To celebrate the end of Lucifer this night, not just of the season as Fox has just cancelled the series, we’ll take a look to a character who’s been mentioned more than once throughout the entire series: Gabriel, one of the best known Archangels. Albeit originating in religious traditions, DC‘s version of Gabriel is quite different from the one of the sacred texts, as we saw plenty in Constantine: played by the androgynous Tilda Swinton, Gabriel is portrayed as a deranged psychopath, who allies himself with the demon Mammon to unleash Hell on Earth in order to make human finally worthy of God‘s love…by purifying them through torment and death. Luckily, he’s promptly stopped by the one mage who’s also his nemesis in the comics. Let’s see together (as usual, this is a work of fiction, with nothing to do with actual religion).

Gabriel, literally “God’s Strength“, was created before the beginning of time, one of the Seven Archangels who faithfully served God and His will. Before the dawn of man, Gabriel participated in the civil war against his own brother, Samael, who led a rebellion within Heaven and ended up defeated, cast in Hell. After the creation of Adam and Eve, Gabriel was chosen to be the messenger of God, and he brought many blessings upon the ones His father deemed worthy, providing humanity with the gift of art and music…but also bringing upon God’s wrath upon the sinners. He was the one who single-handedly destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with all their inhabitants, and he was also the one who forced the end of Pharaoh Ramses by killing all the firstborns of Egypt to let Moses and his people be freed from slavery. Centuries later, he was the one who raped Mary of Nazareth to make her the mother of Jesus, allowing the Savior‘s birth. Whether he was blessing or killing, Gabriel always maintained an emotionless detachment towards humans, always considering them valuable as a species, but never as individuals. In modern times, he kept visiting Earth, usually in order to accomplish determined missions, but he also built a home for himself in the Cambridge Club, a classy place where absolute purity was the only necessary criteria for access. It was during this time that he first had contacts with Charlie Patterson, a despicable man who tried over and over to win his help, always failing. It was also the time he and the other Archangels were sent to Tali, an angel who had fathered a son with a demon, a Succubus named Chantinelle. Following orders as usual, Gabriel incinerated Tali and kidnapped the baby, bringing him to Heaven, leaving the mother alone and mourning.

One of the greatest nuisances for Gabriel was the mage John Constantine, a man who constantly walked a thin line between Heaven and Hell, usually unbalanced towards the latter. When Constantine was diagnosed a terminal lung cancer, he came to the Cambridge Club to ask for Gabriel’s help, in his usual way: he tried to blackmail him with the knowledge of his relationship with Patterson. Gabriel dismissed him, telling him that he would have died for his sins, but Constantine’s words about Patterson struck him: even if he had never done anything of what the racist thug demanded of him (mainly to support his white supremacist political agenda), he still had contacts with him, spoke to him, something that may have been soiled his purity. Having been doing God’s will all his life, Gabriel started wondering if God would have approved of his manner of dealing with such a despicable man like Patterson. In doubt for the first time in his existence, Gabriel left the Club, walking around, until he met Julie, a mortal woman, who called him a “snob” for walking by her without even a look when he bumped on her. Realizing that “snob” was what Constantine called him, Gabriel decided to prove him wrong, and apologized to the woman, even agreeing to have a coffee with her. The two spoke for long, and Gabriel managed to confide to her like never before. He fell in love with her, and not much time passed before the two consummated their relation…once in bed, however, “Julie” revealed herself as Chantinelle, the vengeful Succubus. She tied him and ripped his heart of, than fled. Without a heart and soiled, Gabriel came back to Heaven, but he was judged a sinner by God, and sent back on Earth as a mortal, without his angelic powers. Plus, he found out that Chantinelle was in league with Constantine, and that the mage now possessed his heart: with that, Constantine could command Gabriel at will, having a powerful slave to prevent the First of the Fallen to come for his damned soul…

Gabriel is a creature totally devoted to God’s will, which he enact without the slightest doubt or hesitation, and he lacks any kind of empathy towards humans, seen as inferiors and mere tools in God’s plan. As an Archangel, he is an immortal being of great power, with superior strength, speed, agility and reflexes, capable of flying and of teleporting anywhere, even across dimensions; he has the power of omnipresence, and he’s also a superb warrior, a master swordsman second to few even in Heaven. A bringer of life and death, a heavenly messenger who sows blessing and carnage with the same emotionless detachment, Gabriel is the embodiment of sacred purity, the perfect embodiment of loyalty and mercy…or so he thinks, at least.


Nicodemo Darque (Master Darque)

Jumping to the last scene of the last episode of Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe, we find yet another character, the last from the web series. We learn that Roku wasn’t (obviously) working on her own, but she was merely the servant of Master Darque, portrayed by a yet unknown actor. In the finale, Darque claims that he obtained exactly the page he was seeking from the forbidden book Roku failed to give to him, thus promising a meek future for our heroes. Let’s take a look to the original Darque, who’s one of the few characters who didn’t receive massive changes from one continuity to the other in the Valiant Universe.

Nicodemo Darque was born somewhere in Louisiana in 1802, and albeit we have no information about any parent, he had a sister, Sandria, and the two were very close. The Darque siblings arrived in New Orleans around 1840, and here Nicodemo started studying the voodoo religion, spurred by a thirst for knowledge that forced him to learn as much as he could about life and death, their mysteries and secrets. Darque’s studies brought him to inflict atrocious tortures to small animals, believing that he would have grasped the secrets of life and existence through the knowledge of death and void, but there was just so much he could do by himself. His natural skill and potential, however, attracted the attention of Anton Quigley, an expert sorcerer, who was drawn to him like a moth to the fire. Quigley didn’t want any disciple back then, but he deeply desired Sandria for his own dark and perverted pleasures: seeking the opportunity, Nicodemo offered the sorcerer his own sister in exchange for Quigley’s knowledge, and the sorcerer accepted his offer. Darque learnt much from Quigley, and the more he learnt the more his body was modified by the dark energies he was learning to channel and control. During this time, it became clear that the magic energy Nicodemo was absorbing affected Sandria as well, and her body underwent the same metamorphosis her brother’s did, and she also became a living vessel of necromantic energy. This way, the moment Quigley tried to rape her, her simple touch was enough to scorch him; frustrated, the old sorcerer killed the girl, but Darque intervened, performing a spell with his own blood and resurrecting his sister. With this incantation, it became clear that Nicodemo had surpassed even his old master, and had become a threat visible to all mystics in New Orleans, especially to the mysterious Nettie Grampion.

Grampion, the Voodoo Queen and the leader of The Coven, used her magic powers to transform the gambler Maxim St. James into the first Shadowman, an agent that would have been able to keep in check and eventually oppose Darque. Shadowman successfully submitted and killed Anton Quigley, but by doing so he allowed Nicodemo to absorb all his master’s energy, making him even more powerful. Now naming himself Master Darque, Nicodemo had become the most powerful necromancer on Earth, and he used his magic to prolong his and his sister’s life far beyond their natural limit. Albeit making New Orleans his dominion, Master Darque traveled the world, learning even more powerful Black Magic and obtaining a dark but fully deserved fame, as he came to the conclusion that he had to destroy the rules and foundations of reality in order to bring along the primeval chaos that was the true and sole purpose of everything. During his travels he crossed paths with some self-proclaimed heroes such as the Timewalker or the Eternal Warrior, becoming a recurring adversary for them both. It was during his deep meditation that Darque sensed a huge concentration of power in 1991, a sudden burst of energy caused by an unknown source, and decided to increase his power even further to make himself able to wield that energy, that he came to call Darque Power. In the following decades, it became clear that the peek of energy would have been caused by the growing number of superhumans born in the XX Century, and Darque saw in them a great source of necromantic nourishment for himself. He tried to take control of the superhero Solar, but when he failed, he created a super-agent, Doctor Eclipse, who became Solar’s nemesis just to obey the orders of his master and generate more energy for him to absorb. Many heroes added themselves to the ranks, and they always found enemies that seemed to be perfectly matched for their skills…unbeknownst to them, Master Darque was always the one acting from behind the curtains, creating villains for the heroes and siphoning the energy from their battles, preparing himself to become powerful enough to rewrite all reality.

Nicodemo Darque is a creature of unlimited intellect and cruel cunning, truly evil incarnate who operates to destroy the laws ruling existence in order to turn everything into a desolated land of death and decay, over which he can rule supreme. As Master Darque, he possessed since his birth limited magical abilities such as levitation, persuasion and a telepathic link with Earth (Geomancy), but with his studies he obtained incredible powers, such as the ability to resurrect the dead, to make himself or others immortal, to kill a living being with a single word and to absorb its life force, to generate and manipulate fire, to communicate with telepathy, to fly and much more; none of this powers are his own: as a necromancer, he absorbs and uses the death energy of others (the Darque Power), so his strength varies and fluctuates depending on the historical moment. Even when he is “weak”, however, Master Darque has enough knowledge of the rules of existence to be an unprecedented threat, a being whose sole purpose in his immortal life is to bring chaos and death upon a world he just wants to watch burn.


The third and last character appearing in the first episode of Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe is actually someone we already saw, albeit not on its own. The first time we see Aric answering to the MI6‘s call he’s accompanied by a floating sphere, that when touched becomes his armor. The sphere/armor is actually a sentient alien being, the other half of the superhero X-O Manowar, and goes by the name Shanhara. In the rebooted continuity, we learnt more of the alien suit’s origins, and it turned out she hadn’t always been that shiny and mighty. Let’s see together.

At the beginning, the Shanhara Armor was Shanhara the little girl, and she was born on a distant planet named Gennin. When she was still a child, Shanhara contracted a lethal bone disease that would have killed her in a matter of years. The girl’s father was one of the greatest scientists on Gennin, and he dedicated all his skills and intelligence to solve his daughter’s problem. Eventually, he created an armor that was the perfect synthesis between organic and artificial, a plant-tech hybrid meant to stabilize Shanhara’s conditions and heal her disease. Unfortunately, the armor did much more than that: it bonded with her on a molecular level, and started overruling the girl’s body. Unable to reverse the process, her father put Shanhara on suspended animation, and worked for decades on a possible solution…only, there were none. He woke his daughter up, telling her to let herself go: the armor completely absorbed her body, but her conscience still lived within it. To keep Shanhara safe, perfectly aware that many on Gennin would have tried to exploit the armor’s offensive and defensive abilities, the man sent her to another planet, Loam, inhabited by insectoids known as the Vine. Here, the Shanhara armor became object of legends, and the Vine even started a religion revolving around her. Time passed, and Shanhara stayed quiet and dormant.

According to the Vine’s religion, Shanhara was a gift from the gods sent to them to make their people strong and free: their sacred texts recalled a legendary hero known only as the Sole Wanderer who had received the armor from a sacred tree, the Hara Vine, and donned it to free the Vine from their enemies, the Torment. Millennia had passed since then, and the Vine were still waiting for another worthy warrior who could don the armor: everybody who had tried, in fact, had been mauled by Shanhara, who didn’t want to bond with them. While awaiting for their champion, the Vine became a people of warlords and slavers in turn, and caught many races under their dominion, collecting slaves from primitive worlds. As Shanhara was being transported in a shrine on a battleship to be led to the new warrior claiming the honor of wearing her, a human slave from Earth, a Visigoth named Aric, started a riot on board. Followed by the Vine and cornered, looking for the means to repel his enemies, Aric ended up wearing Shanhara…and the armor allowed it, choosing him as her new host. Shanhara (whom, oblivious to her story and true nature, Aric simply called Good Skin) helped Aric defeat the Vine and escape the warship, and much to their surprise, the Vine started worship him as their new champion and savior. After changing the Vine’s government into a juster one, Aric and Shanhara came back to Earth, where the two of them, known collectively as X-O Manowar, became one of the most powerful heroes on the planet. Aric’s barbarian nature, however, soon led him to do some things that weren’t exactly up to his state of “worthy” of wearing the armor, and Shanhara had to make decisions…

Shanhara is a girl doomed to live with her conscience bonded to a techno-organic suit, but she exerts enough control to be the one who decides who’s worthy of wearing her and who isn’t. As the X-O suit, she’s virtually indestructible, she can fly, she can interface with other electronic devices and with the brain of the user, and she can modify her appearance at will; she also grants several abilities to the user, including flight, superhuman strength and durability, energy projection, invisibility and enhanced visual spectrum; she instantly translates every language she hears to the user’s brain, and she also provides him or her with extensive knowledge over science, history, engineering and everything else is needed; she also heals the user’s wounds. A sentient weapon like the universe has never seen before, Shanhara seeks to change the galaxy for the better with her abilities, but to achieve that, she has to make sure that the one she chooses to be her wearer always uses her for worthy and noble purposes.

Jillian Mary Alcott (Death Angel)

The second character appearing in the first episode of Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe is also Roku‘s second hostage, as well as another character popping up from the old (now rebooted) continuity: Jillian Alcott, portrayed by Carlie Larson. The beloved daughter of Neville Alcott, Jillian appears in the show to be a perfectly normal girl, while in the comics she definitely isn’t: apart from being much older than her live action counterpart, she’s not even that innocent as she may look here, and she even takes a (temporary) super-identity at a certain point in her life. Let’s see together.

Jillian Alcott was born in England, most likely in London, the daughter of Neville and Jessica Alcott. Before she was even born, her mother underwent an experimental process and injected herself with a serum to grant her unborn daughter superhuman abilities; she was, in fact, the last test subject of Project Hope and Glory, aimed to create super-agents for the Crown, but the serum apparently didn’t affect Jillian at all, and she was born a perfectly normal kid. When she was still very young, her mother, who was a spy for the MI6, died during a mission, and Jillian grew up with her father only, who in turn was a high officer from the British Intelligence. With such parents, it was almost inevitable that she joined the Intelligence as well, and she had all the skills to do so. She joined MI5, and there she met Charles Mirren, a skilled agent she fell in love with. The two got married, but it turned out Mirren was a violent and abusive husband, and Jillian was still far too young and naive to take a stand against him. She eventually managed to leave him, but that took quite an emotional strand on her. She moved from MI5 to MI6, and she started working directly for her father, who was now the head of the agency, still working on the superhumans project. Jillian became his liaison officer with agents with super abilities, like Colin King, Angelo Mortalli and Gilad Anni-Padda, managing to create a curious bond with the lot of them…especially with one.

With time, Jillian became particularly close to Angelo, codename Bloodshot, and the two even became lovers. Theoretically this wasn’t allowed between agents, but they just kept it secret, until the cat came out of the bag on its own during a dangerous mission in Colombia. Jillian was accompanying Bloodshot in his hunt for a dangerous terrorist organization connected to drug dealers, but during a massive shootout she was mortally wounded. With no other option at hand, Bloodshot injected some of the nanites that empowered him in his lover, with not much hope in her recovery: the nanites, in fact, usually killed anyone but him. It turned out that Project Hope and Glory had not been a waste of time and resources on Jillian, as she was able to survive the nanites and to actually use them. As she healed completely from her wound, she was however sick, with her body striving to adapt to the nanites, and Bloodshot had to synthesize a cure for her condition. It worked, but it had some curious side effects: Jillian’s muscles and bone structure grew, her skin turned white and her hair turned auburn. She had become a female version of Bloodshot, inheriting all his powers, including the ability to control electronics. After years of supervising super-agents, Jillian finally became one herself, and she christened herself Death Angel, working as one of MI6’s most efficient resources. In this time, her father lost his position as head of MI6, and Charles Mirren took his place; as Bloodshot resigned as a result, Mirren tried to rekindle his relationship with Jillian, but she was stronger this time, and she slapped him back, threatening him if she dared come close to her again. In a matter of months, she also found out another important change in herself: she didn’t actually have the power to control electronics, that was granted to her by her peculiar condition…as she was expecting Bloodshot’s twins.

Born in a world of spies, Jillian Alcott has been trained since her childhood to use her remarkable intelligence and cleverness to read other people, to understand them and to use that knowledge for her own purposes, either good or bad. Strong and resourceful, she always wants to prove herself with challenges many would deem out of her reach. As the Death Angel, she’s incredibly strong, fast and agile, she can heal almost instantly from virtually any wound or damage, and she’s an expert in a variety of combat styles; during her pregnancy, she also possessed the power to remotely control electronic devices. A former desk officer turned field agent, Jillian knows and masters every field and aspect of espionage, becoming the perfect tool to be used against all enemies of the Crown…a true Death Angel.

John McIver (Bushmaster)

The trailer for Luke Cage Season 2 sees our hero in quite a happy time, a super star known everywhere in Harlem and considered invincible by friends and foes alike…until he gets knocked out with a single capoeira kick in the middle of the street. The one who beats Luke Cage and proves to be on an equal ground with him is John “Bushmaster” McIver, the big bad of the season portrayed by Mustafa Shakir. The first season heavily lacked action and a villain worthy of the name (apart from the charismatic Shades), but Bushmaster promises to deliver them both. We dare to hope, and in the meanwhile we take a look at the original one.

John McIver was born on St. Croix, in the Caribbean, and knew poverty since his very childhood. Without parents, he grew up along with his younger brother Quincy, and the two of them survived together on the streets, stealing whatever they could. John was clever enough to always stay out of trouble, but Quincy was reckless, and once got caught by a shopkeeper he was trying to rob. Panicking, Quincy told the shopkeeper that he was John’s brother, thus soiling McIver’s name and reputation. As a result, first John severely beat Quincy, than he proceeded to do the same with the shopkeeper, killing him in the process. From that point on, John gave up on any subtlety, and became a hired muscle, working for several crime bosses. Years later he managed to climb the ranks enough to become the right-hand man of Herve Argosy, the biggest crime lord of the area. He obtained to take the lead of some of Argosy’s business in Europe, and left the islands to make a name for himself. In the Old Continent, McIver took control of many of his alleged boss’ activities, and became a wanted man for FBI, Interpol and CIA as the uncatchable Bushmaster. During this time John had also a son, Cruz, from an unnamed woman. Not many years passed before Bushmaster was approached by the Maggia and joined their international criminal cartel, expanding his power even more. Many agents from several agencies tried to infiltrate his organization, but to no avail…at least, this is what he thought, as his new operative and love interest, Maya Korday, had actually something to hide. John found out about this the moment he decided to come back to the United States to expand further: when he accepted a contract kill from a man named Shrieve, who wanted to get rid of the hero Iron Fist, Maya revealed her true colors.

“Maya Korday” was in fact P.I. Misty Knight, and as soon as she realized her beloved Danny was about to get killed, she blew up her cover, beat down Bushmaster and forced him to reveal to her where the hit was going to take place, then she left and foiled it. Furious and humiliated, Bushmaster swore to take his revenge on Misty Knight, and decided to use her friend Luke Cage to do his bidding, in order to humiliate her the way she had him, with betrayal. First, he had two friends of Luke’s, Dr. Noah Burstein and Claire Temple, captured and held hostage, then he summoned Cage, ordering him to bring Misty Knight to him if he wanted to save his friends…and adding as a bonus a videotape provided by Gadget, one of his men, that could prove his innocence in the heroine affair of years before. To make sure that Luke Cage did as he was told, Bushmaster sent Shades and Comanche to follow him and to report everything that happened. Apparently, Luke Cage did attack the Heroes for Hire, but was defeated by his friend Iron Fist, and proved unable to capture Misty. Even more enraged, Bushmaster forced Dr. Burstein to replicate on him the same procedure that had transformed Luke Cage into Power Man, only to a greater extent, so that he would have been able to do everything by himself. Burstein did as he was told, and Bushmaster acquired the same abilities as Cage, but on a higher level. This became plain clear when Luke Cage came back to free his friends, accompanied by the other Heroes for Hire. With his new powers, Bushmaster was able to fight against Cage, Iron Fist, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, always holding the upper hand. During the battle, however, Cage and Bushmaster pierced a can containing chemicals, and the substances ended up on a torn power line, causing a massive explosion. The Heroes for Hire escaped with the hostages, but McIver was believed dead in the explosion. They couldn’t be more wrong…

John McIver is a clever and ambitious man, a ruthless criminal who hasn’t the slightest doubt in killing, threatening and hurting anyone standing in his way. As Bushmaster, he’s a street-smart fighter careful and bright enough to make the best out of any situation; plus, Burstein gave him the same abilities as Luke Cage, but on a higher level: he’s incredibly strong, his skin is virtually indestructible, he’s pretty much invulnerable, and he heals quickly from any wound he rarely suffers. All brain and brawn, Bushmaster is an extremely dangerous man, a crime boss who has all the power he wants to build an empire with his own hands.

Jessica Louise Alcott

Finally I managed to watch Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe, and there’re still some characters we didn’t spot in the trailers. As usual, we’ll alternate them with others who’ll appear from now on elsewhere. The first one appears in the premier, and is Susan Alcott, portrayed by Katelyn Statton. She’s Neville Alcott‘s ex-wife, and she’s kidnapped by Roku alongside her daughter to be used as leverage on Ninjak. This is quite a surprise, as Susan, whose original name is actually Jessica, is a character who comes from the original Valiant continuity, rather than from the new one. And no, she’s not as defenseless as she appears in the web series. Let’s see together.

Jessica, maiden name unknown, was born somewhere in Great Britain around the 1920s. As a young woman, she followed with apprehension the start and development of World War II, but like many of her peers, instead of crawling somewhere to hide waiting for the end, she decided to react and do something, joining the war effort by becoming a nurse. She assisted many wounded soldiers, but there was one in particular who conquered her heart and mind: Neville Alcott, a survivor from Dunkirk, who had suffered a severe back wound that would have forced him to move on a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Jessica assisted Neville during his recovery, and the two fell in love in the process. They eventually got married, and when the British Intelligence came to recruit Neville after his stay in the military hospital, he insisted that his wife followed him, and so she did. Also Jessica was trained as a spy, and she actually became an impressive field agent, doing everything her husband couldn’t anymore. She supported even Neville’s most bizarre projects, as she did years later, when he launched Project Hope and Glory, a program aimed to create enhanced human beings to be used as agents. Jessica assisted in injecting a pregnant woman, Catherine King, with an experimental serum, and rejoiced with Neville when her son, Colin, turned out to be born with extraordinary abilities…but then the boy’s father, Jonathan King, refused to subject his son to any other test, and the Crown was forced to interrupt the program as a consequence. Still believing in the program, Neville and Jessica could think of a solution only: they would have continued the experiments on their own, using Jessica herself as a test subject.

Jessica injected herself with the same serum that she had used on Catherine King, but when she finally conceived a daughter, Jillian, the baby girl was absolutely normal. The Alcotts realized that the cause was probably timing, as Catherine had been injected with the serum when she was already several months pregnant, while Jessica had started too early, before conception even. Being it a way or the other, the Cold War needed agents, superhuman or not, so Jessica had to leave shortly after the birth of her daughter for a mission in East Berlin. It was in Germany that she met a sculptor, Aaron Herkovitch, who became her lover. Unbeknownst to Jessica, Aaron was actually a fellow spy, working for the criminal Webnet, but she would have discovered this the hard way. Years later, in 1986, Jessica was investigating on Project Rising Spirit, a program mimicking Neville’s one to create superhumans, and she followed her lead, once again, to East Berlin. In here she met with Aaron as usual, but this time he betrayed her, capturing her and delivering her to his true master, the head of Webnet Augustus “Doctor Silk” Silkowski. Neville Alcott immediately intervened, and he tried to negotiate with Silk for his wife’s liberation. Strong with the knowledge that Silk had promised Herkovitch not to hurt Jessica, Alcott tried to bluff, but the mad scientist didn’t react well to this, and he executed Jessica on the spot. The modalities of Jessica’s death, of course, would have haunted Neville, who felt responsible, for years, especially in his relationship with his daughter…

Jessica Alcott is a highly intelligent and brave woman, one who always reacts in front of adversities and danger. She’s a trained MI6 spy, thus being a multilingual expert in deceit, interrogation, investigation, and even more physical skills like marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat. A woman totally dedicated to her country, Jessica easily adapted to the life of a spy, enjoying some bonus such as the proficiency in lying and deceiving…

James Woo

New promotional pics for the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp emerged, and in one of them we got a look at the last major character making his debut in the movie: James “Jimmy” Woo, portrayed by Randall Park. Woo had already been referenced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as one of Melinda May‘s contacts, but this will be his first live action appearance. He’s only described as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and he’ll most likely be Scott Lang‘s parole officer, but everything regarding his actual role remains to be seen. In the comics, he has quite a long history, dating back to the 1950s. Let’s see together.

Jimmy was born in the 1930s in China, the son of Kim and Margaret Woo, two descendants of Genghis Khan. The Woos were involved with the Atlas Foundation, the criminal heir of the Mongol Empire, ruled by the mastermind Yellow Claw, but the Foundation’s adviser (and dragon) Mr. Lao foresaw that their son would have inherited the title of Khan from Claw. Not wanting this destiny for their son, Kim and Margaret escaped to the United States and settled in Cheverly, Maryland, where they raised Jimmy completely oblivious to his origins; they spurred him to pursue a career in law enforcement, and so he did, as he joined FBI as an adult in the 1950s. Because of his familiarity with Chinese culture and language, Jimmy Woo was the one agent who always dealt with the threat represented by Yellow Claw, now recognized as an international terrorist, fighting him over and over again (oblivious of the fact that all this battles were just tests from Mr. Lao). Woo followed the Claw’s trails to San Francisco, where he exposed his front activities in Chinatown and met for the first time Suwan, Yellow Claw’s grand-niece. To complicate the matter, the two felt a strong, immediate attraction towards each other, but Suwan refused to betray her grand-uncle for Jimmy…albeit she did save the agent’s life when, later, Yellow Claw was about to have him executed. In the following years, Jimmy Woo foiled a plan after the other from Yellow Claw, who formed alliances with the Communists, with other terrorists and even with a brainwashed alien and with inter-dimensional predators to destroy the American empire. Every time, Woo was secretly helped by Suwan, and always managed to find a way to defeat the criminal mastermind. In 1958, however, Yellow Claw managed the unthinkable, and kidnapped President Eisenhower, forcing Woo to start a rescue mission. In order to follow his enemy to Mongolia, Woo needed allies, and powerful ones.

Given free rein over the matter, Woo founded Department Zero, and with that he recruited some extraordinary individuals who formed his G-Men, a team of superhuman agents that included the man-turned-ape Gorilla Man, the human-robot M-11, the alien Marvel Boy and the goddess Venus. Together, the G-Men successfully rescued the President, and Woo gained quite a fame, albeit in the secret world of espionage only. He entered in contact with powerful people such as Howard Stark, whom he later helped as part of his Stark Seven to battle some aliens who called themselves the Greys (albeit the true object of the mission was much more sinister), and years later, when he finished his job with the G-Men, he was contacted by Nick Fury who wanted him as part of his S.H.I.E.L.D., the ultimate espionage agency. Jimmy accepted the offer, and he aided Fury and Captain America against Yellow Claw, who had apparently survived his death (the first of many, actually). It was during this time that Dum-Dum Dugan selected him to be part of his special squad, assembled to battle the mutant monster Godzilla who was destroying cities on American soil. To aid the team, Woo participated to the construction of the giant robot Red Ronin, and during his work he started a relationship with Dr. Tamara Hashioka, the assistant of lead engineer Yuriko Takiguchi. Eventually, Dugan’s squad defeated Godzilla thanks to the help of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, so Woo resumed his regular work at S.H.I.E.L.D., becoming with years a valuable veteran agent. As the Atlas Foundation resurfaced yet again, however, Woo decided to ignore his superiors’ orders and to lead a team against Yellow Claw, but as a result all the team got killed in an explosion, and Woo himself was severely burnt and brain-dead. As he laid comatose, Gorilla-Man, M-11 and Marvel Boy reached him, and the latter managed to restore him to health, reconstructing his body as he remembered it…so the way he looked like back in 1958. With his youth restored, Woo rejoined his G-Men and, together with them, resumed their original mission: to find and destroy what remained of the Atlas Foundation. Things, however, would have evolved in an unexpected way…

Jimmy Woo is a smart and resourceful man, a skilled agent with a great spirit of adaptability, an incredibly fluid mind that allows him to always improvise and think outside the box, and the fundamental ability to make allies out of many of the foes he meets. As an FBI and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Woo is proficient in many forms of hand-to-hand combat and a trained marksman, a superb law enforcer who particularly excels in interrogation techniques. A government agent who’s always been able to see behind the appearance of even the weirdest and most monstrous of foes, Jimmy Woo has been unwittingly trained for all his life to become much more than a simple law enforcer, a Khan wise and compassionate enough to hold the entire world within his grasp without being tempted by the power.