised them that power. The voices belonged to T’Charr and Terataya, respectively a Lord of Chaos and a Lord of Order, who had fallen in love despite the millennial enmity between their factions, and wanted to prove to their peers the benefits coming from Chaos and Order working together. Hank and Don were the perfect candidates for this “experiment”: with his aggressive nature, Hank became Hawk, the avatar of war and chaos, while the pacifist Don became Dove, the avatar of peace and order. Together, as Hawk and Dove, they stopped the assassination attempt on their father, simply spelling their new given names to magically activate the powers and costumes of their mystical alter egos, compensating one another just like they did in their human personas.

Hawk and Dove protected their secret identities even from their father, who was firmly against vigilantism, and became quite famous in their suburb Elmond, albeit Hawk, whose brutality didn’t go unnoticed, was more feared than loved. Once, while tracking down a gang, Hawk and Dove crossed paths with the original Teen Titans (Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Speedy), and the two groups teamed up against the mob. The cooperation became a full membership for the duo, with Dove always limiting Hawk’s anger and fury, keeping him in check to fight injustice in the most humane way possible. Eventually, however, the two brothers felt that their commitment with the Teen Titans was distracting them too much from their responsibility in Elmond, and they left the team. They however became part of the Titans West for a time, helping to take down Captain Calamity and Mister Esper. As the world, during the Eighties, became more and more disillusioned, both Hank’s and Don’s ideals lost of significance, and the siblings lost faith in themselves: T’Charr and Terataya took their powers away, until they proved to be worthy of them once again. As a retired superhero, Hank operated mostly as an athlete, but he and Don were called back to action when the Anti-Monitor started his cosmic invasion. The pair obtained their powers again, but during the battle Dove was killed by a Shadow Demon: this made Hawk furious, and without his brother to quell his aggressiveness, he went berserk, and killed a number of enemies. After the crisis was solved, Hawk joined the New Titans, but his teammates were quite scared of him, and they often had to restrain him to prevent him from murdering the villains they fought. Finally, a mysterious woman from London, Dawn Granger, presented herself with the powers of Dove, claiming to have been chosen to replace Don Hall. Hank wasn’t happy at all to have someone stepping into his little brother’s shoes, but he definitely needed an anchor not to become the evil he had always fought…

Hank Hall is a hard-headed and volatile man, quick to lose his temper and firm in his belief that fire can be fought only with a bigger fire (possibly an arson). As Hawk, he is the living embodiment of war, an Agent of Chaos who possesses a Danger Sense that, in presence of injustice, transforms him into a mystic being imbued with superhuman strength, stamina, durability and reflexes, as well as with retractable sharp claws. Dangerous for foes and allies alike, Hawk constantly needs Dove by his side to quell his violent nature, preventing him from fully embrace his chaotic nature and committing a massacre after the other while fighting injustice. Battling fire with fire, it’s hard not to burn down an entire city…

Sophie Cuckoo

I’m slowly catching up with the latest episodes that were released while I was on vacation, and I’ll start with The Gifted, that’s getting better and better prior to the season finale. We finally get a name for the twin sisters Esme freed in eXploited, both portrayed by Skyler Samuels: Phoebe and Sophie! This version of the Three-In-One is working for the reborn Hellfire Club, and is using the Mutant Underground as a pawn against Sentinel Service and the Hound Program…and they’re quite good at it. We already know Esme and Phoebe, as well as the other two sisters who didn’t appear (yet?) in the show, so the last remaining is Sophie. Let’s meet her together.

Sophie Cuckoo wasn’t properly born, she was rather engineered: when Emma Frost laid in a comatose state, John Sublime harvested some egg cells from her body, and then used them to clone her thousands of time, creating an army of telepath girls for Weapon Plus. Sophie was one of thousands of perfect clones of Emma, but she was remarkably stronger than many of her “sisters”. As most of the collective parts of Weapon XIV were left dormant, five of them were awakened and sent to Xavier Institute for Higher Learning to hone their abilities and to infiltrate among the very mutants they had been programmed to destroy. Sophie was among them, along with her sisters Esme, Phoebe, Celeste and Mindee. They pretended to be quintuplets, and used their psychic powers, strengthened when combined, to block any attempt from the professors to learn their true identities. The girls presented themselves as the Five-In-One, but they soon became known as the Stepford Cuckoos, a creepy hive-mind with a talent so remarkable that they immediately attracted the attention of their “mother”, Emma Frost, who became their mentor. Despite the five Cuckoos believed themselves to be just part of a gestalt mind, it was Sophie the one who actually led the group, and who commanded the hive mind thanks to her superior abilities. The most free-thinking among them, Sophie always knew what to do and instructed her sisters to do her bidding, thus attracting some unwanted and unexpected attentions: not only Esme was deeply jealous of her, but she was also the object of the romantic interest of Quentin “Kid Omega” Quire, another powerful telepath who, however, she found little less than repulsive. And she had no problems in telling him.

A lover rejected is never a pleasurable thing, but when said lover is a telepath as powerful as unbalanced, things can go wary in no time. Quentin didn’t take Sophie’s rebuttal well, quite the opposite: it led him to a nervous breakdown, to the point that he became addicted to the drug Kick and used it to augment his powers and lead a rebellion within the Institute. Sophie had every intention to stay out of it, but suddenly she found herself filled with heroism (actually, unbeknownst to her, she had been manipulated by Esme, who had secretly been using Kick to become stronger than her), and she decided that only the Five-In-One could stop Kid Omega. She led her sisters to Cerebra, and she herself assumed Kick in order to become strong enough to use it. Her attempt was rewarded by success, as she managed to channel the Five-In-One’s telepathy to “shut down” Kid Omega and his followers, but the fatigue was too much for her, and she was killed by the strain. This, however, wasn’t the last of Sophie, as she came back more than once after her first death: first, she was resurrected by Kid Omega, who was still in love with her, but died once again as she rejected him a second time. She was later revived by Weapon Plus nanotech within her body, and along with a resurrected Esme she led her sisters to The World, the secret base where all the other clones laid dormant, in order to activate them and destroy the mutant race, but this time it was Celeste, who had become the new (temporary) host of the Phoenix Force, the one who killed her once again to prevent the completion of the program. Finally, Sophie came back one last time when an invasion by the Chaos King opened the doors of the underworld: as all the living heroes had been put in a coma by the death god’s magic, Sophie allied herself with the deceased Esme, Thunderbird, Moira McTaggert, Banshee and some copies of the Multiple Man to prevent a cosmic tragedy, becoming in death the heroine she didn’t want to be in life.

Sophie Cuckoo is a strong-minded and focused young girl, the dominant personality in the hive mind composed by the Stepford Cuckoos. Albeit having the same identical powers of her sisters (basically telepathy, including mind-control, psionic bolts and hypnosis, but also the ability to turn her skin into organic diamond), she’s stronger than them, and is able to impose her will on the others due to that. Definitely not a hero (she has something more important to do with her life), Sophie however is not someone who’d ever back away from a challenge, even if said challenge is saving the world…


The second character spotted in the new promo images for Krypton is Kem, portrayed by Rasmus Hardiker. In the show, Kem will be an engineer, and Seg-El‘s best friend, one of the few who doesn’t avoid him because of the disgrace of his family. In the comics, not only Kem is close to the House of El, but he is actually part of it, albeit his name is more often spelled Kem-L rather than Kem-El. He’s also responsible for the creation of one of the most dangerous threats to Earth in our present times, despite living centuries ago. Let’s see together.

Kem-L was born thousands of years ago on planet Krypton, a member of the renowned and celebrated House of El. One of the most brilliant minds on the planet, Kem-L soon joined the Kryptonian Science Council, the ruling assembly, and rapidly rose to become the leader of one of its most extremist factions. Kem-L, in fact, was worried by the many alien influences that had been “tainting” Kryptonian heritage in the last years, and desperately tried to convince his peers that every new alien arriving on the planet was a direct threat to Krypton and its culture. His protests went pretty much unheard until a group of missionaries arrived from a dying planet. The last of their races, the missionaries spread a message of peace, that opposed to the relentless advancement of science (especially cloning). Kem-L once again warned Krypton against the threat they posed, but he was ignored…until the missionaries’ message became a new religion, the League of Life, and became pretty popular among many respected members of the community. Finally, the Council agreed to give free reins to Kem-L, as he was allowed to deal with the problem as he saw fit. Needless to say, the xenophobic extremist unleashed Kryptonian military power on the League of Life, and had all the Clerics (save one) killed.

Not satisfied with destroying an entire race, Kem-L desired to study his enemies’ technology, and soon realized that it was far more advanced than the Kryptonian one. One thing especially attracted his attention: a powerful sentient device programmed to protect and spread the dying planet’s culture all over the galaxy. Fascinated by the technology but disgusted by the way the offworlders had “tainted” it, Kem-L reprogrammed the living computer to protect Kryptonian culture…by destroying all the others, thus maintaining it pure: he christened his “creation” the Eradicator, and activated it on Krypton itself, to cleanse it from all alien influence. The remaining Cleric and his followers, however, managed to steal the Eradicator and to bring it off planet, stopping his action…for the moment: Kem-L knew that his creation would have completed his task wherever in space, so his apparent defeat was actually his greatest victory, as the Eradicator would have imposed Kryptonian culture far beyond Krypton’s atmosphere. Later on, following unknown circumstances, Kem-L found himself facing death, but he managed to cheat it, as he downloaded his consciousness and memories into a semi-sentient hologram. For some reason, however, his hologram was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, deemed too dangerous by the Science Council, and there he stayed for millennia. The holographic Kem-L had all the knowledge and skills of the original, and was just as radical and dangerous: he would have waited eons, if necessary, to see his idea of purity and supremacy of Kryptonian culture prevail.

Kem-L is a brilliant but violent man, a xenophobic maniac who sees in any alien influence on his homeplanet a direct threat to the purity of its legacy and culture. A genius engineer able to understand at first sight even technology far more advanced than his own, he uses his skills only for protecting his twisted version of Kryptonian heritage, better if at the expenses of others. As a hologram, his intellect and personality are now immortal, waiting in the Phantom Zone for the means to make Krypton great again.


As we approach the debut date of Krypton, we got some new promotional images for the upcoming series, getting to know some of the main characters. Among these, at least two come from the comics: the first is of course Val-El, portrayed by Ian McElhinney. In the show, Val-El is Seg-El‘s grandfather, a firm believer in space exploration, who defies Krypton‘s authorities and is therefore condemned to the Phantom Zone. Apparently, he’ll be some sort of mentor for the young Seg, and possibly the reason for which the House of El has fallen in disgrace in the series. In the comics, he only appears in one issue of Krypton Chronicles, but is nevertheless a hero in Kryptonian history. Let’s see together.

Val-El was born on planet Krypton, a member of the respected and renowned House of El. He grew up with his brother, Tro-El, but the two were greatly different, despite their similarities: both of them were strong and vehement men, hostile to the Kryptonian strict set of rules and to the short-sightedness of the ruling Council, but they reacted differently to this feeling, and while Tro-El became an outlaw, Val-El was fascinated by exploration, and aimed to expand Kryptonians‘ knowledge and dominion. Following these ambitions, Val-El studied some forgotten Kryptonian authors, starting from Kil-Gor, a scientist and inventor who had become a relative to the House of El via marriage. Kil-Gor had helped the local fishermen with his inventions, in particular with one that allowed them never to get lost at sea, simply using a bowl of water and a piece of silver, that under the right conditions always pointed to North. Understanding the potentialities of this new technology for exploration, Val-El organized an expedition, and along with other wannabe explorers and with a ship captain, Ar-Go, left his home-city and traveled to unknown routes.

The expedition wasn’t exactly an easy one, and the ship Val-El and his companions traveled upon was met by a violent storm, that eventually sank it. All the explorers were saved, but Captain Ar-Go sacrificed his life so that they could continue their mission on land. Val-El arrived to a brand new continent, that he named Lurvan; in sign of respect for his lost friend, Val-El named the first city he founded there after him: Argo City, that would have become one of the biggest and wealthiest cities on the planet. He even founded two other settlements that grew to enormous size, Kryptonopolis and Kandor, but he wasn’t satisfied with “just” that. He continued his expedition, leaving his new settlements behind, and discovered another continent just near Lurvan, and he named it Urrika. The man who was seen as a dreamer and a fool was now revered as a national hero and a pioneer, as the lands he had discovered were far richer and wider than the small continent Kryptonians inhabited up to that point. When he died, Val-El was buried in Rokyn, the El Family Vault, where he was revered as the hero he was finally recognized as.

Val-El is a smart and adventurous man, an explorer born whose sight is always beyond the horizon. Far ahead of his time, Val-El uses the technology of a fisherman to explore the seas and the notes of an inventor to found new cities, shaping in “his” Krypton the one of the following generations: a true pioneer who contributed in a unique way to the birth of modern Krypton.

Maximilian Steven Percival Williams III (Twitch)

The last character from Levi‘s first request is another remarkable cameo from the Spawn movie: Twitch Williams, obviously appearing partnered with Sam Burke at the end of the film. In the movie, Twitch is spotted only at the end while arresting Jason Wynn, but it’s been quite a while that we hear rumors revolving around a possible movie on him and his partner, and even of a Sam & Twitch procedural series signed by Kevin Smith. We’re still waiting, but we have time in the meanwhile to take a look at the original guy from the comics.

Maximilian Steven Percival Williams III was born in an aristocratic family, a wealthy high-society house in which the males (including Max’s brothers and father) had a long tradition of being honored and decorated police officers. More than a man of action, however, Max always demonstrated to be a math genius, and at high school he impressed his teachers with his facility at calculations…and gaining in result the contempt of his schoolmates, who started naming him “Twitch”. Unavoidably, Max joined the NYPD after school, where he put at use his great talent with trigonometry while practicing with his gun: able to calculate to a detail any possible angle, he became an extremely skilled shooter, a marksman who never missed with both his hands. Thanks to this, he was even able to claim for himself the cruel nickname “Twitch”, stating they called him that because he never, ever twitched with a gun in his hand. He got married to a beautiful woman named Helen, and he had seven children from her (we only know the name of four of them: Max IV, Lauren, Margie and Lily), but their relationship crumbled the moment it became clear that his commitment to his job was far greater than his commitment to his family. Helen even won the custody of their children, putting quite an emotional strain on the cop. Lt. Williams, however, had found a new family, a brother, in his partner, Sam Burke, whom he called “sir” out of sheer respect. As different from him as Sam was, they shared one fundamental trait: they were honest to a fault, and it hurt hem deeply to see their beloved NYPD in the hands of crooked officers who soiled the very meaning of wearing a uniform.

Opposed by their corrupt colleagues, Twitch and Sam earned the people’s respect only with their skill and honesty, and they solved not many cases, but tricky ones, the ones that their direct superior, Chief Louis Banks, allowed them to undertake. One of said cases revolved around several murdered and raped children, a case that thanks to Twitch’s intuition led to the arrest of serial pedophile Billy Kincaid. The two detectives couldn’t even enjoy their greatest success, though, as some time after Kincaid was released by the institute he had been locked in, as the doctors claimed he had been cured. The pair decided to follow Kincaid to make sure he didn’t harm any kid, but some red-caped man broke into the pedophile’s house, and later that very night he delivered the murderer’s tortured corpse to the detectives’ office…thus having all the suspects converge on Twitch and Sam, who were put on probation. Eager to clean their otherwise spotless name, the duo started investigating on the red-caped vigilante, and thanks to a bum they “encouraged to cooperate” in the Bowery Alleyways they found him in an abandoned warehouse…just as he had been attacked by a cyborg, OvertKill. Looking at the cyborg beating the vigilante, Spawn, Twitch realized he was facing a bulletproof enemy…but this didn’t discouraged him: with a single, precise shot, he put a bullet through OvertKill’s ear canal, scrambling the hitman’s memory and programming, and saving his suspect. Spawn, however, fled immediately after, leaving the detectives with nothing to work on. Soon after, however, the NYPD formed a task force to face the rising number of paranormal crimes happening in the city, and Twitch and Sam were paired with John Sansker, an outside expert…one that Twitch wasn’t the least convinced in, and who, as he found out, hid quite a dark secret…

Twitch Williams is a brilliant but somewhat naive man, a genius when it comes to numbers and to solving crimes, but quite unable to believe in the harsh truth behind many of the human relations he has to deal with. Despite his skinny and small physique, he’s quite able to take care of himself, being an infallible marksman who can hit any target from any distance, even with two guns at the same time; he’s also a brilliant detective able to put pieces together to solve a number of “impossible” cases; his only superhuman power is a psychic link he shares with Spawn as his accolade. Mild-mannered and soft-spoken, Twitch Williams is actually a passionate cop, a detective who truly believes in his job, and who’s deeply committed in erasing corruption from the NYPD to make it become what it’s supposed to be in the first place, what he desperately wants it to be.